FoxArc Movie Editor, making movies

FoxArc Movie Editor is a creative editor making movies using audio and video files that we caught ourselves.

One of the characteristics of FoxArc Movie Editor is its simplicity of use, simplicity to work with him in a very short time. The learning curve FoxArc Movie Editor is very low, so no need to read each tutorial or help to use the software.


FoxArc Movie Editor has very good user interface, which makes it much easier to find the options you wish to use, without having to go through the menu tree.

On the other hand FoxArc Movie EditorAllows the use of the tool "timeline" in order to accurately adjust the scenes.

The way creating videos with FoxArc Movie EditorIs by collecting all video files, audio and images you have, and from there to place them in the space you want to appear in the timeline. Download FoxArc Movie Editor