Reading books on iPod

People who have iPod usually use their devices to listen to music or watching movies, but they have many other applications. The iPod Touch includes software that allows you to function as an e-Reader, but iPod Classic is not designed for such purposes.

Instructions for reading books on the iPod

1. Download an application e-Reader, such as Kindle, Nook, Stanza, TextonPhone or iBook, if you have an iPod Touch.

2. Download eBook to your computer in plain text if you have a different model of iPod.

3. On your iPod enabled "Notes"Going to iTunes and collating the table"Enable disk use”.

4. Converted using the e-Book This makes the e-Book creates a compressed file in a format that can open on your iPod.

5. Connect your iPod to your computer. Find your iPod through iTunes and locate the folder Notes". Place all new files compressed into a new sub-folder within "Notes”.

6. Disconnect your iPod from your computer. Open "Extras"On your iPod, then open"Notes". The new folder should appear. Click it to see the book. Each note will contain only a small part of the book (4.012 characters is the maximum allowed). So you have to keep changing to the next page of the note.