How to convert WMA to MP3

Steps to convert WMA to MP3

Media Converter (Media Converter)

1.: Open your Web browser. Navigate to the Web site Media Converter.

2.: Click "Conversion Wizard(Conversion Wizard) and click on "File Upload(Upload File).

3.: Click on the button "Chose File"(Select File). Search the popup window to locate the file you want to convert WMA. Click "Ok”.

4.: Press "Ok"In the conversion wizard. Select "MP3"From the popup window and click the button Convert"(Turning).

Quick Media Converter (Quick Media Converter)

1.: Download the program and follow the installation instructions.

2.: Click the plus icon and look in the archives. Select the WMA file and press "Ok”.

3.: Press the buttonMP3"Below"Format Conversion"(Format conversion).

4.: Click "Convert"(Turning).


1.: Open iTunes double-clicking on the icon of the software.

2.: Click "File"And select"Add to Library". Search window to locate the WMA file. Press "Ok”.

3.: Highlight the file by clicking it.

4.: Finally, click on the menu Advanced"(Advanced) and scroll"Create MP3 Version"(Create Mp3 version).