Use iPhone 4 as modem

If you need or want to use your iPhone 4 as a modem you need to set some simple adjustments and so we can provide this very useful to your apple cell.

What we have to activate the tethering, which is the process by which a iPhone 4 Internet connection acts as a gateway for wireless access to the network to other devices.

To activate this option just to go to Settings> General> Network> Internet Sharing, and the latter option is what we must activate, and which by default is "Off." Later you can connect your iPhone to our PC or laptop where to install a new connection called Apple Mobile Device Internet.

We can also make a connection using Bluetooth technology to link up with the device so i use our iPhone 4 how modem. All you have to consider is your data plan so you will not be excessively expensive.


Adjust the brightness of the screen in Ubuntu 10.10

Some graphics cards do not recognize automatically adjusting the brightness of the screen on systems with Ubuntu 10.10 and earlier. However, to resolve this problem, simply change the Grub file. To do this:

  1. Open the console
  2. Enter the command: sudo gedit / etc / default / grub

You can use your favorite text editor (nano, vim ...), but you run the editing of the file as root.
  1. The Grub editor change the line "GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT =" quiet splash "with" GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT = "quiet splash acpi_osi = Linux", then save it
  2. Return to the console and updated using the command Grub sudo update-grub
  3. Restart the computer and voila!

Create an iTunes account without credit card

To be able to download applications from iTunes Store is a need an iTunes account.  The downside for many is that to open an iTunes account is necessary to have a credit card, as it is requested during the account creation process.

However, there is a trick to create an account without having to enter a credit card number, just follow these steps:

  1. Open iTunes
  2. Click on "iTunes Store" in the left column, then in the right pane click on the tab "App Store".  Descend into the "Free Apps" in the column on the right and select a free
  3. In the window that appears, click on "Create New Account
  4. In the Welcome window, click "Continue"
  5. Check the box accepting the license agreement and click "Continue"
  6. Fill in the form and click "Continue"
  7. In payment, select "None", fill in the blanks for your information and click "Continue" at the bottom
  8. Click "Finish" and you open the email has been sent to check your mail.
  9. Once you activate your account, you can download free applications from the "App Store"

Move MP4 videos from computer to iPad

I can not get mp4 videos from computer to my iPad. I have imported into iTunes, I do the sync but does not pass the iPad. I can do?

What happens is probably not selected the option of automatic synchronization of movies on iTunes. Follow these steps:
  1. Open iTunes
  2. In the Library, click on the tab "Movies" and verify that they are all movies that you want to spend the iPad. If you want to add some more, click File> Add File to Library "and select the movie format (. Mp4,. Mov)
  3. Now connect your iPad to PC
  4. Select it in the "DEVICES"
  5. In the right pane, click the tab "Movies" and take you to the "Sync movies" which lists all your movies stored in your iTunes library.
  6. If you want to spend all the films included in your library check "Automatically include" and click "Apply." If not, just select the movies you want.

IPAD - How to write only in capital letters

I press the shift key on the keyboard of my iPad but it only works for the first letter, then change to lowercase. As I write fluently in capitals?



What you have to do is double click on the Shift key (the one with the arrow), in this way block the shift key.
If you do not work is because caps lock is off, to enable it:
  1. Go to "Settings> Generate> Keyboard"
  2. Click on the gray button to the right of "Caps Lock" to turn (change to blue)

IPAD - How do I connect to Internet via WiFi

Buy a iPad and said I could connect to the internet via wifi. At home I have WiFi but I can not open any page from my iPad, but nothing I click on Safari. What should I do?



To connect to the Internet via WiFi, you must first configure your iPad and activate this option. Follow these steps:
  1. Go to "Settings> WiFi"
  2. Click on the gray button to the right of "WiFi" to activate the service (the button will change blue)
  3. Finally, select a network to connect to it. If the network is protected, you must enter a password.

5 tips to increase battery life of your iPad

Although the battery life of IPAD is relatively high, it can become the weak point of your device. To avoid this problem, follow these five tips:

Disable automatic brightness adjustment

Although the automatic brightness adjustment is a good idea, as the iPad adjusts screen brightness according to ambient lighting, this can be damaging not only to your eyes, but also for the battery.
For maximum comfort, turn off the automatic brightness setting in "Settings> Brightness and wallpaper" and slide the bar to a value between 25 and 30%. Your eyes and your iPad will thank you.


Make a complete discharge and recharge once a month

Almost all batteries exhibit the phenomenon called memory effect, which reduces battery capacity due to incomplete loads. Fortunately, the battery does not exhibit this phenomenon IPAD as it is a lithium ion battery. However, it is recommended to make a complete discharge and recharge once a month.


Disable location services, push, WiFi and 3G when not needed

Many applications reduce the battery life of the iPad, for example, email applications when you have PUSH enabled. In this case, your iPad will be connected at all times to the server in your mail client and you will be notified when you receive new mail. This option is not necessary, unless you use your iPad in a professional setting.
As for WiFi, you can turn it off when not in use. The same goes for the iPad 3G 3G + WiFi. If you're just playing a video in your library, these two services are not needed.
Some applications offer the choice of location for your contacts know where you are in real time. However, this option significantly reduces battery life. Therefore, the location used only when necessary.


Put the rest iPad

Although this seems obvious, sleep iPad when no longer going to use, you can make your battery last a little longer. To put it to sleep press the Sleep / Wake from the top of your device. You can also configure the iPad to be put to sleep after a certain period of inactivity: go to "Settings> General> Auto-Lock and choose the time.


Update your software iPad

In addition to offering new features, the software update iPad can get the latest enhancements to the system including the battery. Feel free to update the software as new updates appear.

Change the default search engine in Safari - IPAD

In the iPad the default search engine in Safari is Google, however, you can change and put another, like Yahoo or Bing.
Follow these steps:

  • In the home screen of your iPad, go to the icon "Settings> Safari"
  • In the right pane, click on "Search" and choose a search engine displayed

Recovers MSN passwords with Kernel MSN Hotmail Password

Has not the past that when you log on Messenger or Hotmail and check the box to remember password and after a time by not having to enter it, forget it altogether?

Do not let it pass you more Kernel Hotmail MSN Password, A program that lets you recover any password you have saved to your Messenger or Hotmail. The application is responsible for thoroughly scan your computer to find the password stored in it.


The application works for various versions of the messenger so you do not have to worry about compatibility. Remember that this application will only work if ever opening the Messenger or Hotmail selected the option to remember the password. Link: Kernel Hotmail MSN Password


Create a virtual shop on Facebook with QStoms

When sell a product it is good to use all means possible for you to make yourself known and get to sell as much as possible. One of those ways is the Internet and social networks as Facebook.

To this end I present QStoms, A program which allows an online store to any Facebook page quickly and easily, so you can sell your designs on different items of clothing that shows you the page and take advantage of the large influx of people who use this network.


QStoms was created by a Spanish company called Hertz and its main idea is that upload a design, to add different clothes and create a virtual store and where there is a buyer of the garment with your design QStoms will manufacture the garment and send it.

Although service is new and lacks several options such as currency, probably over time will grow and diversify through the web. Link: QStoms


Increases the size of your images without losing quality Reshade

If you are someone who loves photography, you have some photos you took with your cell phone or camera and the object you wanted to focus was far and want it to look closer, Is a bit difficult because if you cut some programs will lose picture quality.

So that will not happen to you I present Reshade, which is an online tool that lets you expand any image to various sizes which are preset in your site so you can expand and see details in your photos without losing quality. For example a bee on a flower or a person in the distance.

Is a free online tool which allows you to increase the size of your images easily without being an expert in editing programs. Special for creating wallpapers, avatars for Messenger profile and social networking. Link: Reshade


Intel Core i7-990x: The Most Powerful Processor

It's official, after months of waiting and problems such as broken plates that had to stop all sales, the heir to the 980X is here and has characteristics similar to its predecessor as it continues to maintain a Gulftown of 6-core 32-nanometer (reaching up to 12 threads through a technology called Hyper threading).

The only difference between Intel 990x and 980 are the MHz (megahertz) available in each, as the new offers 170 Mhz difference and that is a great achievement for the engineers Intel.

Intel Core i7-990x

The price seems to be the highest number of all data offered Intel of this processor: $ 999Price that will not be accessible to all and will be more used by overlockers seeking greater speed and power on their computers without complicated it too much.

A very powerful processor certainly far from the hand of the gaming or enthusiasts, will pull people over for creating special effects or things like that need a lot of power, we are confident that for that price is light years away from being a micro-selling.


Download torrents on Mac and Windows with FeyTorrents

Fortunately for many P2P programs are still free download and sharing torrents Such as Feytorrents for Mac and Windows computers.

FeyTorrents is based on the successful software Vuze, So it is full of features and also comes with a pre-set configuration, which is a plus for novice users or those who do not know how to deal with client programs.


Any file size is allowed, whether game films, videos, software, applications, mp3 and documents. At its download page guarantee a fast and efficient with the intelligent use of broadband, which is one of the major flaws in P2P .

Like others in its class, you can download multiple torrents at the same time and if you prefer an alternative priority control. Download


Free hide IP, hide your real IP

Whether as mere security or privacy, you have the facility hide your IP When surfing the internet, if you have the software Free IP hide.

The first thing the program is hide your real IP the public eye and then assigns you a fake IP. If for example you are in your IP network in Mexico Free IP hide the IP protects a different country, you select for yourself from a list.


Interesting application, free, virus free, no advertising. Since the install, you realize its utility and convenience. Another of its features is the fact that you choose the time for which will identify you on the web with fake IP, so the software can change every certain amount of minutes.

Free IP hide has a free version and a pro version with many components and is compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7. Download


FoxArc Movie Editor, making movies

FoxArc Movie Editor is a creative editor making movies using audio and video files that we caught ourselves.

One of the characteristics of FoxArc Movie Editor is its simplicity of use, simplicity to work with him in a very short time. The learning curve FoxArc Movie Editor is very low, so no need to read each tutorial or help to use the software.


FoxArc Movie Editor has very good user interface, which makes it much easier to find the options you wish to use, without having to go through the menu tree.

On the other hand FoxArc Movie EditorAllows the use of the tool "timeline" in order to accurately adjust the scenes.

The way creating videos with FoxArc Movie EditorIs by collecting all video files, audio and images you have, and from there to place them in the space you want to appear in the timeline. Download FoxArc Movie Editor


Bacula backup manager

Bacula is a platform backups manager, Which translated into words we can understand  would be: a program backs in all operating systems.

One of the tasks more difficult for us all to understand that is very, very, very important make a backup or backup of the most important files on your hard drive. "It takes a long time, and it's boring" - we may think, but there are excellent programs that give us a good hand with the task: one is undoubtedly Bacula.


Bacula has a set of tools that made it very simple, make backup and restore those copies when necessary. The good news is that once we learn to use Bacula We can use it on any computer under any operating system because Bacula has versions for all popular OS. I recommend testing BaculaI s very fast to make backups and 100% secure.


Mamorino 2, a new mobile phone for kids

Just introduced in Japan as the kids through AU by KDDI, A new mobile phone aimed at younger members of the house. This is the Mamorino 2, which gives continuity to the first terminal of the same name, and as we say, this is a unique product for use by children.

It is not just a mobile, but also a tracking system for children, as it has GPS based on emergency call and call alert.


Regarding the previous model has been the addition of a total of 10 pre-programmed numbers and contacts for further Security, Plus an additional set of ring tones, and a much stronger design and is now waterproof (IPX7 IPX5 e) and dust resistant.

Among his options Security Has a basic alarm at the top of the mobile, where children can stretch to begin to sound an alarm and call the attention of people who are close to the child who has felt it necessary to pull the rope. In addition, the Mamorino 2, available only in Japan, Has a GPS system that stores the movements of its owner, and has Secom security alert (a Japanese security company).


Messenger Plus! 5, change the look of Messenger 2011

Messenger Plus! 5 is a free software that is designed to customize the most popular messaging clients instant: Windows Live Messenger 2011.

I'm sure Messenger Plus! 5 I love it, especially if you like to customize as program falls into your hands. Messenger Plus! 5 has many options to give a personal touch, unique, very ours, Microsoft Messenger.


I must confess that I took a few minutes to absorb the menu Messenger Plus! 5. The reason is that expected to appear a special screen, and no, it appeared. Messenger Plus! 5 set up a special menu Windows Live Messenger 2011 and from there to do the settings for customize Messenger.

I like the setup screen Messenger Plus! 5 because with just a few clicks you can activate or deactivate boxes displays buttons and icons Messenger 2011. Download Messenger Plus! 5


Ubuntu Tweak, customize Ubuntu to detail

Ubuntu Tweak is an application for most popular Linux distribution : Ubuntu.

Ubuntu Tweak offer a tool to customize all the functions and areas of Ubuntu Linux. It also allows us to download files (packages) without having to write anything on the console.

Windows users coming to Linux first, usually begin using Ubuntu, A distribution extremely easy to use. But there is a problem, Linux is not Windows.


To understand why Ubuntu Tweak is so important and practical, you have to keep in mind that a Windows user is accustomed toinstall a program wiht click on "Next" and "OK." When it comes to Linux, because sometimes (fortunately more and less) have to type commands at the console of Linux to install or uninstall programs.

Ubuntu Tweak does all the dirty work (install - remove - customize Linux) from a visual, easy to use. Download Ubuntu Tweak


Kompozer, web page editor

Kompozer is a editor to create web pages from scratch. Today is a free program easier for those new to web design.

Many who are new to web design, looking for a software that offers ease of use and a complete set of tools. Kompozer meets those requirements.

Kompozer, web page editor

You will notice that Kompozer has a simple graphical interface, very similar to those we used to see in Windows XP. On the other hand which adds a high degree of usability KompozerIs that web site creation complete can be done from a completely visual or through pure code.

If you are an experienced web designer, you will not have to use more Kompozer to create code, because the visual editor will be limited for complex jobs. To learn web programming, Kompozer is an excellent start.  Download Kompozer


Smart Movie Player for Symbian phones

Play music videos, home videos or movies is without problems Symbian and Windows Mobile phones with the application Payment SmartMovie.

As good foresight, the developer of the player SmartMovie, Which also has a demo version, has joined the discharge itself, another utility to convert standard video formats such as AVI from the computer and then transfer them to your phone or memory card.


The reproducible format by the software are 3GP, and FLV MP4V. Language, volume and brightness of the video or movie is set from the interface of the player, which lets you scale the video to full screen view of the device and also supports the display of subtitles, so you have the option to choose other languages. Link


RoboPutt your next golf coach

Golfing? Want to improve your skills in the sport, but can not find someone who will forward your knowledge? It's time for you to meet RoboPutt.

This small robot will teach you correct form to hit the ball based on data obtained from your own shots. First of all you have to put a small device to your club, called "DiGi". The device is responsible for record your shots short and give this information to RoboPutt wirelessly.


Once we analyze your "putt" you must place the golf club in a mechanical arm RoboPutt and teach you to improve the shot. The robot will make the move, while you hold the golf club. The idea is that through repetition, Your muscles learn movement for a perfect shot.

Each course lasts 4 to 5 minutes and costs about $5. Cheaper than a personal trainer, do not you think?


Create and print posters and large-sized posters Posters It

When you make posters or giant poster and it's time to print, we probably think take them to a print in which they plotters billboards and print But if you do not want to leave home and do not want to spend much money then you present a good application.


It is Print It, A great program online that you will easily print posters using the conventional printer you have at home, which is responsible for dividing and arranging the poster or poster in several parts so you can print it and once printed them together with tape or glue, thus obtaining a large poster.

This program completely free Lightweight and easy to use, since in only 3 steps you'll get your poster. You can choose how many sheets you want to print the poster, form, choose the size, among other options. It is a very useful program when make large banners, Advertisements and bulletin boards. Link: Print It


Download MSN Messenger for Android

Msn Talk, An interesting exclusive MSN Messenger client for Android operating system. This customer does not walk with frills, is basic but very functional. In our first screen shows a list of contacts classified by connection to a color indicator that determines whether the contact is available or busy. Unfortunately does not show us the organization we have in Msn groups in the Pc, but this is not essential to the mobile version.


MSN Talk is also compatible with the official emoticons Msn Messenger and also support buzzes to contacts. The way to change chat window is through a menu, a little less functional than the previous application options, but not at all upset.

It is a simple client for those who do not want any kind of additive that is not functional, ideal for mobile phones with few resources. Link: MSN Talk


Tips for installing a Home Theater

Today anyone with a bit of money saved can have a home theater good quality in your home, but this also means you can make some mistakes when we install it unless someone who knows the subject closely.

The impressive number of options when choosing a team is also a big deal, because we can end up buying a model that can be less than what we want or spending too much on a model that exceeds our actual needs.


To get a better idea at the time of purchase and installing a home theater, Here are some tips that we find useful, even if you have a home theater installed and want to get better leverage.

1. TV Height

Many of us are accustomed to looking at the big screen with his head tilted back slightly, but this is not necessary in our home, which should put the TV at the height that is comfortable to us.

2. TV Size

When we buy a new TV will always think of acquiring the largest possible and this is a big mistake, and we always have to consider whether the size of the TV is right for the room will be used.

3. The Speaker

One of the most common mistakes when installing a home theater is to place the speakers within the cabinet in order to avoid resistance of the sound. This is a big mistake because the speakers were designed with their own cabinets to ensure the best sound.

4. Energy

One of the things that usually do not consider when buying a TV or audio equipment is the energy they use. Because this often do not remember buying a power stabilizer to ensure that our team gets power surges that affect their operation.

5. Information

Thanks to the Internet have access to all information, so we must always investigate every team we want to buy before going to the store to make sure we buy exactly what you want.


Create screen casts without installing anything

Sometimes we need to capture a video that shows the activity we carry on our Desktop. It can be very useful for making video tutorials showing the operation of any application or teach a friend who does well with the computer.

There are several applications that can perform these video captures or screencasts but we will explain how to do them ScreenCastle.


First is a free utility and second (and more important) which is a web application that can be used on any computer connected to internet, no downloads or installations. The only requirement is that your browser has support for Java.

The first thing is to go to the site from this link. Once there, click the red button to start the application. It will display a warning window asking permission to run the application. You must accept.

Now you can see the screen ScreenCastle Where you set dimensions of your Desktop and indicate if you also want to capture the audio. When we are ready press the OK button.

In this step, a bar appears at the top of your monitor, with the button to start recording. Click it to start recording immediately.

To stop recording just a few clicks on the top of the screen. Be processed and we have our video preview or save it directly.

Once saved it will show the links to share or download it to your hard drive. We conducted our screencast.


Free Applications for Sony Ericsson

Today I bring you some recommendations Sony Ericsson mobile applications for free. This time the applications are focused on taking photos. With these simple apps can give them quick and flashy effects to every photo you take.



A simple photo editor it has tools to correct color, add color to images, add text balloons, and create stamps. You can also distort the image, create special effects and a lot more effects in a very simple interface to use. Download available through Android Market.


With 62 effects and 44 framed, Vignette will make your photos look retro style. Whether you want to spice style Chinese Holga camera, or to a dim light Lomography style, Vignette will offer you all the props necessary to achieve it. At the end you can really add geographic tags. The free version is only in the Android Market and

Camera FX

Create the most eye-catching effects: creates high contrast with balances of curves, given that only a good curved lenses can fish, or create effects of symmetry (the classic Andy Warhol) and many other effects and filters available in Camera FX. Available through Android Market.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Create the perfect images with the master of photographic manipulation: Adobe Photoshop. Short, broken, balance the colors, creating contrasts and symphonism in tools such as PC version of the same name. Practically you can do whatever you like with your photos: the only limit is your imagination. Available through Android Market


The best add-ons for Firefox 4 without rebooting

Although still some days to the release of the final version we all know that Firefox 4 will have a lot of improvements, and one of the most important is the ability to install new add-ons or extensions without having to restart the browser.

Obviously this is great news for users, but developers found that the conversion to this new technology add-ons old is more complex than expected, which explains some of the most popular extensions have not yet released their new versions.

FF 4

Despite this, the program if they agree that the creation of new add-ons is rather simple, which means that surely find a lot of new extensions to cover old extensions.

To get an idea of the difficulty of update the add-ons, There are currently fewer than 100 applications that support the new technology, a small number considering the short time remaining before the launch of the official version.

For those who want to try this new technology, here we the best add-ons for Firefox 4 without rebooting.

Badge Tab

The perfect application for everyone who uses social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Reader) constantly, it captures the real-time messages or updates that we have to read each site.


Although not for everyone, this application lets you convert your Firefox window into a Vim client to remove all the details of the traditional browser and integrate a console Vim in the bottom of the window.

Grooveshark Remote Control

This add-on lets you control the Grooveshark directly from the bar of Firefox. Currently only allowed to pause or go forward or backward, but expect major improvements to the new version.

GReader Panel

For users of feeds, GReader Panel opens Google Reader. As an interesting detail, rather than using traditional web version, this application uses the mobile version.


The most popular application in Chrome allows the system to use drag-and-drop in Firefox. Drag2up let us drag files from the desktop into any text box in the browser and then upload the file and copy the link text.


AVG Announces new AVG LiveKive

When we talk about AVG our minds automatically think one of the most successful anti-virus programs in the world, but it seems that the owners of the company have decided to expand their horizons and compete on the world of storage clouds.

Hoping to give revenue to the millions of people using its products worldwide, AVG has confirmed the launch of AVG LiveKive, A new storage service that will compete directly with Dropbox, SugarSync and SpiderOak.


So far only been confirmed in beta, allowing users store up to 5GB totally free, although we assume that the alternative version will pay different tools.

One of the great advantages of this system is that users will be able to synch information across different devices, and access from any of them in a very simple and fast, which means that this system is also available as mobile applications.

For the moment do not know many details, but considering the success AVG has taken Android, We would not be surprised to discover that the LiveKive arrive in a few months to Android Market.

Finally, the company said it has decided to use all its security expertise to offer a new alternative to all those who need access to your information from anywhere in the world.


Reading books on iPod

People who have iPod usually use their devices to listen to music or watching movies, but they have many other applications. The iPod Touch includes software that allows you to function as an e-Reader, but iPod Classic is not designed for such purposes.

Instructions for reading books on the iPod

1. Download an application e-Reader, such as Kindle, Nook, Stanza, TextonPhone or iBook, if you have an iPod Touch.

2. Download eBook to your computer in plain text if you have a different model of iPod.

3. On your iPod enabled "Notes"Going to iTunes and collating the table"Enable disk use”.

4. Converted using the e-Book This makes the e-Book creates a compressed file in a format that can open on your iPod.

5. Connect your iPod to your computer. Find your iPod through iTunes and locate the folder Notes". Place all new files compressed into a new sub-folder within "Notes”.

6. Disconnect your iPod from your computer. Open "Extras"On your iPod, then open"Notes". The new folder should appear. Click it to see the book. Each note will contain only a small part of the book (4.012 characters is the maximum allowed). So you have to keep changing to the next page of the note.


What is Adobe Acrobat X

The program Adobe Acrobat X is a software application designed by Adobe Systems, Inc. The program allows you to manage and view document files Portable (PDF).

Adobe Acrobat X provides users the tools to create, manage and open PDF documents and create digital images suite Adobe Photoshop.

The PDF format is commonly used to distribute forms and other digital documents. Without Adobe Acrobat format on can not access these formats.

Adobe Acrobat suite of software X is compatible with versions of Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows 7 32 and 64 bit. The software also is available for Mac OS X. There is a trial version 30 days of the Windows-based software available if you want to try the software before buying. If you want Download Adobe Acrobat X 2011Click here.


HTC Salsa specifications, features and prices

HTC Salsa

The HTC Salsa is one of the two Facebook phones has been developed by HTC. The same will include a compact and convenient for the pocket, plus have a 3.4 inch touch screen. Although virtually all phones come with access to Facebook in one way or another, the HTC Salsa really takes it to another level, becoming the ideal mobile phone for those addicted to Facebook.

Pressing the blue button with the Facebook logo on the bottom, you can upload photos to your Facebook profile taken from its 5-megapixel camera. If you're surfing the web and have found an amazing Web site, blog or article you want to share, click the blue button and posted on your Wall.


Even the HTC Salsa includes an instant messaging client, which is designed specifically for use with Facebook chat. HTC Salsa will be supported under the operating system Android 2.3 will Gingerbread and direct access to Android Market. In addition to its 5-megapixel main camera, also include a VGA front camera, which allows you to make video calls to your friends.

Features and specifications of the HTC Salsa

  • Android OS 2.3 * Gingerbread
    * 3.4 inch touch screen (480 × 320 pixels)
    * 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and LED flash
    * Processor 600 MHz Qualcomm MSM7227
    * 512 MB RAM
    * Audio playback: MP3, AAC, WMA, WAV, M4A, AMR, OGG, MIDI
    * Video playback: MPEG4, XviD, AVI, 3GP, 3G2
    * Support for HTML, HTML5, XHTML, Flash
    * Integration with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
    * MicroSD
    * MicroSDHC
    * TransFlash
    * USB 2.0
    * Micro-USB
    Bluetooth 3.0
    * Wi-Fi 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n
    Stereo FM radio with RDS
    * EDGE
    * UMTS
    * Battery, 1520 mAh
    * Audio connector 3.5 mm stereo
    * G-Sensor
    * Digital Compass
    * Proximity sensor
    * Ambient light sensor
    Weight: 120 grams
    Dimensions: 109.1 x 58.9 x 12.3 mm

It is expected that HTC Salsa be released in the second half of the year. There's no official information on its price. You can follow us Twitter or FaceBook, As well subscribe to our free RSS feed to receive the latest updates and information on the HTC Salsa.


Buy an iPhone or HTC Touch Pro

The iPhone and the HTC Touch Pro have many things in common.  Both phones have a touch screen, rechargeable battery, Bluetooth technology, have an MP3 player that supports common audio formats like MP3, AAC and WAV, a camera to take photos and videos, have a built-in microphone to record and connect to  the computer via a USB cable.  But they also have differences that you should consider before selecting a phone instead.

Check hard disk capacity:

The iPhone flash drive has an 8GB or 16GB, the HTC Touch Pro only has capacity for 512, but you can expand the memory with a microSD card. The iPhone has no expandable memory.

Consider talk time and battery life:

Fully loaded, the iPhone may be on hold up to 250 hours and offers up to eight hours of talk time. The HTC Touch Pro offers less talk time, about 6.9 hours and up to 7.7 hours of standby time. Both use rechargeable lithium ion battery.

Decide which operating system you prefer:

The iPhone uses OS X, and the HTC Touch Pro uses Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional. You can synchronize files with both Windows and Mac computer on both devices, but if you are syncing from Mac to HTC, you need to buy a synchronization program.

Compare the resolution of the camera:

The HTC Touch Pro has a camera with a resolution of 3.2 megapixels versus the iPhone resolution of 2.0 megapixels.

Choose one based on weight and size:

The HTC Pro is 4.2 inches tall, 2.1 inches wide, 0.71 inches deep and weighs 5.82 ounces. The iPhone measures 4.5 inches tall, 2.4 inches wide and 0.46 inches deep, its weight is 4.8 ounces. The HTC is not as high or wide as the iPhone, but it is heavier.

Choose one that works in your network:

Both phones work on GSM networks, which is common in the United States. The HTC Touch Pro also works with HSPA / WCDMA and GPRS.

Extra considerations:

The HTC has a touch screen plus a slide-out QWERTY keyboard side, the iPhone has no keyboard. The HTC Touch Pro also has FM radio. It also supports a variety of formats for ringtones including MP3, AAC, WMA and WAC, while the iPhone supports M4A and M4R.


Easily boot an ISO image from GRUB2

Some time ago I've been reading about in a way that exists Boot an ISO image hosted on our hard drive from GRUB2. The truth is I never even try it, since I am terrible when dealing with GRUB. But I've read about a simple way to do so, using UNetbootin, And I decided to try and tell them that I was.

I'll start by saying that to me it worked the first try. However, they should be cautious when handling GRUB is your responsibility.

Well, the first thing to do is install UNetbootin, if you do not already have it installed. To do this, tipeamos in a terminal:

sudo apt-get install unetbootin

For those lost sheep who do not use Ubuntu, you can download the application from here.

Now, open UNetbootin to create GRUB2 entry corresponding to the ISO image is hosted on our hard drive. Select the option Disk image, Load path and Type selected Hard Drive.

Once we click the button OK

Complete, reboot the PC .

When the GRUB2 see UNetbootin option, select it and load the ISO image. (In Using Linux, Said that to bring up this option must be pressed ShiftIn my case appeared no more.)

If we restart UNetbootin, we see that we get the following dialog:

This does not mean you have to uninstall the application But simply that remove the menu GRUB2. We click on OK and we can UNetbootin use again.

It is worth noting that we make the whole process again if we replace the ISO image with a new (for example if you upgrade the OS version we are testing).

Finally, as personal advice, I suggest you to give all the personal touches that wish to use GRUB GRUB Customaizer application.

sudo apt-get install grub-customizer

I hope you find it useful!


New version for Linux Songbird

Good news for users who are approaching the Free Linux distributions. Now the powerful Music Player based on XULRunner, Songbird, Will be back on our computer and functions are still as powerful and entertaining.

The new version 1.9.3 is much faster and has better performance, open the program it took much less than on previous occasions and that is reflected also in a much more fluid navigation through the program interface.

Another point in favor of new version of Songbird installer is not required. Directly have to download the tar.gz file from the official website, unzip and start from the songbird.bin.

One of the best surprises I take the test new version of Songbird in Linux, which until a few months ago had failed to receive official updates, was how quickly load your music library.

Our favorite tracks on the screen within seconds and from that moment we can begin to play and listen to our favorite music. Got a number of sound features For best results and your favorite songs are heard in the best shape.


The white gold Mercedes Benz

This is a true "machine" made by the renowned firm Mercedes Benz and has the peculiarity of having a well-designed body in white gold, plus a few features that make it a really fancy car and accessible only to people who really have money.

To get an idea, if you saw this car in action, witnessing how a piece would be great (and smart) in white gold, passes before reaching our eyes 100KM/h in just 3.8 seconds, and having a speed limit of 320 KM/h, half really good compared to other sports cars.


Of course, nobody wants to be with a photo and a short description. If only for curiosity, we all know the price at which they sell this gem walking ... and therefore, say that it is estimated that the cost of White gold Mercedes Benz is 6.25 million (6,250,000) dollars. Who wants one?


Share printers between Windows 7 and Mac OS X

With the release of Windows 7 many began to have problems sharing folders and devices from Windows 7 and previous versions of Windows and other operating systems including Mac OS X, as well with this post trying to explain as sharing a printer between Windows 7 and Mac OS X without dying in the attempt using the LDP protocol (Line Printer Daemon).

Windows 7:

  • Open the Control Panel
  • Go to Programs
  • Select Enable or disable Windows features
  • Double-click Printers and document services
  • Finally activated LPD printing service

In Mac OS X:

  • Open System Preferences
  • Go to Printer and fax.
  • There press on the + (plus symbol) to add a new printer
  • Clicking the right mouse button on the toolbar and choose Customize Toolbar
  • Drag Advanced button to the toolbar and click OK
  • Now you can click the Advanced button
  • In type you choose Computer or printer option LPD / LPR
  • Type the path to the name of your PC and the printer name, Example: lpd: / / W7FROGX3/HP_F4280
  • In the next menu you choose Printer (if that does not appear to select another device)
  • Press Select the printer software and choose your printer from the list.
  • In closing please accept and add

That's all these steps, you can print from your Mac with your printer attached to a PC with Window 7 I hope has been useful.


Comparison of iPhone and iPad

With this short article we want to make comparison iPhone and iPadThe two technological marvels of Apple which seem to have much in common, but in fact are designed for completely different uses, so as to justify buying both.

The iPhone Launched by Apple for the first time in 2007, is a handheld device that integrates the functions, it holds, other three technology products that have emerged in recent years: an iPod, mobile phone and PDA. The first, the iPhone has the ability to play audio and video features of the second base - phone calls, sms, mms - with a more internet connection and a camera while the handheld, the iPhone has the characteristics of multimedia, view video and GPS service.

The iPad, Which only can be considered the wrong brother the iPhone, was put on the market at the beginning of 2010. 'S actually a tablet computer, with all the functionality of a PC but with more than a mobile phone next generation.

While it is true that some features and characteristics are the same, there are differences between iPhone and iPad, Some of which the following is set tosome basic characteristics. The first difference relates to the operating system: if both support the iPhone OS, the iPad has been created for the exclusive version 3.2, with regard to the processorThe iPhone uses the standard OpenGL ES 2.0, but with twice as fast than its predecessor while the iPad has an integrated system based on technology called Arm. This also determines the difference in battery life is significantly greater in the case dell'iPad.

The graphical interface has some remarkable similarities. And 'natural that it has been adapted iPad since its size is larger than the iPhone. There is, however, saying that the iPad allows you to use more complex software such as photos, editor, music creation, spreadsheets, databases, etc., even if some features are present in the new operating system iPhone 4G allowing the potential to bring the two products.

Finally, one thing in common was that of critical received at the time of marketing. These include: the iPad has no USB ports to be expanded, it has limited functionality for cameras and ibook, while the iPhone has a virtual keyboard that will cause too many typing errors, the protocol used to connect Edge instead of UMTS, the battery can be replaced only from assistance Apple, and others.

But then you know, the great expectation for the release of a technological product, also charged by the communication campaign of the parent that has characterized both devices, it also produces an inevitable severity assessment by a large number of buyers.


How to format your pc

Format a PC is very simple and very useful to be able to format the pc, because in case of harmful viruses that your antivirus can not delete or move to quarantine, the 'only solution is to format the pc.

  1. First turn on your PC, and insert the Windows installation disc. Once inserted, click on the install CD at this point you should restart your computer and then would leave a screen that asks you to update your operating system, or format the pc.

  2. If you just want to upgrade the OS without formatting, click on update in a couple of minutes your system will be upgraded. Instead if you want to format it, just click on PC format. Be careful if you formatted the PC will lose all your data, I suggest you save up a few CD - ROM or pen drive.

  3. When you clicked on format, follow the step by step instructions that will appear on your desktop. Once the formatting process is finished, you have to install drivers of your PC needed to run it. If you do not have the driver in possession you can always download it from the manufacturer of your PC.


How to fix the error message application failed to initialize properly

  1. From the error code indicated in the message that appears, seems to be a problem associated with security software Spyware Terminator, which can sometimes block legitimate programs generating that error. So try to uninstall the spyware in the classical way, ie, from Start / Control Panel / Programs / Uninstall a program (if you use Windows Vista or 7).

  2. If it is not sufficient, it is possible that the uninstall does not work or is incomplete, leaving some files on the hard disk of the program is still loaded into memory at boot time. You can then try to clean up manually: Delete the installation folders and WinCalmAVShield Spyware Terminator (The module for real-time control system).

  3. Then delete the file sp_rsdrv2.sys you will find in C: Windows System32drivers and make sure that the two services related to Spyware Terminator are disabled or no write services.msc menu Start / Run, identifies the services in the screen that appears and check the column State if you are disabled. If not, select them and click Stop the top left corner on the same screen.

  4. If even this procedure would provide the desired results, always after having tried the normal uninstall, you can use Restore System Configuration (Menu Start / Programs / Accessories / System Tools) to a date prior to the installation of software Spyware Terminator.


How to avoid virus infections

  1. Computer viruses are hidden programs that can not be displayed as normal files on your computer, and can seriously damage the PC data, including those vital to its operation.
    Viruses can cause really serious harm, the mere loss of valuable information to the cancellation of the hard disk.
    Some are immediate and immediately attack the computer, others infect the system every day and per-file, to make the computer unusable.

  2. Unfortunately when we realized their presence is almost always too late to run for cover, and it requires the formatting of the system, which sometimes, unfortunately, is useless because some viruses are so powerful that they literally burn the whole system and make it impossible for any 'cure'.
    Viruses can come from internet, from sites that were visited, even by name, by downloaded files from outside access by infected diskettes.

  3. To guard against computer viruses is necessary to have a good antivirus program and update it at least every 3 months.
    Once installed and loaded, you should choose 'Self' In this way the program will start by itself each time you start the computer and operate non-stop scanning any operation, including web browsing, and will notify you immediately in case of intrusion or virus.
    And 'well anyway in any case do every now and then, at least once a month, the system scans for viruses hidden.


How to read ebooks on linux

If you like to read some of these electronic books (eBook) on your PC you can certainly read this guide, step by step how to read eBooks on computer with Linux operating system installed.

  • Files with extension .epub use two main formats tailored to the eBook, which is the EPUB format and Mobipocket format. To read such files, along with many others, you can install the program on your Linux system FBReader. The program is completely free.

  • You can download this software by going to the useful websites section of this guide and click on "FBReader". Download the software according to its wizard. To install FBReader open a terminal window by clicking the K menu and click Applications / System / Terminal.

  • Make sure your Internet connection is active and in the terminal sudo apt-get install FBReader. After entering your password for access to your user account, the application will be downloaded from the Internet and installed. When finished, click on to start FBReader K Applications/Office -/E- book reader and so on. Happy reading!

  •

    How to install Dropbox on kde

    If you use Windows Dropbox surely you realize that you can not use it on Linux, because the company that distributes Dropbox has not yet developed an application that can run on Linux. Here is a guide that teaches step by step how to overcome this problem.

    1. First, download the main application of Dropbox. The connection to the Internet, open the K menu in the bottom left corner of the desktop and click on Applications, then System, and then select the voice terminal. In the screen that appears from the command wget-O
      dropbox-lnx.tar.gz http://www.get- / download? plat = lnx.x86 and wait for the archive with the Dropbox application is downloaded.

    2. Dropbox application is downloaded. Without this, again in the terminal window, execute the command tar-xvfz dropbox lnx.tar.gz to unpack the archive. At this point, the home directory of your user will see a new hidden directory, chiamata.dropbox-dist. Now you can start the application Dropbox: run terminal command in ~ /. Dropbox-dist / dropboxd (where the tilde indicates the location of your HOME directory).

    3. Since this is the first time you start the software, a window appears on the screen for its configuration. Since you already have an account Dropbox, select the window I Already Have a Dropbox account and click the Forward button. On the next screen enter in the email address used for your Dropbox account and password in the access key.

    4. In the Computer Name field enter the name you want to identify your PC. Then click Forward to continue. The next screen confirms your choice Dropbox free 2 GB account by clicking on the Forward button again, press the Skip button tour and finish, and then click Finish to complete the setup.

    5. After the configuration process, opens a window of Dolphin, the KDE file manager, with the content inside the Dropbox directory on the Home of Your username: Files stored in this directory will then be transferred on-line, so that be available on all computers connected to your Dropbox account.

    6. At this point, nothing remains but to automatically launch the application Dropbox every system startup. To achieve this it is sufficient to give the terminal the command ln-s ~ / ~ .dropbox-dist/dropboxd. / Kde / Autostart /. Finally, we can use our software even on Dropbox KDE.


    miCoach, the personal trainer by Adidas for Android

    The application miCoach of Adidas launched in August 2010 for iPhone and BlackBerry is in the pipeline for the platform Google. Presented this week at the Mobile World Congress, it will be downloadable for free from 'Android Market at the end of April.

    miCoach, Which has until now one million downloads of winning the title of "mobile application of 2010," the magazine Stuff, turns your Android into a Personal Trainer automatic synchronization with your site to provide six training programs for each discipline and the ability to create more customized programs, designed to match the level of fitness and specific objectives of each user to monitor, manage and analyze the various progress over time.



    How to make a copy of Rosetta Stone

    Rosetta Stone is a language learning software that provides users to learn a specific language. The instruction in Version 3 is comprised of four units per level of language.

    These units are divided into four key lessons, followed by sub-lessons. Your progress is stored in the process, so it is important to back Security of your work if the hard disk is experiencing problems or uninstall the program. You can do this with any CD-R blanks, or copying the appropriate folder on your desktop.

    Steps to make a copy of Rosetta Stone

    Step 1. Insert blank CD-R drive in your computer. After dialog box appears, choose "Burn Data Files to Disc". Name the disk appropriately with something like "Rosetta Stone Back Up”.

    Step 2. Select "C: Program Data / Rosetta Stone"Windows Explorer when you are prompted to select a file to burn. To copy only your progress and not all of the program, select the file "tracking.db3". For Mac users, this file is in "HD> Library> Application Support> Rosetta Stone Version 3> tracking.db3”.

    Step 3. Click the button Burn"(Burn) the Windows dialog box. After burning the CD, take it out of the unit. Be sure to write "Rosetta Stone Progress"In the face of the CD and store it properly in a folder on CD or another safe place.

    Step 4. To copy your progress file to your desktop or a separate folder instead of a CD, follow these steps before locating the file "tracking.db3". Click and drag the file to your desktop or selected folder. You can copy the entire folder C: Program Data / Rosetta Stone But occupy a considerable space in the memory of your hard drive.

    Step 5. If you uninstall Rosetta Stone or clean your hard drive, you can use your backup to locate your instructions. Opens first refit and Rosetta Stone. Replace the default file "tracking.db3"With the file"tracking.db3"The backup is in your CD or on your desktop.


    How to disable WiFi on iPhone 4

    The Wi-Fi function on your iPhone 4 lets you connect to wireless access points for data transfer, but you may need to disable it if you're on an airplane or fix some networking problems.

    Once disabled, your iPhone will connect to the Internet through the network of your mobile data. Turn off WiFi on iPhone 4 is simpler than it seems. The best part is that you can reactivate it whenever you want.

    Steps to disable access in an iPhone 4

    Step 1. Press the button Home"And drag the slider to"Unlock"(Unlock). This brings the main screen.

    Step 2. Click the icon Settings"To load the settings of the iPhone 4.

    Step 3. Press "Wi-Fi"To go to the Wi-Fi Networks screen. Press "On"Morph into"Off”.

    Step 4. Finally, press the button Home"To return to the home screen. And Wi-Fi is disabled.


    Deleting emails from the iPhone 4

    Deleting emails from the iPhone 4

    The iPhone 4 lets you access your email from anywhere. Once you set your email, you can send and receive email using the email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL. If you're not using one of your accounts, delete it from your iPhone and frees up system resources such as disk space. Once deleted, you can add a new account, if you wish.

    Steps to delete emails from the iPhone 4

    Step 1. Turn your iPhone 4 and drag the bar to the unlocked position to deploy the home page.

    Step 2. Press "Settings"To open the phone settings. Move down the settings and click "Mail, Contacts and Calendars”.

    Step 3. In "Account"Click the mail account you want to delete. Click "Delete Account"And press Delete Account"Again to confirm your selection. The email address will be removed.

    Step 4. Finally, press the button Menu"To return to home page.


    How to upgrade the operating system BlackBerry Bold 9700

    How to upgrade the operating system BlackBerry Bold 9700

    RIM, The creator of BlackBerry 9700, Is constantly developing and launching new updates for your operating system. If you want to update your operating system BB bold 9700, Simply use the free upgrade program to automatically search RIM and download the latest version.

    Steps to upgrade the operating system BlackBerry 9700

    Step 1. Visit BlackBerry pageSoftware Update”.

    Step 2. Click on the "Check for Updates"Located at the bottom of the Web site. A box is displayed asking you to save the program.

    Step 3. Click "Save File". The installer program is downloaded to your computer.

    Step 4. Loading the installer when the program finishes downloading. This is installed automatically.

    Step 5. Connect your Bold 9700 your computer after you install the program.

    Step 6. Select your Bold from the dropdown list of resources. The program checks for updates.

    Step 7. Choose "Get Updated"When prompted.

    Step 8. Check the box next to "Data Backup"In the configuration screen of the download. This ensures that your settings remain after the upgrade.

    Step 9. Finally, click "Install Update"To start updating your BB 9700.


    How to upgrade the BlackBerry 9780 OS

    How to upgrade the BlackBerry OS 9780

    RIM, The creator of BlackBerry Bold 9780, Is constantly developing and launching new updates for your operating system. If you want to update your operating system BB bold 9780, Simply use the free upgrade program to automatically search RIM and download the latest version.

    Steps to upgrade the operating system BlackBerry Bold 9780

    Step 1. Visit BlackBerry pageSoftware Update”.

    Step 2. Click on the "Check for Updates"Located at the bottom of the Web site. A box is displayed asking you to save the program.

    Step 3. Click "Save File". The installer program is downloaded to your computer.

    Step 4. Loading the installer when the program finishes downloading. This is installed automatically.

    Step 5. Connect your Bold 9780 your computer after you install the program.

    Step 6. Select your Bold from the dropdown list of resources. The program checks for updates.

    Step 7. Choose "Get Updated"When prompted.

    Step 8. Check the box next to "Data Backup"In the configuration screen of the download. This ensures that your settings remain after the upgrade.

    Step 9. Finally, click "Install Update"To start updating your BB 9780.


    LG 3D Optimus specifications, features and prices

    LG 3D Optimus

    The LG 3D Optimus be the first phone with full 3D capability. Not only have a 3D display without glasses also be able to create your own images and Videos 3D through a camera (Dual lens).

    LG and YouTube have also recently announced an alliance to users 3D Optimus LG P920 3D share their creations across the web and in any 3D-enabled television or computer monitor. Its dual camera has a resolution of 5 megapixels and is capable of capturing video at 1080p 720p 2D and 3D, as well as still images. There is also an additional camera in front so that the user can enjoy video-chat.

    LG-Optimus 3D

    Although LG 3D Optimus includes only 8 GB of onboard storage, it can extend up to 32 GB via microSD, giving a total of 40 GB, enough room for a 3D multimedia library acceptable.

    These specifications make the 3D Optimus LG P920 slightly larger and heavier than other smartphones on the market, but LG is betting that its 3D phone will be profitable enough to persuade consumers.

    Features and specifications of LG 3D Optimus

    * Android OS 2.2 (Froy)
    * Dual-core processor at 1GHz ARM Cortex-A9
    * 3D capacitive touchscreen of 4.3 inches with 480 x 800 pixels
    * 5 megapixel camera with dual resolution 2560х1920 pixels, autofocus and LED flash
    * 2G Network: GSM 850/900/1800/1900
    * 3G Network: HSDPA 900/1900/2100
    * Puerto microSD (expandable to 32GB)
    * 512 MB RAM
    * HSDPA 14.4Mbps
    * 5.76Mbps HSUPA
    * Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n with DLNA
    * Bluetooth 3.0 with A2DP
    * SNS Integration
    * Digital Compass
    HDMI output
    * Includes Google Search, Google Maps and Gmail
    * Digital Compass
    * Integration with YouTube and Google Talk
    * Video playback: MP4/DivX/XviD/H.264/H.263/WMV
    * Audio playback: MP3/WAV/WMA/eAAC +
    * View and edit documents
    * Organizer
    * Full Support Flash 10.1
    Stereo FM radio with RDS
    * MicroUSB 2.0
    * LG 3D User Interface
    * Proximity sensor for auto turn-off
    * Gyro Sensor
    * Touch-sensitive controls
    Dimensions: 128.8 x 68 x 11.9 mm
    Weight: 168 grams
    * Battery 1500 mAh


    Convert Excel file to PDA

    Find the best way to view files Excel in your PDA depends on the type of device you have. If you have a phone from Microsoft Windows, you can use Microsoft Office Mobile for viewing and editing original Excel files. Otherwise, the best way to see them universally on your portable device is to convert the file to PDF. Most devices Mobile view PDF support, making it the easiest way to see your files at almost any device.

    For this need: conversion tool Excel to PDF and a data cable.


    1. Choose the file (s) of Excel you want to transfer to a portable device and convert them to PDF format using the converter software or online tool.

    2. Connect your portable device to your computer to upload files. Load Excel file converted to PDF to your device.

    3. Load the PDF viewer on the PDA and open your PDF Excel to view the program.

    Convert Excel files with online ExpressPDF

    1. Upload your favorite Internet browser and browse to ExpressPDF. On this page, choose the third option of conversion, which is "Convert Microsoft Excel documents to PDF"(Converting Microsoft Excel documents to PDF).

    2. Use the button Browse"(Find) to locate the Excel file you want to turn on your computer. Enter your email address in the box to retrieve the file once converted.

    3. Select the level of production quality PDF as your purpose, which in this case would be "Default Settings"Or"Screen Optimized". Click "Convert to PDF(Convert to PDF) to convert the file. A few minutes later receive an email, stating that the file has been developed and how and where to get it back.

    PrimoPDF Convert Excel files, Excel to PDF Converter

    1. Go to PrimoPDF and download the program to your computer. Once downloaded, locate the setup executable file and double click it to begin installing the software. Once installation is complete, add a PDF virtual printer in the Windows Printers and Faxes. That will create PDF from Excel.

    2. Upload your Excel file in Microsoft Excel.

    3. Click "File(File) in Excel and select Print(Print). In the print box, choose the virtual printer "PrimoPDF"As the printer. Press "Ok"To send the file to the virtual printer. Dialog box appears PrimoPDF.

    4. Press the buttonCreate PDF"(Create PDF). This will be asked to select a storage location for the PDF. Choose the desktop or any folder, then press "Save"(Save).

    Convert Excel files with Universal Document Converter

    1. Download Universal Document Conveter to your computer. Click the setup file to install the program. Follow the instructions to complete the process.

    2. Open Microsoft Excel and open the file conversion. Press the menu File(File) and click on "Print(Print).

    3. Choose the virtual printer Universal Document Converter Printing Options and click the button Properties(Properties) on the right to load the template file Excel Workbook.

    4. Press the buttonLoad Settings"(Load Settings) on the Properties page. In the box that appears, choose the template "Worksheet to PDF.xml "and click"Open"(Open).

    5. Finally, click "Ok"In the printer box to start to convert the file. The PDF will be recorded in "My Documents UDC Output Files”.


    How to create apps for Apple gadgets?

    Today we live in a world that has become a large market for applications like smart phones and gadgets. Programs to calculate the weight for the diet, to find a public restroom to download comics from the web or to find anyone in the world to carry our own name ...this kind of software provides for all.

    However, many people wonder how we develop these apps. Is it easy? Do you let good economic returns? Is it a viable means of livelihood? What requirements must be met to set apps? Are some of the questions received daily. Then we will make a general explanation about.

    Take the example of Apple's App Store, since it is one of the forerunners in the genre. The vast majority of applications can be downloaded for iPhone or iPod Touch iPad are developed by small groups of people and in some cases are the result of work of a single individual.

    The chances of making money with apps represent a minimum margin. Almost all applications made by small developers cost between 99 cents and $ 4, so you need to achieve great success to gain succulent.

    Going to the point of development, those who want to create apps have to buy the developer kit (SDK) that is sold at the official site of Apple. In addition, they will need a Mac because The SDK is available for Windows or Linux. And do not forget to sample codes, which are essential for those who have no experience in programming.

    Then you have to start writing our own code and create the user interface using tools that includes previously purchased package. Unfortunately this is easier said than done, since developing an app requires knowledge of the Unix operating system, programming language C and JAVA.

    Finally we find most important: to send the app to the App Store moderators to approve your income, and do not forget the acquisition of third-party databases in case they need external information to the app to work.

    If you really want to try their luck in the market for apps for Apple gadgets we can only suggest making some programming courses, Otherwise the learning curve is very complicated. Link: Apple Developer.


    How to connect Xbox 360 to Windows 7

    As the software and hardware is updated, there are problems of incompatibility or changes in the ways to configure these components. In this case we refer to the way how to connect an Xbox 360 to Windows 7. While this procedure is not very complicated, could become a headache for those accustomed to working with older operating systems as Windows XP or Windows Vista.

    This connection works I will explain when you've already set up a network via Ethernet cable or wireless network.

    1. First click on "start."
    2. Then "Control Panel."
    3. After "Network and Internet."
    4. Select "Choose group at home and sharing options."
    5. Select also the section that says "Send for sequence of images, music and videos to all devices on your home network."
    6. Click "Choose options streaming multimedia."
    7. Now choose the default settings to share all files or customize content filtering options.
    8. Finally turn on your Xbox 360 and the computer selects the multimedia section.

    That's it, if you've followed these steps correctly managed connect your Xbox 360 to Windows 7. Now you can enjoy all the multimedia content from your PC directly to your television.


    How to delete and format a Dell computer

    It is very useful to delete all data and format your computer periodically. The computers will eventually wear out and start over if you use blocked.

    If you have a Dell Computer, Assuming that works with Windows 7You can use the installation disk to format. When you decide to install Windows, it automatically formats the hard drive of your computer during the installation stage. This will return the settings to which he was by default, factory, and leave you with the hard disk almost empty.

    Steps to format a Dell computer

    Step 1. Inserts Windows 7 DVD on the computer and restart. Press any key when prompted for Windows install.

    Step 2. Click "Next"When the Windows Setup page. Read the license terms and click "I Accept". Then click on "Next”.

    Step 3. Click "Custom", Then"Drive Options". Choose an existing installation, then press "Format (Full)". Click "Next"To start formatting the hard disk.

    Step 4. Finally, click "Next"After the end of the formatting. At this stage you can click "Next"To continue installing a new version of Windows 7.


    How to create a HomeGroup in Windows 7

    Windows 7 has been designed for file sharing processes on your computer easier than previous versions. In part this is due to component Homegroups Networks. All Windows-based computers in your network are part of your "Homegroup". You can share music and software files with other users or computers sharing assigning permissions using Windows Explorer.

    Steps to create a HomeGroup in Windows 7

    Create Homegroup

    1). Click the Windows Start button .

    2). Type "Homegroup"In the Spotlight Search"And press"Enter". This loads a new dialog box on your screen.

    3). Click "Create a Homegroup". This action runs the wizard called Create a Homegroup”.

    4). Click the button Next"At the bottom of the dialog box called Share with Other Home Computers". This action displays another box containing the password of the group.

    5). Note the password and click "Finish”.

    Begins to share

    1). Navigate to the file or folder to share. You may find several in the folder Documents". Open this folder by clicking the button Start"And then"Documents”.

    2). Right-click the file or folder, and then "Share with ...

    3). Click "Specific People". This turns the dialog box called File Sharing"On your screen, and contains a list of users and networks.

    4). Click shadowing a user or network to which you want to share, then click the button Share". If you want to share with other computers on your network, just click the option "Homegroup". If you want to share with everyone, click "Everyone". This activates a dialog box that lets you browse the files and folders that you share.

    5). Click the Next button Located at the bottom of the dialog box of the shared files folder to confirm. Wait a few minutes for Windows to check the items to be shared. The speed of this process depends on the amount of files you have configured for sharing.

    6). Finally, click on the Done button at the bottom of the dialog box called Now Your Library is Shared

    Joining your Homegroup

    1). Locate the computer you want to share, then click the Start button.

    2). Type "Homegroup"In the Spotlight Search"And press"Enter”.

    3). Click the buttonJoin Now(Join Now) in the bottom of the screen.

    4). Enter the group password in the password field and click "Next”.

    5). In conclusion, please click on the Finish button.


    How to install Compiz

    Compiz is a software package that allows you to manage your computer screens and create multiple desktops. It does not replace the operating system, as Windows 7 or Ubuntu 10.10, But enhanced to create stationery. The wallpaper plugin is an addendum to the original design. With this feature, you can assign different wallpapers to multiple workspaces. In other words, every area of your computer, or desktop, you can have a different background. With the plugin wallpaper Compiz You can design the look of the screen on your computer and replace funds bored with your own images specialized.

    Steps to install Compiz

    1.: Open the Compiz quick menu by moving the cursor to the left side of the desk. This automatically opens a dialog box that gives you access to the menu.

    2.: Click on the icon "Package Manager". If you're not sure which icon controls this function, stand on each picture and read the description. Once you find the correct icon, click to open the package manager.

    3.: Double-click "compiz-fusion-plugins-extra"Window on top"Package Manager". Follow the onscreen instructions to install the kit. When installation is complete, close the "Package Manager"By clicking the"X"On top of the screen.

    4.: Move the cursor to the left side of the desk to access the menu of Compiz. Click "CCSM" to open the configuration settings for Compiz.

    5.: Moves the cursor down to the selection called "Utility"Screen"CCSM". Click "Wallpaper"To start the plug-in.

    6.: Finally, add the images to use as wallpaper by clicking the button New"In the bottom of the window on the right side of the screen. Locate your image and press "Ok". The direction of the image will appear in the top window. Do this for each image you want to use as background. The software assigns your pictures to each desktop workspace that is configured when the package is installed Compiz. The images appear in order. For example, the first image is the background to your desktop first.


    How to Install/Reinstall Windows Installer

    If you have problems with your package Windows Installer Will need restoration. If you have Windows 7 on your computer, then use Windows Installer 5.0, Which is the last version and was included with the operating system. Therefore, you can not update or restore the Windows Installer in its most recent operating system. If you're running an older operating system, however, it can update or reinstall the package Windows Installer 4.5.

    Steps to reinstall Windows Installer

    Step 1. Download the installation file Windows Installer for your operating system.

    Step 2. Double click the downloaded file to begin installation. This file is saved in the location designated for the discharge of your browser unless you specify otherwise. If you are unsure of the location, see the options or preferences in your browser.

    Step 3. Click "Next"To start the installation, and click"I agree to the license terms ..."(I agree with the terms of the license) if you are.

    Step 4. Click "Next"To start the installation process.

    Step 5. Finally, click "Finish"Followed by"Restart"When the process is complete.


    How to convert WMA to MP3

    Steps to convert WMA to MP3

    Media Converter (Media Converter)

    1.: Open your Web browser. Navigate to the Web site Media Converter.

    2.: Click "Conversion Wizard(Conversion Wizard) and click on "File Upload(Upload File).

    3.: Click on the button "Chose File"(Select File). Search the popup window to locate the file you want to convert WMA. Click "Ok”.

    4.: Press "Ok"In the conversion wizard. Select "MP3"From the popup window and click the button Convert"(Turning).

    Quick Media Converter (Quick Media Converter)

    1.: Download the program and follow the installation instructions.

    2.: Click the plus icon and look in the archives. Select the WMA file and press "Ok”.

    3.: Press the buttonMP3"Below"Format Conversion"(Format conversion).

    4.: Click "Convert"(Turning).


    1.: Open iTunes double-clicking on the icon of the software.

    2.: Click "File"And select"Add to Library". Search window to locate the WMA file. Press "Ok”.

    3.: Highlight the file by clicking it.

    4.: Finally, click on the menu Advanced"(Advanced) and scroll"Create MP3 Version"(Create Mp3 version).


    How to remove Win32 Trojan Alureon


    The computer virus come in countless varieties, some are more trouble than others. The Alureon virus is what is known as a Trojan horse (Trojan Horse), a type of virus that seeps into your hard drive and unleashed a great destruction. Fortunately, there are ways to delete the unwanted intruder and restore your computer to an optimal stability in your system.


    Once on your hard disk, the virus Alureon Trojan horse download adware, spyware and other malicious files onto your computer without your knowledge. Alureon also creates corrupt files in the Windows directory win, particularly Win32 files, causing serious problems with the full functionality of the computer. After infecting the system, the virus deposited Alureon Spher.dll harmful files in temporary folders to be active in the computer memory, which has served to perpetuate the cycle malicious. Unless removed, the Trojan Alureon can address a total corruption of the system and eventual failure.


    Computers infected with the virus Alureon could demonstrate a number of symptoms. For example, the task manager system could execute malicious files constantly Alureon accompanied by repeated taps of a computer speaker. Other common effects include pirated desktop properties, repeated ads, redirected Web browsers, slow and attempts to use functionality of programs that result in a blue screen (Blue Screen).


    While potentially destroy your computer, Alureon can also pass records names and passwords and even banking information online to computer hackers. Unless it is removed, Alureon could be a leader of theft and other serious complications far beyond the simple operation of the computer.

    Automatically removed

    Many computer programs such as Adware Away, Hitman Pro, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and STOPzilla can check your computer and remove the Trojan virus Alureon. While some programs offer free trials, many require purchase before eradicate the virus. Despite the cost, programs to remove viruses automatically can be a quick and easy solution to the problem, especially if you have limited knowledge about computers.

    Removed manual

    Alureon could remove manually deleting all files, folders, Windows registry keys and registry values associated with the virus. This operation can be misleading, because if you delete a registry file is not infected could damage your computer. It is always advisable to backup your registry before making any changes. And there are dozens and dozens of files, folders and registry values that should be deleted to remove Alureon, so it would be best to leave the manual removed by a professional technician computer.


    How To Create nicknames for MSN Messenger

    Create nicknames for MSN Messenger

    Windows Live Messenger is a free instant messaging service that lets you send real time messages to your contacts and friends. People use it for fun, business or just to stay in touch. A function MSN Messenger is that you can customize, you can change your icon, the view of the Messenger window or your screen name. In fact you do not need to use a name MSN Messenger as your contact name. You can replace it with a Nickname. You can also add a saying or message your account name.

    Steps to create a nick in Windows Live Messenger

    Change your screen name

    1.: Start MSN Messenger.

    2.: Go to "Tools", Then"Options". Dialog box appears.

    3.: Click "Personal"Is on the left side of the dialog box.

    4.: Enter your nickname in the field, "My Display Name”.

    5.: Click on the button "OK". Your new nickname will appear in your account and your contacts will see when you open your contacts list.

    Add a saying or quotation

    1.: Start MSN Messenger.

    2.: Click on the link "Type a personal message"That is under your screen name.

    3.: Enter your message.

    4.: Finally, press "Enter". Your message will appear with your friends when you open your Contact to start a conversation.


    How to convert MP3 audio to MPG

    How to convert MP3 audio to MPG

    Format MP3 audio is the almost universal standard when it comes to digital audio. However, many times there are situations where you can not play MP3 files. The MPG is a good alternative to the MP3 format if you're in a situation where you can play standard audio files.

    The format is a standard MPG video, but can also be used to play audio.

    Steps to convert audio to MP3 MPG

    Step 1. Import your MP3 into a video conversion program. If you do not have this program and you WindowsYou can download Windows Movie Maker Free Microsoft. If you use Mac OS, You must use iMovie, which comes pre-installed on the computer.

    Step 2. Import the MP3 file using the "Add Music". Look for the file, select it and press "Ok". An audio track will appear in your timeline video.

    Step 3. Finally, select "Save Movie"Or"Finish Movie". Look for the file type option from the menu and select "MPEG". If you look at several options (MPEG as MPEG-2), you can choose whatever fits your needs for quality, and that will end with the file extension "MPG". After selecting the file type, click "Ok"Or"Finish". When you export the video, you will have a version for your MP3 MPG.