Create screen casts without installing anything

Sometimes we need to capture a video that shows the activity we carry on our Desktop. It can be very useful for making video tutorials showing the operation of any application or teach a friend who does well with the computer.

There are several applications that can perform these video captures or screencasts but we will explain how to do them ScreenCastle.


First is a free utility and second (and more important) which is a web application that can be used on any computer connected to internet, no downloads or installations. The only requirement is that your browser has support for Java.

The first thing is to go to the site from this link. Once there, click the red button to start the application. It will display a warning window asking permission to run the application. You must accept.

Now you can see the screen ScreenCastle Where you set dimensions of your Desktop and indicate if you also want to capture the audio. When we are ready press the OK button.

In this step, a bar appears at the top of your monitor, with the button to start recording. Click it to start recording immediately.

To stop recording just a few clicks on the top of the screen. Be processed and we have our video preview or save it directly.

Once saved it will show the links to share or download it to your hard drive. We conducted our screencast.