How to format your pc

Format a PC is very simple and very useful to be able to format the pc, because in case of harmful viruses that your antivirus can not delete or move to quarantine, the 'only solution is to format the pc.

  1. First turn on your PC, and insert the Windows installation disc. Once inserted, click on the install CD at this point you should restart your computer and then would leave a screen that asks you to update your operating system, or format the pc.

  2. If you just want to upgrade the OS without formatting, click on update in a couple of minutes your system will be upgraded. Instead if you want to format it, just click on PC format. Be careful if you formatted the PC will lose all your data, I suggest you save up a few CD - ROM or pen drive.

  3. When you clicked on format, follow the step by step instructions that will appear on your desktop. Once the formatting process is finished, you have to install drivers of your PC needed to run it. If you do not have the driver in possession you can always download it from the manufacturer of your PC.