How to install Compiz

Compiz is a software package that allows you to manage your computer screens and create multiple desktops. It does not replace the operating system, as Windows 7 or Ubuntu 10.10, But enhanced to create stationery. The wallpaper plugin is an addendum to the original design. With this feature, you can assign different wallpapers to multiple workspaces. In other words, every area of your computer, or desktop, you can have a different background. With the plugin wallpaper Compiz You can design the look of the screen on your computer and replace funds bored with your own images specialized.

Steps to install Compiz

1.: Open the Compiz quick menu by moving the cursor to the left side of the desk. This automatically opens a dialog box that gives you access to the menu.

2.: Click on the icon "Package Manager". If you're not sure which icon controls this function, stand on each picture and read the description. Once you find the correct icon, click to open the package manager.

3.: Double-click "compiz-fusion-plugins-extra"Window on top"Package Manager". Follow the onscreen instructions to install the kit. When installation is complete, close the "Package Manager"By clicking the"X"On top of the screen.

4.: Move the cursor to the left side of the desk to access the menu of Compiz. Click "CCSM" to open the configuration settings for Compiz.

5.: Moves the cursor down to the selection called "Utility"Screen"CCSM". Click "Wallpaper"To start the plug-in.

6.: Finally, add the images to use as wallpaper by clicking the button New"In the bottom of the window on the right side of the screen. Locate your image and press "Ok". The direction of the image will appear in the top window. Do this for each image you want to use as background. The software assigns your pictures to each desktop workspace that is configured when the package is installed Compiz. The images appear in order. For example, the first image is the background to your desktop first.