Samsung I5800 Galaxy 3 new Touchscreen from Samsung

Inside their work to grab many slots inside the cell phone markets, Samsung has decided to produce numerous beneficial products. Started of the Corby generations, they've decided to make some other smart touchscreen phones. Samsung I5800 Galaxy Three will be the following kind in the Samsung’s touchscreen phones. This is a 3G cell phone that was officially announced in June 2010 and released a month after.

Samsung-I5800-Galaxy-3It is often a smaller bigger than the Corby type. The Samsung I5800 Galaxy 3 uses Samsung-I5800-Galaxy-3-newthat 3.2 inches TFT 16M colors capacitive touchscreen display. It has the multi-touch input capability. The best component is, it has the beneficial storage procedure that is supported on the One Gigabytes internal memories plus a slot for your microSD. It would be the up to 32 Giga bytes microSD. It has the 3.15 camera in the autofocus feature.

The Samsung I5800 Galaxy 3 can be supported by the great Android OS version 3.1 that would be upgradable to the 2.2 series. It has the digital compass to show the perfect directions, the MP3 and MP4 players for entertainments and also some office jobs office software program to deal from the documents. It would be a far better cell phone for some businessmen, rather then they had to use the Corby.


Cell phone VS Kids

At the beginning, people use a hand phone just to create a call or send SMS. But nowadays, the functions are more than that. Lots of features had been produced to create the individuals more interested to buy and use hand phone. Some producers of hand phone also try to acquire their customer’s interest by offering some features only in 1 tool. You'll find many hand phone using a camera created in. Not just that, some models also put cellular television in the in the hand phone. The newest models include three features in a single tool. That features are Cellular Web access, mobile TV access, Games’ feature, and produced in camera with a beneficial specification.

Actually, the producer of a hand phone tries for getting all the segment’s market Android 2.1 Image from youngsters to adult. Therefore, they try to create lots of models which have been fit for every segment. However, a hand phone with some very good feature in it'll not only make adult interested to get it, but also the children.
The question is how significantly this technology will give effect toward the children? Parents ought to carefully eat care of their children, specifically for ones using of Web mobile access. Avoid kids to have a hand phone which has an World wide web access. The reason is just since it will likely be tough for the parents to manage their kids behavior. It's going to be wiser to give them a simple hand phone which only is also use for make a call and SMS. The rarely use of hand phone also will the little ones far more protection toward the electromagnetic radiation.


Setting Up A Conference Call - HTC Evo 4G

I know that you simply adore your HTC Evo, and there is no wonder because the handset is listed into the 2010 top phones many reviewers recommend. Although, this handset comes also with some disadvantages or weaknesses, I don’t think all of people will allow you down. That is regular that each device keeps their huge benefits and bring the disadvantages to follow. Well, this is not the right topic to discuss here. I got one thing else for HTC owners use being a guide.

This is often a step-by-step instruction to assist you to make a conference call. Why do I choose this topic to write today? It's obvious that lots of HTC Evo 4G owners don’t know what to complete to generate a conference call. And, the instructions below are all you need to help you make a conference call.

1. You need to make a call for the very first conference call participant you desire to talk to.

2. Tap the Menu whenever you were connected.

3. Next, you have to tap the Add call.

4. Should you have determined which participant you would like to connect to, then dial his/her number. But, the first participant is put on preserve although you happen to be trying to connect with the second participant.

5. Again, you'll want to tap the Menu whenever you have connected for the second participant.

6. The last tap you ought to attain may be the Merge calls.

7. You will be capable to have a conference call.


Upgrade Samsung Galaxy S to Android 2.2 Froyo

How To Upgrade Samsung Galaxy S to Android 2.2 Froyo

Make sure your Samsung Galaxy S is rooted before you upgrade the pnone. You need to download these files before upgrading your Samsung Galaxy S to Android 2.2:

Odin 3 v1.0


i9000XXJP2 (password:

1. Remove the battery, SIM card and MicroSD card from your phone.

2. Reinsert the battery.

3. Push the Home + Volume Down buttons and press the Power On button.

4. After the download screen appears, open Odin 3 v1.0

5. Press on the PIT button and load the “s1_odin_20100512.pit” file

6. Press on the PDA button and load the “I9000XXJP2-REV03-PDA-CL464213.tar” inside the I9000XXJP2 RAR file.

7. Click on the PHONE button and load the “MODEM_I9000XXJP2.tar”inside the I9000XXJP2 RAR file.

8. Click on the CSC button and load the “GT-I9000-CSC-MULTI-OXAJP2.tar”inside the I9000XXJP2 RAR file.

9. Click on the “Re-Partition” checkbox

10. With a USB cable, connect your Galaxy S to your PC

11. Set USB Debugging On (System > Applications > Development > USB Debugging.)

12. Press on the Start button in Odin and soon, your Galaxy S will be upgraded to Android 2.2 Froyo.




Medion Akoya X7343d Desktop with 12 Gbytes of RAM

Medion teams noted for their successful value for money , and this model is no exception . Just take a look at your configuration to see that we have a PC equipped with one of the most powerful Intel micros for desktop PCs , along with a high number of RAM. In fact, 12 Gbytes strike us as excessive for the target user of this computer

Perhaps it would have been wiser to opt for a smaller amount of RAM and improved graphics system. If we look at the evidence we will see a graph that looks something behind with a next generation gaming or applied demanding graphics system . In any case you can not ask for much more in return uncial cost , being a interesting option to look for some quality, price, and the final configuration .


The negative point is that we have found chassis assembly. The interior wiring poorly organized , and lacks a fan to actively move the air inside the box beyond the CPU or the source. The result is a considerable internal temperature, Even without performing demanding tasks. Instead, what we have thought it a great idea is the installation of two front bays with hot-swap 3.5-inch drive.With which to expand the storage of your computer without even having to open the case .


  1. Manufacturer: Medion
  2. Model: Akoya X7343d
  3. Price: 1099 €
  4. Phone: 917990670
  5. Platform: Intel
  6. Processor: Intel Core i7 920 2.67 GHz
  7. Chipset: Intel X58
  8. RAM installed : 12 GBytes
  9. Hard Disk Drives : Western Digital 1 Tbyte SATA - 3.5 "
  10. Optical Drives : LG DVD + /- RW SuperMulti
  11. Multi- Reader :
  12. Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 230 to 1.5 Gbytes
  13. Sound Card: Realtek HD Audio
  14. Ethernet:
  15. WiFi:
  16. Bluetooth:
  17. Modem:
  18. Webcam:
  19. Additional Hardware : flash card reader front and two installation disks
  20. Expansion Bays : 2
  21. Additional Ports : 2 x PS / S , 8 x USB 3.0 , FireWire , DVI , VGA , HDMI and mini jacks
  22. Operating system: Windows 7 Home Premium 64 -bit
  23. Software included: MS Office 2007 Trial , MS Works 9 , BullGuard Internet Security Trial, Acrobat Reader and Power DVD
  24. Keyboard:
  25. Mouse:
  26. Product Rating : 7.7
  27. Ratings for money: 8.6

Remove administrator password for Windows XP

1 .- Run the file that you'll have to go down to the bottom of this page, you create a startup disk .

2 .- Do not worry because the disc is Linux, for our purpose well worth us

3 .- Insert the floppy in the drive . Reboot . Follow the next process erase the password to the Administrator.

4 .- We will leave several messages, press the Enter key.

Press return / enter to continue Press Enter
Probe for SCSI -drivers : [ n] Press Enter

You will see the partitions you have on your hard drives :

Device     Boot   Start    End     Blocks    Id     System

/ dev/hda1   *      1       510    4096543+    7  HPFS / NTFS

/ dev/hda2        511       897    3108577+    7  HPFS / NTFS

/ dev/hda3        898      1156    2080417+    b  Win95 FAT32



Wnat partition contains your NT installation ?

[/ dev/hda1 ] Press Enter or type where example : / dev/hda2


Look at Windows disks and partitions are called C :, D :, E :, F: , G:

LINUX is called hda1, hda2, hda3 , hda4 , hda5 , ...

if you have two hard drives, the other would hdb1, hdb2 , hdb3 .









Choose the partition where Windows XP is probably the / dev/hda1.

5 .- Now you will be asked which directory is password files by default

( windows/system32/config )

What is the full path to the registry directory?

[ windows/system32/config ] Press Enter

6 .- You will get a list of files that are in that directory.

You will be asked to choose those that contain passwords, by default ( sam security system )

Which hives ( files) do you want to edit (leave default for

password setting, Separate multiple name with spaces)

[Sam security system ] Press Enter

7 .- Now start the program chntpw Create a configured users :

Interactive Main Menu ()========() ()========() chntpw

Loaded hives : ( sam) (system ) (security )

  1 - Edit user data and passwords

  2 - Syskey status & change

      - - -

  9 - Registry editor, now with full write support!

  q - Quit (you will be Asked If There is something to save)


What to do ? [ 1] - > Press Enter (Click on one or Enter)

8 .- You will see the users configured:

RID: 03f2 , Username : ( Antonio)

RID: 03f2 , Username : ( Administrator)

RID: 03f2 , Username : (Adam )

RID: 03f2 , Username : (Eva )

RID: 03f2 , Username : ( Ping)

RID: 03f2 , Username : ( Pong)

RID: 03f2 , Username : ( guest) , disabled or locked *

9 .- You will be prompted to enter the user name to which you want to change or delete the password , in our case we left the [Administrator ] and press Enter

Select: ! - Quit ,. - List users , 0x (RID ) - User with RID (hex )

or simply enter the username to change: [ Administrator] Press Enter

Do you wish me to reset the failed count , unset disabled and lockout,

and in September the "password never expires " option ? (Y / n) [ n] Press Enter

10 .- Enter the asterisk * to clear the password of the Administrator

* = blank the password (This May Work Better Than setting a new password !)

Enter nothing to leave it Unchanged

Please enter new password: *

11 .- Pulse and (Yes ), click ! To exit, press quit (q) To exit the menu, then press twice and

Do you really wish to change it ? (Y / n) [ n] and

Changed !

Select: ! - Quit ,. - List users , 0x (RID ) - User with RID (hex )

or simply enter the username to change: [ Administrator] !

What to do ? [ 1] - > q

Write hive files? (Y / n) [ n]: and

Calling write.rc to select write back sam file

About to write file ( s) back! Do it ? [N ] and

Writing sam

12 .- Remove the floppy and reboot the computer. We enter the user's account Administrator without having to put password.

When leaving the home screen of Windows you can press ctrl + Alt + Del

you will get a window , enter the Administrator user and password blank.

We can not enter the Windows Administrator password , we can make the changes we need with Administrator privileges. Now you are the Administrator.



Dark Halloween Night 3D Halloween Screensaver

Dark Halloween Night 3D is a fun screen saver to decorate your PC. It has been designed in computer graphics , the screen saver brings several typical scenarios of the feast of the witches to have a gloomy climate . A shield highly recommended for Halloween parties . Size: 12 MB. Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7. License: Free Download

Dark Halloween Night 3D Halloween Screensaver


Xbox XtremeXP , Theme for Windows XP

For all fans Xbox here is this theme for Windows XP, you can look with the look of your PC , as in several respects to the famous video game console.

Xbox XtremeXP , Theme for Windows XP

spectacular colors and resolutions , will completely change the look of your computer if you already bored of the classic appearance of Windows. The theme is compressed in ZIP format, so you must unzip and install very easily.Size: 1 MB. Operating system: Windows XP License: Free. Download


MP3 Rocket 5.4, download music , videos, and everything you want

MP3Rocket is a true media center that allows you to perform various functions such as sharing all types of files. Using your browser you can download thousands of songs , videos and pictures, as well as access streaming TV networks and a variety of online radios .

Among the many multimedia functions are MP3Rocket which allow you to access various programs for streaming TV and radio networks spread throughout the world . In addition to tuning exclusive programming channel , an excellent program with several alternatives.

Size: 8 MB
Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/98/2000/2003
License: Free

5 Free Mac Applications for Back to School

For this back to school many of you will have several new things and some lucky ones may also be premiering a computer Mac new , but now maybe you do not know where to start to take advantage and use it together with your school activities, jobs, tasks , notes and everything else . For starters you can download these applications we recommend that you are free and can help a lot in your classes.


This simple application is quite useful especially at the time of doing homework or work on your computer, since it does is keep track of your clipboard ( when copying something we want to use) so you do not have to be changing for the application for each thing you want copy and paste. Using this application you can greatly improve your productivity and have more free time later. The good thing about this application, which is also free , is that you can save plain text , formatted text , images and other things that make it highly efficient. ClipMenu


Evernote is an application multi -platform (Mac, Windows, IPAD, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Etc) that lets you save your ideas wherever you are and synchronize all your devices. It's perfect for students taking notes , save web pages to read later, images and even voice and video notes . It is a very useful and versatile application to synchronize and have your notes available anywhere. Evernote

Velocity notational

To save notes simplest and most practical way to Evernote , you can use notational Velocity. This application is very simple but quite useful for taking notes on various topics and ideas that you need to go throughout the day . It is easy to control without need the keyboard and you can assign a keyboard shortcut to make it even faster to use . Besides that you can synchronize your notes between multiple devices and applications using Simplenote is a free service. You only need to register and download the application to your phone as iPhone or IPAD and presto, your notes I can read and create anywhere. Velocity notational and Simplenote


If you need inspiration for when you are composing a job OmmWriter you can give it. By using this application you can write in a completely relaxing space and music and sounds the same style so you can concentrate completely on what you are writing as you relax to let the ideas flow alone. Since you can finish writing copy and paste where you have to use and ready . Although it might sound ridiculous , believe me it works. OmmWriter

CloudApp and Dropbox

These two free applications, CloudApp and DropboxServe to share your files online and can be quite helpful when sharing tasks and work with your classmates. Each is used differently but both work fairly well and each has its different advantages and disadvantages. CloudApp and Dropbox


Playstation Control button explanation

For those who have reached playstation as their main console , or those who came to use this control and never knew the meaning of playstation control symbols. No longer keep prompting that eventually we can bring the response expected by all.

PS control button

According to the designer Goto Teiyu, The triangle symbolizes the point of view, I wanted to represent as an address or head. The square represents a piece of paper which identifies menus or documents. The circle and the X represents a yes and no respectively, the latter curiously in most games released in Japan, it is generally accepted with the circle button and canceled the X button which is reversed in the game Launched in America.


Dead Rising 2 Special edition

On September 28 in North America will launch the sequel Dead Rising, For which Capcom has been responsible for launching editing special, the game will bring several things interesting and all with a casino theme , as the game takes place in a city based in Las Vegas called Fortune City, one check with what's going to have this issue.

dead rising2

This edition will be released for both Xbox 360 and Play station 3, both only available in the Capcom store . The amount of these special editions are limited and will cost $ 89.99 (approximately 1169.87 Mexican pesos).


Power Sound Editor Free, free sound editor for Windows

Power Sound Editor is a complete program to edit and mix sounds. In addition you can also add sound effects and work with different audio formats such as mp3 , wav , wma and ogg.

The program also allows record audio through a microphone or other input devices that allow, in addition to edit an audio file graphically , so that you can copy , cut, delete parts of audio file or you can add various sound effects such as amplification, flanger, invert audio among others.


Power Sound Editor Free also provides the ability to rip audio discs to MP3, WAV , WMA and OGG and it also allows you to burn audio discs from these formats. The program itself basically allows these types of formats, but works with even more. Also implements many effects you can add clip art to any audio editing presentations that the program offers.

At the moment the program is only Windows compatible (Especially designed for Windows Vista) the size of your installer is about 23.4MB , this totally ingles and is completely free . An excellent alternative to other products that can be compared with Power Sound Editor Free. But often lack an affordable price. Download : Powersound Editor Free


Play Guitar Hero online in Flash

Play Guitar Hero online is something many people want, but unfortunately to date there is no official version of the game you can enjoy online without having to download anything .

For those who do not know, Guitar Hero is one of the most played music games and preferred by users, and this is because it allows very good music composing everything from a fun environment with a high level of playability.

That is why today we introduce a supply of online to play Guitar Hero in Flash, which means that in order to play you will not have to download anything , but you can access directly from your web browser, without having to register or pay anything to enjoy the game.

As for the game , we can say that while not exactly like the original , offers a good gameplay and certainly enables you having fun in front of your screen, the graphics are pretty good and the sound effects leave nothing to be desired.

In short, an excellent alternative for Guitar Hero play online, without having to download anything and without having to register anywhere to play. Link: Guitar Hero online


Create a mobile version of your website in 5 minutes with Onbile

Create a website to the mobile version may be unknown to some , but it is something that to this day must be made as more and more users are accessing Internet through their mobile phone and for that reason we must find a solution.

Only 3 steps are required to use this service called Onbile. The first is choose a template among those that are available , then add content the site, pages, sections , buttons and others and finally be in fact place a javascript code that detect when a user is accessing your site through a mobile device , making it automatically redirected to the mobile version of website.


To add the contents through Onbile, It implements a simple editor that also lets you add text, upload images and multimedia content. As such a service is easy enough to use for those who do not want complicated by complex adaptations from one site to the mobile version on the contrary of Onbile can be quite a lengthy process .



  • Get special outfit.

Finish the campaign mode and you can choose clothes in the character mode is selected .

  • Making special titles.

When you're lost in space, have some advantages can not do more than improve things. To unlock you have to fill gaps securities actions.

- Devil May Cry : You must have a file saved in "Devil May Cry 4. "

- BSAA : Have a saved file of "Resident Evil 5 "

- Street Fighter : You must have a file saved from " Sreet Fighter IV . "

  • Unlock characters.

To fight with some very special characters , fulfill the following requirements:

- Albert Wesker : Have a game of "Resident Evil 5 " saved.

- Devil May Cry Noms de Guerre : you need a game of "Devil May Cry 4 " saved.

- Frank West : the same, but this time with the game " Dead Rising " .

- Marcus Fenix and Dom Santiago : Complete campaign mode on any difficulty.


Connect to the Internet with Wii

  1. Internet connectivity:
  • The console uses Wi -Fi , but you can buy a LAN adapter . If you have not connected never entered the main menu options and then on Settings, Internet connection settings. Nintendo does not charge for using the Internet .


  • Enter Shop Channel . From the menu , press Enter. Click to add points . You can redeem a Wii Points Card card or use credit card. In the latter case, you can buy 1000, 3000 or 5000 Wii Points. 1000 Wii Points are worth 10 €

3. BUY :

  • Go into Wii Channels , Virtual Console or Wii Ware . The first is software. On Wii Ware and Virtual Console games are . You can download them or give them away. If you have Wii Points and memory, click on confirm.


  • Once you have downloaded the game (while you download you can not do anything else ), it aparecrá as a new channel from the menu. To play , click on it . When you exit the game , the game will be recorded at that point.

Connect to the Internet with PS

  1. Internet connectivity:
  • The PS3 console is connected via Wi -Fi but also supports LAN cable . If you have not ever connected to the Internet, create a new account (left menu) and follow the onscreen instructions . Internet is free PlayStation 3.


  • On the menu , go to the PS Network category and come to Manage Transactions. Once there, select Manage wallet. Inside you can redeem a prepaid card or pay by credit card. In the latter case , you can add between 5 and 100 Euros.

3. BUY :

  • From the main menu , go to PlayStation Network and there PS Store. From here , buy games for PS3 or PSP ( follow the onscreen instructions to PSP). If you have a PSP Go , you can download the games directly from that console. Elinterfaz is exactly the same.


  • Once the purchase is downloaded , go out to the main menu and enter in the appropriate category : game , video , photo or music. In the case of PSP , the titles are recorded on a Memory Stick in the directory for games.

Connect to xbox 360 internet

  1. Internet connectivity:

    You can hire Xbos version Live Silver ( free, but no online play ) or Gold ( worth 5 euros per month). To begin, click "Join Xbox Live. " If you teníairs account in the original Xbox press " recover gamertag " .


  • If you have a prepaid card (available in stores) , press the Xbox button and go to the tab " bazaar . " Press " Redeem Code. " If you use a credit card , enter in the bazaar of video games , choose the product and press X. The currency used is the Microsoft Points (100 MP will be 1.20 € )

3. BUY :

  • From the main menu , choose the category bazaar bazaar game or video. There, you can choose between categories new arrivals, the most popular or view all . In the bazaar of video , you can download or rent videos Films in independent films.


  • From the main menu , enter the category , and choose My Xbox game library or video library , as appropriate. Once inside , you can check for the latest or by the category in which frame the product.

Mirror Folders, directory clone

Mirror Folders is a free application that offers on how to prepare a perfect clone or copy an entire directory or folder Windows.

In Mirror Folders we can find a tool that enables us to carry an entire directory or folder WindowsFrom one computer to another while retaining all the original directory structure . It sometimes happens if want to copy and paste a directory on a flash drive , this method does not copy hidden files or protected. In such cases we can use Mirror Folders to back .

There's more Mirror Folders can create a directory parallel on the same disc , one that can be marked as public so that they can share the changes we make in the original directory (Private) will be reflected in " parallel. "

You will find easy to use, Mirror Folders it has a minimalist GUI with the options needed to perform the task without making mistakes. Mirror Folders


Zback , synchronize and backup data

Zback is a free very small , only about 200k, which has a powerful utility: synchronize our data and files.

Suppose you PC and laptop. Now you have the same files you have on a well in the other. One may think it's easy, just copy and paste a folder. But we may need different file folders, and that means being very aware of not to be mistaken with what we do .

To avoid error , we Zback. This little application can help the synchronization between two computers or folders. What makes it special is that you can compare the two directories to see if we have the right files or not.

There is another role Zback, And is to conduct a backup or back up our files and even the disk hard. No need to install Zback. Until we can take on a pen drive and wore it from there.Free Download Zback


Softcabq Utilities software suite for optimizing

Utilities Softcabq is a suite of nine programs that will help us keep our PC optimized.

Among the applications containing Utilities SoftcabqWe find Softcabq Cleaner. This application allows us clean completely our hard disk of all the junk files.

Defrag Softcabq is that defragment your hard disk and improves the speed of access. This is a basic tool . We also Softcabq Recovery, Software that is useful to recover deleted files.

Softcabq System Info within Utilities Softcabq is what gives us PC information. Softcabq Process gives us detailed process they are running at this time Windows.

Disk Explorer Softcabq is that analyze your hard disk, How content is distributed . Uninstall Softcabq as you will notice is what allows uninstall programs easily. Memory optimizer Softcabq help liberate RAM easily. Utilities Softcabq Update is in charge of looking for updates Softcabq Utilities. Utilities Softcabq


ShellMenuNew , modify the context menu of Windows 7

ShellMenuNew enable or disable the items that appear in the menu contextual of Windows 7.

ShellMenuNew is a very small but very practical for customize our Windows. In this case ShellMenuNew works by changing the menu contextual of Windows 7, Vista , XP and 2000.

What really makes ShellMenuNew? This software allows enable or disable items occurring within New} { menu when we click the right mouse button . You may have noticed that when you enter { New} is a list of items you can choose to create a new instance of each of them.

But my I I like things appear that I will never use or do not know how to use , so with ShellMenuNew I can choose to turn off things like { } Shortcut rarely use, or { } Briefcase already is used to synchronize two computers, but with programs like Zback (Which I told you before ) , why use something as enigmatic as Briefcase { }? Free ShellMenuNew


NetQin Mobile Antivirus , antivirus for cell phones

NetQin Mobile Antivirus Antivirus is a powerful yet easy to use in mobile phones (cell phones ) with operating system Windows Mobile and Symbian.

Given that mobile phones - cell, Have become veritable mini computers , it is important to remember that every day can add up new virus that attacks certain cells.

NetQin Mobile Antivirus is a software specially designed for mobile phones , in order to eliminate quickly and efficiently with any threat to the smooth functioning of our gadget.

An interesting aspect NetQin Mobile Antivirus is that it can be used in Spanish. It has support for major mobile phones, which you can see on the download page NetQin Mobile Antivirus.

NetQin Mobile Antivirus integrates a complete and complex firewall activity with a scanner to verify that we are not being attacked by malware , trojans or other programs that seek to corrupt our mobile OS .NetQin Mobile Antivirus


AVS Ringtone Maker , create custom ringtones

AVS Ringtone Maker is one of my favorite not only because it has a handy feature but because it's fun to use.

This program will use to generate my ringtones personalized music to my my favorite. AVS Ringtone Maker is a good option if you have a website and want to attract more visitors by offering free ringtones created by you .

AVS Ringtone Maker program is not difficult to use , however in a few minutes you will take your hand and feel comfortable with him .

Its graphical interface is very simple, easily find it all that we need to create a ringtone from an audio database. This audio can be mp3 , ogg , wav.

In addition we use music with AVS Ringtone Maker using the voices of our family or friends to create real tones , making sure that there will be a ringtone similar to ours where we go  AVS Ringtone Maker


Nokia Phones Free Video Converter to see videos on your Nokia

Free Converter Video to Nokia Phones is a widely used program for convert all kinds of videos to the format that you can play our mobile phone.

Among the supported Nokia models are: Nokia N900 , N800 , N97 , X6 , 5800 , 5530 , 5230, N96 , N95 , N86, N85, E75, E73 , E72 , E71 , E63, E62, E52, 7705 , 7020 , 6700 , 3711, X3 , etc.

Free Converter Video to Nokia Phones can work with the following video formats : *. avi , *. mpg , *. mpeg , *. mpe , *. wmv , *. mov , *. qt , *. amv , *. 3gp , *. 3g2 , * . flv.

With Free Converter Video to Nokia Phones We can even choose both the size and quality of the output image . The graphical interface is very simple , minimalist, but its operation is very powerful.

I'm trying since a few days ago Free Converter Video to Nokia Phones and I find no problem with the results , I have even seen that the playback quality does not suffer at all when we use a high resolution.Free Converter Video to Nokia Phones


Cheat Engine, PC games hack

Cheat Engine is a popular software application that is widely distributed on the Internet , particularly younger users since it is a fantastic tool that allows hack games regardless of the type that they are , ie it does not matter if we have them installed on the PC , if a single executable (or Portable) or access them online using a web browser obviously our favorite.

The program Cheat Engine can edit almost any game that we are running at the same time we use the application with the sole purpose that the program can access and read the configuration variables you use to edit them at our whim . Thus after a little practice and recognition of variables that must be edited can modify the game to our liking with the possibility of giving us more lives, reducing the level of difficulty, skip levels, etc .


Although the application Cheat Engine 5.5 is only available in English , once we have worked with her and takes a little practice and familiarity with its functions can be a great tool to help us modify PC games as we wish. In fact this program is widely used by users of the popular social networking site Facebook to try to modify the behavior of widely used as games or Restaurant City Pet Society . Cheat Engine


Samsung SP H03 (Pico Projector ), an analysis

Imagine having the possibility to make presentations to audiences , with devices that simply carry in your pocket? Or how to project the films that we have saved on the iPhone / iPod Touch, as our own portable home theater ?

This is the great promise of Pico Projectors. miniature projectors that can run on batteries, are compatible with multiple types of input and , above all, fit in the palm of your hand.

The Samsung SP- H03 is one of the Pico Projectors, but with some differences. Instead of or 20 lumens (measure of light power as perceived by the human eye - in short, how bright it is ), the H03 brings SP- 30 , putting it among the brightest of the market (the Optoma PK301 , however , has 50 Lumens) . However , any such Pico Projectors Projector pales compared to "real ", which ranges from 2000 to 2.500 lumens on average. That is, do not expect to get much use the gadget in a room brightly lit , or day.

At night , however , the Samsung worked wonderfully . It's really amazing to take the laptop, or iPod , plug the projector in miniature, wherever we are .



  1. 7 cm in width and height , making it look like a cube.
  2. It has touch buttons at the top
  3. It has audio / composite video (for RCA) , VGA , MicroSD slot .
  4. Audio Output
  5. It has 1 GB of internal storage.
  6. It is capable of playing files Powerpoint, Word , Excel , PDF
  7. It also reproduces audio, images and video ( avi , mp4 , asf , rm, mpeg , flv , wmv )
  8. Resolution of 854 x 480 ( WVGA)
  9. Internal rechargeable battery (approximately 2 hours)
  10. It has a slider to control the focus


The analysis

I have been using these two days straight , in a normal environment ( my office ) and in the darkroom that I use as Home Theater. In a room with normal lighting , the Pico Projector can display pictures when we put to 1-1.5 meters. This projection does not produce a very large, but clear enough to see daylight.

In a darkened room , however , we can expand quite the image (up to about 80 "according to Samsung) , and thanks be the only source of light , it worked pretty well. For videos, presentations, worked pretty well. However, when using it with my computer , the image was too saturated . I could fix this by changing a little color profiles . After playing with the options , I could get a fairly good, for a projector so small.

Connect the PC (or Mac) , it was as simple as connecting the cable to the Mac and the projector (using the special adapter included ), choose the source and PC in the menu, and start using it . The same when I tried it with a DVD player . In both cases, the experience was pretty good.

The projector features speakers incorporated, but the volume is quite poor, so they will want or use headphones ( if, for example, are watching movies , projecting into the room), or a good pair of speakers , in the case of a presentation.

I tried to upload some files, and had no problems with WMV and MP4s (in standard definition .) Do not wait , however , see this little play video in high definition on its own. This will require connecting a PC capable of playing. I also tried some PowerPoint files and they were pretty well ( ie only with the projector, with a PPT copied to internal memory , with no PC). The effects and transitions did not work, so if you depend on them, again it is best to use a PC. However, I was satisfied with multimedia capabilities built into the tiny projector.



The Samsung SP- H03, or Pico Projectors in general are not for everyone . . If you have a prepared environment , or even screened in very clear, the SP- H03 were not any good , and is much better to invest in a traditional projector .

If , however , are looking for a projector that can simply keep in your pocket (or can fit in the pocket of a suitcase) and it will be used mainly for showing videos at home - a makeshift home theater - or know each presentation will be in a dark room , is an interesting purchase. Not yet reached the day when a projector light enough to compete with traditional projectors can fit in our pocket , but given the laptop and useful it can be the Samsung SP- H03 is an interesting purchase. I? It definitely will be using to project movies in my room ( advisable to get a tripod , of course) , or videos in the summer.


See IP cameras Android

If anything has advanced, and far is the monitoring by cameras.

And it is not due to two factors : the Internet and low prices.

IP Cameras today are fairly inexpensive and allow the subject to monitor what happens in a place without being physically present , another great option although more complex DVR are, Which basically is a CCTV camera server that records what happens in the same "on digital " (ie hard disk ) as well as allow entry via the Internet to handle and / or monitor the content.

The DVR issue with these and many IP cameras is that by default you need Internet Explorer ( which downloads an ActiveX add ) or at most a browser that supports Java , not lite , which leaves out most smartphones and somewhat limited browsers .

Since I know several people who have DVR and I was bought Androids obliged to look for a program to monitor IP cameras on Android , and I found , it is IP Cam Viewer.


(The display of any Android is possible to monitor headquarters)

IP Cam viewer (I use it in the Lite version ) is an absolutely fantastic software . It supports more than 200 types of cameras and DVR ( even more farts ) and also has an interface APB tremendously, making it ideal for any user.

So you know, if they have to take care of the ranch from afar and have Android, this is your program.

It only takes a tranquilizer dart launcher button for " Cacos "and" Feet of wool "


AMD says goodbye toATi

Since the purchase of ATI by AMD this is already coming come.

And while for many ATi Fanboys this looks like a dagger in the liver brand level this means a boost for AMD because it reinforces an interesting market as the world of graphics acceleration .

And remember that the world of graphics acceleration is not a tiny market for a select group of nerds who bought a plaque to play on the PC (more like we are the guinea pigs) and that a company like ATi, AMD ahem ... the shovel up the production of graphics chips equipped with the Wii and XBOX 360, Ati Hollywood and Xenos respectively , which are sold like hot cakes in the world.

So from year-end Radeon and AMD will be AMD FirePro, ATi goodbye , goodbye ...



Membuat E-mail Gratis Tanpa Harus Daftar

Yup…bener banget..buat kalian yang ga mau susah-susah daftar e-mail Kaya Yahooo, Gmail…ada alternatif lain untuk buat e-mail tanpa susah-susah daftar.

Tinggal ketikan nama e-mail yang kamu Inginkan trus klik Check Ibox..selesai

Silakan Klik Alamat ini


Hacking RapidShare eBook

Nama yang tepat dari buku ini adalah “Hacking – kegiatan yang paling kriminal di internet” dan itu dibagi dalam tiga bagian:

1. Download Trik
2. RS Premium Account Hack
3. Mendapatkan Kontrol atas apapun melalui Trojan Komputer

Hacking aktivitas paling pidana di Internet adalah sebuah buku tentang hacking melalui mana Anda bisa mendapatkan banyak uang dapat 10.000.000 $ juga dengan menjual RS Account.

Buku ini akan melengkapi impian Anda jika Anda cerdas.

Penulis buku ini adalah hacker dihormati Nilesh Ranjan-dunia. Dia memiliki kemampuan untuk hack rekening bank, kartu kredit dan login lainnya.

Download Hacking RapidShare eBook disini.


Megaupload Premium Link Generator

Di sini saya memberikan Anda megaupload premium link generator gratis yang memungkinkan Anda untuk men-download seperti pengguna premium.

Catatan: Tidak semua link download megaupload Ini bekerja pada semua link megaupload. Jadi  pastikan anda menchecknya dulu melalui Linkylook Premium Checker.

1. Paste your megaupload link (with http://)
2. Generate
3. Copy the link

Download Megaupload Premium Link Generator


Cara Membuat Tulisan Jadi Video

Cara Membuat Tulisan Jadi Video
Membuat Tulisan Artikel Kita secara Online dan bisa dikirim ke Blog Kita,…!!

Caranya :

  1. Daftar di alamat
  2. Setelah itu klik try it, dan masukan data-data blog kita
  3. setelah di konfirm, cek email kita trus masuk sebagai member
  4. ikuti petunjuk selanjutnya
  5. jangan lupa klik enable pop-up
  6. publish video yang kita dapatkan melalui Blog Kita atau WordPress
  7. masukan nama blog dan passwordnya
  8. cek hasilnya di blog kita
  9. keren kan

Civilization V: minimum and recommended Pc requirements

It is the newest installment of the classic sagas in terms of strategy games is concerned: Sid Meyer 's Civilization .
We can say that is a game that already at this point is taken only

Civilization V

Recommended Requirements : Civilization V
Video: ATI Radeon HD 4800 series
CPU : 1.8 Ghz Quad Core CPU
RAM : 4096 MB

Minimum Requirements : Civilization V
Video: NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GS
CPU : Dual Core CPU
RAM : 2048 MB


NBA 2K10 – Tips Cheats

We leave some cheats for NBA 2k10 .

You have to enter the menu code and then you put these passwords:

2kchina : 2K Sports Team China.
2ksports : 2K Sports.
payrespect : Ball ABA.
NBA2K : 2K Development Team .
vcteam : Visual Concepts Team .
Otnresla Unlocks NBA All- Star Team Jerseys.


Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty - Cheats

Well, here I go a few tricks to Starcraft 2. Not tried them because I have not yet , so anything alert .

While playing you click to enter, open the window, and put the following codes:
5.000 Credits ' WhySoSerious '
Invincible ' terribleterribledamage '
Free Units ' moredotsmoredots '
off Victory Conditions ' tyuhasleftthegame '
5.000 Gas ' realmendrilldeep '
Resources: ' jaynestown '
Upgrades: ' iamironman '
Remove the requirements of technology: ' sosayweall '



Xbox360 : Castlevania : Harmony of Despair - Cheats

Get all the achievements and unlocks access to some sections of the game.

Total Achievements :
12 - total Gamerscore : 200G

10G :
· Lifeguard : Resurrects a fallen comrade.
· Kick impeccable Defeat an enemy with a kick slider final .
· West justice: Kill an enemy hitting him with a skeleton bone that you have previously released .
· Couples mortal Defeat the final enemy using dual Fury .

15G :
· Justice poetic Defeat an ally who has fallen into the enemy camp of evil.
· Vampire Hunter : Defeat the Lord of Castlevania.

20G :
· Grasshopper : Runs 30 consecutive kicks in the air without touching the ground.
· bones : Defeat a boss with five players with a skeleton .
· Collections : Collect 300 different object types .
· Opulence : Earn a million gold.
· Murderer voracious Kill 10,000 enemies .

30G :
· legendary Hunter : Complete Hard mode.

Alucard Gamerpic Unlockable :
Complete Chapter 6 on the Normal difficulty level as a player ( offline).

Hard Mode :
Complete Chapter 4 on the Normal difficulty level . Also items and weapons will be unlocked in the shop.

Voices in Japanese:
When you choose the color of your character , hold down the RT button while pressing A to select the version of the voices in Japanese.

Xbox360 : Alan Wake : The Sign – achievements Trick play

Unlock all achievements.

Total Achievements :
8 - total Gamerscore : 250G
20G :
• Removal of card : Finish the episode without using any vehicle.
25G :
• A friend in need : Find someone to help you.
· A full blast : Reach the final battle in less than 1 minute and 30 seconds.
· The words will not do you harm: Turn all the boilers in the basement.
· cardboard Partners : Find all models of cardboard.
30G :
¨ ICT tac : Find 10 hidden alarm clocks .
50G :
· All a friend: Follow the sign to the end.
· In run : Finish the episode without reloading the game or restart from a checkpoint .


Xbox360 : DeathSpank – Achievements Trick

Unlock all achievements.

Total Achievements :
12 - total Gamerscore : 200G

5 Points :
· Can not Kill Me ... : Is raised in a house in the suburbs.

10 Points :
· Destroyer Of Chickens : Kills 100 chickens.
· I'm an Addict: Bebe 50 potions.
Hero · Menu : Provider of good, evil scourge .

15 Points :
· Man In The Hole: Complete the 6 missions caver .
· Extermination : Destroy the 3 Queen Greems .
· Underground Subway: Find the 30 sheds teleportation.

20 Points :
· Extracurricular Activities: Ends 50 side missions .
· The Day the Music Died : Mata Orque Sgt .

25 Points :
· Justice Dispenser : Kill 2500 enemies.
· Take Back The Knight: Lord Kill Von Prong .

30 Points :
· Mr. Tough Guy Reach level 20.

Xbox360 : Limbo - Video Game Cheats

Get two new avatars and all the achievements .

Unlockables for our avatar :
· T-shirt : Get your first achievement in Limbo.
· Pet: Beat the game.

Total Achievements :
12 - total Gamer score : 200G

· Walk wrong: " That's not right . "
At the beginning of the game in chapter 1 , go left until you reach the luminous sphere.
Points : 5

• The attitude is the attitude: " Examination on the ground. "
In Chapter 2 when you get a broken tree , you can push to create a path , if you look you will see a rope hidden by leaves, hold it and rock to reach the ledge on the left, where you will find a luminous sphere .
Points : 5

· You are stuck : "Prepare a landing on solid ground . "
When we overcome the brain controls the worm puzzle at the end of Chapter 11, we drag the pipe through which we climbed to the right past the stairs to the water area where there is no escape. Now we get on and jump left to grab a rope that hangs up , causing a ball of light falling on the pipe, allowing this and this to us.
Points : 10

· Exploration Urban : "You have to lift a heavy weight . "
In Chapter 14, after passing another puzzle worm control brains, the left back to the area of lift , drag the box on the left to the elevator, and place it in the right area . Now, down the platform and press the button to upload, then climb on top of the lift , using the box. Once there , jump to the rope on the left, to fall a ball of light , preventing more you crush the fall. Now you just have to pick up the area, but do not jump directly to the ground, for you will die.
Points : 10

· Only in the darkness : "Under the arthropod . "
At the end of Chapter 14 After passing the puzzle with the two boxes and the saw blade , we enter a very dark area where we find a rickety staircase and the entrance of a cave. Enter the cave and keep going until you hear the sound of water under your feet. Now jump up and see to the right until you find a sphere of light.
Points : 10

Ascending · gear : " Do not pull the lever just because you can. "
In Chapter 16 we will enter a factory, where we will find a huge gear. When you go up the lift platform , we should not press the lever , but jump into gear and go for it, heading towards the right where we find a luminous sphere.
Points : 10

· March back: " Ride on the boxes . "
In chapter 18 we find a conveyor belt , we must place one of the boxes on the belt and climb into the box to reach the edge of the grinding device on the left. Stand on the edge until the grinder back and then goes up and over the scale of the top left , where you'll find a luminous sphere .
Points : 10

· Guided by sparks : " The box is the key. "
In Chapter 19 we complete the area of the trolley , activate a switch and everything will start to spin again. To avoid the electrified floor , we jump up some stairs and then to a new platform. The left wall is electrified and a box dropped in that area. Tape the box to the wall and climb it. Now jump left , where a hidden platform in the dark. Finally jumps right to collect the luminous sphere .
Points : 10

• Low earth: " Vertical Catwalk . "
In Chapter 21 you will find an elevator , it triggers the switch to raise , when the top goes down the hole and hang the chain to go down to the bottom where you'll find a luminous sphere .
Points : 10

· Rising : "Do not let gravity get you down . "
In Chapter 23 when we move the puzzle of gravity of electrified points , find another drop zone with a gravity switch . We jump and press the switch, and run to the left, where you will find a box after jumping , it will throw while running to expel a luminous sphere .
Points : 10

· Where credit is over : "Persistence pays off . "
Complete the game and see the end credits.
Points : 100

· Dying does not make sense
Complete the game in one go , killing up to five times.
Points : 10

Mafia II: First details of the DLC and DLC PS3 multiplatform

The Betrayal of Jimmy. The First DLC for Mafia II that would be exclusive PlayStation 3And that its users could enjoy free the same day as the release of the game . In today 2K Games has let us know the first details about the expansion, and also Jimmy's Vendetta, an add -on platform.

"Jimmy is the type that others call when they need someone to finish the job. So what players can live the life of crime from a different perspective Jimmy playing as a mercenary , "said 2K Games on the PlayStation 3 exclusive DLC . "The Betrayal of Jimmy will feature dozens of new missions " arcade "for the city that will take players to drive, shot and do the wild by Empire Bay . "

Mafia 2

"The players will unlock new missions as you progress in order to access a lot of new challenges and Carrara murder trial to end in dramatic shootouts and chases , says the press release distributor . It appears that users accumulate points for good performances. By skids and also good shots to the head . The scores will be uploaded automatically to tables on- line ratings .

As regards Jimmy's Vendetta. The DLC for PC , Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3" Players will get dirty hands to help Jimmy to clean other disorders . " "Several new missions and new premises are a good reason for players to return to Empire Bay after finishing the game. Jimmy's Vendetta offers more action replay and allows users to compete for the best scores in the points table , "say spokesmen for the distributor.


Irrational Games feels that could have created a better Bioshock

The first Bioshock is considered a masterpiece, but according to its developers, could have been much more memorable.

Itself Irrational Games. The developer of the title, has admitted that for reasons of budget , hardware and time, could not create the total experience they were thinking for the original Bioshock actually admit that " the whole game could have been improved . "

Shawn Robert, Irrational Games creative , has commented: "We think that the whole game could have been improved . There are lots of things we wanted to do better, but it is never a perfect world when you're developing a game , you always have to adapt to the hardware, time and budget . "

He admits that in the original Bioshock experience was limited, since most of the situations could be resolved with just the use of two weapons. Now with Infinite Bioshock want to enhance the user's creativity : "When you look Infinite Bioshock we realized that we want people to be creative and think about different tools that can be used in many ways, " he says.


The ESRB classifies Fallout : New Vegas as gambling for adults with sexual content

The player may have sexual encounters with men , women and even robots.

The various regulatory bodies are ideal to give us clues about some details of games that will go on sale soon , and have not yet been unveiled by developers.
In the case of Fallout : New Vegas and thanks to the Entertainment Software Rating Board ( ESRB ), U.S. agency responsible for classifying games as its contents, we know that the game will contain different sexual references.


Apparently during the game can visit a brothel and prostitutes choice of meat and bone, and even robots: "During the course of the game , players will find prostitutes of both sexes: the screen fades to black listening suggestive dialogue . " description also notes that there is "a long sequence suggesting a sexual activity with a robot. "

In addition to content the game will have great sex violence, Gore and drug references .

Fallout : New Vegas come to PC , PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on October 22 .


A Half -Life movie would only be possible if Valve created it 's own

Accepted Hollywood scripts have rejected for being " the worst. "

Lately the video game movies are widespread and there are many adaptations up to the big screen titles like Gears of War or Uncharted , but not without problems.

A Valve been offered many scripts to carry Half -Life the movies , but the scripts have been so bad that their own company officials have ruled out this possibility : "Several dropped directors who wanted to make a movie of Half -Life and other things, "says Gave Newell, Valve's responsibility to PC Gamer.


"The stories they offered us was just too bad. I mean, brutal worst. Without understanding what has made the game a great game , as the franchise has done so interesting for people to be a fan of it. "

If there is a Half -Life movie would be created by Valve itself : "That's when we started to say ' Wow, the best we could do would not turn this into a movie , or would have to do it ourselves' . "


Mouse unik yang langsung dipakai ditangan

The Air mouse : mouse yg langsung dipakai ditangan

Inovasi sebuah komputer terus bekembang untuk membuat pengguna semakin lebih nyaman dan cepat dalam mengakses komputer. Kenyamanan pengakseesan komputer kini diwujudkan dalam pembuatan mouse oleh produsen AirMouse.

AirMouse adalah sebuah mouse dengan sistim seperti sebuah sarung tangan atau dengan kata lain mouse ini dipakaikan ke tangan anda langsung.


AirMouse menggunakan sistim nirkabel dimana baterai isi ulang yang ada dapat bertahan selama 1 minggu dengan sekali isi ulang.

Cara penggunaannya juga mudah, anggap saja anda menggunakan mouse tapi tidak ada mouse di bawah tangan anda.

AirMouse juga menggunakan sistim laser sama seperti mouse lainnya dan optical diletakkan di bawah telapak tangan.

AirMouse menjanjikan kecepatan dan akurasi dibandingkan mouse biasa.
AirMouse rencananya akan mulai dijual dalam 6-12 bulan ke depan dengan harga US$ 129 (sekitar Rp. 1,25 juta).


Membuat mesin fotokopy dengan Photocopier Software

Anda punya scanner, dan printer? Mengapa tidak menggabungkan kedua perangakat tersebut menjadi sebuah mesin Fotokopi. Mungkin tidak pernah terpikir untuk menggunakan kedua perangkat ke dalam mesin fotokopi. Ada sebuah perangkat lunak yang dapat digunakan untuk menggabungkan kedua perangkat keras tersebut menjadi mesin fotokopi yaitu Photocopier dari Meskipun software ini tidak gratis tetapi Anda dapat menggunakan full version ini untuk 30 hari.

Meskipun sekarang banyak tersedia all-in-one printer atau multifungsi printer Anda dapat menggunakan perangkat lunak Photocopier untuk menghemat uang Anda dan tidak perlu membeli perangkat keras baru. Versi terbaru dari perangkat lunak sekarang dukungan untuk Windows NT, 2000, Windows XP, Vista dan kompatibel untuk windows 7.

Untuk menggunakan software ini sangat mudah dan Photocopier gratis! : D. Silakan download dan menginstal perangkat lunak sampai selesai.


Cara menggunakan Perangkat Lunak Photocopier :
itu sangat sederhana karena perangkat lunak Photocopier memiliki antarmuka yang sederhana, hanya memasukkan dokumen pada scanner Anda, jalankan perangkat lunak open Photocopier dan tekan tombol Salin. Dan printer Anda akan menghasilkan salinan dokumen.


Melihat Siaran TV local / international Online lewat Mozilla

Bagi anda yang ingin melihat siaran TV local ( Indonesia ) maupun siaran luar negeri, siaran parabola, TV Sport, dan Siaran hiburan lainnya saat ini ada kabar gembira untuk hal tersebut.

Dengan adanya beberapa Addons untuk Siaran TV yang dibuat untuk Mozilla, kita dapat mensetting Browser Mozilla kita layaknya Windows media player. Addons ini mendukung lebih dari 2700 siaran TV International, yang meliputi sport, music, bussines , movie dan 4 TV local untuk Indonesia yaitu, Metro TV, Bali TV, dan TVRI TV. Langsung saja kita mulai langkah – langkah penginstallanya .

Ada 2 addons yang harus diinstall yaitu :

·         Addons TV Fox silakan download di sini

·         Addons Windows Media Player FirefoxPlugin silakan download disini

·         Install Addons TV Fox dengan klik link diatas dan kemudian pilih Add To Firefox ikuti dan klik install

·         Kemudian install Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin dengan cara klik 2x file yang telah didownload dan klik next sampai finis

·         Kemudian restart Browser Mozilla anda dengan menutup mozilla kemudian menjalankannya lagi.

Selesai, dan kita bisa melihat adanya icon TV pada tool bar Mozilla kita dan sudah bisa kita gunakan untuk  melihat siaran TV, silakan pilih siaran yang anda inginkan.


10 Tempat Membuat Website gratis dan terbaik

10 Situs Tempat Membuat Website gratis dan terbaik

Dalam dunia Maya, Banyak sekali cara dan fasilitas kita untuk unjuk diri, seperti dengan iklan Ads, Blog maupun Website. Wordpress dan Blogger adalah salah satu tempat terbaik untuk membuat blog. Jika ada tempat untuk membuat blog gratisan, begitu juga untuk website juga tersedia  versi gratisannya.

Ada 10 Tempat Gratis Terbaik Untuk Membuat Website atau biasa disebut Website Builders.

Website builders adalah alat yang memungkinkan pengguna internet untuk membangun website tertentu tanpa mengedit kode secara manual-. Mereka biasanya dibedakan menjadi dua kategori yaitu alat produk online gratis yang disediakan oleh perusahaan web hosting, khusus ditujukan bagi pengguna untuk membangun situs pribadi mereka, dan perangkat lunak yang berjalan pada komputer, membuat halaman offline  dan yang kemudian dapat dipublikasikan host apapun .

Online Website builders biasanya mengharuskan pengguna untuk mendaftar di perusahaan web hosting. Berbagai layanan sangat bervariasi diantaranya dasar membuat website pribadi atau widget untuk membuat e-commerce website. Situs-situs tersebut biasanya baik berdasarkan template atau pada platform yang lebih fleksibel yang benar-benar di desain untuk gratisan.
Di bawah ini adalah 10 tempat-tempat di mana Anda bisa membuat website online gratis :




Tips Cara Memperbaiki BlueScreen (BSOD)

Cara Memperbaiki BlueScreen (BSOD)

Si layar biru yang menyebalkan ini atau istilah kerennya “Blue Screen Of Death” terjadi karena adanya critical error pada Sistem  Operasi Windows yang menyebabkan semua aplikasi yang sedang berjalan terpaksa harus dihentikan. Dalam kesempatan ini saya akan berbagi pengalaman tentang beberapa tips cara memperbaiki komputer yang mengalami BlueScreen, berdasarkan pengalaman yang pernah saya alami, semoga ada manfaatnya.

Tips cara Memperbaiki Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) pada Komputer :

1.    Periksa Kondisi Komputer  Secara Umum
Sebelum melakukan troubleshooting  lebih lanjut, langkah pertama yang harus kita lakukan adalah memeriksa kondisi komputer secara umum, diantaranya adalah :

  1. Periksa kebersihan didalam Casing CPU. Bersihkan debu dan kotoran lainnya bisa denga kuas dan vacuum cleaner, bila perlu siapkan electrical contact cleaner untuk membersihkan Motherboard.
  2. Periksa kondisi suhu tiap-tiap komponen seperti Power Supply ( pastikan fan berputar secara normal),  VGA Card dan Heatsink Processor.
  3. Pastikan berbagai komponen (seperti RAM, VGA Card, konektor IDE / SATA, konektor Power Supply, dll) sudah terpasang dengan benar,  untuk memastikannya bisa dengan mencabut dan memasangnya kembali.
  4. Bila Anda baru saja memasang komponen hardware baru (misal VGA Card), cabut aja dulu dan coba jalankan komputer  kali aja peyebab BlueScreen dari kompone tersebut.

2.    Gunakan Mode “Safe Mode “
Langkah selanjutnya adalah menjalankan Windows dalam Mode "Safe Mode", yaitu dengan menekan berulang-ulang tombol F8 pada saat sistem start up. Setelah Windows berhasil masuk ke Safe Mode, lakukan beberapa troubleshooting berikut:

  1. Bersihkan hardisk dari antivirus, mallware & spyware dengan cara menjalankan program virus scanner , misalnya Norman Anti Mallware.
  2. Uninstall Driver yang bermasalah, caranya dengan masuk ke jendela Computer Management klik Device Manager dan carilah komponen yang ada tanda serunya, atau driver komponen yang baru saja diinstall atau diupdate.
  3. Bila perlu uninstall dulu program antivirus yang terpasang, bila kondisi kondisi komputer sudah normal bisa diinstall lagi dan pastikan database engine-ya selalu up to date.
  4. Kita juga bisa menggunakan utility “System Restore” untuk mengembalikan setingan computer ke kondisi sebelumnya. Caranya klik Start, All Program , Accessories, System Tools, System Restore.

3.    Periksa Kondisi  Hardisk

  • Kondisi hardisk yang bad juga bisa mengakibatkan terjadinya BlueScreen, oleh karena itu periksa kondisi hardisk dengan menjalankan perintah CHKDSK.  Jalankan juga program Defragmentasi Hardisk untuk memastikan hardisk bekerja secara optimal.

4.    Periksa Kondisi Memori  / RAM

  • Periksa kondisi Memori / RAM, pastikan telah terpasang dengan benar, dan jalankan program utuk memeriksa kondisi Memori misalnya “Windows Memory Diagnostic”.

5.    Repair Sistem Operasi Windows.

  • Adakalanya BlueScreen terjadi karena ada beberapa file Windows yang corrupt, untuk mengatasinya  cara yang paling gampang adalah dengan melakukan Repair  pada sistem operasi Windows kesayangan Anda tersebut.

6.    Gunakanlah Tools untuk menganalisa Penyebab Terjadinya BlueScreen.

  • Carilah Dump File pada hardisk komputer yang mengalami BlueScreen, biasanya di C:\WINDOWS\Minidump lalu copy ke komputer kita dan jalankan aplikasi WhoCrashed atau BlueScreenView untuk mencari peyebab BlueScreen.

Mungkin itulah beberapa tips dari saya tentang cara memperbaiki Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) pada Komputer. Dari pengalaman saya selama ini penyebab BlueScreen paling banyak adalah disebabkan karena driver hardware yang tidak cocok, program antivirus yang rusak, hardisk yang mengalami bad sector dan windows yang corrupt, bagaimana dengan Anda??



Cara Blackberry Sebagai modem Komputer / Laptop

Setting Membuat Blackberry sebagai modem GPRS (menggunakan kartu XL) pada Notebook. Sengaja saya posting-takut lupa, maklum belum punya blackberry.
Berikut cara melakukan setting pada komputer dengan menggunakan Blackberry sebagai modem GPRS:

  1. Install BlackBerry Desktop Software yang terdapat dalam CD instalasi Blackberry.
  2. Ikuti seluruh proses instalasi hingga selesai.
  3. Hubungkan device BB dengan komputer menggunakan kabel USB.
  4. cek koneksi melalui BB desktop manager , Buka BB desktop manager, pilih menu Option –
  5. Connection Settings. Pada kolom Connection , pilih USB-PIN: lalu tekan tombol detect
  6. Apabila koneksi terjadi akan muncul pop up windows dengan tulisan “ USB Device found. PIN :xxxxxx”
  7. Selanjutnya setup Internet conecction melalui Start – Setting – Control Panel
  8. Klik dua kali Phone and Modem Options.
  9. In the Phone and Modem Options window, click the Modems tab.
  10. Select Standard Modem and click Properties.
  11. Click Change Settings.
  12. In the Standard Modem Properties window, click the Advanced tab.
  13. In the Extra initialization commands field, type the following:
  14. Click OK.
  15. In the Phone and Modem Options window, click OK
Setelah selesai melakukan langkah-langkah diatas,selanjutnya lakukan Setting Dial Up Connection GPRS, caranya:Click Start > Settings > Network Connections.
  1. Double-click New Connection Wizard. The New Connection Wizard opens.
  2. Click Next.
  3. Select the Connect to the Internet option. Click Next.
  4. Select Set up my connection manually. Click Next.
  5. Select Connect using a dial-up modem. Click Next.
  6. If the Select a Device screen appears, select the Modem - Standard Modem check box. Click Next.
  7. In the ISP Name field, type a name for your connection example “XL”. Click Next.
  8. In the Phone number field, type *99#. Click Next.
  9. Indicate which users will have access to the connection. Click Next.
  10. Type the user name “ xlgprs” and password “proxl”.
  11. Click Next. Click Finish.
  12. In the Connect window, click Properties.
  13. In the Properties window, verify that Modem - Standard Modem appears beneath the Connect using heading, and then click Configure.
  14. In the Modem Configuration window, clear the Enable hardware flow control check box and make sure none of the other check boxes are selected. Click OK. In the Properties window, click OK .



BlackBerry Pearl 3G, Bold 9700 And Curve 8520 Hits O2 Market

O2 UK has announced that recently launched 5 BlackBerry smartphones for Pay & Go The 5 units include RIM BlackBerry Pearl 3G, BlackBerry Bold 9700 and BlackBerry Curve 8520.

BlackBerry Pearl 3G smartphone could be the smallest BlackBerry than others, and is out there in black or purple. The BlackBerry Pearl O2 is offering 3G £ 249.99. The BlackBerry Curve 8520 has a price of £ 149.99.

The BlackBerry Bold 9700 as the well-known smartphone could be the cost of £ 349.99. O2 Pay & Go tariff for BlackBerry smartphones provides its buyers £ 15 per month with 500 MB of details access.



Samsung Wave S8500 GPS Maps Navigation Problem - Trick

Samsung Wave S8500 GPS Maps Navigation Problem - Trick

A Trick to Samsung Wave S8500 GPS Maps Navigation Problem (Works Most of the times)

In camera application setting of samsung wave there is geo tagging feature, just enable gps connection in camera settings.

And wait till the dish icon blinking in camera (top left) goes stable and once its shows stable it means that you have got locked to a satellite.

Now immediately run the Samsung navigation application, it too will lock to the satellite and when you get connected to satellite, the satellite icon (top right) in the application turns green.


LG GT540 Optimus: Good Features but Outdated OS

A review said this LG GT540 Optimus is specified for low-end users only. Do you agree with the statement? Well, in case you have no notion how to answer, you need to verify all what I’m going to write right here in this page. Although quite a few men and women think how the features to accomplish the LG GT540 are definitely standard, but, at least, all you'd get are fresh and new, this kind of example, the Wi-Fi and GPS receiver, and digital compass.

The colorful designs are the other causes to give you excellent alternatives. You will discover white, pink, dark gray, and black to choose. But, what very good features to support my individual statement that this phone features fresh and new things inside?

The 3″ resistive touchscreen of HVGA resolution is clear. While the Android OS v1.6 seems to be outdated platform for today, I don’t believe it would be anything to worry as long as you have many other functional supportive features to aid your best connectivity like Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP, 150 MB internal memory, and hot-swappable microSD card slot with expansion ability up to 16GB. Next, it has typical microUSB port and Mass Storage device mode. More than that, the social networking integration is a excellent component to amuse all social networkers.



Canon PowerShot S95 Review

Do you know about the canon-s95? Do you know about the canon-s95? although this type of camera was in the old release, but some people like it. there are several advantages of the Canon S95 is, among others: greater levels of flexibility of the lens Control Ring, powerful basis for low light and creative photography, hybrid IS technology, image stabilization for macro photography, 10 megapixel Canon S95 camera.

Canon PowerShot S95

The Canon PowerShot S95 has a UK release date of August 2010 and is priced at £399.



Best smartphones 2010 List

Nowadays, Smartphone becomes the major trend of mobile phone. No doubt that this phone series is the highest series during the history of mobile phone service. Not only enables users to do long distance communication and texting, this phone also provide online mobile broadband service.

If you never bought Smartphone series, it is better for you to find best smartphones 2010 list as your reference before. You can get this list from internet or mobile shopping guide magazine for valid information.


Based on the survey, there are 3 top scores for best smartphones 2010 categories. They are HTC Nexus Phone, Motorola Droid Incredible, and iPhone 3Gs. All of them provide fast internet connection. For the features and facilities, you can look at the samples on internet or directly visit their store.



Apps for Droid with The Best Benefits

Apps for Droid

Here are the top 10 of apps for droid:

1. USA Today, the earliest newspaper to make real the droid apps;

2. Abduction, a fun game;

3. Shazam, application listen to music;

4. Antivirus will scan the mobile phone for viruses;

5. Task List, an easy program to remain the track scheduled by dates, task etc;

6. Barcode Scanner, a tool to scan barcode and show information of the appointed product.

7. Aldiko – Browse and numbers of eBooks that can be download for free, like Plato, Twain and Dockens;

8. Workout Buddy, an apps for droid related to sport;

9. Backgrounds;

10. Wiki Mobile.




Alcatel OT-206: Perfect Simple Cell Phone for Us

Alcatel OT-206: Perfect Simple Cell Phone

Alcatel has been well known with many low end cell phone products. They have lots of it and the Alcatel OT-206 is one of them. It might be used in all bands of GSM frequencies (850, 900, 1800, and 1900). It is another color low end cell phone of the Alcatel with the CSTN 65K colors 1.5 inches display on it. Just the similar with the other types, it has the polyphonic ringtones to alert the users from phone calls or SMS.

alcatel-206If you were about to buy the Alcatel OT-206, you must prepare yourselves for many kinds of minimalist functions. It has some functions but all those functions are the common functions of the minimalist low end cell phones. You cannot expect some large slots of the phonebook since this cell phone can only store up to 100 entries in the phone book. The USB slot is available for charging only.

But you must be able to crack a smile when you found a camera on it. It might be just the kind of VGA camera, but however, it’s not bad at all. The Alcatel OT-206 uses the standard Li-Ion battery that might be used for up to 400 hours (standby) and up to 7 hours for talk. If you need the simple cell phone for calling and texting only, this is the perfect one for you.


LG GS290 Cookie Fresh

LG GS290 Cookie Fresh

LG GS290 Cookie Fresh is a colorful and styled mobile phone that comes which provides effective functionality. The unit measures 108 mm x 52 mm wide and is 12 mm thick whilst weighing only 89 g in weight.

The device comes with a 3.0 inch TFT touch screen that displays 256,000 colors within a 240 x 400 pixel screen size. A gesture shortcut, handwriting recognition, and accelerometer sensor are also included. LG GS290 Cookie Fresh provides a phone book that will retain up to 1000 entries and also includes photo call. A stereo FM radio with RDS is provided which comes with a built in antenna as well as a variety of games, with the option of downloading further games. The integrated MP4/MP3 media plan provides the means to listen to a wide array of media formats.


The handset comes with both ring and vibration alert options with the opportunity to utilize downloaded music files as MP3 ringtones. Hands free communication is provided by virtue of the speakerphone whilst a 3.5 mm audio jack provides the means to plug in a headset. MicroSD card slot is available which allows user to increase the available memory storage up to 16 GB.

LGGS290 Cookie Fresh provides effective connectivity by virtue of its inclusion of a variety of options which include class 12 versions of GPRS and EDGE with the added benefit of having USB and blue tooth connections. The handset offers social network integration, with the inclusion of its Facebook native client.