Free Applications for Sony Ericsson

Today I bring you some recommendations Sony Ericsson mobile applications for free. This time the applications are focused on taking photos. With these simple apps can give them quick and flashy effects to every photo you take.



A simple photo editor it has tools to correct color, add color to images, add text balloons, and create stamps. You can also distort the image, create special effects and a lot more effects in a very simple interface to use. Download available through Android Market.


With 62 effects and 44 framed, Vignette will make your photos look retro style. Whether you want to spice style Chinese Holga camera, or to a dim light Lomography style, Vignette will offer you all the props necessary to achieve it. At the end you can really add geographic tags. The free version is only in the Android Market and

Camera FX

Create the most eye-catching effects: creates high contrast with balances of curves, given that only a good curved lenses can fish, or create effects of symmetry (the classic Andy Warhol) and many other effects and filters available in Camera FX. Available through Android Market.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Create the perfect images with the master of photographic manipulation: Adobe Photoshop. Short, broken, balance the colors, creating contrasts and symphonism in tools such as PC version of the same name. Practically you can do whatever you like with your photos: the only limit is your imagination. Available through Android Market