Travian Offensive Roman Guide

Starting Out

Choosing romans on travian at the start can be a risky move due to not being able to raid as fast as teutons and not having as good defense as a good travian gaul player. This guide below is intended to be used by all travian players but ideally should be used by an active player. This guide can be used on any travian server, but its best of playing it on a modern server t3.5.

Start out by following the travian quest's until you hit the economy or military route. Here it depends on whether or not you use gold, if you do not buy gold then choose the military route and complete all the quest's except for the last one. Choosing this route you should end up with around 10 legionaires. Don't worry about wheat at this stage as once you are raiding you can raid wheat to feed your hungry troops!

If you buy and use gold choose the economic route and build the marketplace then proceed and build a rally point and barracks using the ncp merchant at the marketplace. Then being to build legionaires and hopefully you will have at least 13 before your beginners protection runs out as stated above do not worry about wheat.

Protection Period Ended

As soon as beginners protection has ended start raiding people in your 7x7 with a population of only 9 or below, be vary careful not to attack anyone with troops and try not to loose any of your troops as they are so costly. Once you have started raiding people in your local travian 7x7, start hitting people outside of your 7x7 and split your troops up into groups of 5, i must not at this stage try not to attack gauls, due to them having traps which are cheap to build. Now build a cranny and keep an eye on how much resources you have in and build a cranny accordingly, should be around a level 5 or 6. One little tip make sure your troops are out all the time so if you get attacked you dont loose any. Over night send them to a low population village far away that takes around 5 hours to get there and 5 hours back allowing you a good 10 hours rest! By the first day raiding aim to have around 35 legionaire on travian and just try and keep the wheat positive. Now the start of the second day, wake up bright and early and keep on raiding with the same tactic. Now spend half of your raiding resources of your troops and spend half on resources tiles, remembering to keep wheat at positive. Keep this strategy till you hit around 120 legionaires.

Equites Imperatoris

Now start to look to research equites imperatoris, save around 70 % of your resources to prepare to research them so upgrade all the necessary buildings including warehouse, granary and academy. Do not build anymore legionaires now but keep raiding and put the saved resources away to research Equites Imperatoris. Once you have done so build around 10 and when an incoming attack is on its way, counter attack them with your horse's and raid him for everything they have got ! Note whilst counter raiding with your Equites Imperatoris still raid the normal suspects with your other foot troops.


Now you should look to build a heroes mansion to train a hero equites imperatoris when you are hitting your teuton friends this should help to soften the blow if they have troops in base when you raid. Now with all of your troops raid with your 100 foot troops and spend on building development and resources tiles. And when you raid with your 25 or so horse's whatever they bring back spend on more horse's remembering to keep in positive wheat. Now comes the expansion, get up to around 100 horse's then look to join a good alliance in your area, (ideally one from a previous travian server) then look at getting a residence level 10 and expanding to your 2nd village. I would look to move fairly local due to you can then send resources across faster and develope the 2nd village in the same way. By now you should be on your way to dominating your local zone !!


Travian Defensive Roman Guide

So you have chosen travain roman's eh? Will smart move, you can either play with them defensively or offensively. This guide is for playing with them on travian defensively. This can is aimed at active players but it very handy for people who struggle to get on daily. This guide can be used on any server, but ideally the newest travian server is the best.

Starting Off

The main aim in a defensive travian roman village is to have a really high production rate, so naturally once you have started complete all the tasks and choose the economic route. Before you do anything else after the quest's look to upgrade your warehouse,granary and resources tiles but not before your cranny. Almost immediately upgrade your cranny to hide 1000 resources (level 10) to ensure that no one raids any resources from you. This will try and detract attention from yourself and also encourage them not to come back if they are getting no resources from you. You want to have clay producing the most by 1 level then wood then iron then wheat being half of your Clay production so somewhere around 10:12:8:6, wood,clay,iron,wheat and try to keep this ratio. Also look to trade in the marketplace if you are running low on a particular resource for some reason.


Now once all of your resources tiles have hit level 3(yes this dose mean breaking the ratio rule!) , you will look at developing your buildings. Build your main building to level 3 and a rally point with a barracks, Note if you are offline for long periods of time (up to 9 hours) think about upgrading your warehouse as well. Now look at building around 8 legionaires ans star raiding inactive players in your 7x7. It takes around 15 full raid to get your resources back from a legionaire so try not to loose any at the start as this is what can help you developer a lot faster on travian online game. Now the key is too avoid incoming attacks and here's a tip at night time send your troops out on a long attack so they don't get killed of in the early hours of the morning. Once you have a reasonable sized raiding force (around 15 troops) look at splitting them up into groups of five, and spend 80% of raiding resources on developing barracks and marketplace and spending the reaming 20% on more troops. Now try to aim at developing resources tiles keeping the given ration before and look at growing towards level 6 tiles. Remember to upgrade your warehouse, granary and cranny as you grow.

1 Month In

Around a month should have flown by on travian now and you should be somewhere around level 6 resources fields on everything. Now as teutons start growing a lot in size, look at building up your barracks level and academy and look at researching and building a few defensive troops such as travians own praetorian. Look at building around a solid 30 defensive troops and also try to research scouts and build a few along the way only about 5. Now whilst continually raiding with your ever expanding army, look at taking all of your resources tiles to around level 10's. Once you start getting level 10 tiles, look at getting a brick works and sawmill and upgrade each to level 4 to really help boost your resource production on travian. After you have done this give your defense a boost with around 30 Equites caesaris, remembering to keep your wheat around half of your clay build a flower mill if it helps.


Now as a solid local player, you should look at expanding to another local village build a residence up to level 10, upgrade the respected buildings and build 3 settlers and the next thing you know you have 2 villages look at following this guide again for your 2nd village except in gore the raiding parts due to inactive players wont be around much longer !


Travian Defensive Gaul Guide

Gone safe and chosen to play defensive as a gual.... smart move. On travian its very hard to play defensive and offensive, so defensive it is. This guide below has been made for all levels of travian players and is aimed at the most modern travian server. Although experienced travian players can use it and this travian strategy guide can also be used on a previous (older) travian server.


As you have chosen to play defensive its obvious you wont get a lot of resources by raiding so its vital to have the best resources tiles. On day one your main aim on travian is to complete all of the travian quest's. You will be paid in resource's to complete the quest's and eventually upon completing the 22 quest's paid gold. Now after you have completed the quest's look to build up your resource tiles to level 3 and need not worry about wheat fields just keep them "ticking over". Although it shouldn't have taken you long enough to start getting raided if you are being raided build a cranny to around level 7. You get a double cranny boost as a gaul so this should hide plenty and stop those pesty teutons getting any from you! If attacks are persistent from the same player to teach them a lesson it might be worth investing in a trapper around level 3 and build 30 traps to ensure all of there troops are trapped please note experienced members only as we don't want beginners getting enemies already! You will have enough later on in travian !


You should now be well out of beginners protection and look at upgrading your resource tiles favouring clay. Also upgrade your warehouse and granary and make sure they are protected with your cranny. By now it will be worth build your palisade to level 5 and building a fair sized army, what ever people are raiding you with lets say 20 troops, build this amount in travian phalanx and some to try and defend of incoming attacks. Now again keep your troop count higher than the incoming raiders, and look at upgrading resources tiles. Once resources tiles hit around level 7, look at upgrading the warehouse and granary and cranny to hide those resources. Now look at making a armoury and upgrading your phalanx armour.


Now look into raiding inactive players around you, research theutates thunders around 20 and start raiding people with all the resources you raid build more horse's with them. Now as your army's grow look into getting your resources tiles to level 10 and building bricks works and sawmills to level 5 to help boost production. If you have found certain players to keep on raiding you focus on your phalanx and try to hurt them badly when the raid you. Once all resources tiles are at level 10 build a residence up to level 10 and build 3 settlers and look at settling in a 15 cropper near your local travian 7x7


Travian Offensive Gaul Guide

Adventures hey? An offensive gaul is a tricky way to play travian? Sure your ready to take on the hardest type of player on travian?? This travian strategy guide has been made for all levels of travin but it is advised this type of game that the player has experience (if you have none why not try playing as a defensive travian gaul?) This travian guide is aimed at speed servers but can be used in all other types of travian servers.

First of all just build up your resources tiles except for wheat, build them up at the same speed for instance all to level 1 then all to level 2 ext,
Progressing Forward

Your main objective at the moment is to get to level 6 resource tiles, whilst bearing in mind that clay is kind and this is the ratio you should use, 10:12:7:4. Once you are making a steady amount of resources, around level 4 to 5 ish, build main building to level 3, a warehouse, granary, marketplace, 1 level 10 cranny and a rally point level 1. You need to be able to store at least 6 times your hourly production in your warehouse.

Stop People Farming You

When people start raiding you, make sure they get nothing as if they start to get resources they will be back and you will be added to there "farm" list, If someone is constantly raiding you, then send them a message either explaining that you are a experienced player or will slaughter them in the later game, you must live up to your work though.

Advancing to Glory With Theutates Thunder (TT)

If you went well by the end of the 15th day all fields should be on level 6, now you need to upgrade your buildings so you can research tt's. Make sure your cranny can hide all of the resource you will need to save +1/3 due to teutons raiding advantage. Once you have enough resources. Now build 5 tt's and start the fun. Get raiding all people near you with a population under 20 and avoid gauls. Spend all of your resources on tt's and its worth an investment in a hero tt so you will need a heroes mansion for this. Now look at getting scouts, they are cheap to research and cheap to build. Get around 5 use 2 to keep in your base and then 3 to scout with. Once you have scouted them if they have no troops get in there and start raiding.


Providing your raiding is going well and you have at least 50 tt's its time to expand ideally into a travian 15 cropper. You will need to be fast though as teutons normally snap these up! Build a travian residence up to level 10, then build up 3 settlers, note you will need to upgrade your warehouse and granary to do this, it is also advisable to build up cranny's as well to hide your resources.


Travian Offensive Teuton Guide

So think of yourself as an attacking player eh? Well follow this guide and your enemy's will be left in your destructive wake. This travian strategy guide is aimed at travian beginners but experts can also feel free to follow it! Also it is based at normal up to date travian servers but speed and old travian servers are also suitable.

Your new day as corporal

As you first start you must complete all the task's and cost the military route. There is no point building troops yet as you cant raid people due to beginners protection. By now you should be around a good solid day into it and a few days must pass until beginners protection, so for the 2nd day upgrade your resource tiles on the 3rd day though prepare for war and build up as many clubswingers as possilbe, you should already have a barracks if you completed the quest's.

Beginners Protection Over

You should now start to raid people ideally romans with around 5 clubswingers a time, if you have more than 5 just split them up and send them to other people around you, try to avoid gauls as they are likely to be crannied up with traps. Now you should be upgrading your barracks to level 3 once you have around 20 clubs, and then keep raiding until you have 50 clubs, don't worry if people attack you just make sure your troops are out so they don't get killed and spend as much resources as possible. Now you need to take a step back and look out in your 7x7 and see who else has a big raiding force, don't worry about romans and gauls just teutons. You need to try and hurt there army badly so attack them and try to wipe out as many of there troops as possible, remember not to defend with you club swingers though.

Scouting Around

You now need to get up to around 100 clubs then build up your academy and build 5 scouts, leave 2 in base to make sure you don't get scouted and with the other 3 scout around and find out who's who in your local 7x7. Now you want to move up to 200 clubs and once you have raid out of your 7x7, and upgrade your infrastructure, such as academy, barracks, warehouse and main building.


Now you need to look at getting a 15 cropper, you will need to later on in the game to feed your hungry army! Get a residence to level 10 then 3 settlers, it is likely you will need to upgrade your warehouse and granary. Once you have got your settlers quick its your time to ponce and get your 15 cropper !


Travian Defensive Teuton Guide

Defensive Teuton? Is there any such thing? Well we can sure try! this again is one of the hardest travian roles to play, sure you have got it in you? Well we are about to find out. The travian strategy guide below is intended for experienced players. It can be used on any travian server but is ideal on the up t date normal one, but can be used on speed and classic servers.

First Of All

Now you have signed up and the ball is rolling you need to complete all of the quest's you are given making sure to choose the military option. This should take you around a good day or so, once you have completed this on the 2nd day for your travian game choose to upgrade your resources tiles as much as possible favouring wood. Now on the 3rd day of your travian conquest, choose to build as many club swingers as possible and get ready for beginners protection to run out.

No Where To Hide

Although this sounds incredibly attacking fear not this is the best way to become defensive. Now you need to go out raiding low population romans as much as possible all the resources you pull back you need to speed on more club swingers until you get 20 club swingers. Now keep raiding and with the resources spend 33% on resources tiles and 66% on troops until you hit 50 club swingers now you keep on raiding and build up your warehouse and granary.


Now you need to build you barracks up to level 3 and academy to level 1, remember to be relentless raiding and use all of your resources to build around 20 spearmen, now you have a small defensive army, build up your resource tiles to all level 7 and build up your spearman count to 50 and build a hero spearman with all points going on defense.

Continuation And Expansion

Now you need to keep on building up your spearman to you get till around 100 and then you can upgrade your resource tiles to level 10's and get brickworks and sawmills to level 10. Now build your residence up to level 10 and build 3 settlers and look to expand to a 15 cropper so you can build all your troops up and store all of your troops in your newly found 15 or 9 travian cropper.


Travian Guide

Welcome to a travian strategy guide, this website was made to help not only beginners but also experienced travian players. Getting tired of giving all of your resources away to someone raiding you? Or just looking to improve on your travian game well look no further. On the left hand side you will find my helpful travian links. On the site you will be taken through offensive and defensive strategy guides for romans, gauls and teutons. Not only that but it will also be filled with information and tips on how to successfully master the game, get a 15 cropper and how to successfully chief other peoples villages.New to travian? Travian is an online based game in which thousands of people around the world compete in a virtual world and try and conquer each other’s villages using attacking force, if attacking force is not your way then you can also just play defensive and build up an unconquerable fortress. View the links on the right hand side to get started.