HYBRID: Eternal Whisper (iPhone)

Yeah I know, totally random, but since there is nothing socking about KH: BBS yet, and since I finally got my iPhone 3G S it's time to expand to iPhone games too.
Sooo not having enough free time lately, yesterday night I accidentally crashed onto this game on YouTube, well from the trailer and the story I am pretty sure it's gonna be a hit.

So now that the action-RPG Zenonia was (and remains) a smash hit for Korean mobile maker Gamevil. Considering its success, you can hardly blame Gamevil for going back to its catalog for its next iPhone game. Hybrid: Eternal Whisper is another action-RPG adventure, but instead of a classic top-down 16-bit RPG vibe, Hybrid is instead a side-scrolling RPG-fighter that focuses heavily on style. Gamevil's USA president Kyu Lee likened the emphasis on cool moves to the Capcom series Devil May Cry. And after watching him perform some massive attacks on huge boss monsters by swiping his finger around the screen, I could see exactly why he draws the comparison. Even in its early stage, Hybrid just looked... cool.

There are 150 stages in Hybrid. That's a lot of content. You start out as a lowly warrior, but over time you gain skills to use in battle, much like the hero of Zenonia. Each stage is a fighting scene with multiple enemies. You can track incoming monsters via a minimap along the top of the screen. Not long into the game, though, you start encounter giant bosses that require leveled-up skills to bring down. Here is the trailer:

It's going to be available on the App Store on September 1st