HTC Android closer HD2

One of the terminals with non-Windows Windows Mobile-Phone 7, if the previous version, which impressed me most was undoubtedly the HTC HD2. One of the first terminal of four-inch touchscreen which unfortunately Phone Windows 6.5 had hidden behind the interface of HTC. It was a good terminal except for the software, with some very good features but it failed because of Windows Mobile 6.5, but now, having the leading Windows HD7 HTC Phone 7 with very similar characteristics, what could be done with this terminal?


Although smartphones for release you may consider a terminal "old" (and please, with many quotes that old), the HTC HD2 is a good terminal to which he could revive thanks to Android, or even if it becomes possible to install Windows Phone 7 in a way that interested developers could accomplish.

But it seems that there is a future for Android-optimized version of this terminal, at least "Dark Forces Team"Has been update the firmware on a HTC HD2 with a version of Android to clear only Windows Mobile and Android installed, so it would run to start the terminal and would not have to choose which system you want. Accessing memory that stores the operating system lets you forget to use Windows Mobile and pass to Android, but still at an experimental stage and now there is no information of a possible shock.

But it would be interesting because you can be so you'd just buy a second hand HTC HD2 or in any online store that still have it (not less than 450 € in some online stores) and have a great terminal, in every way with a good operating system.


Beware of Skype now, a 3G video call can consume your data rate

Okay, all iPhone users are excited because now bring video conferencing using Skype, it is good news but good news if you make these calls using Wi-Fi networks, if you plan to make a video call via 3G, please measured the second time you'll be connected.

As measured by _9 to 5 Mac_ Skype, a minute of streaming video (get the video of another person and send yours) consumes about 3.4 megabytes per minute, Namely 1.3 and 2.1 megs megs sent received. The problem is that most iPhone tariffs in the world are flat rates but with a maximum discharge of around from 250 to 500 megabytes or gigabytes.

If for example you are for 10 minutes in a video conference with another person via 3G, you can get the joke by some 340 megawatts, which already exceeds some more basic flat rates. Obviously you do not break the connection, but for the remainder of the month will have to travel at a speed more suited to 1999 than 2010. It's funny because Same thing happened to FaceTime, Only this time FaceTime about 3MB per minute consumption.

The recommendations are obvious, make video calls, but also do not spend a few minutes because you can be no data to make ends meet, but obviously it is better to make calls using Wi-Fi networks in your home, office or if you're on the street , looking for some sucker to take their Wi-Fi network, find a point Fon or some coffee.


China declared illegal Skype

Although it sounds like a joke, the news could not be more true and sad at the same time. Increasingly surreal state media just announced the service VoIP illegally in the country. How difficult it must be to live in a country where freedoms are fence and technology can only be used to serve the Communist Party. The fact is that the Chinese government has banned internet phone calls illegal except for those made by the two state-owned network, China Unicom and China Telecom. Skype becomes illegal in the country.

It was the day People's Daily Official organ of the Communist Party in charge of making official the news, saying that services like Skype available in the country, would stop working. This new ban is attached to the blockades and closures in the country have been other sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Google itself, who closed last year after heavy pressure from the government.

During the day yesterday, Wang Chen, deputy director of Chinese Propaganda Department, said, boasting of it and words are prescient today:

During November, 350 million harmful information, including text, photos and videos, were deleted from the network in China. We are conducting with the relevant authorities a campaign to crack down on illegal Voice over Internet Protocol phone

From Twitter Now beginning to be the first replies to the new position of the party, where several users have stated that they no longer have the option to download Skype. News how are you always a pitcher of cold water to the society and the development of freedom. I hope to introduce it again soon, although I fear that it will not.


Skype video calls reach iOS

What better way to "reward" users for this final so bad that the company has had (blackout and fall worldwide), Which arrival for users iOS the video call. From what we had today announced last week All those who enjoy version 4.0 or higher may use the tool, either via iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Many of you are wondering that how they do in the iPad, if you have no camera. Well, iPad users can only receive pictures. In contrast, those who enjoy the iPhone 4, may be conducted with the front camera bearing.

The other mobile devices such as Android must wait for the call, at least until next year. In the words of Rick Osterloh, head of consumer product company:

We face a big step, because the tool will make it easy to share moments anywhere. For now, Apple only has the availability, although we all mobile devices as a key sector

As for its operation in the IOS device, Skype allows video call via WiFi networks and 3G networks But from the company claim that the 3G connection will be more than acceptable for full operation (I recommend in this case, reducing it to audio only.)

Little more to say congratulations to users with IOS, and it is great news and also free. Those who live in Spain go with an eye for one simple reason, not all plans allow the use of VoIPIn the case of Vodafone, to make use of it, you rate will go up automatically. I leave the promotional video.


Color Nook hack so you can read Kindle books

As most of you probably know, the Nook of Barnes & Noble have an operating system that is based on Android and for this reason, it may be root (Ie, administrator) of the system. This is exactly what they did a group of hackers and, last but not least, gave him the opportunity to read books Kindle.

Be root system Android To give you an idea is something like him jailbreak the iOS of Apple. It allows users to access functions normally could not. The process of how it's well explained here though is somewhat complicated.

What really makes this modification is made to return the operating system Color Nook in an ordinary Android. The issue is that Barnes & Noble had forbidden many things in your software. Now, not only be able to read Kindle books But also use YouTube, Gmail and, best of all, the Android Market. This means that users who do this will have a world of applications before him could not previously installed.

This makes the Color Nook in something like a tablet. Logically, a tablet that was not created for it and it will work a bit slow but hey, it only costs $ 249. Obviously what they will from Barnes & Noble is certainly provide an update on this rooted blocking software, but many may simply say no to this update and problem solved.


Tom Clancy's HAWX Cheats

Here are some tips for those who want to gain height in Tom Clancy's HAWX first name. Backward compatible with PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, these tips are really codes to unlock new apparels.Pour activate codes, you should go in the shed and do the following.

PlayStation 3

A-12 Avenger: Hold L2 and press Square, L1, Square, R1, Triangle, Square

F-18 HARV: Hold L2 and press L1, Triangle, L1, Triangle, L1, Square

FB-22: Hold L2 and press R1, Square, R1, Square, R1, Triangle

Xbox 360

A-12 Avenger: keep LT and press X, LB, X, RB, Y, X

F-18 HARV: keep LT and press LB, Y, LB, Y, X LB

FB-22: Hold LT and press RB, X, RB, X, RB, Y


Tips for A World of Keflings

Want to dress your Avatars Xbox 360? Good thing, here are some tips that might interest you if you own the game A World of Keflings Xbox 360. Thus, for the hat Kefkimo, you must have talked at least once in the head of the main hall of Ice Kingdom. For such a little baby dragon companion, simply being friends with a baby fresh out of a dragon egg to Ice Kingdom. Voila!


Tips for Mario vs Donkey Kong: Pagaille Mini-Land!

Here is a little trick to Mario vs.. Donkey Kong : Pagaille Mini-Land, a title that is provided on Nintendo DS. This trick can actually activate the Mini Guide. In the way of what is available in New Super Mario Bros.. Wii This guide helps you. For this, we must already lost five times during an internship and then select Mini Guide. Once the console has finished painting, you can either rebuild or move on. know that you can always restart the level reached with the Mini Guide at any time.


Here are tips for Sonic on the DS Colours

Here are some tips for Sonic Colours DS, the latest set of platforms which features the famous hedgehog SEGA. These tricks allow you to access an unlimited boost but also the last true boss of the game

Infinite Boost

Collect all the red rings hidden in each of the 6 main areas to have an infinite Bosst. It's in the options you can enable or disable the bonus. Please note, this bonus is not active in the Time Attack and Versus modes

Final Boss

After completing Level Terminal Velocity with all emeralds, wait until the end credits. Back in the game for a short cinematic and access the final level. The latter is accessible from the highest part of the map.

Hints Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Duel Transer

Here are some tips for Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Duel Transer The card game Konami released on Wii in early December. Find below the list of unlockable characters and how to do it.

List of Characters


Unlock the panel Bifrost the 6th floor and beat him to a duel.

Bruno Borelli

Cross the 4th floor of Niflheimr.

Sherry Leblanc

Cross the second floor of Niflheimr.


Unlock the panel entry Yggdrasil and beat in a duel.


Unlock the panel Bifrost 4th floor and beat it in a duel.


Unlock the panel Bifrost the 7th floor and beat him to a duel.


Unlock the panel Bifrost the 7th floor and beat him to a duel.


Unlock the panel at the 2nd floor of Yggdrasil and beat in a duel.


Tricks of Gray Matter

Here are some tips for Gray Matter The adventure game developed by Wizarbox Available on PC and Xbox 360. You will find below a list lci of Success and how to unlock them. For all players perfectionists!

A delicate attention (25)
Remove all the flowers in vases

Divide and conquer (25)
Winning the game "Divide and conquer" without losing a single hand

Vision go cup (25)
Successful round "Vision-pass goblet"

More strongly (40)
Finish the game

Quick player (50)
Finish the game in under 5 hours

Gossip (50)
1000 dialogues play the game

Shadow Hunter (100)
Finish the game with all the bonus points

You also unlock achievements for each successful task throughout the game!


Tips for Pokemon Black and White, all-new versions of the RPG on Nintendo DS

Pokémon Black & White already has its first tricks. Here are a few that we found with players who have traveled the length and breadth of game. To remind that the game is already released in Japan last September 18 and is expected in Europe in 2011 for the DS.

First Ball

For a "First Ball", Go to the store of an Pokemon Center and buy 10 Pokeball at once. The man behind the counter will offer you more for that purchase the famous ball that functions as a Pokeball traditional but features a unique design.

Game Calendar

Change the date and time of your DS to capturing Pokemon that only appear at certain times of the day or during certain seasons. Any advice for daily events, as time and 11:59 p.m. put simply wait until the day passes to enjoy it.


Tips for Dead Space 2, the upcoming space survival horror from EA, Dead Space 2.

Here's a tip for fresh Dead Space 2The following Dead Space The survival horror Lighthouse Electronic Arts, Whose demo has just been released. The Necromorphs had better watch out!


Complete solo mode "Ignition" downloadable game Dead Space 2 : Ignition. This will unlock several unusual objects, some of which can be used in Dead Space 2. You unlock the combination of the hacker (hacker follows) that you lavish on your skills a bonus of piracy, a skin for your laser gun, exclusive audio recordings, as well as points of strength and health packs extra.


Discover new tips for Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage, Koei's beat 'em all.

Here are some new tricks Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage. Follow these guidelines to unlock new characters.


Jagi to recover, get to the end of Chapter 4 of the way legendary Kenshiro.


To retrieve Kenshiro, come to the end user legendary Kenshiro.


To retrieve Shin, come to the end of Chapter 2 of the legendary fashion Kenshiro.


To retrieve Souther, come to the end user illusions Rei.

New costumes

To unlock alternate versions of Kenshiro and Raoh dressed in torn clothes, the version of Rei with white hair and finally version Toki affected by the disease, you must complete their respective mode Illusions.

Music Gallery

To unlock the gallery's musical play, complete with user Dream Kenshiro.


Tips for Project Cerberus

Here are some tips for Cerberus Project, A 2D fighting game that is available on the PSP in Japan. These tips can unlock new characters to complete the roster of the game

Burst Cerberus: Ending the 11 main characters at least once in vs CPU or 2P VS Cerberus.

Fencer Burst: eliminate the 11 original characters at least once in vs CPU or 2P VS Fencer.

Kusanagi: eliminate the 11 original characters at least once or VS CPU VS 2P Valkyrie.


Tips for Shining Hearts

Here are some new tricks Shining Hearts The last RPG SEGA on the PSP Sony. These tips are really codes to enter the password option is accessible from the church. Thus, to increase his life points to a maximum level, you must type RDNQWEAZ while to boost his statistics, it EGFFGMYP that entry.


Tips and easter eggs to find in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood on PC, Xbox360 and PS3

Here are some new tricks and easter eggs to find in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, The flagship game of Ubisoft available on PC, X360 and PS3. Assassins in your controllers!

Retrieve all codex Leonard de Vinci

When you meet Leonardo da Vinci for the first time, it offers you a choice of three codex inventions (double blade, jump higher and poison-tipped) on the purchase. If you have enough florins to buy everything, choose one. When the sequence is complete, replay the memory sequence 4 8 "An unexpected visitor" a second time. When the sequence begins, press Start and go back to the sequence when Leonard offers inventions. The first codex you selected will be grayed out giving you the opportunity to buy another. Repeat the same thing to retrieve the last codex.

Easter Eggs

- In the sanctuary in 2012, if you look on the right monitor for the computer to Lucy, you should see him playing the game Facebook, Assassin's Creed: Project Legacy.

- During the sequence 4 "An unexpected visitor," just before you associate with Vince Leonard, you should hear a voice called Ezio. Follow it and you will find a cardboard box just down the stairs before the arrival of Leonardo da Vinci. This is the same board used in the series Metal Gear Solid.


Tips for new action RPG, Two World II

Here are some tips for new Action-RPG Two Worlds II. Available on Xbox 360 and PS3, these codes only work for the PC version. They are to return to the game console and you will bring up your inventory in different materials and other objects of the game for this to work, you must first have typed "TWOWORLDSCHEATS" (all caps) in the console.


Replace # with the proper amount:

Side mesh : Ec.addobjecttoinventory ep_chainmail #
Tissue : Ec.addobjecttoinventory ep_fabric #
Gold : Ec.addobjecttoinventory ep_gold #
Iron : Ec.addobjecttoinventory ep_metal #
Leather : Ec.addobjecttoinventory ep_leather #
Metal : Ec.addobjecttoinventory ep_steel #
Essence of Air : Ec.addobjecttoinventory ep_wind #
Essence of Death : Ec.addobjecttoinventory ep_necro #
Essence of Earth : Ec.addobjecttoinventory ep_earth #
Essence of Fire : Ec.addobjecttoinventory ep_fire #
Essence of Water : Ec.addobjecttoinventory ep_water #
Wood Species : Ec.addobjecttoinventory ep_wood #


Type "ec.addobjecttoinventory #" (without quotes) in the console, where # is the following codes:

Hook lock : Lockpick
Platform for personal teleportation : Personal_teleport_platform
Teleport Stone : Personal_teleport
Potion of walking on water : Potion_waterwalk_01
Invisibility Potion : Potion_invisible_01
Oculus : Flyingeye1
Oculus Draconis : Flyingeye2
Oculus Infernus : Flyingeye3
Oculus Infernus (range, speed and damage different) : Flyingeye4


Tips for Sonic Riders Free

Voià a trick to Sonic Riders Free which is exclusively available on Xbox 360. This trick can actually unlock two new boards for your riders. Thus, the Chaos Emerald board obtained by having the S rank in all missions of Story mode, while the professional board is obtained by having completed all the tasks of the Trial mode.


Codes and tricks Just Cause 2 A

Here are some codes and tricks Just Cause 2 A game to the explosive action that takes place in an open world and is available on Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. The first trick is a code that allows for an infinite health. For this, we need to pause the game and enter X, A, Y, X, A, Y, X, A, Y Xbox 360.

Jump on the island of Lost series

If you go in the box at the top left corner of the map you will see a square-shaped island. If you're flying over the island, your plane will explode and you will land on the beach by parachute. From here you will see an arrow indicating a direction toward the jungle. We must follow this direction to find the door of the bunker series Lost.

Having the Bubble Blaster

South southwest of the outpost communication Gurun Lautan Lama Gamma in the desert Lautan Lama, there is a wide open plain with numerous white trees. In the most north of this plain, you will see a steeple. Climbing on top, you will see a small table with a purple gun. That is, the Bubble Blaster is yours!

Sperm whale

Go Panau Island south of the River. You will see a sperm whale stranded on the beach. In the explosion, you will unlock a piece of armor. Not sure Greenpeace appreciates ...

Piloting a Balloon

To the east of Pano, between two mountains in the center of the forested area is a hot air balloon. Now it's your turn!

Fake shark

Go to the center of Lake Lama Lautan to see a fake shark move.


New cheats for Gran Turismo 5 on PS3.

Here are some tips to unlock all fresh new cars Gran Turismo 5 PS3.

Unlock new vehicles

(S is the standard vehicle, P for Premium Vehicles)

TommyKaira ZZ-S '00 (S): Get all gold medals in events of the B license

Daihatsu OFC-1 Concept '07 (P): Get all silver medals in the events of the license B

Mazda Atenza Concept '01 (S): Get all silver medals in events A license

Mazda Demio Sport '03 (S): Get all Bronze medals in the events of the license B

Nissan mm-R Cup Car '01 (S): Get all Bronze medals in events A license


Tips for Tron Evolution Battle Grids.

Here are some tips for the game Tron: Evolution - Battle Grids Wii. These cheat codes are typing in the menu "Cheat" To disable the game, you just type them again.

Cheat codes

Make your tracks lumicycle broader: lctalltrails

Accentuate the slippage in the arena to lumicycle: lcsupersharpslide


Tips for Mirror's Edge.

Here are some tips for Mirror's Edge, the famous game platforms developed by DICE and edited by Electronic Arts. Mirror's Edge is available on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Hard mode

Complete the game on Easy or Normal. The mode will be available when you start a new game.

Stage Time Trial

To unlock the Time Trial courses, you must complete certain chapters of the game, or have a star rating in specific courses.

Arland: finish chapter 1

Atrium 1: Beat the qualifying time on Convoy 2

Atrium 2: Beat the qualifying time at Atrium 1

Burfield beating the qualifying time on Heat

Chase: the complete chapter2

Convoy 1: complete the chapter8

Convoy 2: beat the qualifying time on a Convoy

Cranes 1: beat the qualifying time on Burfield

Cranes 2: Complete Chapter 4

Edge: Complete the prologue

Factory: Complete Chapter 6

Flight: beat the qualifying time on Arland

Heat: Complete Chapter 3

New Eden: Complete Chapter 5

Office: complete title 7

Playground 1: complete the training area

Playground 2: beat the qualifying time on a Playground

Playground 3: beat the qualifying time on Playground 2

Shard 1: finish Chapter 9

Shard 2: beat the qualifying time on a Shard

Stormdrains 1: beat the qualifying time on Chase

Stormdrains 2: beat the qualifying time on a Stormdrains

Stormdrains 3: beat the qualifying time on Stormdrains 2

Mode Speed Run

Complete the game on any difficulty to unlock the mode Speedrun. You can then play any level as a level Time Trial.


Tips for Bayonetta

These are tricks you can use in Bayonetta The beat'em all very crazy Hideki Kamiya.

Alternative method to unlock secrets

In chapter 2, verse after 3 on any difficulty, walk on the square from verse 3. After the fight, go to a phone booth and between one of the following codes. The phone on the left is used to unlock weapons, the right one for accessories and one of the other side is used to unlock characters. However, it must have a certain number of halos in your pockets when doing the code. Such code is tap using the directional pad

Weapon Bazille (have a million halos): 4 times up, 4 times down, left, right, left, right, Triangle or Y on Xbox 360

Bracelet Accessory Time (three million have halos): 4 times up, 4 times down, left, right, left, right, L2 or LT

Accessory Bracelet Climax (To have five million halos): 4 times above 4 times down, left, right, left, right, R2 or RT

Accessory Testament eternal (having two million halos): 4 times up, 4 times down, left, right, left, right, R1 or RB

Character Jeanne (be a million halos): 4 times up, 4 times down, left, right, left, right, or B Round

Little Zero character (having five million halos): 4 times up, 4 times down, left, right, left, right, Square or X

Weapon Pillow Talk (halos have 1 million): 4 times up, 4 times down, left, right, left, right, X or A

Weapon Rodin (haloes have 5 million): 4 times up, 4 times down, left, right, left, right, L1 or LB

Bonus Gallery

Once you've completed the game, you will reach a bonus gallery from the main menu of the game This includes artistic designs, cinematics and more.

Extra Costumes

To unlock them, you must complete all chapters in Normal. Load your game and go to the Gates of Hell, then the treasury of Rodin. You will see a Super Mirror, which costs 100 000 halos. Buy you unlock the rest of the costumes (Couture Bullets). To change the costume, press R1 or LT-screen commencement of the chapter, go to "change clothes" and select it.

D'Arc: 100 000 halos

Nun: 100 000 halos

Old: 100 000 halos

Uniform P. E. : 100 000 halos: 100 000 halos

Queen: 100 000 halos

Umbran Komachi (Kimono) Type A, B and C: 100 000 halos

Umbra: 100 000 halos

Costumes range from Type A (Bikini), B (Bikini) and C (Cheerleader): 100 000 halos

Extra Difficulty

Hard: Complete chapters on Normal

Infinite Non-Stop: to finish all chapters on Hard

Accessories unlock

They are unlockable in the shop after Rodin met certain conditions

Bracelet Time: Complete the game on normal in under 3 hours

Bracelet Climax: Tears of Blood 101 have

Testament Jehovah, have 50 Tears of Blood

Puppet immortal: Finish the game in Easy or Very Easy

Unlockable weapons

Bazilli: finish the game on Hard

Handguns: finish the game on Normal

Pillow talk: finish the game at Non-Stop Climax

Rodin: Buy the Ticket and Platinum beat Father Rodin

Sai-fon: complete 100 chapters on Normal difficulty or higher

Retro Music

During the kinematic Chapters VIII and XIV, let press L1 and L2 or LB and RB for the whole scene. You will then be entitled to retro music games SEGA.


Tips for Super Mario All-Stars: 25th Anniversary Edition for the Wii

Compilation that brings together Super Mario Bros.., Super Mario Bros.. 2 in its Western and Japanese version with The Lost Levels and Super Mario Bros.. 3Super Mario All-Stars: 25th Anniversary is now available on Wii. To celebrate the event, we offer these tips so many legendary songs that have no more secrets for you.

Super Mario Bros..

Go to level from level 5-1 1-2 by a bug

Before all things, to access this area, you must be Super Mario or Mario fire. We must go to the last pipe and jump on top of it. Just jump and break the block left most of the above constituted part of the pipe. Then, position Mario with one foot in the void left. It must then bend down and jump right as far as possible. Mario will slide through the blocks so if the experiment is successful. Once in the area Warp Must enter the middle pipe. And presto, you've arrived in level 1 of the World 5. You can also access this area with the same method from level 4-2.

Launch fireballs with small Mario

Rendezvous face Bowser (levels 1-4, 2-4, 3-4 ...) as Super Mario. Then try to jump over it or go under. Stay close to the Axe and Bowser will start walking towards you. Once he is near you, jump and touch Bowser and the Axe at the same time. If the experiment is successful, you hear the sound of shrinkage, however you will remain large. At the next stage, pick up a fungus that will make you small. After catching a flower, you can launch fireballs while small. So that's a fun little bug but maybe a bit difficult.

Unlimited Lives

Go to world 3-1 and turn you into Super Mario. At the end of the level, you will see two turtles coming down the stairs. Skip over the first and then the second. After a bounce back and come back to you, jump back on the carapace moving for an extra life at every contact with the object. However, be careful not to exceed the 100 or so lives that the insured Game Over!

Avoid blooper

To avoid the octopus in water levels, you just keep moving on the bottom of the sea this way, the octopus will never touch the bottom so you, the better!

Continue after Game Over

If you lose all your lives, the Game Over screen, keep the tower jump and press Start (Player 1 or 2) you start at the beginning of the world you're dead. Somewhat Useful!

Level Warp to worlds 2, 3 and 4

To go to worlds 2, 3 or 4 from Level 1-2, go to the end and jump onto the platform rises. Then go over to the right level. At the end of this passage, you will arrive in the area where you can choose one of three pipes carriers.


If you touch the flag to end a level with a time ending in 1, 3 or 6, there will be many fireworks in the sky.

Go to World 5

At the end of level 4-2, you have to jump on the big tube and type in the blocks above. After going through this passage, you will see the pipe that takes you to world 5.

Super Mario Bros.. 2 (Western version)


When playing, press pause and hold Up, B and A on controller two and press again to pause.

Double jump

With any character, run straight toward an enemy. At the last moment, he must jump to go even higher.

There is a second way to jump higher. By getting hit by an enemy on the ground. You lose a life point, but you can jump higher.

Flying Log

Go to World 1-1. Grab a POW block and wear it on a log. Once a new log reaches the top of the waterfall, take the POW on the ground. For some reason, the log will start flying in the air.

Go to World 4

We must go in the world 1-3 and find a potion. It must then go to a vase into a building to the right level. Throw the potion, go to the door and introduce yourself in the mud. You're in the World 4!

Go to World 5

Go to world 3-1 and go into the door of the cascade with the clouds. Jump down to land on a platform in the center. Take the potion and run thence vase. Once in the other world, introduce yourself in the vase to be in the World 5.

Go to World 6

Take the potion in level 4-2. Throw it near the vase and go inside when the last door. You coils in the world 6!

Go to World 7

Go to world 5-3 and get the potion. Throw it near the vase, enter the other world and introduce yourself in the mud to go around the world 7. Sure to take a character with good jumping ability as Luigi.

Super Mario Bros..: The Lost Levels

Extra Life

Before touching the end flag, make sure your number of pieces is a multiple of 11 (00.11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88 or 99). Then touch the flagpole with the last digit of your remaining time that coincides with your number of coins to get a life and more. For example, with 11 rooms and a time of 081 seconds.

Back to World 1

Worldwide 3-1. Near the end of the level, go over the flag. You will then see a pipe that takes you to the World 1.

Go to World 2

In level 1-2, jump onto the bricks at the top. Run back toward the outlet pipe. Continue to run to get to the pipe's World 2.

Go to World 3

In the world 1-2, when you land in an area with a hose, a few bricks and a Steel-Shelled Koopa, hit the first brick to your left. A bean / ladder out. Climb to the top and go back to a pipe that will transport you to the World 3.

Go to World 4

In World 1-2, when you come to moving platforms, jump on it. Then jump on the small block on the ceiling and then the other block is also located in the ceiling. Continue until you see two pipes. Go to the left to reach a secret area with lava. Be sure to be small Mario or Luigi. Under a block wall, go into a small passage to a pipe. Do not go looking for it but a block with secret rooms to the left of the screen. Go above and then on another block to the right. Type the ceiling to go in a Wrap Zone which teleports you to the world 4.

Go to World 5

In World 8-1, after having spent the third Hammer Brother, go into the pipe. In this secret water area, take the coins and exit. Climb the stairs to go to a confidential tip that leads to World 5.

Go to World 6

Be Super Mario. At the end of level 5-1, when you see two rows of blocks flying, pass both Paratrooper red, hit the rightmost block to release a vine. Go up and continue the path to get to a pipe that leads you to the World 6.

Go to World 7

Near the end of level 5-2, when you see three small trucks, try to go as high as possible to reach the top of the ceiling. Continue right, jump when the ceiling ends to jump in the Wrap Zone that takes you to World 7.

Go to World C

In level A-3, use the spring to go over the flag. The World Pipe C is just past.

Go to the World D

In level B-4, go to the last pipe to land in the Wrap Zone that will propel you in the World D.

Go to World 8

In World 5-2, when you reach the three elevators, jump on the first and hit the block directly to the left of the elevator. Climb the vine, cross the bonus area and you will arrive in the Wrap Zone World 8.

Super Mario Bros.. 3

Have 28 wings

Complete the game and watch the end. Start a new game to get 28 feathers.

Beat Bowser without his fireballs

In the last castle of the game, it is possible to beat without using fireballs. This trick is easy to do and asked to go to World 8 with a feather. Use it on the map before burial in the castle. Once you get to Bowser without touching you're done, fly to the left. You can then walk on the wall above the screen. Go down the other side and you'll be in another room where he will also beat Bowser. Go back into the first room and you will face Bowser without spitting fire. This is a bug but it works.

Bowser armless

Only the upper part of Bowser can touch you. Thus, it is possible courrir through Bowser as small Mario and not be affected. Or, as Super Mario, making you feel when to jump on last place. He left without arms thereafter.

Infinite Lives

Go to World 1-2 as Raccoon Mario, with the tail. Climb the hill to the top and jump over the horizontal pipes. Wait until the Goombas come out of the pipe. Once there are three, jump onto the head of one of the Goombas and let down the skip button and try to glide up before rebounding on another head. After a moment, every success will not yield points but an extra life. This can also be done in the World 2 -Fortress , 7-5.

Hiding behind the scenes

To hide behind the scenery, just leave the push button down for few seconds when you're on a white block. It will work about thirty seconds.

Have a different letter of the King

Defeat a boss as a frog, Hammer Mario, or Tannooki and get a letter from the king substantially different.

Play the card game on the map

Earn 80 000 points as a player and finish the level where you had the 80 000 points

Go to Level 8

Simply use the flute to the World 7.

The magic flute

These objects allow you to teleport. Here are their locations.

Level 1-3

Find the white block near the lower end and loa you for five seconds. Then go to the end of the level. You will find a Mushroom house with a flute.

Level 1 -Fortress

Fly above the top level when you find the first door with the power of raccoon. You will find there a secret door at the far right toward the ceiling. It will lead you to a flute.

Level 2-Hammer Brother

Get the hammer with a Hammer Brothers and use it to destroy the rock in the upper right corner of the Map of the World 2. Then go to the Hammer Brother on the other side to find a chest with a flute.

White Mushroom Houses

If you have enough parts to a certain point, you can go to the White House Mushroom. In Worlds 1, 3, 5 and 7, you have a pen and an anchor in Worlds 2, 4 and 6. Finally here is the Worlds and the number of coins that you must collect in order to access the bonus area famous.

World 1-4: 44 pieces

World 2-2: 30 pieces

World 3-8: 42 pieces

World 4-2: 22 pieces

World 5-5: 28 pieces

World 6-7: 78 pieces

World 7-25: 42 pieces


Tips for Tron: Evolution, the game inspired by the Disney feature film.

Tron: Evolution The game inspired by the new Disney movie, has three levels of difficulty. Here is a trick to unlock extra difficulty mode, the mode "Insane"Do not put all hands. For this you simply need to complete the game in Hard Mode.


You will find below the complete list of all the success in content Tron: Evolution and how to unlock them.

Look what I found! (5): Find a file Tron

Heating (5): Obtain a damage multiplier x5

First purchase (5): Buy an improvement for the first time

Who is this program? (5): Win your first level

It could be useful (10): Capture a power node or a tank on the board

Rookie of the checkerboard (10): Playing a game on the board

It's my job (10): Reach level 10

Everything is explained (15): Collect all fragments Abraxas

Walkover (15): Get a x15 damage multiplier

It has only just begun (15): Win a match on the board Disintegration

For the team, hip hip hip (15): Win a match Disintegration team on the board

I think I'm taste (15): Win a game online Hungry for power on the board

Quite a long way (15): 15 000 kilocycles Browse by lumicycle or lumitank

Hello, program! (20): Finish the initiation

Programme unbeatable (20): Get the biggest damage multiplier

Collector Module (20): Buy all modules

Monitor system evolved (25): Reach level 20

Fan of Tron (30): Find all files Tron

Tactician checkerboard (30): Buy all stimulants

Digital shopping (30): Purchase all character optimizations

Melee (30): Disintegrate 100 enemies in melee

All in the Wrist (30): Disintegrate 500 enemies with the luminous disc

And make it snappy! (30): Disintegrate 50 enemies with explosive disc

It may be unpleasant (30): Disintegrate 25 enemies with the disc briber

Too slow! (30): Disintegrate 25 enemies with the disk invalidate

They did not see it coming (30): Disintegrate 50 enemies with the heavy disk

Boom! Boom! Boom! (30): Disintegrate 200 enemies with lumitank

Nothing stops me (30): Disintegrate 10 enemies before you die

Deadly spree (30): Disintegrate 100 enemies with your lumicycle

It's getting serious (40): Reach level 30

Ever (50): Reach level 40

Terminus (50): Finish the game

Equal Designer (75): Reach level 50

Seasoned designer (75): Finish the game on 'Insane"


List of success of any new DLC, Fallout: New Vegas - Dead Money

Here is the list of success of any new DLC Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout: New Vegas - Dead Money And how to unlock them.

Gather your team (20)
Domino recruit Dean, Christine and Dog

We cash! (30)
Facing the father of Elijah in the shelter Sierra Madre

Having a ball (20)
Finish the mission of the Gala Casino Sierra Madre

Safe (40)
Father Elijah in jail away from Sierra Madre

Sierra Remembrance Aficionado (30)
Collect 500 chips from casino Sierra Madre


List of success to unlock in the DLC, Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam

The new DLC SPF of Electronic Arts, Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam, Offers a list of successes up to the players chevronnés.Voici how to unlock them.

Unity is strength (15)
Win a round in Rush or Conquest Mode on each card Vietnam

Any weapon to his right side (35)
Get a silver star for all major weapons from Vietnam

Ecstasy of Gold (50)
Get a gold star for all the main weapons of Vietnam

Scourge mechanical (15)
Make every victim with vehicle Vietnam

Speeder uncontrollable (25)
Make 100 victims with different tanks Vietnam

Ride of the Valkyries (25)
50 victims make flying a helicopter.

Silence is golden (10)
Destroy a loudspeaker propaganda Hanna Hannah

Great balls of fire (10)
20 victims to make flamethrower

The talent does not lie (25)
Finish first ranking on any map of Vietnam


Hints Two Worlds II

Here are some tips for Action RPG Two World II. Available on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but here it is code that concern only the PC version of the game are these codes then type directly on the keyboard during any phase of play careful to respect the uppercase, lowercase, and spaces between characters lest failure handling.

Add experience : # AddExperiencePoints

Have more gold : # Addgold

Add points parameter (endurance, strength ...) : # AddParamPoints

Add skill points : # AddSkillPoints


Choose the time of the day : Time # (enter a number between 1 and 255)

Enable God Mode : GOD 0

Disable God Mode : 1 GOD

Here are some additional codes for Two Worlds II

Add experience points: Addexperiencepoints [number]

Full health: Health

Kill your horse: Killhorse

Up one level: Ec.dbg levelup

Put all the attributes to 1000: Ec.dbg iamcheater

Show boat: Eq_boat_01

Show horse: Horse_01 (01 to 04 for different colors)

Teleport where the cursor: Jump2

Unlock all skills: Ec.dbg skills


Tips for the First Person Shooter Quake Arena Arcade

Here's a tip for the First Person Shooter Quake Arena Arcade which is now available on Xbox Live Arcade. This trick can actually unlock the Railgun Spiral. To get it, you must have beaten Xaero which is the last boss of the Campaign. Afterwards, to activate or deactivate the Railgun Spiral, go into the settings menu.


Discover the treasure map needed for the mission in RDR Treasure Hunter: Undead Nightmare

In addition to providing a whole new experience apocalyptic Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare splits completely new treasure maps. Six in number, this video explains the position of the various boxes on the game map!

NB: The first box does not contain a treasure itself. Looking for a makeshift camp, any, and search the trunk normally placed beside that contains your first treasure map! If the boot does not have a card, make sure you didn't have it already in your inventory (Probably retrieved from a previous plunder).


Unlock new areas in the fighting game Dragon Ball Z: Raging Blast 2

Here are tips on how to unlock new areas in the fighting game Dragon Ball Z: Raging Blast 2 is available on the HD consoles Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Circle Area - Hidden Road: Beat Recoome with the ultimate attack in stage 2

Spherical Zone - Hidden Road: Beat Android # 14 with a Super Attack Stage 2

Spiral Zone - Hidden Road: Beat Trunks child Raging Soul in the course 3B

Triangle Area - Hidden Road: do a combo of 20 shots against in the Cell Stage 4A

Ultimate Circle Area - Hidden Road: Teen Gohan fight with a ultimate attack in stage 1

Ultimate End Zone - Hidden Road: Beat Bardock with a Super Attack Stage 3

Lozenge Ultimate Zone - Hidden Road: Beat Frieza with a Teen in the Ultimate Attack Stage 3

Ultimate Spherical Zone - Hidden Road: do a combo of 20 shots against Dore in Stage 3

Ultimate Spiral Zone - Hidden Road: Beat Super Trunks with a Super Attack in the Stage 3A

Ultimate Triangle Area - Hidden Road: In Stage 3B, beat Goten in Raging Soul


Tips Prinny 2: Tokko Yûgi!

Here are some tips for Prinny 2 : Tokko Yûgi! Akatsuki No Pants No Daisakusenssu! which is intended to PSP Sony.

Bonus stages

Talk to Lucky Doll when you have accumulated enough dolls lucky to unlock courses. Prayer and Baal levels are accessible from the Size Guide Etna while the battle is accessible from the bedroom of Etna.

Tour Baal have 70 dolls

Battle against Etna have 100 dolls

Stage Prayer: dolls have 36

Unblock Prinny'S Secrets

Prinny Asagi: load a completed game, play to stage 4, 2 and 3 and go to the balcony to the confrontation

Prinny Laharl: nouvezu start a game, play the courses 3.1 and 5 and go to the balcony to the confrontation

Fashion Wars Unlock Asagi

Asagi collect all tickets in all rounds

Prinny 2 : Tokko Yûgi! Akatsuki No Pants No Daisakusenssu!


How to remove third party applications on Twitter

Due to the popularity of Twitter there are many third-party applications that connect to your network account is to give more options and features to the experience of "tweet". Every time you use a new application, Twitter asks you permission for them to share your data, all for safety.

Sometimes we use third-party application because we liked the most, or just get better doing the same and we clear the list of connections we have. To do this we must follow a few simple steps.

First log out your account Twitter, As you usually do. Then go to "Settings." This will appear in the top of the web if you have the old Twitter.

If you have the new clicked on your username and you will get a menu where you will also "own".

Then go to the tab "connections." Hence looking at the list which is the application you want to delete. Click "revoke access." In my case it is in English, as seen in the image below.

Revokes the access you want with a few applications click and then continues tweeting as usual.


How to kill an application in Linux that does not close

Although there is the belief that Linux is not an operating system that is cherry, I regret to say that this is not quite true. If it happens occasionally that one or another application locks / cherry and apparently can not do anything. If you have used Windows know the famous "CTRL + ALT + DEL", something missed when we close a process that does not work, but How do we do this in Linux?

There are a couple of instructions that can be used in these cases. But there is another method that is more like what we do in Windows, something easy, especially for those who have recently migrated.

Go to System / Administration / System Monitor. We will go something like the window that appears in Windows when you press the famous combo of the three keys. If you go to the tab "processes", you'll see what is happening on your system. Find what's cherries, please click right on it and then kill process. That's it.

There is another way to do this through the console commands "kill " and "killall"But I think now with the ease you have to use Linux operating systems have a very friendly graphical environment, you do not get tangled life learning codes, which end up forgetting the time. This does not mean you have to be loose with this type of learning, but that's another story.


How to login automatically in Ubuntu

If you've ever used Ubuntu know that to enter the system you should login with a username and password that were created when installing this OS. This process can sometimes be tiring, especially if you reboot the PC and let it do this alone and suddenly you realize you did not start because he was still on screen login. Or just do not need this process there is only one way to give security to your system.

If you want this not happen and Ubuntu is logged automatically, Go to System / Administration / Access screen.

A new window will be blocked. Press "unlock" and set your password. Then mark "Login as user-name automatically" and then close.

That's it. Very simple. If you want you can also tell you to stop the automatic login for a few seconds for someone to login, but if the single user are you (like me) is not necessary. This tutorial should work on any Ubuntu or other Linux have Gnome and environment But I did in Ubuntu 10.10.


How to disable the Caps Lock key in Windows Vista and 7

You've probably heard that writing in capitals on the Internet is "sin", as mentioned in article Is it offensive to write in CAPITAL LETTERS?. Even the new computer, Google, Google Cr-48, not have the Caps Lock button (or Caps lock English). To get used to this, this tutorial will teach you to disable the caps lock key on your PC with Windows 7 or View.

Windows has no automatic option to disable the caps lock key, so we have to go to "Start" "Run" and type Regedit in the text box. "OK" and get into the computer's registry, once inside, enter:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Keyboard Layout

Once you are inside that folder, we double-click Scancode Map and delete the number on the text box (00000000 00000000 02000000 00003A00 00000000), so it will be completely empty.

Now save the changes, close the registry, restart the computer and you will render the caps lock key.

You may not see the usefulness of this trick, but if you know someone who writes too much in case it bothers you, you can do this trick on your computer and save you throw their anger by "yelling."


How to recover deleted contacts GMail

The contacts in your Gmail account are very important, and is equally important to keep them updated and saved, but what happens when you delete by mistake, there is a way to recover with the new feature in Gmail that allows you to restore a deleted contact for 30 days after it is removed, if you spend more time then you can no longer recover.

gmail contacts

To access this feature in the contacts section of Gmail, there is a menu called "More Actions"There must choose the option called"Restore contacts ..."And you'll leave a box like the one pictured above, with this going to restore all deleted contacts in recent days, you pick the time, but the bad news is that if you aggregate a new contact will delete as you return your database of contacts at the same state it was the day that you restore it.

This is one more reason to use Gmail instead of any other free email service.


How to Fix Error 13019 when syncing the iPhone

For several days I've had problems with my iPhone, Then the pair with iTunes showed me an error with the number 13019Fortunately already corrected and share the solution here if anyone needs it.

The first thing I did was search the site Apple Support where they come from several possible solutions as synchronization off voice notes, clearing the other content or timing synchronized with another user, unfortunately none of these solutions worked for me, the problem remained, so I tried utilities like iFix or iREB but neither worked, so I came to try to disable synchronization of music and it worked.

The solution to this error that shows you iTunes is:

  1. With your device connected to your computer iTunes see Devices -> IPhone -> Music and then uncheck the box that says "Synchronize your music
  2. Synchronize iPhone with iTunes This will erase all the music on your device, do not panic, because the music is on your computer.
  3. After synchronizing, re-check the box "Synchronize your music"To deselect it in step 1, this returns the music to your iPhone
  4. Once finished you will no longer synchronize the mistake and settled.

It is important that you do all this in the computer you normally sync your iPhone.


Wordpress already has a version for Windows Phone 7

It's official: Wordpress already has a version Windows Phone 7. Automatic has made public today through its own Web site for this release, which shows all the features of this mobile version of Wordpress, especially in the graphic style of the Microsoft platform.

Style is maintained in the application itself, which as we can imagine does not make it an especially attractive to write long posts, but more than enough to write drafts, review the status of our blogs or tweak any aspect of our posts (labels, change a category, etc).


Also moderate comments and respond with a really interesting feature in this regard, as is the ability to moderate comments in batches. And if your blog is hosted by can access a number of interesting statistics from this as total views, views by post, clicks, referrers, search terms and others.



Skyfire now has its version for iPad

Some time ago came Skyfire's App Store, During the launch of its iPhone version. And success was such that servers Skyfire (Which are responsible for converting Flash Video HTML5 in real time) collapsed, forcing the company to retire for a couple of days while the solution of problems.

Now Skyfire submits your application for iPad, And although not say anything we assume to be the high demand expected this result can be reached. The application mimics many of the elements of the Safari interface and in addition to this feature to see flash videos also adds social elements as Twitter Quickview or Facebook QuickviewThat allows us to visualize external sites without leaving both services.


But of course, are what bring videos of Skyfire, in this and all mobile platforms to which it has arrived, and the performance is pretty decent because it is the first version, with video quality is not perfect but If enough. On the audio functionality is more limited, and it works well all the features of sites like Grooveshark, but it is clear that the main interest of Skyfire is the video and focus on that.

IPad Skyfire now available for download from App Store, and the cost is 3.99 euros.



Official Facebook application for Windows Phone 7 Updated

The Facebook application for official Windows Phone 7 has been updated Microsoft in yesterday, reaching its Version 1.1. It adds two features that have been the highlights of the network in recent times, as is the case Facebook facial recognition and Places.

With the first characteristic can upload images and tag them with the names of our contacts, all from the mobile. One feature that arrives almost to the web version of Facebook and that eventually we will get suggestions on automatically when people want to tag a photo.

Facebook sites, meanwhile, allows us to check in at various places to show, through the network, our activities and our location on the maps. This feature will be highly valued by companies that already offer rewards and discounts to those engaged in check in its stores.

Read more..., a shortening of URLs that facilitates the creation of DDoS attacks

Since the beginning of hacking, launch DDoS attacks (Distributed Denial of Service) has been something usually reserved for those with a certain level of knowledge. But what if I told you today anyone can do it? That is possible by, A service created by Ben Schmidt.

A few days ago DDoS attacks have been the talk of having been produced in mass against WikiLeaks site, and attached to it that Ben has tried to show how much his creation today is dependent on the shortening of URLs, a sometimes not even imagine what these blogs can not hide.

How does It's simple: when you get a link and you click it, you are directed to the site it contains, but it also loads an iFrame in your browser, which initiates a LOIC (Low Orbit Ion Canon), an application that performs DDoS attacks. That attack is still going on for as long as the user remains on the site, and apparently is even more powerful in browsers with support for HTML5.

Will surely bit until it can be neutralized (in fact my router with OpenDNS and it does) and no shortage of attacks Ben Schmidt for making available to any such tools, but he said he just wants shields draw attention to how easy it can be today to create attacks against web sites collectively.

Via TechCrunch


Samsung C3530, a simple but stylish mobile

The Samsung C3530 is a phone that hit the market as a simple but elegant. That is, we're talking about a terminal half-low range that has everything you need for a traditional mobile phone, without giving careful design.

The Samsung C3530 includes a 3.2-inch TFT screen and a resolution of 320 x 240 inches, although it has no touch screen technology. As for multimedia, mobile phone's camera is 3.2 megapixels, but has no flash. As for the music, the device includes an MP3 player and radio.


The new signature model, the Samsung C3530 connections has quadband GSM / EDGE which allows an Internet connection via GPRS. What is not bad for 140 euros will cost terminal, which has not yet reached the market, but it must be for it.

Finally, in terms of memory capacity Samsung C3530 has a micro SD card slot that can increase the available space of the terminal to reach 16GB.


Lenovo IdeaCentre K330 designed for gaming computer

The new commitment of the Chinese computer maker Lenovo, reaches the market as a desktop option designed specifically for entertainment and games. The model is called Lenovo IdeaCentre K330 and offers an impeccable aesthetic with a good performance capacity.

The focus of the computer brand in China with its new model offers a Lenovo IdeaCentre K330 Intel Core i7 processor with Intel Turbo Boost 2.0, up to 16 GB of DDR3 memory and incorporates a hard drive to store up to 4TB. So do not you need more space for multimedia.


The team Lenovo Idea Centre K330 allows the use of RAID 0, DVD or Blu-ray, and includes TV tuner option. So a multimedia center complete with high quality which makes it a classic desktop.

Perhaps the only negative aspect of Lenovo IdeaCentre K330 is that in this case the firm has opted to sell the monitor separately, so the team includes only the mouse and keyboard as accessories. That itself will cost around 500 euros, and will presumably in January.


Xenium X116, the new commitment of the dual SIM Philips

The Xenium X116 is the new commitment of Philips mobile phones. The new terminal is mainly characterized by including an option that had a peak of fame months ago but still like the market: dual SIM.

However, the Xenium X116 is much more than a mobile phone with dual Sim, since the device includes a 2-inch screen at 176 x 220 resolution and VGA camera. Thinking it is a device that costs $ 80, the offer is not bad.


And while we talk about low-end terminal Philips, Xenium X116 MP3 player also includes radio and GPS connections / GPRS. As an accessory to bring a flashlight that can light up if it is dark.

Finally you can add more memory to Philips Xenium X116 through microSD cards up to 4GB. And all for less than 60 euros.


X7-00 Nokia the Finnish firm strikes again

It seems that the new terminal Smartphone the Finnish firm Nokia is ready. That's what the images suggest that the new device have been leaked Nokia X7-00 and we show them exclusively.

The Nokia X7-00 included as an operating system's own brand in its latest version, the Symbian 3. Its screen measures 4 inches and offers a resolution of 640 x 360 pixels. As for multimedia, the camera is well equipped, and has 8 megapixels, dual LED flash and Technology Full Focus.

The pictures make it clear as in the model Nokia X7-00 signature, which comes in a wrapper only in black design that gives an air of elegance. Itra feature uncovered, and refers to multimedia phone, are its 4 speakers, said to reach a very good sound quality.


How to watch videos in Flash format without Jailbreak iOS

If you have a device iOS as a iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad probably already noticed that all content Flash Web sites can not be seen, the story is well known that Apple does not want Adobe Flash work on their devices, but we as users should seek alternatives, such as one consisting of iOS install Flash bringing it from Android But this requires making Jailbreak your device, but recently left a new Internet browser iPhone call SkyfireThis browser lets you watch videos that are in Flash, As previously converts videos to a format compatible, unfortunately Skyfire to charges and there is only version iPhone, There is an optimized version iPad.

But if you want something similar to Skyfire but can be used from Safari there Bookmarklet called iOSFlashVideo and that lets you watch video formats Flash from your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, To add the Bookmarklet here are the simple steps.

  1. Enter Safari on your device and go to this site:
  2. Add this site as a favorite
  3. Edit bookmark iOSFlashVideo and the address cleared the text that is before the word javascript and save
  4. Ready, you can go to any website that contains videos in Flash and when you press the favorite here iOSFlashVideo to view video

WD Live TV Hub, a media player for online content

The WD Live TV Hub is a multimedia player signed by Western Digital also reproduces all the content you store on your hard drive, which offers up to 1TB of space, allows us to reproduce content found in the cloud.

Live TV Player Hub WD presents as indeed an ideal choice for those who want space to store all around their own content and also for those who prefer to bet on the many Internet services that offer content online.


Moreover, if we speak of quality multimedia WD Live TV Hub Worth mentioning that the contents entering this player can be played at 1080p, or high definition to our service.

On the other hand, if we refer to the product design, the WD Live TV Hub is finished very carefully into a compact, but slightly higher than earlier versions taken by the company because this is the first that focuses on internal storage.

As for connections, the player WD Live TV Hub comes with two USB ports, Ethrnet, WiFi and HDMI output. all at a price of 230 euros Did you ask him?


Taho announced the E4100, the new Sanyo mobile

Sprint has announced the addition to its portfolio of products from a new company's mobile terminal Sanyo. Taho is the E4100, manufactured by Kyocera in order to meet the standards of military rank.

As you can see in the picture, is a mobile phone with lid and durable design that can withstand dust, shock, vibration, extreme temperatures, heavy rain, and up to 30 minutes submerged in one meter of water.


Admittedly this is not a nice phone in design, but its primary purpose is to provide a resistance above the mean, so why stress is not to offer a slim and colorful.

As for its features, it has 2 megapixel camera with flash system, memory card port microSD, GPS navigation, stereo Bluetooth, a speakerphone, personal organizer and text messaging and voice and digital music player.

Is due to be put on sale in January next year 2011 at a price of $ 99.99 (76 euros) of the labor Sprint with a term contract of two years.


The Nook Color increases its production levels

The holiday season will be very close, and it seems that not only Apple iPad will arouse passions among the users. For the estimates it has made Barnes & Noble Its more interesting Color Nook will also cause a major impact on all stores United States.

Len Riggio, head of the company, says that "Barnes & Noble is making Nook Colors at a rate of 18,000 units a day, and are throwing in a 747 every four days to bring cinda United States from China. We would be prepared to produce enough units to face the Christmas season. "


Riggio also mentions that expect a high demand for this device, which will increase further in 2011 due to good word of mouth to carry out the users. Something surprising is that states and sales in 2012 will reach a stable level, although it is unknown what the reason for this (although sure to be progressive price decreases).

All indications are that Barnes & Noble plans to sell about 500,000 copies of Nook Color during the Christmas season. At the end of 2010, have sold over 2 million devices Nook, reaching a position in the luxury sector e-readers.


Facebook Hacker Cup 2011

Facebook has just announced Facebook Hacker Cup 2011 which is a annual programming contest open to hackers algorithms worldwide that is online but with a final part of the top 25 at the headquarters of Facebook in Califormia with all payments and awards of up to $ s5.000


When? Registrations are open Dec. 20 and three rounds were made in January 2011. The official site is this you can register yourself and then on when registration opens ... do not forget that the first Google Code Jam winners were all over the world:)


Automatically copy the entire contents of the flash drives that connect to your PC

Whatever the reason you want to copy the entire contents of the flash drives that plug into your computer to a folder in your PC, here's a utility called USBFlashCopy allows you to back up the contents of the reports on your PC, and has two ways of operating, one is the way Basic that shows a progress bar telling you that the copy is being made and is otherwise silent it does not display information or icon alerts you that you are doing the copying of files, this is ideal for when someone wants to get the contents of memories are connected to the PC without someone noticing.


USBFlashCopy is a free and portable also lets you configure things like:

  1. Decide if copies are to be performed automatically when connecting and detecting a connected USB memory or you can manually copy.
  2. You can force USBFlashCopy to copy the contents of any volume connected, not only memories but also USB SD cards, external hard drives, CD, Floppy, etc.
  3. You can choose a drive letter so you never copy the contents of the unit, by default is set AutoIf you set it to Skip not make a copy of that unit



Nexus S, Google Android joins his mark for the second time

Most of the analysis show that the Nexus One Google was a failure. They had to turn back time to market directly, eventually swallowing the telecom model as an intermediary between manufacturer and customer and not sold over too. I believe that despite all this, Nexus One was not a total failure, Mostly because it helped much to popularize Google Android to push its brand and creating too much noise and hype around him.


Nexus S: A Galaxy with Android 2.3

With Nexus S recurs with nuances. Does not sell the phone, but it relocates brand to an Android phone manufactured by a third party (in this case, Samsung). As terminal could summarize with a Samsung S Galaxy Android 2.3, with a features making it one of the best terminals can be purchased today and which is missing, especially recording HD video. As a tendency to score I would support the inclusion of NFC (one of the most interesting in 2011 bet that will be paying with your mobile).

Google's Android experience

Also interesting is how Google has focused on the Nexus S: The phone that offers "the full experience of Google's Android, unmodified by manufacturers and operators, without his shop with the latest operating system. These issues have become one of the constant debates about Android, the fragmentation in different versions of the system according to manufacturer's terminal and in different user experiences depending on the presence of different elements (buttons, physical keyboard) and different applications stores. Google gives the final part of the control of the Android experience (something that Microsoft has avoided with Windows Phone 7) And have our own line of terminals will be minimized safeguards as an intermediary for them.


World map of social networks: Facebook is the undisputed leader

Vincenzo Cosenza maps are a good way to learn the expansion of the different social networks in the world. A few months ago and used one at Engadget to represent Facebook domain But yesterday released an update of it and the picture is even more evident.

Why? For if in June this year we could say Facebook was a leader in what social networking is concerned, today it is even more: through analysis of data from Alexa and Google Trends has come to the conclusion that Facebook is the main network 115, from 135 countries.


As you can see in the picture are three main countries that still endure the pressure of the social network created by Mark Zuckerberg (China, Russia and Brazil), but who knows whether the respective indigenous initiatives will be able to survive in office much time.

As for the other networks are concerned, Vincenzo highlights an aspect I guess many of you'll be experiencing: the rapid rise of Twitter and LinkedIn. To the extent that lie like Facebook's nearest rival in a number of countries around the world.



Denon DHT 1311XP, 3D home theater

Denon being left behind in the mouth (increasingly less) of 3D in the home and 5.1 have presented a solution compatible with the signal in three dimensions.

The Home Theater System consists of the AVR-1311 and SYS-391HT 5.1 speakers. The set provides a total power of 650 W, all for a price 530 euros.

The Denon AVR-1311 is an audio-video receiver that has input HDMI ready for 3D content (version 1.4a) and is compatible with the pass-through 3D technology, Deep Color and xvColor, ensuring the best possible video stream when you connect a Blu-Ray or consoles ready. For sound we will not have problems, then decodes the audio formats associated with high definition and Dolby TrueHD DTS-HD Master Audio.


To reproduce the surround sound, Denon has chosen to put the same amplifier in each of the five receiver channels, with the same power and using information technology systems AVR.

As for the set of speakers, we have two front speakers, a two-way center, two full-range surround speakers and a subwoofer.


PC 330 and 360 G4ME G4ME, new Sennheiser headphones for PC gamers

Sennheiser has announced two new models of headphones for PC gaming segment. These are the Sennheiser PC 330 G4ME and Sennheiser PC 360 G4ME. Both cover the entire ear for more comfort during long games and incorporate Hi-Fi sound and microphone noise canceling folding.

Apart from the regular and super audio quality of the brand, the PC 330 and PC 360 incorporate volume controls on the right ear and the cable attached to the left. To mute the microphone, just move it up, very intuitive gesture that saves us having to get used to find the appropriate button.


The Sennheiser PC 330 G4ME are the most basic version. They differ from PC360 G4ME they are somewhat smaller and less elaborate a bit padded. They also vary some of its technical characteristics. The PC 330 have a frequency response from 14 to 22,000 Hz (70 to 15,000 Hz for the microphone) and an impedance of 32 ohms. The PC 360 raises these figures to 15-28000 Hz (50 to 16,000 Hz for the microphone) and 50 ohms impedance.

As for weight, PC 330 weighs 255 grams, while the PC 360 up to 300 grams. All other features remain similar, with two 3.5 mm input jack for headphones and microphone, 3 meter cable and a sensitivity of-32dB.


A curious detail that has the PC330 and it disappears in the upper model is a hinge on the right ear that can lift the handset to hear a speaker talk to us out of the game.

PC 330 and PC 360 G4ME G4ME, price and availability

Both handsets are already available in the market. Its price depends on the model. The PC 330 G4ME costs 118 euros, While the top model PC 360 G4ME exits EUR 206.

Apart from the quality of the brand, both teams have been designed following the guidelines of the boys MTWA German team of professional video game players.

More Sennheiser PC 330 and Sennheiser PC 360


Firmware update for Sony A900 and A850

Comes a firmware update by Sony for their SLR cameras A900 and A850, Which brings the following improvements:

  1. Increase speed focus system, Especially when using telephoto lenses, thanks to an improvement in both the AF motor control as in the detection of the distance of objects out of focus.
  2. Extending the range of exposure compensation in four steps An issue of particular interest to you please photographers who shoot in extreme lighting conditions or you may be lovers or high key low key: ± 3.0 EV of permitting before the update goes to ± 5.0 EV. dslr-a900-cz1635_front2
  3. Two-step increase in the range exposure for the function Bracketing, From the previously allowed two to three points, both above and below: ± 2.0 EV in ± 3.0 EV.
  4. New feature that allows triggering the shutter without lens, Or rather without having detected a target mounted on the camera. This is very useful for example to mount your camera on a telescope or a microscope.
    I acknowledge that I personally am not a big fan of Sony cameras, but I have to say that I think, with this update we offer very significant changes that will undoubtedly significantly improve the chances of these two cameras. Therefore, a very large extent by the mark does not forget to go to improve its products whenever possible.

Of course, the upgrade is free and all that you have one of these two cameras can be obtained from Sony's official website.


Tamron has a 18-270mm f/3.5-6.3 with stabilizer and very quiet

The Japanese manufacturer Tamron yesterday published a press release in which we have a new target for Canon and Nikon mounts, the 18-270mm F/3.5-6.3 Di II VC PZD. And say that is the lightest lens has a 15x zoom.

It is an update of the Tamron 18-270mm we already knew, but the developments are remarkable. Especially with the new autofocus system that have developed, called Piezo Drive (PZD) Ensuring that it is very fast and quiet. But something else because the goal also has image stabilization (Vibration Compensation and VC) improved.


As for the size and weight, we can state that has a diameter of 74.4 mm, 88 mm in length in its most compact position, has a filter diameter of 62 mm and its weight is 450 grams. And detail, the lens has a minimum aperture opening ranging from f/22-40.

The expected launch date for Japan is 20 December and its price will be $ 649. As already mentioned, with mounts for Canon and Nikon, but also have in development for Sony mount, which will appear later. Although no dates have been reported output in Europe, hopefully in the winter of 2011.


Official: BMW 1 Series M Coupe, gallery, full details and price

After rumors and more rumors, teasers and videos designed to get the long teeth, and we got our hands all the information on the new BMW 1 Series M Coupe. As is known, is a sporty version based on BMW 1 Series Coupe, which has major mechanical changes, aesthetic and equipment.

But one thing and talk about how to frame the German house BMW 1 Series M Coupe. The idea of BMW is to recover the spirit of a classic as is the BMW E30 M3And considers this new model as the grandson of sports that now will also enable "Young people can enjoy the experience offered a BMW M.


The other feature BMW wants to highlight in this model is the ability to give the best of himself in the circuit and every day, besides riding (in cases such as that option), features worthy of his older brothers. A delight, but let's go by parts.

Exterior Design BMW 1 Series M Coupe

The exterior proportions are similar to those of BMW 1 Series Coupe But not identical. This new model measures 4.38 meters long, 1.42 meters high and 1.803 meters wide. The last fact is explained by an increase in track width front and rear to improve its dynamic qualities.


The front is dominated by three air intakes, not only meets aesthetic functions. Air enters each of the laterals and is redirected through tubes to the outside of the wheel arches, so that creates a air curtain improves aerodynamics. According to BMW is the first time a production car has a system like this.

The mirrors are basically the same as that used BMW M3, And like the front spoiler has also been redesigned to improve aerodynamics of the whole. On the other hand headlamp xenon model will be front and type LED in the rear.

Of course the rear spoiler has been redesigned and now looks chrome exhaust pipes, an aspect consistent with the small spoiler at the end of the vehicle at high speeds to generate extra down force on the rear axle. Finally, BMW 1 Series M Coupe looks a 19-inch wheels sporty design.

The heart of BMW 1 Series M Coupe

Is no doubt that the engine of this model is its defining characteristic. The engine (N54) with which this model will have a three-liter six-cylinder's displacement, Thanks to two turbochargers develops no less than 340 hp, plus a pair, care, 450 Nm Constant between 1,500 and 4,500 rpm. Jet cutting is at the 7,000 turns.


This engine is combined with a manual gearbox six relations. You have used an electronic differential lock whose degree is adjustable. With all this BMW 1 Series M Coupe is capable of reaching 100 kilometers per hour in just 4.9 seconds and 200 km at 17.3. The average consumption stands at 9.6 liters per 100 kilometers.

Chassis and components BMW 1 Series M Coupe

Another feature of this model is that it has many elements in principle designed for BMW M3, which have been adapted so they can be used by his younger brother. The total weight of the vehicle amounts to 1,495 kg. Keep in mind that some elements of the suspension have been made entirely of aluminum.

In addition, the behavior of this new model is enhanced by a series of attachments such as variable locking electronic differential, upgraded brake system with discs (360 mm front and 350 rear) compounds and stability control (sensitivity DSC) Adjustable thanks to the function M Dynamic Mode.

Interior BMW 1 Series M Coupe

The interior of this car trying to be consistent with the exterior design of the vehicle and the performance of boasting. For starters, the front seats, leather manufactured Boston, have a sportier design and also look logo on the headrests version.


On the other side of the roof is black anthracite, in line with the door panels and interior trim. Besides the shift lever and handbrake have orange stitching. These aspects are reinforced by sports instrument panel now has a speedometer reaches 300 mph (Even though the vehicle is limited to 250 km / h) and a multifunction leather steering wheel design M, From which we can turn the key magic which will vary the engine power curve, making the throttle response is more sporty.

Equipment BMW 1 Series M Coupe

The sports equipment is completed by other elements such as audio system BMW Radio Business of six speakers, cruise control or air conditioning and we can choose the optional dual zone climate control, rain sensor, dimming mirrors and a navigation system, which must be combined with iDrive infotainment system. Finally, we equip our BMW 1 Series M Coupe with the system Connected Drive through which we interact with our Smartphone.

Price and release

We can only give some details on this new model. The retail price for Germany will be 50,500 Euros (VAT), And will be available at dealerships in the country in May 2011. The BMW 1 Series M Coupe is manufactured in Leipzig plant BMW M GmbH.


Christmas gifts for up to 100 real: Dolls Star Wars

You have this friend geek or nerd and do not know what to give to him Christmas gift? A good gift for your friend and who is not too expensive and he will love the puppets are the series of films Star Wars That every geek / nerd love!

If he's already collected dolls from various series geek he will appreciate even more, but take care not to repeat a doll! The dolls range from $ 75.00 to $ 109.00, and has the main characters as Darth Vader, Storm trooper, Yoda.


Besides these there are also characters from other movies like Spock and Captain Kirk Star Trek, Predator Alien vs Predator and Sauron Lord of the Ring.

You can find them in Geek Shop, many of them are already sold out You can contact them to know when will be available or else go to EBay, There have many options to buy and recommend that they find sellers with good reputation and already has sold some products, and make payment only by Mercado Pago.

I left links to the names of characters you can buy, If the Seller has not Geek.


New Vodafone WiFi base

Vodafone remains committed to the devices that allow internet connection sharing wireless with the added advantage of allowing to place it in a wider coverage area without having to be with the laptop on the same site. On this occasion renewed WiFi Base supplementing the family by the recently released WiFi mobile which is also available on prepay for 99 Euros.

The new R101 WiFi Base sold associated modem USB K3765Z white but is also compatible with the modem E160, E172, E220, E272, K3520, K3520-Z, K3565, K3565-Z, k3715, K3760, K3765, and K3765-Z K4505, K4505-Z and allowing faster MC950D HSPA +. This list will be updated in link.

New Vodafone WiFi base

The WiFi connection of the new base is more powerful than the previous model and also to share media files from the Micro SD card. Will be available as an accessory (released) and also with Internet fares by 78 Euros continue without permanence or 0 Euros with 18 months remaining.


Movistar is also launching mobile outlet store

It's only Movistar to present their Mobile outlet store as in the day launched Vodafone and Orange deep discounts (and price points) in the selection of terminals available at all times.

The mobile terminal outlet are brand new (while keeping the warranty) with limited supply, the packaging has been damaged in any way or out of print. These terminals are sold with a minimum discount of 30 euros and can only be purchased through the points program (Blue with tenure) to be sent COD without additional costs for shipping.


At the moment the selection of phones available is not very high as we see in the picture but Vodafone and Orange also began with a small supply that gradually have been expanding and varying according to availability of stock.


Firefox Mobile will arrive at the Android Market this month

In the mouth the fish dies, the saying goes. It is quite possible that the early and unexpected announcement of a new beta version of Firefox Mobile for Android by Matt Brubeck, one of the engineers responsible for Mozilla, has fallen like a bucket of cold water in the heart of the company. But best of all, at least for users, is that before year's end the new version of the popular browser available through the Android Market.


Especially for those who remain bound to the terminal operator AT & T which, due to number of reasons that I do not understand, can not install third party applications. Good old Matt, in an effort to help a user in trouble with the installation of the browser, stated the following gem:

You should be able to use the Android developer tool 'adb' to install Firefox on your smartphone or you can wait for our next beta should be available through Android Market later this month.

Mozilla has been testing early builds of Firefox Mobile for months, but the browser is not yet available at the official store of applications Google platform. Instead, and for the moment we must resort to manual installation After you download the application directly from your website.