5 tips to increase battery life of your iPad

Although the battery life of IPAD is relatively high, it can become the weak point of your device. To avoid this problem, follow these five tips:

Disable automatic brightness adjustment

Although the automatic brightness adjustment is a good idea, as the iPad adjusts screen brightness according to ambient lighting, this can be damaging not only to your eyes, but also for the battery.
For maximum comfort, turn off the automatic brightness setting in "Settings> Brightness and wallpaper" and slide the bar to a value between 25 and 30%. Your eyes and your iPad will thank you.


Make a complete discharge and recharge once a month

Almost all batteries exhibit the phenomenon called memory effect, which reduces battery capacity due to incomplete loads. Fortunately, the battery does not exhibit this phenomenon IPAD as it is a lithium ion battery. However, it is recommended to make a complete discharge and recharge once a month.


Disable location services, push, WiFi and 3G when not needed

Many applications reduce the battery life of the iPad, for example, email applications when you have PUSH enabled. In this case, your iPad will be connected at all times to the server in your mail client and you will be notified when you receive new mail. This option is not necessary, unless you use your iPad in a professional setting.
As for WiFi, you can turn it off when not in use. The same goes for the iPad 3G 3G + WiFi. If you're just playing a video in your library, these two services are not needed.
Some applications offer the choice of location for your contacts know where you are in real time. However, this option significantly reduces battery life. Therefore, the location used only when necessary.


Put the rest iPad

Although this seems obvious, sleep iPad when no longer going to use, you can make your battery last a little longer. To put it to sleep press the Sleep / Wake from the top of your device. You can also configure the iPad to be put to sleep after a certain period of inactivity: go to "Settings> General> Auto-Lock and choose the time.


Update your software iPad

In addition to offering new features, the software update iPad can get the latest enhancements to the system including the battery. Feel free to update the software as new updates appear.