How To Create nicknames for MSN Messenger

Create nicknames for MSN Messenger

Windows Live Messenger is a free instant messaging service that lets you send real time messages to your contacts and friends. People use it for fun, business or just to stay in touch. A function MSN Messenger is that you can customize, you can change your icon, the view of the Messenger window or your screen name. In fact you do not need to use a name MSN Messenger as your contact name. You can replace it with a Nickname. You can also add a saying or message your account name.

Steps to create a nick in Windows Live Messenger

Change your screen name

1.: Start MSN Messenger.

2.: Go to "Tools", Then"Options". Dialog box appears.

3.: Click "Personal"Is on the left side of the dialog box.

4.: Enter your nickname in the field, "My Display Name”.

5.: Click on the button "OK". Your new nickname will appear in your account and your contacts will see when you open your contacts list.

Add a saying or quotation

1.: Start MSN Messenger.

2.: Click on the link "Type a personal message"That is under your screen name.

3.: Enter your message.

4.: Finally, press "Enter". Your message will appear with your friends when you open your Contact to start a conversation.