Samsung Galaxy Skin Future Phone

Samsung S2 Galaxy is still the thinnest phone with a thickness of only 8.4 millimeters. And try to design a concept Yankodesign Galaxy Samsung S3 with exceptional thinness. This concept drawings created by Heyon You also could make the concept watches Sony that can be turned into mobile phones and laptop computers by using touchscreen flexible OLED technology.

Still the same dream, the concept of Galaxy S3 is also expected to use flexible OLED touchscreen technology with a solid surface to be converted to other functions. As images are included, the Galaxy S3 is used for video calling which can stand up without help from the dock. Or even be transformed into watches and digital radio.

Samsung Galaxy Skin Future Phone

Heyon did was not dreaming in broad daylight. In concept, he also said the use of flexible AMOLED technology with polymer elcktro activity that can make easily make changes physically, by sending an electronic signal.

Even Heyon also managed to create a complete specification of the Galaxy S3 with the network size and dimension of the concept phone. But unfortunately Heyon hope AMOLED display only 4 inch dimension. Samsung already had super AMOLED screen with a size of 4.3 inches.


Razer Switchblade

Known as the creator of the gaming device does not make the Razer satisfied. Just look at his new tool Switchblade. You are invited to enjoy PC games in new ways.

Unlike the PC you normally use at home, or even a notebook that you often carry everywhere. Switchblade is portable gaming gadgets are set up for you lovers of the game on the PC. Smaller screen sizes, as well as with the keyboard. You will not find a conventional keyboard that has a lot of buttons. But rather an innovative keyboard that is able to read the interface of each of the games you play.

Razer Switchblade

When you activate the Switchblade, the keyboard will automatically recognize the games you play. A moment later, the display command interface of the game will ' move ' into the keyboard. In addition to the command, you can also use the keyboard as navigation or control when you play the game.

Behind this unique keyboard there is a display panel that allows the keyboard icon displays as you need at that time. At one time can function like a regular keyboard, at other times can be a controller for gaming.

To support the graphics performance and comfort when playing games, Switchblade equipped with the latest generation of Intel Atom processor which is combined with the graphics chipset. Own processor architecture designed specifically in order to improve the performance of graphics chipset higher, so comfort when you play the game uninterrupted. No news, when it began to be marketed Razer Switchblade.


Motorola Create Nike+ Competitor

Motorola appeared to be preparing to compete with Nike, which has been shown to bring in money for Nike and Apple. Surprisingly Motorola brand that is known not care about the world of sports and it turns out now they have released a clock named nanno sports watch.

Motorola Create Nike  Competitor

Motorola described the gadget as an all -in-one fitness and music media are packed in a package with support of GPS as a tool to track your position on the practice track. Music at this hour will follow the rhythm of your movement to provide motivation while exercising. When finished exercising, you can receive the training data wirelessly to a computer for later analyzed.


Revealed: New Features for Firefox 6, 7, 8 and 9

Firefox five generations in one year - until recently, unthinkable. With the new system version, however, appears every six weeks, a new Firefox - Users must update your browser permanently. But the new system has a distinct advantage: The Mozilla developers have new features not wait until the next mega-update, but you quickly realize their ideas. And there are already plenty.

Revealed New Features for Firefox 6, 7, 8 and 9

Firefox 6 and 7 : web pages in the grip
With Permissions Manager is one of them at the door: Firefox 6 According to the plans will bring a new menu where you can define permissions for Web sites accurately. This defines for each address what data is allowed to use them or not. For example, you can ban Facebook or Google in such a way to query your location. Also the creation of cookies or pop-up window, you can stop.

Firefox 8: Against lame add-ons
Firefox is too slow, not necessarily the browser is to blame. Many add-ons or wasteful to eat lots of power. Firefox 8 intended to clamp down on by displaying their resource consumption. In the add-on manager to specify a percentage, how much the particular impact of enlargement on the start time of the browser. How the Internet Explorer 9 to sort out power brakes easily.

Firefox 9: Reset the browser
Whether messed up settings or invalid config values: In the worst case, damage to the Firefox profile. Even if you reinstall the browser, remain corrupted files back from your profile. Mozilla is therefore working on a reset command for Firefox, which resets the browser to its factory condition.
Besides these highlights, Mozilla wants to put even many small things that will improve your browsing with Firefox.


MS-DOS celebrates anniversary: ​​30 years of command-line

Who had done in the 80s and 90s with personal computers, will still remember vividly the command line, optimizing the Autoexec.bat and Config.sys or Word without a graphical user interface. Today celebrating the 30th founding father of Microsoft operating systems Name day.

On 27 July 1981-validated Bill Gates that is probably the most important purchase in his career: For $ 75,000, equivalent to today's purchasing power about 125,000 euros, was acquired by Microsoft head of Seattle Computer Products (SCP), whose operating system QDOS and named it the same day order in MS DOS. It was the beginning of an unprecedented IT triumphal march, which, strictly speaking, but had started one year earlier.

Last resort is the cornerstone of an empire

In 1980, the once relatively unknown software giant Microsoft by computer giant IBM was contracted to develop an operating system for their newest secret project: the personal computer. Was somewhat problematic for Microsoft, however, that Bill Gates, Paul Allen & Co. finished with the contract still no basis for a separate OS had. To comply with the schedule yet, they can then joined another contract, this time with the Seattle Computer Company. The fact had developed QDOS (Quick-and-Dirty Operating System) and set this now Microsoft.

An adapted version of QDOS was IBM PC DOS and it was again a year later MS DOS. Two software contracts accounted for a small backyard operation of an empire that still dominates the personal computer market almost at will. (Cel)


ScoreMobile FC: For football lovers (IOS)

The guys who use Blackberry know this app, and has now come for the IOS platform. So the days remaining to see the America's Cup can help in this free app available in App Store. ScoreMobile FC also works on iPod Touch and iPhone.

This application gives football fans full coverage and just in time to go the semifinals of the Copa America, the biggest soccer event in South America. ScoreMobile FC is available for download at BlackBerry App World

During the first days of competition, Argentina, Mexico and Venezuela were the countries that performed more download traffic, showing their fanaticism for the sport and the high penetration of mobile devices in these countries.

After the Copa America, the Spanish version of FC ScoreMobile offer comprehensive coverage of over 60 leagues and championships also include the Copa Libertadores, Copa Sudamericana, and the leagues of Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and Spain among others.

The application is a complete source of information that provides free access to:

  • Live scores, statistics and classification
  • Real-time alerts sent directly to the user device
  • Breaking news, notes and the main game odds
  • Reviews of plays per minute

Olympus E-P3

The Olympus E-P3 is a digital system camera with a resolution range of 12 megapixels for still images and full HD quality videos.

As part of the PEN system by Olympus, the P3 can be adjusted individually by various components, such as through various lenses flash or strobe lights. Thus, the device offers a similar flexibility as adult SLR, without calling toll on the dimensions. The results appear on a three-inch color display based on OLED, which has a resolution of 610,000 pixels. In light of this modern technology seems like a contrast, the housing program: Olympus sets as with the previous models to a deliberately retro look of the 1980s.

Positive: Olympus once again deserves much praise for the look: PEN, the E-P3 acts primarily in the white version very stylish. Although the look is evidence of bygone days, the processing is anything but old-fashioned: All controls are stuck in the socket and make a circular impression. In practice, the Olympus E-P3 initially convinced by the speed of operation: Both the switch, and the redemption and above all, the focus move to the level of a good DSLR equipment.

Olympus E-P3 Review

The picture quality is proving to be excellent, although the relatively low resolution at first suspect something else does. Finally, one of the Olympus E-P3 also praised for its creative filter: With just a few easy steps you miss your recordings a personal touch. And because it is a system camera, you can adjust the device very well to their individual needs - the diversity of giant PEN now range makes it possible.

Negative: The Olympus E-P3 and related accessories have a price: Even a small arsenal of small helpers already salted the purchase price can quickly climb into the sky. Large deficits, the Olympus E-P3 remain in the menu: There is a thread, so that the camera system currently can find their way newcomers are difficult. The control screen is 610 000 pixels with less fine resolution as with so many premium ultra-compact camera. Apart from this, appear particularly mentioned the creative filter with a short delay, which can be very annoying when reprocessing of images.

Forecast: The Olympus E-P3 would be a worthy successor to the last edition of PEN. Olympus affords greater blunder fortunately not, although the series in various details still need improvement.


The latest iPhone 5 rumors: With 2 cameras for 3D

The latest news on iPhone 5 comes from China, With a picture that shows the iPhone with a fifth-generation two cameras, Which would allow take photos and shoot video in 3D. This feature is currently only common to smartphones LG Optimus and 3D HTC 3D Ages, both Android.

The latest iPhone 5 rumors With 2 cameras for 3D

The author of the Chinese site claims to have received the photo from a friend in Shenzhen, the region where the factory is located in the Foxconn, A manufacturer of Apple devices. From the image we see clearly that 5 iPhone designs are identical to that of 4, At least as far back as the front there is a larger display.

The latest iPhone 5 rumors With 2 cameras for 3D 2

The doubts about the reliability of the news are many, especially if you look at the number 5 next to the iPhone trademark, which generally reveals the fake details. The original iPhone never return the model number on the body.


HTC Desire Firmware Update: 2.3.3 Gingerbread arriving at the end of July

Even one of the most successful models from HTC, the Desire, Will soon be updated to 2.3.3 Android Gingerbread. They have done well not to lose hope users of this terminal although only a few months ago we really thought that this update was done.

HTC Desire Firmware Update Gingerbread arriving at the end of July

Later tests conducted by the manufacturer then some Taiwanese have given positive results. So here comes the green light to upgrade to the latest release that the Desire for Android, the HTC itself said on Twitter, will be released by the end of July.

In order to have this update, however, users will have to give "something" and this something you think would be the interface HTC Sense but nothing has been confirmed. No other information was provided on what was said by the manufacturer but it seems enough.