SocialPlus!: Plugin for Firefox to improve Facebook

Are you tired of the same look of Facebook and would like to have more options that benefit you, then what we recommend today is excellent for you.

It is SocialPlus! A Firefox browser plugin that adds many enhancements Facebook that will make your stay more comfortable.

After installing this plugin you can enjoy several features such as view images in slideshow mode, browse the page using the keyboard, insert emoticons in your state, a button "I do not like"And the ability to add a skin to your profile.

Please note that these changes will only appear to you, so if you ever add emoticon to your states, other users can not see it, so it is appropriate to recommend the program.

SocialPlus! is the perfect tool for all users who always want to experience more.



LuckyWire: Free P2P Client

Surely you're aware of the close of Limewire, but do not worry that today we present an excellent alternative.

I present LuckyWire A P2P client that can download for free with which you can download plenty of songs, videos, programs and others at a great speed.


The way to use this P2P is very easy, works like any other, all you do is enter the name of what we are looking for in the search box and within seconds we all results.

This program will also include other features like the ability to sync music on our iTunes.
Without doubt LuckyWire is an excellent alternative to download files we need, so do not miss the chance to use it now.

Finally, this program is available to Windows XP / Vista and Mac OS X.


FlipTwits: To send tweets backwards

FlipTwits is one of those web applications that are not to save life or for relishing a very useful tool, but that it is good to have a good time to use them.

This concerns, an online service with which users can Twitter send Tweets to their accounts using a resource that allows you to reverse the text, thus, we can publish words backwards

We do not know if this has some use large or important But the truth is that it is quite interesting and certainly more than one will want to say something in this way for friends to see and find it curious.

The use of FlipTwits is simple and has no limitations, just log in, write the text and send the publication. Remember that it may need to allow access to the service.


How to determine whether to open or read the emails that you send EmailOracle

Some time ago I published a list of tools realize if the recipient opens the email you sent and even receive a notice, well now we will see another tool called EmailOracle which is unique to Gmail and Google Apps also lets you know if the person you sent an e-mail has been opened and it alerts you have spent days (you can specify how many days) without having opened the message.

To use EmailOracle you install an extension in your browser, this extension works in Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome, after installing the extension, go to your account Gmail or Google Apps and you will see a new option in the left column that says: Tracked Emails click there and authorizes EmailOracle to use your Gmail account.


Now every time you go to compose a new email from your browser with the extension installed you will see 2 options as seen in the picture above where you can choose the number of days to alert you if you have not opened the email, and second, whether the brands will let you know when the recipient opens the email.

EmailOracle allows you to track up to 20 emails a month free, but if you want to track more emails you have to pay a package, you have available with 50, 200 or 10,000 emails a month, and to customize the image EmailOracle inserted at the end of the messages and be able to an invisible must pay for a package.



Automatically follow on Twitter who follows you YesFollow

If you are a person who like to go to all those who follow you in Twitter What many call to # FollowBack then this tool will save you lots of clicks and time, it is YesFollow is a web application when you have a new follower, it automatically follows up for you.

Addition YesFollow have the option of sending a DM (Direct message) to the person you just keep with you a message thanking him for continuing and welcome.

So far everything looks good, but I found some things that I like:

  • We often receive Followers (Followers) who are Spammers But YesFollow will continue automatically to all without distinction, so be careful with that.
  • Some believe that following the person who follows you is not an obligation, but it is your own decision

3D iPhone with a combination of mirrors

The 3D is the technology that is revolutionizing the market today. TVs, laptops, phones that promise to make 3-D images make us enter a new world. But what about older devices that do not incorporate this technology? Recycling, with systems that make it work, as the case of 3D iPhone through a combination of mirrors.

For iPhone 3D technology we had mentioned as a player Gizmos shown in 3D on the Apple device with goggles Hasbro My3DBut what we showed today, they have nothing to do with glasses. Ohn is a simple combination of mirrors that transform 2-D 3 in your iPhone.

The new invention, seems to come under the name of i3DG and allows through this external element composed of several mirrors can view images on it, with this device, 3D iPhone.

However, the fundamental problem with this gadget i3DG, Chinese seal, is that can only be used for images that have been previously touched up, because the device is able to transform 3D to those that have previously been separated into 3 layers by which they are formed. However, it is a way to enjoy a more 3D iPhone.


Feel the touch screens. Microsoft's patent

Is that although it seems that everything is invented, there is nothing further from reality. Moreover, touch screens have a long way to go given your short time to live. Now it is Microsoft who is proposing a novelty; feel the touch screens.

And the announcement comes from the company Microsoft, thanks to a patent they are working. The patent that would feel the touch screens is based on placing a layer of cells on plastic with shape memory on the touch screen. So, depending on the light received from the screen, the cell would simulate the feel of a real keyboard.


However, this new invention in which Microsoft currently works allow us feel the touch screens, Is not expected to reach the market soon, or we find a tablet or a smartphone with these features, because the engineer in charge of the patent notes that this research is oriented to the market for big screens.

However, if this patent is ahead, and the company saw profit in applying Microsoft technology that allows feel the touch screens other devices who knows? Perhaps not so distant in the future when there is a tablet with these characteristics.



Cover version iPhone Slate

In the Apple world accessories for devices that come signed by Steve Jobs are distinguished mainly by the variety. And although cases for the iPhone on the market there to give and take, today we bring you this because we felt original, different and offers a 100% customization.

Imagine being able to write whatever you want and change it when you look at your case for iPhone? Well this is the idea of Kalomix, a company that has created a bag slate iPhone version, that is to write and erase multiple times.

In fact the idea has seemed really cool. It originates, is different, and yet allows full customization. Just what I was looking for today. However, the iPhone case board version is only a prototype of the company, and may never reach the market.


Hello Kitty becomes speaker for iPod and iPhone

Now that the cat Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty has extended its popularity in stores around the world, becoming one of the most recognized brands, its products are multiplying. There are few technological devices that take the image of the kitten to sell more units between the female audience or among the fans of the Sanrio character.

On this occasion, and from Japan, Of course, presents a dock line speakers iDevice of the most likeable. This is a Hello Kitty head in three different colors with two 31 mm speakers in their ears, and a 88mm subwoofer on the bottom.


These Speakers provide sound quality 2.1 from the Apple dock connector placed on the top, where we can enter playback devices as well known as iPod or iPhone (depending on the model we have purchased the product.) In the back, to accompany the main dock, features a headphone jack 2.5 mm.

For convenience, it offers tactile controls on the back of the speakers, what will we do as if we were scratching the ear of the cat. In this way we can raise or lower the volume with ease.

The head measurements are Hello Kitty 186 x 145 x 157 mm. Of time is available Japan the version iPod (White and pink), and the last day of November come the iPhone and iPod (black). Yes, for now only sold in Japan.


Acer presents a new PC all in one

Few days ago Acer surprised all and sundry with a series of novel devices among which were included from tablets to netbooks. And although it appeared that the company had burned all his cartridges, now returns to the fray and presents his apparently ace in the hole.

AcerPC all in one

AZ3750-A34D speak of a computer PC All in one sleek design and attractive characteristics. Although what stands out is its design, which makes him one of the units in one more carefully (at least with regard to housing design) long.

Has a LCD screen 21.5-inch resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, Intel Core i3-550 at speeds of 3.2GHz, up to 8GB of DDR3 RAM and a 500GB SATA hard drive (7200RPM). No missing multi format card reader, recorder DVD and Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, in addition to Ethernet port and operating system Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.

What's more, it also includes eight USB 2.0 ports, and a suite of integrated keyboard and mouse. Its price is 69.800 yen (625 euros) when it comes to land Japanese the 3rd of next December.


Kinect used to play Super Mario Bros., is authentic

Within hours of launch KinectSome users already unraveling the secrets hidden within the control device created by Microsoft for Xbox 360. And from the offices of the company, rather startled by these revelations, they were interested in knowing how far I could get the imagination of users without getting into illegal topics, something that certainly it does not care.

In this aspect are beginning to see the shows really curious, often, about all you can give them the motion control system without controls. Now a video has come to our attention, and it is that a user has retro gaming emulator to play, live and direct, the classic NES Super Mario Bros. (the 8-bit) with his body.

Responsible for this hack has been Yankey, well known in the scene Kinect because previously compiled a light saber using technology Microsoft.

What he has done on this occasion is to become the real Mario, not just in the first game of the character, but also in its aftermath Nintendo NES. It uses a system which works Kinect PC emulators that are compatible with the hundreds of games roms retro and print.


ADeskBar, an attractive pitcher integrating GNOME menu

Although we have seen very good launchers, Style ObjectDock, Radian, Dockbar, AWN, Executor, Krento or Launchy, They all have a problem, is that they can integrate the menu of your operating system. So we thought it so interesting ADeskBarA GNOME launcher that mixes the Menu bar task, And the side gives us a pitcher.

When installing it is at the bottom of the screen and from there we can access the GNOME menu, taskbar and some controls such as network connections, sound and screen brightness among others, as well as a notification area GNOME and a search engine.


We also have digital clock, a button to show desktop and some always interesting as the ability to use themes, levels of opacity and the behavior of the buttons (sound and pointed the way when we posed the mouse pointer over them).

ADeskBar is a launcher / menu interesting and probably over time will incorporate more features but is not bad to be in its infancy. The only thing missing (and is not a minor detail) is support for Ubuntu indicators.



Switch, a multiuser browser iPad

Clearly, iPad is a device that has multi-user destination. Its content weight, striking design and screen that will always find a group of friends together and have a iPad is securely pass from hand to hand.

The downside, as you point out in Lifehacker, is that the Apple tablet does not support it, and it is clear that not everyone will feel comfortable sharing. But there is a iPad browser call Switch Offering Support for user accounts and can solve much of the problem.


As expected, each user can create their account and password protect it so that when we started Switch see images of all users. A quick "tap" one of them will allow us, through password, access history, bookmarks and passwords that we have stored, with the added benefit of being able to save several accounts of the same service (eg Twitter or Gmail).

Switch occupies just 2.6 MB and is developed specifically for the iPad. The cost (limited time) is 99 cents on the App Store.


Extcv allows us to resize our TrueCrypt volumes

Several times we talked about TrueCrytpt, This excellent utility Encryption allows us to ensure hard drives and folders. But the problem is that when you create an encryption need to define the size of its container, which then can not easily be modified but the task is downright exhausting.

The situation worsened with the arrival of TrueCrypt 7 due to their incompatibility with tools that helped in the task, but luckily the update Extcv allows resize container of our encryption in a few steps, whether these containers, disks or partitions.


First, we must select the TrueCrypt volume that we want to expand, which must first be removed. Then we asked whether Extcv this volume contains a sub volume hidden: it is a security question in case of an affirmative answer abort the task, since in that case we would lose all information.

Then you need to enter the password and that's how we're headed toward a dialogue in which we set the new size to our encrypted volume, and as the final step needed to recreate the random numbers of our encryption.


BridgeURL, create tours of several sites in the order you choose

Today we share information in many ways, and the original email has been adding more as the ubiquitous Facebook, Twitter, Delicious and others. But sometimes we share more than a website, and also in doing so we want to respect a certain order.

BridgeURL is then what we need is a service that will allow us to enter multiple URLs in the order they wish to be seen, and then we create a kind of tour through them. With exciting possibilities as it is not pictures but the cover of the sites, and click on the links we will be brought to them.

The result is that we see in the picture above, with the site that leads the tour and then arrows to navigate forward and backward in our journey. And as an extra, say we get a full URL and a shortened URL, if we want to share our tours on Twitter.

We can quickly check the operation of BridgeURL using the tour I created for testing:



How to Install Google Chrome Chromium in Arch Linux

As many of you know, Chromium is the open source project behind Chrome. Chromium is updated daily and held in a very advanced compared to Chrome.

Today I'll show you how to install Chromium in our beloved Arch Linux. First of all I mention that this guide is subject to change so it may come a time that does not work this method of installation.

The first thing to do is install yaourt. If you do not know yaourt, I recommend you look for information in the wiki. If you did not know yaourt, I assure you that this moment on you're going to love.

To install yaourt, you must add the following repository in / etc / pacman.conf:

Server =

After having done this, update and install yaourt with the following command:

sudo pacman-Sy yaourt

We already have yaourt installed. Now we will install Chromium. Yaourt tool has a kind of search and we can access with the following command:

yaourt-Ss nombredelpaquete

To find out what packages are available for Chromium, would use the following command:

yaourt-Ss chromium

Get a list of related packages or may not be related. The point is that we are going to be carried away by the description of the package and so we know which package to install.

In my list is as follows: chromium-browser-bin and is the one I have currently installed. I advise you install this package, it is updated daily, is well advanced and it works great.

To install run the following command:

yaourt-S chromium-browser-bin

We followed the instructions and when we ask if we want to edit, press the button N, Up to the installation question, press the key which Y.

After installed, you can scroll through the menu or simply write from the terminal:


If we acividades the option to synchronize bookmars, chromium must launch the following command:

chromium-browser - enable-sync

Finally, go Chrome Extensions to install some extensions.

Recommended extensions: Adblock +, Adsweep, Facebook Notifications, Gmail Checker, Checker Google Reader, Google Wave Checker.


Create, edit and fix subtitles for videos easily with Subtitle Workshop

Now you can record videos easily, because until we can get the phone catches on what you want, and that makes users from basic to advanced handling videos. When it comes time to work with them to improve, fix or add extras such as subtitles The theme of this article, not very advanced users may seem very difficult to do this, but today I bring you a program that allows us to easily add subtitles to our videos.


Subtitle Workshop is a small program Free that allows us to create, edit and convert subtitle files, In a very simple and fast, thanks to its friendly and intuitive interface, with which we need quick access to frequently used functions, and can configure it to use beginner or advanced mode.

The main features of Subtitle Workshop are:

  1. Has a preview window to see how they are leaving our subtitles
  2. You can change the background color of subtitles, font, add borders and shadows and more
  3. You can repair subtitles fully customizable with a motor
  4. You can check spelling of our subtitles
  5. Supports more than 56 types of subtitles
  6. Supports time-based subtitles and pictures
  7. And much more

Remember that Subtitle Workshop is completely free and runs on Windows XP, Vista and 7, And weighs just 1 MB. You can download the following link:



Jailbreak for Windows Phone 7

After many unsuccessful attempts to unlock the Windows Phone 7, Has finally managed to jailbreak through a tool called ChevronWP7.

The tool will allow unblocking smartphone the application load The use of private APIs, And access to low-level functionality.

Unlock Windows Phone 7 is much easier than it looks. Through this program we will have only a few clicks so that our smartphone free rein to bear.


To unlock a mobile phone operating system WP7, we must first download the tool ChevronWP7, Which is the program that will unlock the phone.

Once you've downloaded, we need to connect the smartphone on to the computer (PC or Mac) using a USB cable. When the computer recognizes the device we can open the program, we recognize the device and tell us if you want to unlock.

At this point we'll have to click Unlock (As you can see in the picture above). Once we do this, the program will take time to unlock the phone (two to 5 minutes). When the countdown is over, our smartphone is already unlocked.

Do not worry about the warranty, as well as being quite safe (the 99% often than not breaks), the program has built a tool that, once unlocked smartphone, We can return to block it.


Printing from your iPhone, iPod and iPad in your printer connected to Windows

The new feature iOS call AirPrint allows you to print web pages, documents, emails, photos, etc. from your iPhone, IPad or iPod Touch without any need to have a computer as it connects directly to printers that support AirPrint such as the range ePrint range of the HP brand, but if you have a compatible printer is also connected to your computer using Windows can also be thanks to this trick that I'll show you. Certainly we have seen that there is a trick to activate AirPrint the iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G which does not officially support it.

Activator AirPrint is a utility for Windows with a simple click can enable support for AirPrint. This free program is compatible with 32-bit editions and 64 bit Windows, and all you have to do is make sure AirPrint.exe have access permissions in your firewall to not fail.

With this we can print to any shared printer you have connected to Windows without problems on your device iOS.



How to record a video and audio streaming to StreamRecorder.NET

Of free solutions available today that are very robust so as to record Streaming are MPlayer and VLC but to do this both require you to write some commands on the system console, which for many users is very difficult to use (and find). For that reason there StreamRecorder.NET a graphical and easy to use application that allows you to record Streaming audio or video being played in Mpay or VLC.

Use StreamRecorder.NET is very simple you only have to define the URL of the streaming, then define the term if you want to record all full-Stream you choose when to stop, then choose where to save the final file in Recording choose which tool you use if VLC or MPlayer, I recommend VLC, or you can choose another, and you can even set the final file's metadata.

To use StreamRecorder.NET you need to have installed . NET Framework and runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.



How to tell if your ISP is filtering traffic Glasnost Test

Much has been said about net neutrality, neutrality basically refers to the right of individuals to access all publicly available material on the Internet, but in many countries it does not, for example in China where the content filter government does not suit you, then people of that country can not have access to all sites, services and information available online to other people if you can, but these cases do not only occur in China, it may be that your country has also block certain sites or services from your Internet provider and check that I will present a tool called Glasnost Test.


With Glasnost Test You can check if your ISP has restrictions on 3 types of applications because it makes a series of tests to determine whether or not Glasnost Test can be tested in applications such as P2P BitTorrent, eMule or Gnutella, For standard applications can test TRAFFIC via email POP e IMAP4, The websites under the protocol HTTP, Transfers via SSH or old groups Usenet Finally can verify that there is no problem with the video and videos YouTube.

Glasnost Test runs from your browser by a Java Applet, So you need to have Java installed to use either Windows, Linux or Mac.



How to unsubscribe from Sonic, Badoo, eBay and LinkedIn

EBay unsubscribe

eBay is the auction site and resale known worldwide. If you never buy or sell can close your account. Before closing the account, you must have completed all your transactions and no payment due. If this is your case, login in eBay and go to this page:

Once on the page, you must specify that you want to unsubscribe at eBay.

The select a box click "Continue"And come to a new page where Bay will try to convince you to stay.

If you have clear and you want to cancel, choose "No. I want to close my account"And press "Continue".

When you click "Continue" just redirect you to a new window, where you will have to accept. The process can take up to 7 days.

Badoo unsubscribe

To unsubscribe from Badoo, Badoo have to logearte in and enter "Settings"(Top right) and"Delete page“.

Badoo I explain that it is not necessary to delete the profile, but can also be hidden. If you want to completely erase it, click "Continue deleting the profile."

Finally, one can only state the reason.


Unsubscribe LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social network rather boring, why thing, many people are derecognized. Unsubscribe from LinkedIn is very simple, first go to "Settings ". A Once there click "Close your account“.


Now you must select the box that best describes why you want to unsubscribe. Once written, click on "Continue“.

When you give click "Continue"Beg you two more times to reconsider your decision. If you stand up and not do them any attention, you may have low on LinkedIn.

Sonic unsubscribe

This abura network forces you to upload photos of real profile, losing all the grace to impersonate a bodybuilder, an astronaut, etc. Do not you think that is reason enough to unsubscribe?

Once logged on Sonic, go to "My Account, "" Basic Configuration"And click"I want to close my account"Bottom.

After you are prompted to specify why you want to say goodbye to Sonic, finally, press "Cancel your account“.

Your account was disabled, but will be re-activated if you log in again.


Top 5 free alternatives to WinRAR

Today we discuss the top 5 free alternatives to WinRAR one of the most popular compressors Microsoft Windows possibly due to its familiar format . RAR, Efficiently than . ZIP But WinRAR is not free, and as here we are free alternatives like going to analyze Top 5 free alternatives to WinRAR that can be compressed in the format .

Throughout all new releases WinRAR This tool has changed very little in terms of compression capability, as it has improved much more the aspect of compatibility.

This is the ranking best free compressors are all focused on Windows if you're looking for other platforms like Linux or Mac.


7Zip besides being my favorite compressor which I use regularly, 7Zip has earned the respect of most users.

7Zip is much faster than WinRARAlso decompresses more formats and open standard 7Z, Is better than RAR.

A point against 7Zip is only available for Windows, although some modifications to work in Mac, Linux or even iPhone are nothing but friendly since they work for commands.

Supported formats: 7z, LZH, LZMA, MBR, XZ, BZIP2, GZIP, TAR, ZIP, WIM, RJ, CAB, CHM, CPIO, CramFS, DEB, DMG, FAT, HFS, ISO, MSI, NSIS, NTFS, RAR, RPM, SquashFS, UDF, VHD, WIM, XAR and Z.


jZip is software that has a similar interface to WinRAR but use 7zip engine, then this will result in an excellent alternative to WinRAR migrate to another free alternative.

No doubt jZip is a good alternative for WinRAR as 7Zip.


Note: This project is no longer in development but you can download and use software and works well.


PeaZip is another compression tool open source is much faster than WinRAR. It also has a very nice interface and supports over 100 formats.



TUGZip is a great program that will remind the Windows Explorer for its similar interface. In addition to compressing and decompressing files, it can repair corrupted ZIP files and protect files.

TUGZip recognizes the following formats: ZIP, 7-ZIP, A, ACE, SQX, TAR, TGZ, TBZ, TAZ, YZ1, ARC, ARJ, BH, BZ2, CAB, CPIO, DEB, GCA, GZ, IMP, JAR, LHA, LIB, RAR, RPM, ZOO, BIN, C2D, IMG, ISO and NRG.


IZArc decompressor is a stunning design with a very good and supports the vast majority of formats.



AirPrint enabling the iPhone 3G or iPod Touch 2G

AirPrint is one of the new features that come with the new system 4.2 iOS for iPhone, iPod Touch e iPad that allows you to print your emails, photos, web pages and documents without downloading any software, install drivers or connecting cables. But unfortunately for some it is only available for those with iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPad, 4G iPod Touch and iPod Touch 3G, So if you are a user of a iPhone 3G or a iPod Touch 2G officially can not make use of AirPrint but here I bring you the trick to activate AirPrint in iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G.


The Multitasking is another feature that users can enjoy iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2GThe Multitasking or multi-tasking allows you to have multiple applications open simultaneously and switch between them.

To activate AirPrint and Multitasking I have seen Web Covering you need to do Jailbreak your iPhone with 4.2.1 IOS redsn0wThe Jailbreak for iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G is a Untethered Jailbreak which means it is good, but in the process of Jailbreak There is an additional step you must do to enable AirPrint and Multitasking, And is the step where you asked to select your options redsn0w should mark Enable multitasking and that's it.

And the magic comes with AirPrint because you only have to enable Multitasking to AirPrint be activated automatically, you can now print from your iPhone 3G smoothly.


Convert multiple videos at once with Batch Encoder HandBrake

HandBrake is one of the best software for ripping, transcoding and convert videos on Mac OS X and Windows especially if you want to convert videos in MPG, WMV, AVI, MKV, but if you are a person who need to convert many video and you want to save the trouble to be converted one by one then you should try HandBrake Batch Encoder which is a Windows only application that lets you convert various videos you have stored in a folder.


With HandBrake Batch Encoder as HandBrake use the same engine to convert the videos, so the quality of the video you are guaranteed, but HandBrake Batch Encoder has the peculiarity that can convert all videos you have in a folder you specify in advance and all you videos are converted and stored in another folder is the destination, you also have the option of the program will delete the original files once you have finished making the conversion.

Some of its main characteristics are that it supports the use of folders Video_TS to rip directly DVDYou can set your video parameters of the destination or use one already defined, you can add metadata to files mp4 and m4vIt is very easy to use and soon will support rip movies Blu-Ray.



Samsung YP-U6 MP3 Player Review–Simple But Worthwhile

The folks out at Samsung–yes, actual Samsung!–sent out their new YP-U6 MP3 player for me to review for you, and I have to admit, this sucker is a portable marvel. It’ll fall short of plenty of others in a lot of important ways, but where it counts, this will do nicely.

The Samsung YP-U6 is a four gig MP3 player that offers an onboard FM radio, a fitness mode, a voice recorder, and a built in USB port as well as a rechargeable onboard battery that yields about twenty hours of continuous playback when fully charged.


Now, you can see in the pics below that the YP-U6 is a very small piece of hardware. This is at once its greatest advantage and its greatest flaw. It’s small, which means it’s going to be preeminently portable. Anywhere you go, this thing can easily follow in a shirt pocket, pants pocket, or even hatband. The weight is barely noticeable, and there’s plenty of storage capacity here for your MP3s. And of course, the audio quality here is excellent as well. Plus, with the retractable USB port, you won’t have to worry about finding cables in order to fill your device full of music–simply extend the port, plug it in, and you’re ready to go. The only cables you’ll need to manage are the headphone cables, and you’ll be able to use your favorite headphones because the headphone jack accepts 3.5mm plugs.

But the size of the YP-U6 is also its greatest flaw. Where many MP3 players can also be used for video, with a small screen but still quite visible. The screen on the YP-U6, meanwhile, is so small that video is useless here. And the controls aren’t exactly user-friendly, either–you’ll be using small tabs on the side of the device to get to menus, then that big button on the front to navigate within the menus. Neither user-friendly nor particularly intuitive.

However, if you’re just looking for an MP3 player to play your music, then there’s no doubt that the YP-U6 is just what you’re going to want. What this Samsung MP3 player lacks in versatility, it more than makes up for in portability


Playboy launches a hard drive with preloaded content

The era of technology reach all sectors, and is that to be the only hard drive on the market that can not be bought by design, technical specifications or the manufacturer's mark, this must be the Playboy's hard drive.

And the company has decided to offer its followers the history of 56 years of Playboy in a different, much more practical than in paper format. This is a portable hard drive that stores all this content that is sold at a price of $ 300 in the signature page.


But although the main selling point of Playboy's hard drive are precisely the contents that are included, the fact is that in terms of its technical characteristics, we talk about 250 GB of storage in a rather small, 5 × 3x5 inches.

The interface of this PlayBoy hard drive is the Hi-Speed USB 2.0 and 1.1 and is capable of transmitting to 480MB per second. In terms of design, the hard disk of the firm is completely black, and the front is, occupying almost all the space the Playboy logo.


Mitsubishi announced a 9-inch screen

The manufacturer Mitsubishi has announced a new device included within the field of displays, Mitsubishi display display will be a 9-inch TFT LCD technology and LED backlight. For this product the brand, it seems that the fundamental strategy of sale will focus on size, it will be one of the few in the sector, with dimensions as small.

And with the war of the tablets, which are precisely similar dimensions devices, consumers are demanding more and more, easily portable gadgets from one place to another, and that's the philosophy of this new product, the Mitsubishi screen gives you 9 inches to play content wherever you want.

Mitsubishi 9-inch screen

As for the specs Mitsubishi display, Note that offers viewing angles of 170 degrees, 960 × 540 pixel resolution and 16:9. The manufacturer claims the life of the display reaches 100,000 hours and is capable of displaying 16.77 million colors.

As always, the announcement of the Mitsubishi display missing data, such as when they thought the device hits the market or the starting price. So to know more, there will be more to wait for the official announcement of the brand.


New PCs and Beisi Computer Mouse

The manufacturer Mouse Computer Japan is one of the most respected companies in the sector Nipponese of desktop PCs. There are few times we've talked about it in these pages, and on this occasion we bring you news regarding new products.

Their latest innovation are two PCs that are already on sale on land Japanese thanks to an exclusive distribution agreement with retailer Beisi Electronics, Which shall be sold exclusively at least for now.


These two computers Desktop give continuity to the B-Value PC in which both companies had worked previously. SPV2 The first is a slim stylish design tower with Windows 7 at its Home Premium x86, Intel Pentium E5700 processor speed of 3.00GHz, 2GB RAM, a 500GB hard drive and integrated graphics card.

The second computer FFXIV-NV2 is designed originally with the support of the video game company Square Enix to operate at full capacity in the multiplayer online game Final Fantasy XIV. This card features nVidia GeForce GTX460, an Intel Core i7-870 at speeds of 2.93GHz, 4GB RAM, 1.5TB HDD, and Windows 7 Professional x64.

Both computers have a LightScribe SuperMulti dual layer capable.


A scene E230BD-FHD, LCD television with DVD

We return to a new product from the manufacturer Sceptre, Which lately is that does not stop. After the television show X320BV-HD, the company returns to star in the trade press headlines with a television LCD HDTV base that incorporates a DVD player as a combo.

This is the E230BD-FHD, equipped with 23 inches and, as we say, a DVD player built into your GX-1 series. In addition to the format combo, The TV out for some interesting features like a fast response time, or auto contrast system that helps balance the power of color for a better viewing experience.


It also has advanced LED screen that provides brilliant colors and crisp images, helping to save energy as they have done before other technological products manufactured by Sceptre.

Series GX-1 includes displays of other sizes, such as 19 and 24 inches. The possibility of having the integrated DVD player at no extra cost is very well received among the public, although at this point the users begin to request more interest incorporating Blu-ray.

The television frame is 9 inches and thickness of only 2.15, sporting a sleek design the most attractive. Meets the standard Energy Star 3.0, and includes two HDMI ports for extra devices and a USB port.


Ingo launches a portable Master System console

Since long ago Sega released their technology Consoles more traditional, we have found lots of portable models MegaDrive type machines and Master System. Not all come to our market as it tends to be fairly common to stay on Asian soil, but occasionally we're lucky.

In the case before us today we speak of the console Sega Games, which includes games in memory of two different retro machines: the aforementioned portable Master System and GameGear, Which at the time fought against the legendary shops for Nintendo Game Boy.


This Console portable and is available in our country (at stores like Fnac and El Corte Ingles) at a price of between 39.95 and 29.95 euros, depending on location.

It is characterized by having a TFT LCD screen with high contrast 2.4-inch, four-way multi-directional pad, console, horizontal format, and set of two main buttons on the front, plus two at the top.

In its report includes 30 different games: Alex Kidd: High Tech World, Alex Kidd: Miracle World, Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars, Assault City Astro Warrior Aztec Adventure, Baku Baku Animal, Bomber Raid, Columns, Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine Dragon Crystal, Ecco: The Tides of Time, Fantasy Zone, Fantasy Zone II, Gain Ground, Global Defense, Golden Axe, Kid Kung Fu, Penguin Land, Putt and Putter, Quartet, Ristar: The Shooting Star, Snail Maze , II Sonic Drift, Sonic Chaos, Sonic Spinball, Sonic Triple Trouble, Super Columns, Tails Adventures, and The Ninja.


Oak Trail's bet in Intel processors tablets

With the craze for tablets, Intel does not want to be left out as a manufacturer of processors, and ARM is that you have already gained too much ground to the manufacturer. Therefore, Intel has announced its own platform, Oak Trail, has begun mass production.

In fact, we'll see the first signed by Intel processors, the Oak Trail in early 2011. And his first appointment should be a combination of an Atom Z670 and the SM35 chipset. This will, to start, just power for all the tablets that incorporate it, so they will not need external graphics chips, which means significant energy savings.


While Intel does not anticipate the time, the fact is he has admitted that the tablets will incorporate its processors, Oak Trail, Or whatever it is, the operating system Windows 7 and Meegan, do not drop from the 420 euros.

However, between this information and nothing about Oak Trail Intel, all the same, since by far not known to most of the specifications of such tablets. So no, we will be playing probably wait until January next year, at which point insurance that Intel gives us more details.


VX590R wave, a hallmark of China PMP

The Onda VX590R is a device that is placed somewhere between a tablet and a media player. Since the characteristics that has made him stand out as a good team in both sectors. The gadget is intended as a reference in the field of tablets and media players, incorporating the already famous operating system Android 2.1

The Wave VX590R incorporates a 6-inch touchscreen, with a reproduction of 800 x 480 pixels, making it ideal to be transported anywhere. As for the performance of the device came from China as a media player, notably their Rockchip RK2816 content that can play up to 720p.

VX590R wave

As if that were not enough, the Onda VX590R has HDMI output, WiFi and a space to store content that varies according to the two versions for which you can choose, ranging from 8 to 16 GB.

Finally, would fail to confirm the price-to-market Onda VX590RPromises to be more adjusted to increasingly competitive sector of the tablets. Also, note that the device will have access to the Android Marketplace, so that the range of applications is almost endless.


Smartie NEC, another tablet that comes

The list of tablets and is becoming quite long, and will continue, because it seems that 2011 is the year of the tablets. And the next to join this fashion is Nec device, the NEC Smartie.

Smartie NEC

The NEC Smartie is a tablet with a touch screen 7-inch WVGA with Android OS 2.1 and an ARM Cortex-A8 processor 600MHz. As for connections, this device features WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS.

Design NEC Smartie presents it as a tablet elegant, enclosed in a casing all white, almost as if it were signed by Apple. And speaking of price, tablet NEC, NEC Smarties, is located within The standards of the market, since you can buy for $ 510.

However, the NEC Smartie is not the only tablet in which the company works, who actually plans to release tablets, and working models that incorporate 1 GHz processors and the Android operating system versions 2.2 and 2.3.


LG BD960, Blu-ray player with Wi-Fi certification

The sector format disc players Blu-ray continues to improve and evolve significantly. On this occasion is that LG has made the headlines of the future press release announcing the LG BD960, the first Blu-ray player with Wi-Fi certification Direct.

This means that users of the device's Bluetooth be forgotten and will have access to a new range of connection options. For example, P2P direct communication in our home theater installations with devices Wi-Fi no need to complicate our lives.


Not yet known what price will the player, although estimates suggest it will be quite expensive. As for other technical characteristics of the player, it is most likely to follow the line of his predecessor, LG-BD390. In this case, the player could play in both streaming Netflix and Vudu service and network access DLNA content.

You may also include video playback of DivX HD 1080p format, but official figures are expected to confirm all these technical features.


TextCrawler, search and replace text in many files

For most users editor texts is more than enough if you need to modify some documents. However, in other cases it is not enough, for example if we changed some text that is used in several different files.

That's when we realize all that an application like TextCrawler can offer. This is a freeware program for Windows that allows find text and replace it we indicate, in a unlimited number of files.


Only you can tell TextCrawler the search text, text with which we will then replace the folders in which we seek, with the possibility to search also in subfolders. If you already know the situation beforehand and we know that there are files that do not need to look, we can exclude them by using filters, and so the paper also lightens considerably.

TextCrawler is freeware, compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP, and requires. NET framework 2.0 or higher.

Web Site: TextCrawler


QRCore, create QR codes from the web easily

Some time ago we saw a bookmarklet to create QR codes easily, And we can also QR codes get through The truth is that slowly QR codes are beginning to become more and more popular and soon see everywhere, as we have seen Likify.

So it is more than likely start seeing more and more options to generate these codes, as is the case with QRCore, allowing us to do it from the web and really easy.


All we need is to enter the text you want, choose a size (from 100 to 500 pixels) and click on the "gomakemeadamnqrcodedagnabit." The end result is that we see in the picture above, and we can download to your computer or embed it on forums or websites, for which we provide the corresponding code.

Web Site: QRCore


ScribTex, an online LaTeX editor

Recently Google Docs came to support for LaTeX, And surely that has brought this venerable format many people who knew him or heard hablr him. For those who do know and love a good editor LaTeX online is presented to ScribTex.

This is a very complete editor and a good design interface, which allows us to work with the text as "raw" and then apply the desired format including from our documents into multiple files, or customize it through classes and styles in. cls and. sty respectively.

We may also include a bibliography in bibtex format and let the compile ScribTex the file automatically, and similarly we let the editor create indexes for us. I also find useful the possibility to access the editor from various devices like iPhone and iPad and in all cases (from PC or smartphone) every change we make to our work is saved and we can undo if needed.

With our work done we can download the file in LaTeX or PDF, which is always an interesting plus, and the good thing is that ScribTex offers a free option (which allows up to 3 projects with 1 employee in each, 50 MB storage) and other charges.

Web Site: ScribTex


Adobe is launching a major security patch for Acrobat 9

Although much remains for us to change our opinion on Adobe (Sorry, many years of vulnerabilities) it is true that in recent times things have changed a bit and at least collecting a little more interest in improve safety their applications.

A clear example of what we discussed is the Adobe Reader X and sandboxing, but despite efforts clearly Adobe will be on these developments, it is good to see that they also worry about their applications "old", so much so that they have launched a major upgrade to Acrobat 9.

It is no less than 12 upgrades and updates for Acrobat, all available in a pack you can download a ZIP file, which will be the way from now on we will offer patches and fixes and improvements that future will be adding this pack.

Download the Adobe security updates


GooReader 2.0 adds support for annotations

Some time ago we spoke of GooReader, an attractive Google Reader Books for the Windows desktop, Which offers an attractive interface design that resembles a library with books available to us. Now comes the GooReader version 2.0With some more functionality and a good interface redesign.

This new version allows us, among other things, mark or highlight text books Google Books and annotate them, since these characteristics were among the most requested by users, which add a significant extra functionality for certain applications, such as translators and editors, since they can discuss and work together on certain ebooks.


Another much anticipated feature is the marker, and unfortunately still does not come, but at least we can leave GooReader reading and re-take it up at that point.

2.0 GooReader occupies just under 5 MB of space, is compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP, and requires. NET framework 3.5 SP1.



Sidestep navigation routes the connections using open wi-fi (Mac OS X)

With all this Firesheep (Which can also be webOS executed) And BlackSheep, The truth is you have to take extra security measures. For users of Mac OS X an excellent open source tool for this task is Sidestep That our navigation routed through a proxy when we are sailing in an open wireless network or unsafe.


To take advantage of Security Sidestep extra features you need to tell a proxy that will be responsible for routing the traffic for us safely. And here we have two options: either we do it with another Mac (one that is always on) or configured via a web, through the various services available to it or even through our web server (if you have a site a web hosting service.)

In any case, the website is no help for installing the server, and once we have done and Sidestep have installed the application will remain on the menu bar of Mac OS X waiting for us to connect through any network insecure or open, and there will do its part, offering the ability to route traffic to navigate more safely.



Motorola Olympus

The Motorola Olympus, American manufacturer of the same name, will arrive early this year and will highlight their specifications encompassed in the high range. Among them one can highlight a dual-core processor and NVIDIA Tegra 2 allows video recording in FullHD.

Other specifications of multimedia of Motorola Olympus, in addition to the aforementioned ability to record high-definition camera will be your 8-megapixel and a 4.1 inch screen.


Although there is much more data osbre the Motorola Olympus, We will offer the highest performance range and have already leaked the first images, which you can see below.

As for the operating system Motorola Olympus We know that Android will take, but we need confirmation as to whether version 2.3 will incorporate finally Gingerbread, or settle for the 2.2 Froyo.


WidgetBlock, hangs around web services on any page (Google Chrome)

More power does not always mean more productivity, and in fact one of the biggest problems of today's applications is the distractions they create, at times from its interface full of possibilities. In the Web browser things are different, and while all this Web 2.0 is fine also is true that both ends overloading widget and many pages load rather slow turning her.

Thus, as we have seen environments to write without Distractions As WriteSpace, Zen Edit or CreaWriter Now we will show extension call WidgetBlock to streamline and Chrome Share block any Web 2.0 service Twitter, Facebook, Meebo, Digg, Buzz, and others. Something like Reading GlassesBut more complete.

The good thing is that just WidgetBlock mark a checkbox you can achieve that service widget to load on any site we visit, and simply delete some and see who can get things fast. Furthermore, it is good to select individually as a widget so we can leave if you are interested.



Ported to webOS Firesheep

A few weeks ago, the arrival of Firesheep shuddered a little to the blogosphere and users in general and which showed how easy it can be to capture data packets on a public network, the kind that many people tend to use almost daily without much thought.

The only good thing, as it somehow, Firesheep is that to offer it as open source code could be used to create BlackSheep, a security extension. But the availability of its code has also enabled Firesheep now has its webOS client.

It is not as fast as we can use Firefox, and as expected its design is more elementary (for example, shows all accounts hacked in our vicinity). But its functionality and capabilities are similar, and there is the danger even if it is mostly conceptual work of a netizen named Sebastian, who wanted to show video what can be achieved with the tool.


CCleaner 3.0.1, faster and with support for more applications

Recently arrived CCleaner 3.0 with native 64-bit version, but the developers have tried to update and correct some details of what Version 3.01 has seen the light yesterday. And have been updated to include support for Adobe Reader X and Firefox 4 beta 7, released on the edge of that release Piriform and therefore not included.

But besides that has changed the behavior of CCleaner and is no longer necessary to restart the computer after cleaning the index.dat files in Internet Explorer. It also has improved speed and application start uploading your INI file.

Then there are small improvements with respect to support Chrome, 7-ZIP or Adobe Reader, and others relating to its interface. In short, a small update but significant number of features already available to everyone in the Piriform website.



PeerBlock 1.1 protects your privacy and your P2P downloads

PeerBlock is a program to allow us block unwanted connections Windows on your computer in order to improve Security and Privacy. Some time ago we spoke of it and now we want to talk about Version 1.1, Launched only last 3 days with several new features, starting with changing the Peer Guardian lists for those of

We also have a connection manager completely renovated, which makes much easier the task of blocking connections or release them but also adds some very interesting options for its high level of flexibility, starting with being able to select multiple columns and to apply the changes more quickly.

But there's more, we can enable such a connection for a certain amount of minutes and limit the maximum file size History.db to not exceed a certain size (default 100 MB). In addition there are important security measures to safeguard the fact the last settings each time you start PeerBlock, so if we make a change and things are bad we can always return to the last known stable configuration.



Gemstones like facials

Gemstone think is related to the glitz and glamor that are ideal for the finishing touch to a look. But we must also relate as facials since many products which incorporate micronized powder precious stone for it.

Sure you may know some treatment that incorporate gold as the active component, so although it is a luxury is a most effective therapy.

Gemstones like facials

The properties that have these gemstones are:

The pearls, as they contain calcium, promote cell renewal and improve skin tone off thus can ensure that give brightness to the face. One treatment is called Pearl Sensation and is designed to return the light to the skin, restoring smoothness and, in general, to regain a visibly younger appearance.

On the other hand Diamonds are excellent as peeling applied micronized form and directly on the skin. Experience the Diamond line, is treated in the cockpit Diamond Magnetic Ritual, A body treatment with diamond dust to purify the body and mind.

Many stones are also used to enhance the action of the products and Massaging in what is called gemotherapy. It is a discipline that seeks to balance the body chakras using massage, or by placing stones in certain places to correct our frequencies of vibration altered.

Amethyst, quartz, obsidian and onyx at the base of the back, and turquoise vanaditine below the navel, tiger eye at the navel, jade and agate heart on blue at the throat. All of these stones our point of energy balance and help us feel better.

Obviously, these treatments are not cheap. But at least it's nice to have a knowledge of them.


Acer, the new collection of devices to complete

Acer is preparing to launch new devices coming to market next year. The Acer tablets, one with Android and the other with Windows 7, a smartphone, a laptop with two screens, and content store called Acer Alive.


Of Acer tablets we have already spoken, and the new Acer Aspire 1430, the new laptop that prepares the firm. But all the news that introduces a new collection of new devices from Acer, the one that draws attention to perhaps the Iconia call that looks like a normal laptop, but it is not, as it incorporates two screens of 14 inches .


Speaking of Acer's new devices The Acer Iconia will undoubtedly feel the market back in January 2011, when the firm prepares to sell its output. The truth is that this kind of computer with two screens have specific features that promise to amaze:

  1. Processor: Intel Core i5-480M / 560M / 580 CPU.
  2. RAM: 4GB DDR3.
  3. Resolution Screen: 1366 × 768.
  4. Graphics: Integrated Intel HD 128MB.
  5. Departures: HDMI and VGA.
  6. Inputs: two USB 2.0 and USB 3.0.
  7. Hard drive (several choices): 320/500/640/750GB.
  8. CrystalEye Webcam.
  9. WiFi, Bluetooth and integrated 3G

Regarding prices Acer's new deviceThe Acer Iconia We talked about 1700 euros, no cost to the current market, but the price they pay for two touch screens at a time.


Acer Aspire 1430 the new offer Acer laptops

Although Acer remains committed to bring new products to its range of portable technology, such as Acer tablets that were announced yesterday, the range of laptops is increasing. And Acer Aspire 1430 which will become part of the great family of Acer notebooks.

The new laptop, the Acer Aspire 1430 is committed to a highly stylized design, which could even be mistaken for a netbook. Its 11.6-inch screen, a thickness of only 28 mm and a weight of 1.4 kilos make it the perfect travel companion, without sacrificing any feature of the notebook.

As for the screen Acer Aspire 1430 talk about a resolution of 1366 × 768 with LED backlight and a 16:9 widescreen format. As for inside, an Intel Core i5 540 UM of 1.06 GHz.

Acer Aspire 1430 the new offer Acer laptops

As for the graphical Acer Aspire 1430 talking about an Intel HD Graphics. Other features to note are techniques such as DDR3 RAM, 320 GB hard disk capacity or high-definition webcam.

So far no data are available about the release of Acer Aspire 1430, Which features WiFi, USB and HDMI output. The price is also still unknown, sure the brand will soon unveil


Your keyboard is noisy?, Lock it with Thanko

The company Japanese Thanko we are used to show devices Accessories and foreign products as diverse applications. On this occasion have thought of those winter nights where we spent hours and hours chatting with friends and we can not pound the keys fast to not disturb our little brother, who sleeps in the same room (for instance possible .)

To achieve this we offer a protective keyboard, Which mainly serves to lock the keys emit sound when touched.

Your keyboard is noisyLock it with Thanko

By a lot more comfortable than it appears from the photographs, this cover Thanko guarantees us protection against noise and dust, water or other liquids that may damage your keyboard.

It is said that even us warm in winter and very comfortable, reduced energy expenditure which is spending hours and hours at the computer typing at full speed. For now the launch has been conducted in Japan, But can also be purchased through the network at a price of 2.980 yen, about 27 euros to change.


HP introduces new notebook G62x

The sector Laptops Even today that the tablets have advanced so far, continues to be on top of sales figures. And within this sector, we can not doubt that HP is one of the largest companies.

Now this company, which does not stop at any time of year, presents a new model of notebook. This is the G62x with Intel Core 2 Duo processor.

Its display is 15.6 inches and offers a rate of 16:9 and also boasts three USB 2.0 ports, Wi-Fi full port HDMIAnd a useful six-cell battery.

HP introduces new notebook G62x

Since its characteristics Notebook not go beyond what we have seen in many other notebooks, As expected its price will not be too high. In this sense, entering the official website HP we buy for the cost of U.S. $ 529.99 (some 397 euros).

In short, a notebook aimed at users who do not too demanding need some power to enjoy the network and various multimedia files with a full keyboard and resources a little more comprehensive than a tablet.


Acer announces plans for its own tablet

Not a day let alone a new tablet And indeed, users who are paying attention to this sector are finding insurance with a slight overbooking of news. This time, Acer is the manufacturer that follows the path taken by Apple, Samsung, Archos and many others, performing their own device tablet for next year 2011.

Acer is a company with great reputation, and that is often characterized by offering products of value for money carefully, so that the less, this new device deserves our attention to discover its characteristics. Why not, your operating system will be based on technology from the huge Google Android.


At the moment it is confirmed that the Acer tablet hit the market in April next year 2011, but it is unknown what their retail price.

It has been revealed so far, the tablet Acer have the Acer user interface, a 1GHz processor, a 4-megapixel rear camera, port HDMI, And output of 720p HD video. Moreover, and certainly not like those found in the iPad an appropriate device for navigation, the Acer tablet will be able to play content Flash 10.1


Notion Ink Adam Campaign Launches Tablet

The tablet we discovered from Gizmos yesterday, the company's bid to enter Norton Ink technology market segment, the device Adam Tablet already have promotional campaign, in which the company shows through pictures and videos of the great advantages of the product over the competition.

Perhaps most important in terms of Adam Tablet differentiation with respect to those who are its direct competitors is its own software. And is that even though Adam Table roll with Android has certain characteristics that differentiate it from other gadgets that use the same operating system.

In fact, Adam Tablet has its own interface, and applications under the signature stamp Ink Notion such as a customer of correosMail'd), a software-guided GPS navigation and an image editor.


Ink Notion Adam tablet, a tablet with custom software

The Adam Tablet comes to market with features that define it as one of the best devices. The firm Nokion Ink has already begun his campaign, Which promises to attract users everywhere. As we talk about technical characteristics of an LCD Transflective , Pixel Qi, 10.7 inch nVidia Tegra processor 2.

As for other technical elements that we can find in the new commitment of the company NotionInk for Adam Tablet model, we find as the best bet for connectivity, including WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth and USB.

Ink Notion Adam tablet, a tablet with custom software

In terms of playback quality Adam Tablet Worth noting that compared to its potential competitor, the iPad, which far exceeds offer 1080p, instead of 720 which gives us the Apple tablet.

As if that were not enough, the Adam Tablet includes a 3 Megapixel camera with autofocus, SD card slot, proximity sensor, accelerometer and ambient light sensor. With reference to the operating system, although the base is an Android, the truth is that Adam has Tablet features designed exclusively for Ink Notion as its own interface or file management system Sniffer.


The Daily, the online newspaper exclusively for tablets

It seems that the phenomenon of tablets has not only revolutionized the market for manufacturers, but that the said revolution has also reached the media. Amid rumors of a side and the other announces the creation of a Exclusive daily tablet, At the hands of Apple and News Corporation.

Thus, the tablet will be the exclusive newspaper union in the same project in two grades of communication and technology: Rupert Murdoch and Steve Jobs. Although most of what is known about the project are rumors, it seems they begin to consolidate shall be final details, such as the journal name and price.

And is that a draft Exclusive daily tablet will fit inside a name, in my point of view is hardly surprising. The Daily. That seems to be finally the title of the publication, which will be accessible at a cost of $ 0.99 per day, frequency of editing in this environment.

We can say that the project will be big, as Murdoch has hired 30 young journalists to pursue only the epically unique tablet. On the other hand, and in the launching, the rumored date seems to be February 2011.


Velocity Micro Launches Cross, a new tablet

It is not the first time I speak of CruzThe Velocity Micro tablet you are trying to break into the market with an exciting product of high value for money. Not be the last time I talk about him, but since that is already on sale in the U.S., you may begin to stop starring specialized media headlines.

The Cruz of Velocity Micro is a tablet mid-range, priced at $ 299.99 (about 220 euros) and a rate of $ 15 in shipping costs if you live in the North American territory. Known for offering a number of interesting features, such as 7-inch touch screen and 512MB RAM.

This tablet also has integrated speakers, a battery that can last up to 10 hours at full capacity, and headphone jack, if we want to play media files with sound without disturbing those who are near us.

Velocity Micro Launches Cross, a new tablet

The Cross also shines in its wide range of connectivity options to social networks, introducing integration with the main web sites theme. It also incorporates possible to read and download more than 2 million ebooks from Borders, and play sound files such as music CDs and even full movies you can download from the network.

On the other hand, can be purchased without signing a contract with tele operator, which no doubt is quite remarkable.


Two new colors of Nintendo DS to U.S.

On 26th November is known Black Friday United States, a highly anticipated time of the year in which it is possible to purchase products at reduced prices of all kinds. And to celebrate, Nintendo has announced the launch of two new colors of its famous DSi handheld console.

Nintendo's new colors DSi will be orange and green, both marketed in a special pack game console Mario Party DS as a gift. There will be many units of these two colors and the price will be $ 149.99 each, about 110 euro changeover.

Two new colors of Nintendo DS to U.S.

These new colors will join a series of innovative products Nintendo has prepared to celebrate the 25 anniversary of the game Super Mario Bros.One of the most famous titles of the company. These products also features a model of Nintendo DS XL red, with three special logos of the game, something about which I spoke a few months ago.

The launch of the orange and green Nintendo DSi confirms the success of the dual-screen handheld console, which in late October had sold over 43 million units in the United States.


SmartPower, creates rules to reduce power consumption automatically

The benefits of save energy are perhaps most evident in mobile devices as this will allow the battery is longer, but also the users of desktop computers may also have their reasons for this, because electricity costs are always high.

SmartPower is an application that offers several features to help reduce energy consumption and installed in Windows like a service. From multiple tabs offers few options to customize fairly completely the behavior of your computer.


For example, we can start with basic configurations as turning on or off your computer at a certain time, to specify more complex options: staying on if certain devices are connected to it (for example indicating a particular IP address or host name), or whether certain processes are running. Also, if the download speed of a given network interface is superior to X Kbps or if CPU usage exceeds a certain percentage.

SmartPower is a freeware utility compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP.



UberTwitter comes to iPhone

For quite some time UberTwitter has offered, along with TwitterBerry and TweetCaster- Good Twitter Client for BlackBerry, And has enjoyed unusual success accounting for more than 10 million daily tweets.

But did not want to be alone on the platform by RIM and today has reached beta UberTwitter for iPhone, And although has limited functionality and shows interesting aspects.


As UberView, a feature that lets you explore the links contained in tweets, all without leaving the application. To take advantage simply turn the iPhone and turn it to horizontal or landscape, or to tap into a tweet.

Other possibilities are to add an image or our location in tweets, whatever our lists and change our avatar from this application.



7-Zip 9.20 available

7-Zip is a compressor / decompressor popular file and kept alive over many years. A few days ago launched the Version 9.20 of 7-Zip, Which has been in development for several months and brings a significant speed boost, plus support for new formats.

For example, PPMd compression adds support for ZIP files, and now you can unzip files NTFS, FAT, VHD, MBR, APM, MSLZ, SquashFS and CramFS. You can also decompress GZip, BZip2, LZMA, XZ and TAR with bad headers, a common problem and is often an impediment to extract.


7-Zip is available in both 32 and 64 bits, and occupies just download 1.3 MB of disk space.

Download 7-Zip