Web Cam Markvision HK075-04915 driver download

To install the camera driver Markvision Decompresses the downloaded file into the folder double click on the autorun file of 1,846 KB


After installation, you create a shortcut on the Windows desktop called "VideoCap." Includes the programs: (Ham track) - (VP-EYE) - (5.0M Pixels driver).

Driver Download: Markvision | 135 MB | Compatible with: Windows XP


The blood group affects fertility

The ability of a woman to conceive could be influenced by blood type, according to research conducted in the United States.

The study of Albert Einstein Medical School and Yale University involved 560 women with an average age of 35 who were undergoing fertility treatments.

The scientists found that those who belonged to group O had more difficulty becoming pregnant due to lower quality and lower egg count.

The researchers, who presented the study at the conference of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, held in Denver, Colorado, do not know what to this link.

But stress that the blood group is only a marker of fertility and further studies are needed to confirm the association.

Key Blood

A woman has a set number of eggs, the "ovarian reserve", which is gradually released during her reproductive life.

It is believed that high levels of a hormone, called FSH, or FSH, are an indication that this reserve is declining more rapidly, which can reduce the chances of a pregnancy once a woman reaches her 30 or 40 years.

FSH levels indicate the amount of ovarian reserve.

The scientists took blood samples from patients to analyze the levels of the hormone.

The analysis showed that women belonging to blood group O showed higher readings of FSH.

On the other hand, those with blood group A had lower levels.

Dr. Edward Nejat, who led the study, says that "a woman's age remains the most important factor in determining their chances of conceiving."

"The marker of FSH gives us an idea of the quality and quantity of eggs."

But it is unclear whether this marker has any impact on the general population, he adds the scientist, because all women in the study were undergoing fertility treatments.


Tony Rutherford, chairman of the British Fertility Society, says the research is "interesting."

But he warns that research is needed on a larger scale to confirm the result so as to see if these effects can be detected in women who are trying to conceive but who have not been diagnosed with fertility problems.

"I think this is the first time that an investigation has found a link between blood type and fertility potential," says the expert.

"We really need to consider along with other tests, most current, measurement of ovarian reserve and study a larger group of women to see if the blood group affects the chances of getting pregnant," he adds.


Know what happens when you block someone in Twitter

When you block another person on Twitter, what happens is this:

  • If that person follows you, automatically cease to follow.
  • If you have added to any list, you will be removed from it.
  • If you follow it, let's follow him.
  • If you have it on any list, will no longer be.
  • If that person tries to follow, Twitter can not and probably blocked you informed.

Apart from this, everything depends on whether you have your tweets protected or not.

If you have protected (use "lock"):

  • That person may not see your timeline (your tweets) in any way.

If you do not have your tweets protected:

  • If you try to view your timeline (your tweets) after having logged on to Twitter, and you can not see a message like the one you see in the picture.
  • If you have not logged into Twitter, you can see from the web all your tweets no problem.

In both cases:

  • If the blocked you mentioned, you will not read this mention.
  • That person will see your profile on Twitter (book, picture, bio, location and background of your Twitter page from the web).
  • If you keep your back (as long as that person does not have locked yourself), "cancel" the blockade and may return to follow.
  • If someone still makes RT, you read that tweet in specific.

Template to create a fund in the New Twitter

How many of us have tried to do a fund to Twitter and trying to eye it looks like everything we wanted? In my case I have to cut at pixel edges to make it located where I wanted.

But with this tool these days are long gone. It is simply a template developed in Photoshop, which includes all the new Twitter displays, as well as different screen resolutions.


Download Free new twitter PSD Background Template | Fuel Your Creativity

This allows taking into account the space to create adequate funding without the need for constant testing on our own, not because they can, but because time is lost. You can create original designs playing with the same elements.

The template includes measures up to 2560 px wide, through all the intermediate joint resolutions. Excellent tool designed by Chad Engle to Fuel Your Creativity.


The best places for students on the net, No more libraries!

There are hundreds of pages of information that can help you to perform your tasks, but few have credibility. This is a list of the most reliable.

The internet came to oust the libraries. Think that many students are in the World Wide Web everything you need to supplement their studies. But how much credibility with the sites they visit?. If you're one of those people who are faithful to the Internet to have any type of educational information, here are the best places for students.

With them can help you find information and learn how to evaluate it and use it properly. Are the spaces that best serve you with your homework. This according to an article microsoft.com

Information Literate. Help to navigate and assess information is available on this page web of University of Idaho. The site will guide you through a series of modules that teach you to distinguish different types of information on the Internet, to locate and select research topics, databases and other collections, to locate and cite sources, and evaluate those you encounter .

Ipl2. This is a web full of "information you can trust." This is a site that is a fusion of the Internet Public Library and the Librarians Internet Index. Thousands of professional volunteers in information science in charge of maintaining the site, which has a FAQ section available 24 hours, 7 seven days a week.

Refdesk. It is a "reference service, which will help you verify facts in order to evaluate information. Operation since 1995 and has served many web dictionaries, encyclopedias, search engines and others. It also has a section for auxiliary tasks to help students of any grade.

Fact Monster. This space is designed for smaller, those who are not yet ready to sail refdesk. Its design is made for easy search and find data more easily, since it conforms to atlases, dictionaries, timelines, slide, encyclopedias, and a homework center.

Microsoft Download Center. It is a database that links you to thousands of programs for free download. Includes updates, online tools, developer resources, safety features and even games for your computer. A site to download files in over 80 languages.

Microsoft Student Experience. It is "the ideal site for future technology leaders, as well as offering resources for students and clubs to keep in touch. Has a job that refers to companies, and contests and scholarships to help develop their skills.

Internet History Sourcebook Project. From Fordham University and edited by Paul Hassall, Is a site that has a complete collection of public domain texts are presented to copy them, without having to deal with advertising or excessive design. It is exclusively designed in the educational use.

Novel Guide. Literary analysis of classic and contemporary books is what you can find in this place also offers character profiles, metaphors, theme analysis and author biographies.

Shakespeare Online. Every word and every poem that the world's most famous writer wrote what you find here. In addition, you will have the opportunity to discuss their works and find famous quotes.

Math.com. If you have problems in the area of numbers, this site will help you with them: from the basics through calculus, algebra, geometry, trigonometry and statistics. You can practice with exercises that will be judged and even play games.

Science Made Simple. Detailed answers to thousands of questions on science is what you will find primary and secondary students in this site that "makes science easy." News items, ideas for school projects and unit conversion tables will be of great help.

HowStuffWorks. On computers, electronics, cars, science, entertainment and everything you can think you can ask questions and find answers. His name says, is the site that will help you know how things work. Is complemented with news, polls and updates for all your answers you can print.

It is noteworthy that these sites are in English, but you can help Free Translation for substance, and that can translate to 10 000 characters and even the entire page.


Beer belly that is no longer a myth

Moderate consumers have a lower body mass index than non-drinkers, according to a study

Beer consumption has always been linked to poor nutrition, specifically the pleasure of fast food, and hence the famous saying of "beer belly." But a recent study refutes this myth is true, or at least in the case of Spain.

Since moderate consumers of beer that have participated in an investigation have a lower body mass index than non-drinkers, in addition to increased physical activity. Also, there were no differences in waist circumference as a result of visceral obesity.

Quite the contrary. The study "Beer, Mediterranean diet and cardiovascular disease," which was presented yesterday at the College of Physicians of Manchester, claims that moderate beer drinkers are the dietary patterns of the Mediterranean diet. Several experts from the Hospital Clínic, University of Barcelona and the Instituto de Salud Carlos III, who have done such a study, understand that the eating habits of consumers in Mediterranean countries like Spain are very different from the Anglo-Saxons, where beer drinkers tend to take less healthy, ready meals, sugar, crisps, sausages, pork or polyunsaturated fats.

In addition, moderate consumption of this drink can have positive effects on the body. Thus, the consultant of Internal Medicine of Hospital Clínic, Ramón Estruch, said yesterday that moderate consumers of beer that have participated in research with a lower prevalence of diabetes and hypertension, which are risk factors for cardiovascular disease and as figures of "good cholesterol" than nondrinkers. This is because it is a fermented drink made with natural ingredients such as water and hops, and a low alcohol content. It also contains vitamins, minerals, natural antioxidants and other compounds that benefit the body.

The key: moderate consumption
The Spanish Society of Community Nutrition (SENC) included in the Healthy Food Pyramid optional and moderate consumption of beer, of course, always healthy adults. Men are advised to a maximum of 600 milliliters per day, equivalent to three rods, and women two. Furthermore, according to professor in the Department of Food Science and Nutrition, University of Barcelona, Rosa Maria Lamuela, caloric intake of each rod is so low (90 calories per 200 ml.) That "in the investigation banish myths, like beer is not to blame for obesity.

This research, which is part PREDIMED, used a sample of 1,249 participants with a high vascular risk, and analyzed the relationship between moderate beer consumption, cardiovascular risk factors, dietary patterns and physical activity. According to Dr. Estruch, "moderate beer drinkers said that they eat more of vegetables, legumes, fish, cereals and olive oil, all goods linked to the Mediterranean diet."


How to know from where in the world can or can not access your web site

Sometimes when you can not access a website the same thing happens to all other users, but other times it is not only certain users can access, had once written about tools to know when a website is down, But this time I will introduce a service called Where it's up? which in Spanish means "Where is it working?"And indeed it is a service that checks from different parts of the world where access is available for your website and shows you a report.

The operation is very simple, you just need to access Where it's up? and enter the URL of your website, then in the bottom check the boxes to the places where you get a report, which may be of various cities in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Oceania, which is not like me is that there is no city in Latin America and Spain have only Barcelona, after that click on the button Check! to show you your report.

Summarize the resulting page if the website in question is in service and is available in your chosen locations. That's all there is to do. Where it's up? can be really useful when you're trying to find problems in your website.



Apps to change the name, size, format and more to multiple images - Easy Image Modifier

Do you have many images (for example, vacation photos, images for your website, etc.) And want to resize, rename, sort, align, change the format or add a watermark without using complicated image editing tools? Long talk about some program that allowed you to resize and edit several photos at the same time as Mac iResizer, Watermark Image TSR or VSO Image resizer but now I am going to present Easy Image Modifier I found most interesting, but only for Windows.

Easy Image Modifier I am sure that is exactly what you need and it is an application that is simple, runs without installation and can even perform more advanced operations that can be configured with a few clicks. It allows you to edit lots of images quickly, with images optimized for email, to be published on the internet or just for the purpose of saving space when storing.

The program offers many features such as: the ability to change the size of the images (where you can leave fixed a value for the width and height or by percentage), volearlas or rotate, rename the file, set a watermark text and also change the image format such as convert JPG to PNG or BMP. Other advanced features included are the removal of meta-information, change the disproportionate size of an image, you can choose a customizable level JPG compression and more.

The following video shows you how it works Easy Image Modifier:




Password-protect your USB drive - USB Safeguard

USB drives are a major source of the leak of information from companies, as well as the easiest way to steal information from other people, since anyone can read the contents of most USB flash drives, so To avoid this a good solution is to password protect sensitive information you have stored on your flash drive or USB memory Safeguard USB.


USB drives are a major source of the leak of information from companies, as well as the easiest way to steal information from other people, since anyone can read the contents of most USB flash drives, so To avoid this a good solution is to password protect sensitive information you have stored on your flash drive or USB memory Safeguard USB.



Android phones as root

Due to the wide variety of devices with Android operating system, the procedure for Android rooting enabled device varies from one to another, but fortunately there is a tool called SuperOneClick it's free, comprehensive and may Rooting almost all phones with Android, the only ones that are not compatible are the brand HTC, But that there is another tool called Unrevoked.


SuperOneClick is a very comprehensive tool with a simple GUI to hide all the complexity that bears on the inside, this tool is so easy to use requiring only one click away Android rooting Something you could not do before because we had to run some commands in the Terminal and run the risk of leaving the phone unusable, but SuperOneClick not anymore. And even with this tool you can remove the Root whenever you want.


What is root Android?

Android rooting involves installing a code inside your device that you can access the system with all permits unrestricted procedure Android rooting does not change the version of your operating system or delete data or applications, is a safe procedure and can be reversed easily.

Root Android

Rooting comes from the word root based systems that Unix and Linux the user is root with absolute rights to modify or change attributes of any file or folder, this gives us full access to the hardware options such as audio, GPS, Video, WiFi, etc, as well as allowing any program execution .

It is important to note that Rooting a phone does not mean that we will release to use it with any phone company, the unlock procedure is different.

Download Office 2011 for Mac

Now available the final version of Office 2011 for Mac OS X operating system, after going through some Beta versions of Office 2011 finally reached its final version ready for distribution, and if you are a subscriber to MSDN (Microsoft Developers Network) and TechNet can download the final version of Office 2011 editions in Home and Business.

This new version of Office for Mac OS X comes with a new interface design that looks more like the PC version on the way to accommodate your style buttons Ribbon, also fixes one of the most annoying problems of earlier versions of Office , its slowness, is now much faster to start and consume fewer resources.

Other major new features is the inclusion of the new Outlook for Mac with full support for all features of Outlook that replaces Entourage.

Links to download Office 2011 from MSDN


How to protect yourself from accounts theft Firesheep

A moment ago talking about a serious vulnerability that allows entry to the accounts of almost any social network like Facebook or Twitter with just one click using a Firefox extension called Firesheep And if you care about your privacy and are vulnerable in Techcrunch have posted a solution to prevent hijackers Firesheep your account.

Firesheep is based on the fact that most social networking sites using the HTTP protocol, because it is faster. To solve this we have to surf the Internet with Firefox and an extension called Force-TLS which requires sites using the HTTPS protocol instead of HTTP which makes the cookies are invisible to Firesheep.

As extension Everywhere HTTPS Force-TLS allows Firefox to change from HTTP to HTTPS sites you indicate your preferences in TSL Force-This ensures a secure connection when accessing web sites and that unlike the encrypted HTTPS protocol HTTP user data, so if a program tries to get as Firesheep can not decipher.

Instructions for setting Force-TSL:

Download Force-TLS and install Firefox.


In Firefox go to Tools – > Configuration ForceTLS and then add the domains of the sites to which you want to make secure connection using HTTP.


Restart Firefox and go.


Firefox extension that allows you to Hacking Twitter accounts, Facebook, Yahoo, Windows Live, Google, and many more

These days it has sparked controversy on the Internet for an extension for Firefox called Firesheep that exploits a vulnerability in the HTTP protocol that is nothing new since it was discovered many years, operating Firesheep is briefly as follows:

  1. Download and install Firesheep in Firefox.
  2. You will then see in Firefox a sidebar with a button that says "Start Capturing" the press and wait for someone who is using the same WiFi network that you are somewhere vulnerable target and begin to see the name and photo of the person, Double-clicking on the picture of the person and log on as if you were that person in your personal account.
  3. It's all

fb hack

As you can see it is a method that only allows you to hack the accounts of people who are using the same WiFi network as you, but the danger of this is in public places, schools or workplaces, this is possible because when logging into a website usually begins by sending your username and password. The server then checks for a matching account this information and if so, it responds back with a "cookie" which is used by the browser for all subsequent requests.

It is very common for websites password protected encryption, at first, but very few sites put everything else. This leaves the cookie (and user) can be vulnerable to intercept and seize kidnap an account.

Firesheep is free, open source, and is now available for Mac OS X and Windows, Linux support is underway.



Acer Aspire One Happy Specs

Acer Aspire One Happy is the new release series netbooks Acer Aspire OneThe main feature which offers a variety of colors with the power to provoke feelings of well being and happiness, elevating your mood. In Mexico, the model is available in two colors that fill your life with enthusiasm and joy candy pink and purple lavender, shades of art that become the next accessory for these young people on the go who like to create their own trends.

With Aspire One Happy you can connect to the Internet and share your life with your family and friends, it incorporates advanced communication technologies, card reader and 3 USB 2.0 ports to send and receive photos and music in seconds. And if you simply want to relax a little, you can talk face to face with your friends via the Acer Crystal Eye webcam and microphone.

Whether you use it inside or outside the home, the model AOHAPPY-2607 you free of cables up to 8 hours in length and AOHAPPY-2984For 4 hours without you connect, which is ideal to keep you abreast of what's happening in your social networks, finished a school project, you check your mail or just surf the web without worrying about battery.

Take your Aspire One Happy in your backpack or bag, hardly notice it's there. His performances ultra-thin (just 24 mm) and ultra-lightweight (1.25 kg), equipped with LCD 10.1 "Active TFT WSVGA (1024 × 600) high-brightness are perfect for playing video in real time. They have a comfortable keyboard to 93% the size of a normal and an ideal multi-gesture touchpad scrolling through documents, rotate images, amplify and browse-only your fingers. And last but not least, to make your life even easier, our new notebook is equipped with operating system Windows 7 Original Starter gives you maximum productivity, 1 GB of RAM, internal hard drive 250 GB, Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3150 which combined with the Intel Atom N450 offers great graphics.
Acer AOHAPPY-2984 Specifications
  1. Intel ® Atom ™ processor N450 (1.66GHz, / 512KB, L2/667MHz FSB)
  2. Chipset Mobile Intel ® Express NM10
  3. Windows ® 7 Starter
  4. 1 GB RAM (1024 / 0) DDRII-533
  5. 250GB SATA HDD @ 5400rpm
  6. Video Intel ® Graphics Media Accelerator 3150
  7. Battery 3-cell Li-Ion. AC Adapter 40W, up to 4 hours of battery.
  8. Fast Ethernet 10/100 Network, Wireless InviLink ™ Nplify 802.11BG Acer, Acer SignalUp antenna
  9. Display 10.1 "TFT Active WSVGA (1024 × 600) high-brightness
  10. 1.3 MP Webcam
  11. Keyboard 84 / 85 / 88 keys in Spanish, 93% the size of a standard keyboard. Multi-pointing system touch pad integrated .gesture three different types of displacement.
  12. Multi-Reader 2-in-1, DC input for AC adapter, RJ-45 LAN, VGA, audio speaker / headphone, microphone / audio, three USB 2.0
  13. Sound card with High Definition audio support, MS-Sound compatible, built-in digital microphone. With two integrated stereo speakers.
  14. 258.5mm wide x 185mm long x 24.mm height / 1.25 Kg
  15. Color: Pink Candy
AOHAPPY-2607 Specifications
  1. Intel ® Atom ™ processor N450 (1.66GHz, / 512KB, L2/667MHz FSB)
  2. Chipset Mobile Intel ® Express NM10
  3. Windows ® 7 Starter
  4. 1 GB RAM (1024 / 0) DDRII-533
  5. 250GB SATA HDD @ 5400rpm
  6. Video Intel ® Graphics Media Accelerator 3150
  7. Battery 6-cell Li-Ion. AC Adapter 40W, up to 8 hours of battery.
  8. Fast Ethernet 10/100 Network, Wireless InviLink ™ Nplify 802.11BG Acer, Acer SignalUp ™ antenna
  9. Display 10.1 "TFT Active WSVGA (1024 × 600) high-brightness
  10. 1.3 MP Webcam
  11. Keyboard 84 / 85 / 88 keys in Spanish, 93% the size of a standard keyboard. Multi-pointing system touch pad integrated .gesture three different types of displacement.
  12. Multi-Reader 2-in-1, DC input for AC adapter, RJ-45 LAN, VGA, audio speaker / headphone, microphone / audio, three USB 2.0
  13. Sound card with High Definition audio support, MS-Sound compatible, built-in digital microphone. With two integrated stereo speakers.
  14. 258.5mm wide x 185mm long x 24.mm height / 1.25 Kg
  15. Color: Purple Lavender
The Happy Acer Aspire One laptops are now available in retail stores.

Firefox 4 is delayed until 2011

Unfortunately this is bad news for all users and fans of the popular browser Mozilla, Firefox, according to the foundation, the final version of Firefox 4 will not see light until next year.

Although there are several versions available for beta testing and are relatively stable, Mozilla developers have decided to take the time to take it easy to leave no stone unturned.

The bearer of this message was the director of Firefox Mike Beltzner, who in a group of developers from Google said that "complete this work is taking more than initial estimates suggested, as we seek the regressions, and sources of instability."


Playstation Phone, the first images

One of the hottest rumors in recent months after seeing the market trend that Apple has set, Sony has finally shown the first signs of a smartphone that combines video games, and yes, obviously we talk about Sony's game division , Playstation, leading to the Playstation Phone.


The most surprising thing is that apparently come with the Android smartphone operating system and all this we know from the information that people Enga dget has been achieved.playstation-phone

Besides that also managed the alleged insider technical specifications of future smartphone, which are:

  • Android 2.x (unknown if 2.1 or 2.2).
  • 1 GHZ CPU Qualcomm MSM8655,
  • 512 MBs of RAM,
  • 1 GB of internal memory,
  • screen from 3.7 to 4.1 inches.

The specifications do not seem so amazing, do you think that is true?


Alienware arena

he group together to share content and tips not a new practice on the internet, but when there is support from a company like Alienware means that these communities have become representative and if Latino representation is even better.

This is the case Alienware Arena supported site for the Hispanic market gamers, and not be content only in Spanish, just as they want to approach the population Brazil by integrating the Portuguese.


BlackBerry Playbook

A few weeks ago RIM unveiled its bid to the market displaying your BlackBerry Playbook tablets that, despite seeing pictures and read the product specifications had not been shown in a demo of their performance and applications. 2 days ago during a conference for developers on Adobe AIR and Adobe Flash was a demonstration of this tablet and applications running Adobe AIR.

This is the first time the device is shown running and the first time we see outside of a computer simulation serves as the operating system and applications. And in general I can say it looks good.

Take several months for the output of this 7-inch tablet, and for the first time we see no wrong. It is however noted that despite their specifications, in the video it shows a little slow and unresponsive as well as Apple has used with touch devices. Besides that the video is already edited by RIM and cut it into several parts, leaving us wondering if it did not work as expected.


Angry Birds for Android now available FREE!

Angry Birds is the best mobile games around today, and since its release in IOS with the iPhone and iPod Touch, has won many fans who enjoy this great game. Thanks to that, Angry Birds could be made available to more platforms like the Nokia N900 and Palm Store Pre OVI or with your own tent, but Android had no more than a "Lite" version of the game.

Now (finally) official was out of the full game for mobile phones with Android, and also if you download it now free. One of the things that surprised me is how quickly the news spread, as the great demand for the game right now, the Rovio servers (the official website of Angry Birds) and the application store which distributes the game ( link below) are down. It is clear that many have been waiting for this news and also took advantage currently is free.



Costume Quest Tips and Cheat

The Xbox 360 version of Costume Quest has a trick that can benefit from two free Avatars for your Xbox. Thus, for the pumpkin mask for man or woman, you simply need to complete the title. For your avatar must bring with a seal pumpkin, which is also available for both sexes, you must finish the adventure and start a new game. Then you're ready for Halloween!


Cheats for WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011

Here are some codes for WWE Smackdown VS Raw 2011. It must first go to the menu "My WWE", "Options" and "Codes". Then, enter Slurpee for a new outfit for John Cena apexpredator for an alternative costume Randy Orton 8thannualtribute for a novel arena.


Tips for Super Meat Boy

To unlock the items in the Xbox 360 Avatar platformer Super Meat Boy Must perform the following actions. For Super Meat Boy (Man and woman), you must complete the Light World. For a T-shirt bearing the likeness of the famous piece of meat, you just need to play under a few minutes.


Codes for WWE Smackdown VS Raw 2010 featuring ECW

The following codes are to enter the cheat menu. Be careful to follow the uppercase and lowercase. To unblock a unique costume for John Cena, you must type Cenate. For the ring HBK, enter Bow Down the ring and Triple H, it must register Suck IT!. For a new suit of Orton, you must type ViperRKO. For the costume Marella, enter Milan Miracle. Finally, to play with The Rock, you must type The Great One and to unlock a new playground BonusBrawl.


Codes and cheats for the new episode of Kirby, Kirby's Epic Yarn

New episode of the series of Nintendo featuring the famous little pink ball Kirby, Kirby's Epic Yarn has a few tricks as covert listening music in the main menu of the game

To unlock the music Yin-Yarn:

Complete the game

To unlock the Dream Land Music:

Complete the game

To unlock the music credits:

Complete the game


Codes and cheats for the game on Microsoft's Xbox 360 Fable II

Adventure game wide open spaces, Fable II has some hidden secrets and trophies sometimes not easy to obtain. Here are some tricks and some code to find them.

To get the trophy the Collector (25 G):

Collect all the objects in the mysterious boxes or see another Hero do so

To get the trophy Meteorologist (50 G):

Set the climate problems of the island of Knothole or watch another Hero do so

To get the trophy Bibliophile (25 G):

Find all books detailing the history of the island of Knothole or see another Hero do so


Rome: The free application from Adobe to create Flash presentations

Many years ago, when it was released Flash Everybody was surprised by the amount of things you could do with the tool in a few steps. Dynamic applications, Animations with little effort and even web sites and games. All this led to Flash, was the tool used to perform these tasks and has not yet been surpassed by any free tool.

A few days ago Adobe launched an application for creating presentations, websites, simple animations in the same way as is done in Flash, so the application has a wide range of tools for editing of these animations. Figures, buttons, tools for creating a Flash animation are all basic components that Rome Project brings to users.

I must say that the same project is now in two versions, both are free and the first is to be executed from the web, so we must have Flash plugin installed in your browser to view the tool while the other version of the desktop program, so give us a single installer for Windows and MacOS (Yes they have forgotten users of Linux on the Desktop version.)



Melinda Gates prohibits the use of Apple products at home

In an interesting note Melinda Gates, wife of the third current world's richest man, Bill Gates, recently declared that it is completely banned in your home using any Apple product. A bit childish, do not you think?

Although it is known that Bill Gates has banned the use of any Apple product within the Microsoft campus, is an exaggeration to claim that the wife at home also apply the same restriction.

Apparently if the children want an iPod have to settle for a Zune and despite the claims that Bill uses an Apple computer at home, Melinda said that such rumors are completely false.

The truth is that there is a news headline but it would still attract attention. Also, never understood much rivalry by Bill Gates, let's face it, I like Apple but they only have 10% of the market, not a competition but a bit more variety. Hardly call a 10% competition.


11 Daftar Gempa Tsunami Terhebat / Dahsyat

Gempa berkekuatan 7,2SR yang mengguncang Kepulauan Mentawai, Sumatera Barat, Senin 25 Oktober 2010, menimbulkan serangan gelombang maut, tsunami. Seluruh pemukiman yang berada di pantai barat gugusan kepulauan itu diterjang tsunami sehingga menewaskan lebih dari 400 orang.

Indonesia tidak lagi asing dengan bencana itu. Pada Desember 2004, tsunami besar terjadi di Aceh. Lalu tiga bulan berikutnya terjadi di Nias. Setahun lagi, tepatnya 17 Juli 2006, tsunami juga terjadi di Pangandaran, Jawa Barat.

Rekam jejak tunami ternyata sudah terjadi sejak tahun 6.000 Sebelum Masehi. Laman media ilmiah Livescience.com mencatat daftar tsunami maha dahsyat yang pernah terjadi di bumi.

6.000 SM

Gugusan salju besar di Sisilia longsor dan jatuh ke laut. Longsor yang terjadi pada 8 ribu tahun lalu ini memicu bencana tsunami tersebar di Laut Mediterrania. Tidak ada catatan sejarah bencana ini. Hanya para ilmuwan geologi memperkirakan tsunami dengan kecepatan 320 kilometer per jam ini mencapai ketinggian gedung 10 lantai.

1 November 1755

Setelah gempa yang menghancurkan Lisbon, Portugal, dan mengguncang sebagian besar Eropa. Orang-orang banyak yang berlindung di perahu. Namun, tsunami justru terjadi. Tak pelak bencana ini menewaskan lebih dari 60 ribu orang.

27 Agustus 1883

Letusan Gunung Krakatau di Selat Sunda, memicu tsunami yang menenggelamkan pesisir Sumatera, Jawa bagian utara, dan Kepulauan Seribu. Kekuatan gelombang bisa menyeret karang seberat 600 ton ke pantai. 36 ribu orang meninggal sia-sia.

15 Juni 1896

Gelombang setinggi 30 meter muncul sesaat setelah terjadi gempa di Jepang. Seluruh pantai timur disapu tsunami itu. 27 ribu orang meninggal.

1 April 1946

Gempa besar di Alaska menimbulkan gelombang besar di Hawaii. Bencana yang sering disebut sebagai misteri "April Fools Tsunami" itu menewaskan 159 orang.

9 Juli 1958

Gempa berkekuatan 8,3 SR di Alaska menyebabkan gelombang besar hingga 576 meter di Teluk Lituya, Alaska. Ini merupakan tsunami terbesar yang tercatat di zaman modern.

Untung saja, tsunami terjadi di tempat terisolir, sehingga tidak menimbulkan banyak korban. Tsunami ini hanya menyebabkan dua nelayan meninggal dunia, karena kapalnya  karam diterjang ombak.

22 Mei 1960

Gempa bumi terbesar yang pernah tercatat sebesar 8,6 SR di Chile. Gempa ini menciptakan tsunami yang menghantam Pantai Chile dalam waktu 15 menit. Gelombang tinggi terjadi hingga 25 meter. Tsunami ini menewaskan 1.500 orang di Chile dan Hawaii.

27 Maret 1964

Gempa Alaska "Good Friday" berkekuatan 8,4 SR, menimbulkan gelombang 67 meter di kawasan Valdez Inlet, Alaska. Gelombang dengan kecepatan 640 kilometer per jam ini menewaskan lebih dari 120 orang. Sepuluh orang di antaranya dari Crescent City, California, yang juga mendapat kiriman ombak setinggi 6,3 meter.

23 Agustus 1976

Tsunami di Filipina barat daya menewaskan 8 ribu orang. Gelombang besar ini juga dipicu gempa bumi di sekitar pantai.

17 Juli 1998

Gempa dengan kekuatan 7,1 SR menghasilkan tsunami di Papua Nugini. Gelombang besa dengan cepat membunuh 2.200 orang.

26 Desember 2004

Gempa maha dahsyat dengan kekuatan 9,3 SR mengguncang di Samudra Hindia, lepas pantai barat Aceh. Gempa paling besar sepanjang 40 tahun terakhir ini menimbulkan gelombang tinggi di Sumatera Utara, Pantai Barat Semenanjung Malaysia, Thailand, Pantai Timur India, Sri Lanka, bahkan sampai Pantai Timur Afrika.

Setidaknya 320 ribu orang dari delapan negara meninggal dunia. Bencana ini merupakan kematian terbesar sepanjang sejarah.

28 Maret 2005

Tiga bulan kemudian tsunami juga terjadi di Sumatera. Gempa di lepas pantai Nias yang berkekuatan 8,7 SR itu memicu tsunami besar yang menewaskan 1.300 orang di Pulau Nias, Sumatera Barat.


Windows 8 may come in 2012

As sow the early days of the week corresponding to the rumors and gossip Technology that spread across the web respectively.

A small group of people working in the Dutch office Microsoft Have uncovered again this rumor that began in mid of this year, the rumor confirms that Microsoft is developing in what would be the successor to the popular Seven, Windows 8 respectively.

The information was accompanied by the first Birthday Windows 7 there could be seen or rather read than 2012 would be the ideal year to launch the new Microsoft OSBut a question that circled the head of all is that if people feel comfortable with the current operating system, why take a chance on a new Windows? And apparently the main factor is to raise money


Opera Mini 5.1 beta for Symbian

Opera Mini 5.1 and has a beta for Series 60 platform Symbian, Which was launched in today and brings significant performance improvements. Which are significant startup times achieved and page loading and improved travel page.

Another important advance in this version is the greater integration with the platform, Which can be seen in the increased support for native methods of text input for the function to copy and paste each phone or the native mail client applications (for example, when selecting some email address).

There is also Opera Mini 5.1 beta support for more devices, and arguably most Symbian phones can use it as there is support for Series 60 2.0 and above. Unfortunately, that if this beta is available only in English even throw in more languages expected shortly.


Messenger 8 for Mac, video chat

On the day of yesterday, Microsoft has officially launched the long-awaited Messenger version number 8 for Mac OS X, Which can be downloaded individually but is also included in Office for Mac 2011, which is coming in today, and have included several improvements to enhance integration with office suite.

Thanks in large part to improved connectivity features and collaboration among its users, whether through videochat Calls, voice chat or always effective. And they are well targeted to leave the Messenger in addition to Office (as part of Mac Bussiness Unit) as they have not added anything to the other features that have always been hallmarks of this application: gaming and entertainment.

Draws attention to its interface, which has been retouched and offers a design with many touches of ribbon, ie aunt we look more similar to that offered in Windows application, which has also been repeated in Office and you're likely to see with a basic strategy.


A "mystery" Island of Japan reveals secret to living more than a century

Ogimi, western Japan, has the largest concentration of population over one hundred years around the world. Food and emotional stability stand out from their habits.

According to figures released in 2006 by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan, one in 35 residents Ogimi exceeds one hundred years old. This makes the island in the world region with the highest concentration of ancient inhabitants. What is the secret? Biological research, medical, social, anthropological and journalism have tried to reveal it.


A report in Spanish newspaper Country describes the main patterns that characterize the world's oldest people. For its part, the geriatrician and a cardiologist Japanese Makoto Suzuki, American twins with Bradley and Craig Willcox, an internist and anthropologist, respectively, published a study on healthy longevity reach residents Okinawa, Japanese prefecture which is inserted Ogimi Island.

Entitled The Okinawa Program: How the World's Longest-Lived People Achieve Everlasting Health - And How You Can Too (Okinawa style: How the world's oldest people achieve a lasting health), The document has been taken up in numerous health publications. Among them, the U.S. newspaper The Boston Globe.

Although genetics appears to be linked to the longevity of Okinawans, researchers have established that it must influence beyond 30 percent. Experience shows that those born in Ogimi leaving the island have a life expectancy up to 17 years younger than those who remain.

Such is the case of a group of workers was sent to Brazil in the 1930's. Among other customs, they acquired a lot of eating beef.

Thus, the habits that have more mature people in Okinawa gave the impression of being useful for all people, regardless of their place of origin or residence ... Meet them!


Few are eaten animal products. Preferred fruits like papaya, herbs such as basil, seaweed and vegetables: carrots, cabbage, onions, green peppers and lettuce. Also included in moderation pasta, rice, corn and fish, especially salmon and tuna that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Red meat and eggs were very few times a week.

As for drinks, plain water is ingested in abundance, eight to twelve glasses a day. It is also customary green or black tea, both are rich in antioxidants. Avoiding milk and sugar. As for its spices, turmeric is one of their favorites. The used both to flavor foods and to drink.

Habits at the table.

Moderation seems to be a key to the longevity of those living in Okinawa. Aphorism is widely inspired by Confucianism hara hachi bu, Which states: "Eat until you're 80 percent full." To achieve this, are accustomed to eat slowly, and satiety signals take 20 minutes to reach the brain after it has been hit in the stomach.

Research of the U.S. National Institute of Gerontology have confirmed that limiting calorie intake provides an increase in life expectancy in all species, from fruit flies to primates.


Most of the foods you eat are picked by their customers personally. This will have family and community gardens near the houses. Such activities, in addition to fishing and working strictly keep people busy, even in very old age (90 years and over).

The people of Ogimi used as the primary means of transporting the bike, because its light is very convenient for them to navigate the narrow roads of the island. Among their recreational activities include traditional dancing, gardening, fishing and martial arts.

Social environment.

In Ogimi maintaining a strong network of family ties. In the community, care for one another both emotionally, and financially and socially. According to research by Suzuki and brothers Willcox, "The people of Okinawa as a tightly knit community where it is important yuimaru, Which in Japanese means circle of relationships. "

The elderly enjoy great respect. Upon reaching age 60 is celebrated kanrekiOr beginning of happy old age, the toukachi, At 88, and kajimaya The biggest party of all, reaching the 97, in her old red dress as a symbol of the youth return, and carry a reel of paper or kajimayaa in a parade through town. Over there, people were about to shake hands, because they think that way you will share your health and longevity.

Cultural sphere.

Japanese elders face old age with the pleasure and enjoyment that Confucianism and Buddhism brings to their lives. You meditate regularly, which helps you relax, you cultivate optimism and sense of humor. Also keep a link with nature, which comes from the principles of Shinto philosophy.

For his part, Confucianism attaches great importance to the rites as a means of preserving the mythical past legacy, as a symbol of hierarchy and power, as a method of self-discipline and self-control, and as a guarantee that society and the state work properly.


100% robotic surgery performed in Canada

A surgeon robot called DaVinci, assisted by a robot called McSleepy anesthesiologist, have successfully performed the first robotic surgery 100% in the General Hospital of Montreal in Canada. It was a prostate removal done a very brave patient, who thus becomes the first human operated by a totally robotic.

While it is true that the use of robots in surgery is used in various medical specialties for several years, the novelty is that this is the first time you perform a complete audit combining Surgical Robot and Robot Anesthesiologist, without contact direct doctor-patient during the operation.

And is that during surgery McSleepy was directed at a distance by an anesthesiologist, while Da Vinci was guided by an urologist, but neither touched directly to the patient medical.

Does the contribution? These robots are very useful for surgeries, especially for the precision of movement (the pulse is accurate) that perform the procedures.

In the case of robot anesthesiologist, its usefulness is that it is configured to calculate the exact dose of anesthesia requires the patient depending on the type and duration of surgery performed, also taking into account physical characteristics such as age, height and weight .

Would you trust a robot would operate? Before you answer, and as I reflect, I invite you to watch this video about how the Da Vinci robot ... But beware: Contains strong images that can hurt feelings.


Virus (XXX) attacks the Twitter

Users of Twitter may affect your equipment because a new virus that circulates through the network.

According to internet security company, Sunbelt Software, Are popping up fake pages service micro blogging invite you to install updates from Java or Adobe Flash executables are actually virus.

The trick is to select the selective testing of "A New Twitter #." However, where the image should appear the characteristic bird of the network, there is a naked girl.

"The new experience of Twitter can be full of shiny things, but the files do not appear infectious part of the deal," says Christopher Boyd of Sunbelt Software.

To avoid falling into the deception of the virus, the company advised to check the authenticity of the Twitter page before entering the username and password.

Is not the first time that over 140 million users of Twitter are threatened by some kind of virus.

Magazine PC World published in 2009, using the abbreviated URL, method not to exceed the 140 characters that Twitter allows, could serve hackers to place Trojans are hidden programs on your computer to steal information.

The publication mentioned that sometimes false messages are sent over new fans or alleged comments.

In early 2010, with just the mouse by the URL, the user was directed to other sites, malicious strings were sent to supporters and problems of profile visitors.


Grooveshark Controlling keyboard shortcuts

If you are an addict GroovesharkBut you are someone who like to control the music with the keyboard instead of mouse then you will find very useful keySharky which is an extension for the browser Firefox and Google Chrome, Which adds functionality to the keyboard control Grooveshark, So you can play, pause, stop, fast forward to the next or previous song, add the current song to favorites, vote positive or negative, etc. with the keyboard.


Keyboard shortcuts by default comes configured are:

  • Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Z play / pause the selected song
  • Ctrl + Alt + Shift + X formulated to block the song being played
  • Ctrl + Alt + Shift + A to select the previous track
  • Ctrl + Alt + Shift + D to select the next song
  • Ctrl + Alt + S to mark as favorite
  • Ctrl + Alt + A to rate positive
  • Ctrl + Alt + Z negative voting
  • Ctrl + Alt + Q to eliminate voting

Download photos from Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket with Desktop Photo Downloader

If you've ever wanted to download photos from services like Flickr, Picasa or Photobucket you might have noticed that some photos do not have that option and clicking the right button to save the image as you keep an image is actually empty, as these services have their trick to download pictures of them, but to make things easier for tools such as Desktop Photo Downloader is a free tool to download photos from the main image hosting services.

The difference between Desktop Photo Downloader and other services is that this tool uses RSS to download the photos, making it compatible with many sites such as Flickr, Picasa Web, Photobucket, Fotocommunity and Panorama to name a few.

To download photos click on the button Add Feed"And this will open a window where you have to select the service from which you need to download the images and then you enter the address of Feed, Feed the direction you get it on the same page for example on the page of a Flickr photo search where it says RSS Feed, that the link.

Desktop Photo Downloader is compatible with Windows and is a completely free and open source.



Application to use Facebook in Windows 7

If there are Facebook app for iPhone, Android having web version of Facebook also, why there should be one for Windows? because the Facebook application for Windows is called Fishbowl With this application you can view and update your status, upload photos, add friends and browse around your profile and friends, and this is an application that integrates seamlessly with Windows 7 because it is an application created by the laboratories Microsoft to demotrar how easy it is to make applications that integrate with Windows 7.

In addition Fishbowl is an application with a very nice interface and easy to use, in fact I like design that the web version of Facebook.

With Fishbowl can upload photos to Facebook just easily drag and drop photos into the application, and another thing I liked is the integration with the Windows taskbar, it is easily integrated to show thumbnails so you can easily see what happens on Facebook when you're in another program without switching windows.



Automatically change the Windows theme colors for the weather

Aero Weather is an application for Windows Vista and Windows 7 that changes the color scheme of the operating system based on current weather conditions in your location, but for that to happen you must meet two conditions, one is having a version of Windows that supports Aero, is say, Home Premium, Professional, or Windows Vista Ultimate or Windows 7 and the other is that climatic conditions only supports U.S. cities.

The first run Aero Weather after installation you get a window configuration where basically you have to enter a zip code somewhere in the U.S. to get the weather conditions there.

Three other additional settings. You can change the color scheme based on temperature to weather conditions, you can also define the range of colors and if the night mode should be enabled or not.



How to improve your learning skills and memory with Anki

Anki is a program used to help you remember things easily, this is due to Anki is much more efficient than traditional survey methods, so you can reduce the time spent studying.

Anki is aimed at anyone who needs to remember things in their daily lives. because you can introduce all sorts of content to Anki as images, videos, mathematical formulas, audio, text, etc, some of the possible uses of Anki are:

  • Learning a new language
  • Studying for college exams
  • Memorize the names of people seeing their faces
  • Learn geography
  • Mastering long poems
  • Even the guitar chords practice

Best of all is that Anki not only works in Windows but there is also a version orfor Mac OS X, Linux, iPhone, Android and Maemo.

Here's a video to see more or less as used Anki:


Winamp now for Android phones

Winamp long ago was the most popular music player for Windows, one of his great virtues was the light of the program and the large number of plugins, but was gradually losing strength, but now want to return to the game by presenting his version of Winamp Android mobile operating system, and seeing the program's interface gives me the impression that will be successful.


Some features are Winamp for Android:

  1. Synchronize your entire music library on your PC with Winamp Winamp on your phone
  2. Can be synchronized via USB cable or via WiFi
  3. You can create or edit playlists from your phone
  4. It integrates with Last.fm for scrobbling if you use it

Android Winamp Android works on phones with version 2.1 or higher, and find it free on the Android Market, so go ahead and give it a chance to prove it.


Changing the language of the Messenger (Windows Live Essentials 2011)

Some people have asked me how they can change the language Windows Live Messenger 2011, Mounting procedures as they have an English version, then publish it here if you also happen to you the same, now Windows Live Messenger (Formerly known as MSN Messenger) Is within a suite of applications called Windows Live Essentials 2011This suite of applications but also supports several languages which is shown by default English, here I'll tell you how to put it in Spanish.

  1. First necessities enter the next folder in Windows C: \ Program Files \ Windows Live \ Installer \
  2. Inside that folder you will find a file called LangSelector.exeDouble click that file to run it and open a window like the following

  3. From the dropdown list you can select the language you want and then you just have to click OK, Make sure you are connected to the Internet to automatically download the program installation files.

Reckless Racing: Mini Cars Racing for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Reckless Racing is the new racing game developed by Pixelbite edited by EA Mobile for the trio apple gadget: iPhone, IPod Touch and iPad.

In itself that is offered is nothing more than play as if it runs in competitions Dirty Track is involved with six different vehicles that looks like a toy.

The player has three game modes: career singles in "Dirt Rally", test of time with the ghost car in "Hot Lap" or against the gathering and delivered a package to "Delivery."

Reckless Racing also offers multiplayer games with their corresponding online leaderboard.


Go with PSP price cut in the U.S. and Japan, PSP2 sight

During the summer devised a campaign PSP Go to 199.99 euros did not work too much because it was a mess to get discount of 50 euros.

To avoid this pitfall Sony has announced an official price drop of PSP Go United States spends $ 250 to $ 200, and a reduction in Japan really amazing to 26,800 to 16,800 yen (148 euros). Meanwhile in Europe there has been no announcement about it, you know here we pay more for everything because it is, in part thanks to the euro.


If anything is clear one year after PSP Go hit the market is the need to make physical format titles is still important, as well as digital versions should also be reduced in price to be competitive and attractive.

While both are starting to come out strongly related to the plausible rumors PSP2 whose first working prototype was shown behind closed doors at the last fair TGS 2010.

According to Kotaku Sony's new laptop could see the light at the end of 2011 and incoporaría widescreen HD.


DJ Hero packs free buy DJ Hero 2

DJ Hero 2has landed this week with their plastic plates and to help their promotion ActivisionFree software offers the first DJ Hero, for those of you who leave before their good notes in the bundle packs (a mixer) and party bundle (two tables and a microphone).

  • DJ Hero 2 - 60.95 euros (Wii) EUR 70.95 (Xbox 360, PS3)
  • DJ Hero 2 Bundle - 111.95 euros (Xbox 360, PS3 and Nintendo Wii)
  • Party DJ Hero 2 Bundle - 181.95 euros (Xbox 360, PS3 and Nintendo Wii)

ChuChu Rocket reappears to iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

ChuChu Rocket! puzzle game Dreamcast logo back with a series of ports for Apple devices: iPhone, IPod Touch e iPad.

The gameplay has not changed and the players will have to place the arrow tiles to guide ChuChus mice to their spaceships, but along the way interpose some obstacle and cats with fleas. The game will also offer more than 145 puzzles, including 24 multiplayer levels for up to four players via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Yes the version iPad allows more frills play multiplayer battles with four people at once in the same tablet.

The ChuChu Rocket! due out later this month in October App Store by 3.99 euros (iPhone, iPod Touch) And 5.49 euros (iPad).


Battlefield Bad Company 2: new trailer Vietnam

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam reappears in a new video where you can see the mapped to recreate the Valley of Phu Bai.

The action puts us in the late 60's, when the United States without success intensifies the presence of his army through massive bombings and heavy artillery, so we will control the machine guns on helicopters as well in SUVs.

Expansion DICE has no definite date yet but will this winter and will cost EUR 12.99 in Playstation Store and 1200 Microsoft Points in the case of Xbox LIVE.


NBA JAM: Released November 25 (Xbox 360, PS3)

It appears that Electronic Arts reconsider and cast redimiento accounts as he could pull the NBA JAM If, instead of giving a port of the Wii version, they gave a certain polish to make it a stand-alone with its own strength.

So from next November 25 in physical form back to the basketball courts cry Boom-Shaka-Laka! (Played by the original voice of Tim Kitzrow home console to Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

At our disposal will be a staff of 100 professional players both those serving and those figures that are already part of the legend (for it to be passed by Boss Battles) Of this wonderful sport.

2 vs battles. 2 full multiplayer mode in December will receive new downloadable content.


Mafia II trailer DLC Joe's Adventures

Mafia II Joe's Adventures the third downloadable content that continues the story from the perspective of Joe Barbaro, who falls from grace in the "family" Clement of Empire City, after jug Your friend Vito.

This DLC will be released on November 23 via the Playstation Store and Windows PC for 7.99 euros, while the Xbox LIVE you can get for 800 Microsoft points.

Viacom In a stupid decision can not embed the video, so to watch the dub in Castilian have to follow the link.

In Joe's Adventures also included new clothes, 20 new collectible Playboy covers and more hit music from the 40 and 50.


Rock Band: More downloadable songs from The Doors

Harmonix strip a myth of pop and rock such as the group The DoorsThe first three songs will be free from 26 October to 1 November to celebrate the launch of Rock Band 3 and are also compatible with early versions of the instruments Pro plastic.

Rock Band 3

Songs available on 26 (Xbox 360, Wii) and October 27 (PS3)

  • "Light My Fire" (Compatible with Pro Guitar and Bass Pro) +
  • "Riders on the Storm" X (Compatible with Pro Guitar and Bass Pro) +
  • "Touch Me" X (Compatible with Pro Guitar and Bass Pro) +
  • "Hello, I Love You"
  • "L.A. Woman "
  • "Love Her Madly"
  • "Love Me Two Times"
  • "Peace Frog"
  • "People Are Strange"
  • "Roadhouse Blues"
  • "Soul Kitchen"
  • "The Crystal Ship"

The pack of nine subjects The Doors Greatest Hits: Special Edition goes on sale for 10.99 euros on the Playstation Store and 1200 points in the Xbox LIVE and will be available from 2 November. In case of Nintendo Wii pack of 12 songs out of 1,500 Wii points.


Cities XL 2011: construction and available simulator (PC)

Cities XL 2011 stands as another city-building simulator ready to compete with the reigning series SimCity, or so it aims to Focus Home Interactive who is promoting his recent release for PC.

The dynamics are the usual hundreds of buildings, structures and variables are under our control in pursuit of designing the ideal city with the best economic, educational, health, etc. and now with the little theme of climate change will have the energy to it will be necessary to bet on renewable energy and try to establish a communications system cleaner.

Moreover, the scope of action Cities XL 2011 not limited to one city, but we can shape our delusions of grandeur graphically by creating other cities and then interconnect them as in the real world.


Need for Speed Hot Pursuit: time-limited demo

To test the new Need for Speed Hot Pursuit seems to be to hurry up to download the demo, Since it will only be available temporarily, in particular, starting tomorrow, October 26 at the Xbox LIVE and October 27 at the PlayStation Store until 9 November.

The show lets us know how two game modes main. The first "Dark Horse"Follows the typical dynamics of cops and robbers, while the second mode Roadster's Reborn"Compete against the clock and car loads of ghosts, all progestin for the new network system" Autolog. "


ViewSonic Launches New Multi-Touch LCD Monitor

It seems that ViewSonic is willing to talk about their products at least once a week. At this time we bring another interesting monitor LCD the main characteristic of being Multi Touch.

This monitor is the code name VX2258wm, including Windows 7 Touch certification, plus a 21.5-inch screen.


Its resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels Full HD, displaying dynamic contrast ratio of 100,000:1, 200 cd/m2 brightness and a 5ms response time. It also includes two 2W stereo speakers with SRS Premium Sound quality, free D-Sub, DVI, USB input and 3.5mm output.

On the other hand, ViewSonic has endowed monitor of ecological features to reduce energy consumption overall. Also features an ergonomic design, and analog inputs for DVI and VGA signal.

Without forgetting that its multi-touch screen allows us to draw, move, resize and manipulate photos, files and documents by simply touching the screen.

The monitor is already on sale in some stores online, like Amazon, the cost of $ 319.99 (about 230 euros).


The DR-900 Asus eReader on the scene in Taiwan

A few months ago, in March of this year 2010, we speak of a eReader I was working in the firm Asus. It was the DR-900, and although it was already in an advanced state of development, we have not heard from him until now.


The device, in much the overnight, is completed and ready to debut in stores Taiwan.

It is confirmed that the Asus DR-900 will be sold on November 29, 2010 in Taiwan stores. Have a screen 9.7-inch technology SiPix e-paper and resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels.

On the other hand, has a storage capacity of 4GB, audio output 3.5 mm, and support for a wide range of file formats including PDF, TCT, MP3 and ePUB among others. For now it is not confirmed when we will get to see it in stores in Europe and U.S., although you may see early next year 2010, and even sooner if it passes through stores in Taiwan is very successful.


Sony launches a remote control for children

A few years ago, when televisions were not yet so advanced, and even the time when there were no video players, remote controls were very simple. At that time there were few channels TV So in base, required a small number of buttons.


But now everything has changed, and increasingly remote controls have larger buttons. And of course, the smallest of the house was confused.

For them Sony has launched a remote you will love it, very quiet and let parents leave their children when watching television unsupervised. This remote, the RMKZ1Works with infrared signal is constructed that is sturdy and soft.

Only seven 7 buttons, and these are configurable by parents. Before giving the command to children We set up the channels that will be allocated on the buttons available. In this way, when you are watching television, they can only switch between the channels you have defined. On the other hand, the command also has an upload limit of volume, thus saving them from harming the ears to put the TV too high.

This command Sony is already on sale in the U.S. for a price around 15 euros.


New versions of Pomera, take notes in style

The Pomera is the electronic device to take notes with the greatest success has Japan of all manufactured by Jim King. Since its launching in 2008, has sold countless units, and the Nipponese have shown great interest in its possibilities.

Now, to prepare for the upcoming holiday season, Jim King announces the launch of three new models of the device.


And best of all, seen from a business perspective, is that these new models Pomera have a design inspired by the animated series and manga Mobile Suit Gundam. For this the company has signed a licensing agreement with Bandai. The company that owns the rights to the famous robots.

These new models of the device will DM11G name and will be available in mid-December at a price close to 30,000 yen each (about 265 euros).

All three agreed in their characteristics, changing only the design. Among its distinctive feature a special welcome message and off, 4-inch screen with resolution of 640 x 480 pixels, 89MB of internal memory, and a port for SDHC memory cards. It is also important to note that only works with two AAA batteries and weighs 340 grams.


The BlackBerry 9800 Torch Road Australia

Optus Network has announced the arrival of Australian stores BlackBerry Torch 9800, new smartphone introduced earlier this year. The device is available for businesses with 2 year contract price of $ 79.

This model BlackBerry has a touch screen 3.2-inch HVGA capable of a resolution of 360 x 480 pixels, plus LED flash camera with 5 megapixels, autofocus, image stabilizer, geotagging and digital x2 zoom. This video camera can record VGA resolution of 640 x 480 pixels.


Furthermore, Mobile incorporates sliding keyboard QWERTY vertically, to provide users with writing emails, messages and other media content. Its features also features an optical trackpad, a processor speed of 624MHz, and flash memory and 512MB SDRAM. Its operating system, how could it be otherwise, is the BlackBerry OS 6.

Its internal memory is 4GB, with support for microSD memory cards (up to 32GB), GPS, Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, 3.5mm headset jack and Bluetooth 2.1 EDR. In more technical terms, the smartphone weighs 161 grams and measures 111 x 62 x 14.6 mm.


AIR 2.5 comes with support for tablets and TV

Adobe has used the framework of the MAX 2010 event to present the new version of AIR, the runtime platform. AIR 2.5 and comes with many new features, including support for more devices: BlackBerry smartphones and tablets with Tablet OS, Android and IOS, but also TV comes to platform support for Samsung Smart TV.

The latter is becoming more important, Google TV is here and now nobody wants to be left out. AIR 2.5 is optimized to run on hardware that equips current TV and H.264 video will play in 1080p and in some cases there is possibility to display 2D graphics more than fluid, 200 FPS.

In the case of Adobe AIR desktop novelties are fewer but equally important, more CSS support, like @ font-face and shades, and hardware acceleration for H.264 video display (ie Windows only), thereby reproducing a video in 1080 only requires 19% CPU usage (compared to 65-70% above).


VLC for iPhone available at App Store

And last month saw the arrival of VLC for iPadNow is the Time VLC for iPhone. In particular, the come-VLC version 1.1.0, which brings the same versatility as ever about the large number of formats supported: MKV, WMV, MPEG, and DivX, among others.


Among the new features coming in this version we are able to delete files directly from this application and without using iTunes, a decoding much faster thanks to optimized code (though we will not wait for video playback in high definition) compatibility with a larger number of extensions VLC.

VLC for iPhone has been developed by Applidium, but despite this the application is available for free on App Store and available source code, as appropriate. It is compatible with IOS 4.0 and 4 and the iPhone 3G, and iPod Touch newer.


Opera 11 provides the portable installation option

Always relegated to the shadow of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and, since a couple of years-Chrome Opera is hard work looking for some time to achieve a market share that reflects its quality.


Recently announced that Opera 11 will provide support for extensions, And now have added another interesting feature: the ability to install Opera on an external device, such as a flash drive or memory card.

This option is available if we click Options (When starting an installation), and now you can also opt for an installation to a user or for all, we will be able to choose to install Opera on an external device.


Google Chrome already supports password synchronization

Google has long proposed that Chrome can synchronize all our navigation, And steps have been given little by little, starting with bookmarks, preferences and completion, Then Synchronization issues And now finally gets the password synchronization.

Now enter the synchronization options we have to synchronize passwords enabled by default, and as in other cases, you can activate or deactivate them with one check (or uncheck) the checkbox next to it.


For now, that if this feature is only available in the Canary Build, and will reach all users in the stable version 8 Google Chrome, which is expected within six weeks.



Defraggler 2.0 beta - scan the hard drive on startup

Of the several good programs defragment the Hard Drive, Defraggler is one of the most popular, something that has certainly contributed a lot being a part of applications Piriform (CCleaner large developers.) Now comes version 2.0 of Defraggler, important because you look at it even if it's a beta.


Almost a year has made for this update, but this has come up with a very important feature is the scan at startup, which lets you scan your hard drive while the system is booting up and more of the files still crucial for its operation are not blocked.

They have also tweaked the interface and added customization options that allow us to specify our own colors for the defragmentation, but it is especially important to ensure the improvement brought by the new scanning engine, much faster and efficient than the version above.



Download BlackBerry applications from your computer

BlackBerry App WorldThe application store for RIM's platform has been quite still in its infancy, but has recently begun to experience many improvements. Starting with a thorough redesign and QR codesAnd now with improved system downloads.

Thanks to her greatly speeding up the acquisition of applications, as this task no longer requires the use of mobile but that we management directly from your computer, By making payment and these are then downloaded to your mobile phone automatically.


So no longer will need to navigate the menu on the phone, which is far more uncomfortable to do so from a computer and has been identified as the main cause for the limited success so far has been the platform. Now, with all the innovations that have come, we could say is among the most comprehensive and flexible platforms for mobile downloads, even ahead of App Store, you need to install iTunes.

To start taking advantage of this method quicker downloads only need to create our user ID for our BlackBerry (different myBlackberry account that is used for BlackBerry some online services) and then install a browser plugin (currently, only Internet Explorer) to be responsible for managing the download of applications.