How to make a copy of Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is a language learning software that provides users to learn a specific language. The instruction in Version 3 is comprised of four units per level of language.

These units are divided into four key lessons, followed by sub-lessons. Your progress is stored in the process, so it is important to back Security of your work if the hard disk is experiencing problems or uninstall the program. You can do this with any CD-R blanks, or copying the appropriate folder on your desktop.

Steps to make a copy of Rosetta Stone

Step 1. Insert blank CD-R drive in your computer. After dialog box appears, choose "Burn Data Files to Disc". Name the disk appropriately with something like "Rosetta Stone Back Up”.

Step 2. Select "C: Program Data / Rosetta Stone"Windows Explorer when you are prompted to select a file to burn. To copy only your progress and not all of the program, select the file "tracking.db3". For Mac users, this file is in "HD> Library> Application Support> Rosetta Stone Version 3> tracking.db3”.

Step 3. Click the button Burn"(Burn) the Windows dialog box. After burning the CD, take it out of the unit. Be sure to write "Rosetta Stone Progress"In the face of the CD and store it properly in a folder on CD or another safe place.

Step 4. To copy your progress file to your desktop or a separate folder instead of a CD, follow these steps before locating the file "tracking.db3". Click and drag the file to your desktop or selected folder. You can copy the entire folder C: Program Data / Rosetta Stone But occupy a considerable space in the memory of your hard drive.

Step 5. If you uninstall Rosetta Stone or clean your hard drive, you can use your backup to locate your instructions. Opens first refit and Rosetta Stone. Replace the default file "tracking.db3"With the file"tracking.db3"The backup is in your CD or on your desktop.