How to avoid virus infections

  1. Computer viruses are hidden programs that can not be displayed as normal files on your computer, and can seriously damage the PC data, including those vital to its operation.
    Viruses can cause really serious harm, the mere loss of valuable information to the cancellation of the hard disk.
    Some are immediate and immediately attack the computer, others infect the system every day and per-file, to make the computer unusable.

  2. Unfortunately when we realized their presence is almost always too late to run for cover, and it requires the formatting of the system, which sometimes, unfortunately, is useless because some viruses are so powerful that they literally burn the whole system and make it impossible for any 'cure'.
    Viruses can come from internet, from sites that were visited, even by name, by downloaded files from outside access by infected diskettes.

  3. To guard against computer viruses is necessary to have a good antivirus program and update it at least every 3 months.
    Once installed and loaded, you should choose 'Self' In this way the program will start by itself each time you start the computer and operate non-stop scanning any operation, including web browsing, and will notify you immediately in case of intrusion or virus.
    And 'well anyway in any case do every now and then, at least once a month, the system scans for viruses hidden.