How to install Dropbox on kde

If you use Windows Dropbox surely you realize that you can not use it on Linux, because the company that distributes Dropbox has not yet developed an application that can run on Linux. Here is a guide that teaches step by step how to overcome this problem.

  1. First, download the main application of Dropbox. The connection to the Internet, open the K menu in the bottom left corner of the desktop and click on Applications, then System, and then select the voice terminal. In the screen that appears from the command wget-O
    dropbox-lnx.tar.gz http://www.get- / download? plat = lnx.x86 and wait for the archive with the Dropbox application is downloaded.

  2. Dropbox application is downloaded. Without this, again in the terminal window, execute the command tar-xvfz dropbox lnx.tar.gz to unpack the archive. At this point, the home directory of your user will see a new hidden directory, chiamata.dropbox-dist. Now you can start the application Dropbox: run terminal command in ~ /. Dropbox-dist / dropboxd (where the tilde indicates the location of your HOME directory).

  3. Since this is the first time you start the software, a window appears on the screen for its configuration. Since you already have an account Dropbox, select the window I Already Have a Dropbox account and click the Forward button. On the next screen enter in the email address used for your Dropbox account and password in the access key.

  4. In the Computer Name field enter the name you want to identify your PC. Then click Forward to continue. The next screen confirms your choice Dropbox free 2 GB account by clicking on the Forward button again, press the Skip button tour and finish, and then click Finish to complete the setup.

  5. After the configuration process, opens a window of Dolphin, the KDE file manager, with the content inside the Dropbox directory on the Home of Your username: Files stored in this directory will then be transferred on-line, so that be available on all computers connected to your Dropbox account.

  6. At this point, nothing remains but to automatically launch the application Dropbox every system startup. To achieve this it is sufficient to give the terminal the command ln-s ~ / ~ .dropbox-dist/dropboxd. / Kde / Autostart /. Finally, we can use our software even on Dropbox KDE.