Convert Excel file to PDA

Find the best way to view files Excel in your PDA depends on the type of device you have. If you have a phone from Microsoft Windows, you can use Microsoft Office Mobile for viewing and editing original Excel files. Otherwise, the best way to see them universally on your portable device is to convert the file to PDF. Most devices Mobile view PDF support, making it the easiest way to see your files at almost any device.

For this need: conversion tool Excel to PDF and a data cable.


1. Choose the file (s) of Excel you want to transfer to a portable device and convert them to PDF format using the converter software or online tool.

2. Connect your portable device to your computer to upload files. Load Excel file converted to PDF to your device.

3. Load the PDF viewer on the PDA and open your PDF Excel to view the program.

Convert Excel files with online ExpressPDF

1. Upload your favorite Internet browser and browse to ExpressPDF. On this page, choose the third option of conversion, which is "Convert Microsoft Excel documents to PDF"(Converting Microsoft Excel documents to PDF).

2. Use the button Browse"(Find) to locate the Excel file you want to turn on your computer. Enter your email address in the box to retrieve the file once converted.

3. Select the level of production quality PDF as your purpose, which in this case would be "Default Settings"Or"Screen Optimized". Click "Convert to PDF(Convert to PDF) to convert the file. A few minutes later receive an email, stating that the file has been developed and how and where to get it back.

PrimoPDF Convert Excel files, Excel to PDF Converter

1. Go to PrimoPDF and download the program to your computer. Once downloaded, locate the setup executable file and double click it to begin installing the software. Once installation is complete, add a PDF virtual printer in the Windows Printers and Faxes. That will create PDF from Excel.

2. Upload your Excel file in Microsoft Excel.

3. Click "File(File) in Excel and select Print(Print). In the print box, choose the virtual printer "PrimoPDF"As the printer. Press "Ok"To send the file to the virtual printer. Dialog box appears PrimoPDF.

4. Press the buttonCreate PDF"(Create PDF). This will be asked to select a storage location for the PDF. Choose the desktop or any folder, then press "Save"(Save).

Convert Excel files with Universal Document Converter

1. Download Universal Document Conveter to your computer. Click the setup file to install the program. Follow the instructions to complete the process.

2. Open Microsoft Excel and open the file conversion. Press the menu File(File) and click on "Print(Print).

3. Choose the virtual printer Universal Document Converter Printing Options and click the button Properties(Properties) on the right to load the template file Excel Workbook.

4. Press the buttonLoad Settings"(Load Settings) on the Properties page. In the box that appears, choose the template "Worksheet to PDF.xml "and click"Open"(Open).

5. Finally, click "Ok"In the printer box to start to convert the file. The PDF will be recorded in "My Documents UDC Output Files”.