How to disable WiFi on iPhone 4

The Wi-Fi function on your iPhone 4 lets you connect to wireless access points for data transfer, but you may need to disable it if you're on an airplane or fix some networking problems.

Once disabled, your iPhone will connect to the Internet through the network of your mobile data. Turn off WiFi on iPhone 4 is simpler than it seems. The best part is that you can reactivate it whenever you want.

Steps to disable access in an iPhone 4

Step 1. Press the button Home"And drag the slider to"Unlock"(Unlock). This brings the main screen.

Step 2. Click the icon Settings"To load the settings of the iPhone 4.

Step 3. Press "Wi-Fi"To go to the Wi-Fi Networks screen. Press "On"Morph into"Off”.

Step 4. Finally, press the button Home"To return to the home screen. And Wi-Fi is disabled.