How to fix the error message application failed to initialize properly

  1. From the error code indicated in the message that appears, seems to be a problem associated with security software Spyware Terminator, which can sometimes block legitimate programs generating that error. So try to uninstall the spyware in the classical way, ie, from Start / Control Panel / Programs / Uninstall a program (if you use Windows Vista or 7).

  2. If it is not sufficient, it is possible that the uninstall does not work or is incomplete, leaving some files on the hard disk of the program is still loaded into memory at boot time. You can then try to clean up manually: Delete the installation folders and WinCalmAVShield Spyware Terminator (The module for real-time control system).

  3. Then delete the file sp_rsdrv2.sys you will find in C: Windows System32drivers and make sure that the two services related to Spyware Terminator are disabled or no write services.msc menu Start / Run, identifies the services in the screen that appears and check the column State if you are disabled. If not, select them and click Stop the top left corner on the same screen.

  4. If even this procedure would provide the desired results, always after having tried the normal uninstall, you can use Restore System Configuration (Menu Start / Programs / Accessories / System Tools) to a date prior to the installation of software Spyware Terminator.