The white gold Mercedes Benz

This is a true "machine" made by the renowned firm Mercedes Benz and has the peculiarity of having a well-designed body in white gold, plus a few features that make it a really fancy car and accessible only to people who really have money.

To get an idea, if you saw this car in action, witnessing how a piece would be great (and smart) in white gold, passes before reaching our eyes 100KM/h in just 3.8 seconds, and having a speed limit of 320 KM/h, half really good compared to other sports cars.


Of course, nobody wants to be with a photo and a short description. If only for curiosity, we all know the price at which they sell this gem walking ... and therefore, say that it is estimated that the cost of White gold Mercedes Benz is 6.25 million (6,250,000) dollars. Who wants one?