How to create apps for Apple gadgets?

Today we live in a world that has become a large market for applications like smart phones and gadgets. Programs to calculate the weight for the diet, to find a public restroom to download comics from the web or to find anyone in the world to carry our own name ...this kind of software provides for all.

However, many people wonder how we develop these apps. Is it easy? Do you let good economic returns? Is it a viable means of livelihood? What requirements must be met to set apps? Are some of the questions received daily. Then we will make a general explanation about.

Take the example of Apple's App Store, since it is one of the forerunners in the genre. The vast majority of applications can be downloaded for iPhone or iPod Touch iPad are developed by small groups of people and in some cases are the result of work of a single individual.

The chances of making money with apps represent a minimum margin. Almost all applications made by small developers cost between 99 cents and $ 4, so you need to achieve great success to gain succulent.

Going to the point of development, those who want to create apps have to buy the developer kit (SDK) that is sold at the official site of Apple. In addition, they will need a Mac because The SDK is available for Windows or Linux. And do not forget to sample codes, which are essential for those who have no experience in programming.

Then you have to start writing our own code and create the user interface using tools that includes previously purchased package. Unfortunately this is easier said than done, since developing an app requires knowledge of the Unix operating system, programming language C and JAVA.

Finally we find most important: to send the app to the App Store moderators to approve your income, and do not forget the acquisition of third-party databases in case they need external information to the app to work.

If you really want to try their luck in the market for apps for Apple gadgets we can only suggest making some programming courses, Otherwise the learning curve is very complicated. Link: Apple Developer.