Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days - Out NOW Across North America!

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days was released yesterday across North America for the Nintendo DS!

Yeah, yeah... I know.... I am a day behind with this, but I really couldn't make it yesterday..... so yeah I picked up my copy, and guys, it's AWEESSOOMEE this game is a "Must" game.

For those of you the United Kingdom or Europe, the game will be releasing in these territories starting on October 9th.

And Of course the illegal way, I am not sure if this works with an emulator, the Japanese version worked great with No$gba 2.6 (patched version), But I don't know about the US. It's a torrent file so make sure that you have a torrent downloader Application (you can try Bitorrent, uTorrent, Xtorrent, Transmission) the torrent gets great download speed, so HERE is the torrent and it works 100% on R4 DS.source:here