How to connect Xbox 360 to Windows 7

As the software and hardware is updated, there are problems of incompatibility or changes in the ways to configure these components. In this case we refer to the way how to connect an Xbox 360 to Windows 7. While this procedure is not very complicated, could become a headache for those accustomed to working with older operating systems as Windows XP or Windows Vista.

This connection works I will explain when you've already set up a network via Ethernet cable or wireless network.

  1. First click on "start."
  2. Then "Control Panel."
  3. After "Network and Internet."
  4. Select "Choose group at home and sharing options."
  5. Select also the section that says "Send for sequence of images, music and videos to all devices on your home network."
  6. Click "Choose options streaming multimedia."
  7. Now choose the default settings to share all files or customize content filtering options.
  8. Finally turn on your Xbox 360 and the computer selects the multimedia section.

That's it, if you've followed these steps correctly managed connect your Xbox 360 to Windows 7. Now you can enjoy all the multimedia content from your PC directly to your television.