Utility DriverZone allow you to locate and download updated drivers

Those users who wish to achieve maximum performance and stability of your PC, it is necessary to remember to regular updating hardware drivers. Latest drivers ensures lack of compatibility issues, as well as minimize the probability of failure and system outage. DriverZone - this is a useful web-application, which take on this responsibility. The program will notify you promptly about detected in the "late" and will offer drivers load and establish a more current version.


The software supports continuous DriverZone connection with an online store where you can find more than 2 600 GB drivers for various devices. To scan your system in search of older drivers simply right-click on the icon DriverZone in the system tray and select the appropriate option from the menu. Upon completion of the DriverZone automatically displays on the display web-page with detailed results of the scan. If necessary, update or addition a driver, you will be offered a link to the latest version.

Before the first start of the program the user must create account at DriverZone. The registration procedure will be charged and can be done directly from the application interface. Subsequently the user can enter the site under his own name, and download any he is interested in the driver.

We should also note that DriverZone is portable application and runs under any version of OS Windows (for program on a user's PC must be set to any modern web-browser). Useful tool available for download on the official site - Driverzone.com.


Delete unwanted parts from your audio files and merge multiple songs with Weeny Free Audio Cutter

Do you want to remove some sections of your audio files and do not know how? You have not stopped in time to register at school or at a conference and you want to delete the last part? Do not worry, because Weeny Free Audio Cutter is a free program that helps you in all this and more!

Weeny Free Audio Cutter is just what you need to edit your audio recordings and songs, allowing you to cut and even merge multiple files to form one.

The program's interface has been developed in order to be understood in all its functions at once, so if you have no experience with this kind of software you can learn quickly and intuitive.

Weeny Free Audio Cutter

To download click here. Scroll down to find the button Download for this program.

When you want to cut an audio file, the aims are manifold, as remove some parts or divide it into smaller files for better management with your default audio player.

To cut your audio files, click the button Audio Cut at the top of the interface.

Clicking the icon at the field Source File, Select the sound file you want to edit. The software supports formats mp3, wav, ogg and wma. Through the voice Target Folder select the destination folder for saving the final work.

In the area Split is the actual work of cutting the audio file. The modus operandi to be followed is very clear: through a movable cursor decide the start and end point to be cut. To select the initial part, after you place the cursor where you want the button click Start. To select the final part, move the cursor to the selected point and then click the button End.

Now click the button Add to add the previously cut piece, will be collected at the bottom where all the files to be cut.

To proceed with the cut, click the button Cut Now! The program proves to be well suited to create ringtones for mobile phones, because you can decide the exact length to be inserted in the phone of your favorite song. A classic example is when extract music from YouTube mp3 file is generated and cut with Weeny Free Audio Cutter.

To merge multiple file fragments, in order to create a larger, click the button Audio Merge.

In this case, the operation is much more immediate because you only have to add files, using the button Add. You can decide the order of the files using the vertical arrows at the side of the area where they are listed.

Weeny Free Audio Cutter allows you to insert also optionally meta tags, Such as artist name, title, comments, year of publication, gender and the name of the file.

Select the format of the output files, including those available by scrolling the drop-down menu File Format:

When you are finished, to activate the process of merging audio files, click the button Now merge!

Weeny Free Audio Cutter is just the perfect solution whenever you change the size and duration of your music files and audio solutions without resorting to expensive and rather complicated.


Create multiple virtual desktops on Windows with nSpaces

If you find yourself with a desktop full of icons and windows open and you have many difficulties in split between them, try nSpaces a free program for Windows that allows you to create and manage up to 4 separate working areas on your computer. And 'possible to assign a specific name to each desktop and open on each of these different applications, upload wallpapers or backgrounds different color, set different passwords. nSpaces multiple desktop screen

A custom key combination allows you to switch quickly and easily from one desktop to another. The program is compatible with all versions of Windows. Download from official site.


Windows 8 Only Need to Restart Once a Month

Microsoft has promised that the next version of its operating system fewer reboots required after a system upgrade.

Normally after applying a security patch or other update, Windows needs to be restarted because the files that need to be updated are in use or can not be modified until you restart your PC, and Microsoft has realized that is something that bothers most users.

On a blog post published in Building Windows 8, Farzana Rahman wrote that one of the most discussed topics when it comes to Windows Update is the disorder that generates rebooting when performing an update, which has led the company to study the best way to upgrade the operating system without disturbing the user in designing the process of updating Windows 8. This is fast update, especially if it is a breach of security, no constants appear prompts that ask the user to restart.

Windows 8 Only Need to Restart Once a Month

Microsoft's decision is that Windows Update will only need a reboot once a month, Namely the second Tuesday of the month, when the company releases its security bulletins. This means that users only need to restart Windows 8 once a month Except, of course, safety-critical cases that need to be applied immediately.

When the update occurs, the new Windows Update process will notify the user having to restart, leaving time for it. The notification will be displayed in the login window and kept for three days, instead of being constantly get messages.

After that period of time, Windows 8 will perform a automatic restart, but only so the PC is locked or not running any applications and files are open.

Microsoft still does not give a specific launch date for the new version of Windows, expected sometime in 2012.


Convert Windows XP into Windows 8: 8 skin pack

The new Microsoft operating system, Windows 8, Is now about to leave. They say it will be available in August 2012. Although there is still much we can anticipate a little by this new system and make our windows xp windows 8 installed. All this we can do so through 8 skin pack, a custom theme on Windows 8 for windows xp.

Convert Windows XP into Windows 8 - 8 skin pack

The theme is pretty good, mimicking everything we know about today windows 8. With the theme skin pack 8 you can turn your windows wx in windows 8, Transforming the main menu screen, navigation buttons, task bar, windows, and cursors. Your Windows XP will be pretty cool with these interface changes.

As you install the theme just like any other, and then restart the computer enjoy windows 8. Link: 8 skin pack


Microsoft | Windows 8 will arrive in Q1 2012

Microsoft may have plans to launch the desktop version Windows 8sometime in 2012, but a variant of the operating system, Embedded Windows 8, Is also in development. Reports Computerworld.com have revealed that Microsoft plans to show a version of Windows 8 Embedded to developers sometime in the first quarter of 2012.

Microsoft Windows 8 will arrive in Q1 2012

This version of the operating system is doing, not for desktop PCs or laptops, but for specialized electronic devices such as kiosks, and other medical products. Like the normal version of Windows 8, Windows 8 Embedded will run on x86 and ARM processors. The final version is expected to launch shortly after the release of the standard version Windows 8 OS.

Although the operating system details have not yet been announced, Microsoft has indicated that Embedded Windows 8support different types of user interfaces. That means it is likely that supported features like touchscreens (Rather than the standard edition of Windows 8 will) with the voice recognition.


Firefox 8.0 gets official with Twitter Search

Mozilla today announced an update for Firefox Build 8.0 for Windows, Mac OS and Linux, Which adds Twitter the search box (this is available for English, Portuguese, Slovenian and Japanese), and a dialog box at one time allows users to manage add-ons previously installed.

Firefox 8.0 gets official with Twitter Search

Foxxy The new browser also comes with the following features :

  • Add-ons installed by third party Programs are now disabled by default
  • Added a preference to load tabs on demand, Improving start-up time windows are restored when to
  • Improved performance and memory handling and <video> <audio> When using elements
  • Added support for CORS cross-domain textures in Web GL
  • Added support for HTML5 context menus
  • Added support for insert Adjacent HTML
  • Improved support for CSS hyphen Many languages
  • Improved support Web Socket
  • Fixed issues Several Stability
  • Several security issues Fixed
    Besides desktop builds, Mozilla also is launching a Firefox version 8.0 for Android brings performance improvements and support for master password(This allows users to protect all user names and passwords stored).

Firefox 8.0 for Windows, Mac OS and Linux is available here, while to Build Android is in the Android Market.


Download AVG Free Edition 2012.0.1834

AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition is a reliable antivirus and antispyware for Windows, Which is available to download for free. In addition, the new included LinkScanner ® Active Surf-Shield that checks for threats in the time that matters - when you're about to click on that link.

Download AVG Free Edition 2012.0.1834

AVG Anti-Virus Free:

An award-winning antivirus and antispyware
Real-time security for Internet browsing and searching
Quality proven by 80 million users
Easy to download, install and use
Protection against viruses and spyware
Compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP
AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition is only available for use on a single computer for non-commercial home use.

The changelog of AVG Free Edition 2012.0.1834 includes the following:
Fixes & Improvements #:
* Update: Fixed Issue with update settings while upgrading from previous conversion version. Download AVG Free Edition 2012.0.1834