Create and print posters and large-sized posters Posters It

When you make posters or giant poster and it's time to print, we probably think take them to a print in which they plotters billboards and print But if you do not want to leave home and do not want to spend much money then you present a good application.


It is Print It, A great program online that you will easily print posters using the conventional printer you have at home, which is responsible for dividing and arranging the poster or poster in several parts so you can print it and once printed them together with tape or glue, thus obtaining a large poster.

This program completely free Lightweight and easy to use, since in only 3 steps you'll get your poster. You can choose how many sheets you want to print the poster, form, choose the size, among other options. It is a very useful program when make large banners, Advertisements and bulletin boards. Link: Print It