Messenger Plus! 5, change the look of Messenger 2011

Messenger Plus! 5 is a free software that is designed to customize the most popular messaging clients instant: Windows Live Messenger 2011.

I'm sure Messenger Plus! 5 I love it, especially if you like to customize as program falls into your hands. Messenger Plus! 5 has many options to give a personal touch, unique, very ours, Microsoft Messenger.


I must confess that I took a few minutes to absorb the menu Messenger Plus! 5. The reason is that expected to appear a special screen, and no, it appeared. Messenger Plus! 5 set up a special menu Windows Live Messenger 2011 and from there to do the settings for customize Messenger.

I like the setup screen Messenger Plus! 5 because with just a few clicks you can activate or deactivate boxes displays buttons and icons Messenger 2011. Download Messenger Plus! 5