Ubuntu Tweak, customize Ubuntu to detail

Ubuntu Tweak is an application for most popular Linux distribution : Ubuntu.

Ubuntu Tweak offer a tool to customize all the functions and areas of Ubuntu Linux. It also allows us to download files (packages) without having to write anything on the console.

Windows users coming to Linux first, usually begin using Ubuntu, A distribution extremely easy to use. But there is a problem, Linux is not Windows.


To understand why Ubuntu Tweak is so important and practical, you have to keep in mind that a Windows user is accustomed toinstall a program wiht click on "Next" and "OK." When it comes to Linux, because sometimes (fortunately more and less) have to type commands at the console of Linux to install or uninstall programs.

Ubuntu Tweak does all the dirty work (install - remove - customize Linux) from a visual, easy to use. Download Ubuntu Tweak