Mamorino 2, a new mobile phone for kids

Just introduced in Japan as the kids through AU by KDDI, A new mobile phone aimed at younger members of the house. This is the Mamorino 2, which gives continuity to the first terminal of the same name, and as we say, this is a unique product for use by children.

It is not just a mobile, but also a tracking system for children, as it has GPS based on emergency call and call alert.


Regarding the previous model has been the addition of a total of 10 pre-programmed numbers and contacts for further Security, Plus an additional set of ring tones, and a much stronger design and is now waterproof (IPX7 IPX5 e) and dust resistant.

Among his options Security Has a basic alarm at the top of the mobile, where children can stretch to begin to sound an alarm and call the attention of people who are close to the child who has felt it necessary to pull the rope. In addition, the Mamorino 2, available only in Japan, Has a GPS system that stores the movements of its owner, and has Secom security alert (a Japanese security company).