RoboPutt your next golf coach

Golfing? Want to improve your skills in the sport, but can not find someone who will forward your knowledge? It's time for you to meet RoboPutt.

This small robot will teach you correct form to hit the ball based on data obtained from your own shots. First of all you have to put a small device to your club, called "DiGi". The device is responsible for record your shots short and give this information to RoboPutt wirelessly.


Once we analyze your "putt" you must place the golf club in a mechanical arm RoboPutt and teach you to improve the shot. The robot will make the move, while you hold the golf club. The idea is that through repetition, Your muscles learn movement for a perfect shot.

Each course lasts 4 to 5 minutes and costs about $5. Cheaper than a personal trainer, do not you think?