How to read ebooks on linux

If you like to read some of these electronic books (eBook) on your PC you can certainly read this guide, step by step how to read eBooks on computer with Linux operating system installed.

  • Files with extension .epub use two main formats tailored to the eBook, which is the EPUB format and Mobipocket format. To read such files, along with many others, you can install the program on your Linux system FBReader. The program is completely free.

  • You can download this software by going to the useful websites section of this guide and click on "FBReader". Download the software according to its wizard. To install FBReader open a terminal window by clicking the K menu and click Applications / System / Terminal.

  • Make sure your Internet connection is active and in the terminal sudo apt-get install FBReader. After entering your password for access to your user account, the application will be downloaded from the Internet and installed. When finished, click on to start FBReader K Applications/Office -/E- book reader and so on. Happy reading!