Comparison of iPhone and iPad

With this short article we want to make comparison iPhone and iPadThe two technological marvels of Apple which seem to have much in common, but in fact are designed for completely different uses, so as to justify buying both.

The iPhone Launched by Apple for the first time in 2007, is a handheld device that integrates the functions, it holds, other three technology products that have emerged in recent years: an iPod, mobile phone and PDA. The first, the iPhone has the ability to play audio and video features of the second base - phone calls, sms, mms - with a more internet connection and a camera while the handheld, the iPhone has the characteristics of multimedia, view video and GPS service.

The iPad, Which only can be considered the wrong brother the iPhone, was put on the market at the beginning of 2010. 'S actually a tablet computer, with all the functionality of a PC but with more than a mobile phone next generation.

While it is true that some features and characteristics are the same, there are differences between iPhone and iPad, Some of which the following is set tosome basic characteristics. The first difference relates to the operating system: if both support the iPhone OS, the iPad has been created for the exclusive version 3.2, with regard to the processorThe iPhone uses the standard OpenGL ES 2.0, but with twice as fast than its predecessor while the iPad has an integrated system based on technology called Arm. This also determines the difference in battery life is significantly greater in the case dell'iPad.

The graphical interface has some remarkable similarities. And 'natural that it has been adapted iPad since its size is larger than the iPhone. There is, however, saying that the iPad allows you to use more complex software such as photos, editor, music creation, spreadsheets, databases, etc., even if some features are present in the new operating system iPhone 4G allowing the potential to bring the two products.

Finally, one thing in common was that of critical received at the time of marketing. These include: the iPad has no USB ports to be expanded, it has limited functionality for cameras and ibook, while the iPhone has a virtual keyboard that will cause too many typing errors, the protocol used to connect Edge instead of UMTS, the battery can be replaced only from assistance Apple, and others.

But then you know, the great expectation for the release of a technological product, also charged by the communication campaign of the parent that has characterized both devices, it also produces an inevitable severity assessment by a large number of buyers.