How to delete and format a Dell computer

It is very useful to delete all data and format your computer periodically. The computers will eventually wear out and start over if you use blocked.

If you have a Dell Computer, Assuming that works with Windows 7You can use the installation disk to format. When you decide to install Windows, it automatically formats the hard drive of your computer during the installation stage. This will return the settings to which he was by default, factory, and leave you with the hard disk almost empty.

Steps to format a Dell computer

Step 1. Inserts Windows 7 DVD on the computer and restart. Press any key when prompted for Windows install.

Step 2. Click "Next"When the Windows Setup page. Read the license terms and click "I Accept". Then click on "Next”.

Step 3. Click "Custom", Then"Drive Options". Choose an existing installation, then press "Format (Full)". Click "Next"To start formatting the hard disk.

Step 4. Finally, click "Next"After the end of the formatting. At this stage you can click "Next"To continue installing a new version of Windows 7.