Spore Galactic Adventures... again.

Well yeah sorry for not posting about KH lately, but there weren't any news at all... so yesterday I found something awesome, wanna find out what that is? Check back tomorrow for the new post.

Soooo... I found this awesome video on YouTube saying "To celebrate the launch of Spore Galactic Adventures, we teamed up with the writers of Robot Chicken to concoct some truly twisted missions. See what happens behind closed doors when we put the sickest minds in Hollywood and the sickest game in the universe in the same room. Then play their whacked out missions when Spore Galactic Adventures launches on June 23rd!"
And in the end a "See what happens on May 19th" popped up, so I went back to the new Spore WTF website and new videos were up showing all of them working on their first mission and what I saw was... fantastic and incredibly hilarious, you can also see it here:

And oh yeah I am totally playing this mission when Galactic Adventures will be out!!!

Don't forget to check back tomorrow