The best add-ons for Firefox 4 without rebooting

Although still some days to the release of the final version we all know that Firefox 4 will have a lot of improvements, and one of the most important is the ability to install new add-ons or extensions without having to restart the browser.

Obviously this is great news for users, but developers found that the conversion to this new technology add-ons old is more complex than expected, which explains some of the most popular extensions have not yet released their new versions.

FF 4

Despite this, the program if they agree that the creation of new add-ons is rather simple, which means that surely find a lot of new extensions to cover old extensions.

To get an idea of the difficulty of update the add-ons, There are currently fewer than 100 applications that support the new technology, a small number considering the short time remaining before the launch of the official version.

For those who want to try this new technology, here we the best add-ons for Firefox 4 without rebooting.

Badge Tab

The perfect application for everyone who uses social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Reader) constantly, it captures the real-time messages or updates that we have to read each site.


Although not for everyone, this application lets you convert your Firefox window into a Vim client to remove all the details of the traditional browser and integrate a console Vim in the bottom of the window.

Grooveshark Remote Control

This add-on lets you control the Grooveshark directly from the bar of Firefox. Currently only allowed to pause or go forward or backward, but expect major improvements to the new version.

GReader Panel

For users of feeds, GReader Panel opens Google Reader. As an interesting detail, rather than using traditional web version, this application uses the mobile version.


The most popular application in Chrome allows the system to use drag-and-drop in Firefox. Drag2up let us drag files from the desktop into any text box in the browser and then upload the file and copy the link text.