Intel Core i7-990x: The Most Powerful Processor

It's official, after months of waiting and problems such as broken plates that had to stop all sales, the heir to the 980X is here and has characteristics similar to its predecessor as it continues to maintain a Gulftown of 6-core 32-nanometer (reaching up to 12 threads through a technology called Hyper threading).

The only difference between Intel 990x and 980 are the MHz (megahertz) available in each, as the new offers 170 Mhz difference and that is a great achievement for the engineers Intel.

Intel Core i7-990x

The price seems to be the highest number of all data offered Intel of this processor: $ 999Price that will not be accessible to all and will be more used by overlockers seeking greater speed and power on their computers without complicated it too much.

A very powerful processor certainly far from the hand of the gaming or enthusiasts, will pull people over for creating special effects or things like that need a lot of power, we are confident that for that price is light years away from being a micro-selling.