AVS Media Player, audio and video player

AVS Media Player is a free player for audio and video the same as for comfort when watching movies or listening to your favorite tunes on the PC. It has an interesting and modern interface, which you can manipulate each of the functions of the program separately.

You can edit various program functions, as well as access to options such as full screen or skins by just one click. Another excellent option AVS Media Player is to create play lists of videos too, making it easy enough for anyone who spends hours at the computer.


AVS Media Player it supports a variety of audio and video formats. Among the main MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 (DivX, Xvid, etc..), AVI, Real Media, QuickTime and WMV files, plus files for mobile devices like 3GP, 3GP2 and MP4.



Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Tab 2 will be presented on February 13

February 13 is the day marked by Samsung for the submission of 2 Galaxy products that give more to talk about throughout the year. We talked about the Galaxy Samsung Samsung S2 and Galaxy Tab 2.

S2 by the Galaxy is expected to include a 4.3 inch screen, 1GHz dual-core processor, 1080p recording capability, and obviously the inclusion of Android 2.3 Gingerbread among other great benefits that will be confirmed by Samsung on day 13. By the Galaxy Tab 2 is rumored to include the same dual-core processor Galaxy S2, and the screen size would be from the current Tab 7 of 10 inches as it does with Apple iPad.


As we see the use of Nvidia's dual-core processor, the Nvidia Tegra 2 appears to be intended to replace the 1GHz Snapdragon became so common among high-end smartphones.

Another rumor is that the Galaxy fully appear Tab 2 Honeycomb Android as Motorola would join the Xoom, the Toshiba Tablet and a wide range of tablets to include glowing version of Android is focused on the tablets.


The Sony Cybershot HX100V is exposed

Although certainly Sony information was locked so that nothing was discovered on one of its major releases, finally LetGoDigital has brought to light everything we needed to know about the future Sony HX100V. And most importantly, the improvements it brings us all the fields in which Sony is working the picture and sound.

For starters, this new bridge type camera, Ie slightly above the advanced compact with a DSLR but without being able to change the objectives, will debut with much resolution sensor (16.2 megapixels) which is Backlit (R Exmor CMOS) That accompanies a 30 power zoom lens with improved technology to automatically focus the Bionz processor that helps.


The lens is responsible for providing five years of our photos is a Carl Zeiss Vario Sonnar T * which is able to take 1080p HD video and that part with a brightness of f2.8. If we add that the sensor is, as we said, backlit photos in low light should improve a lot without being noticed too much noise. Could banish so many photos with flash and we are so wrong.

The new Sony HX100V mode features assisted panoramic no longer be present in a Japanese camera. Although it is not official yet, the 3D mode seems to be an obligation in this new camera.

Very interesting is also the incorporation of a GPS this bridge type camera, so the exact position of a photo or video is breeze. The display will 3-inch folding. Since we can only hope that Sony camera and confirm the details of his release date and official price.


GeForce GTX 560 with triple fan, Specs and Price

Point of View and launching three TGT GeForce GTX 560 Triple Fan

The European plate assembly Point of View, again partnered with the TGT team in Germany and together they developed three GeForce graphics cards GTX 560 Ti that sure to stand out thanks to its use a cooler occupying three slots.

The cooler was made by Artic, to cool the cards based on GF114 and has three PWM Fans 92mm, 84 aluminum fins and five copper heat pipes, and can dispel to 250W, Which is more than enough, even for a model of high clock speed.

GeForce GTX 560

Speaking of clocks, cards Point of View / TGT GeForce GTX 560 TFC issues 'Charged', Ultra Charged ' and Beast have their clocks of GPU / Shaders / 860/1721/4008 memory MHz, 911/1822/4224 MHz and 954 / 1909/4224 MHz, Respectively. Stock frequencies of the GeForce GTX 560 822/1645/4004 MHz Ti are

The three GTX 560 have 384 nuclei CUDA, interface Memory of 256 bits1GB of VRAM GDDR5Of 12 layers of PCB, 2-way SLI, and dual-DVI, HDMI outputs plus mini. The GeForce GTX 560 and TGT POV TFC 'Charged', 'Ultra Charged' and Beast ' cost 269, 289; 309, Respectively.


Touchqode, Code Editor for Android

The size of the screens smartphones currently allows use for almost anything and although it seems a bit too complicated to program because Touchqode is a code editor for Android and soon iPhone. Touchqode allows you to edit and fix your code from anywhere, anytime.

Touchqode has the following characteristics:

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Special keyboard for developers
  • Code Hints
  • File Synchronization
  • Incremental search
  • Support for the following languages: PHP, Java, C + +, C #, Python, Ruby, HTML, JavaScript, and simple XML.
  • FTP Client

code editor

Developers when a project are always thinking about how to solve certain details and often inspiring moments happen when away from their computers, but touchqode may access their project and raise your idea or repair the detail that much pain head caused.

His support for PHP, HTML and JavaScript along with your FTP client makes it an ideal tool for Web developers and you never know when any problem may arise in the projects and are not near your computer to fix it quickly and you better touchqode to do so.

Of course that is not comfortable editing code from a smartphone but I consider it a tool that can be very useful. Touchqode is available on Android Market and the iPhone developers soon released a version for this platform.

As a personal anecdote I can comment that a couple of times I had to enter WebAdictos server through ssh terminal (with the app TouchTerm) to correct errors, restart the server, and even edit code in PHP and was not comfortable but I could solve the problem in minutes.

Developers who follow us What do you think of the tool?



New patch for Call of Duty: Black Ops for PS3

If you are a player Concerned about errors PS3 Call of Duty: Black OpsTake seriously the fact that Treyarch is listening. Especially those of you with enough problems to make a complaint to the government, as many users PS3 presented with respect to this product.

Last night, the developer has posted or a new patch for Black Ops, Fixing freezing different "Infinite loading screen", And other issues.


The patch also includes weapons balance settings, including the PSG1, sniper rifle, and AK47U RCXD, a timer again before the game for the interconnection of systems and MMOs, and some new contracts, all of which we hope you get to experience if the failures are addressed. Find the full list of changes in official forum which will leave the following link.



New Toshiba Laptop with Retro Model

Toshiba has introduced its new model 'retro' similar to the metallic color used in the year 1999.

While no details of hardware and other specs that we always want to know, this time we just have to settle for the picture.

The idea was basically to give a touch of old-looking to this laptop, which has a metallic blue polyester. While it is not something everyone is willing to acquire, surely some experienced users will be attracted by this new release.dynabook

Laptop Features: Its texture is very refined, but at the same time supports a thick scratches, fingerprints. As additional data has not been used pure metal, since no contribution to the environment or the easy transfer of the team.


Angry Birds: The Movie Trailer

According to AndroidCommunity, Is coming a new version of the game Angry Birds, but not only in game, but there will be a movie, which will be released this year 2011.

The new game is based on the film, also Rovio, called Rio.

Unlike the previous game Angry Birds, Rio counted as Angry Birds become hostages.

And the truth is that it is amazing how far this franchise has come. First the game addictive Angry Birds, Then, announced licensing agreements with stuffed toys, and now we will see a new game coming out in March, with the full movie coming out in April.

The game's creators themselves have managed to find a market with your application, which I think none of them have imagined when they began to develop. By the way, you can see the trailer for the film below:



13 Reasons Why Software Is Not Free

Lately it seems increasingly clear that the general public expects that all programs are free or very cheap. This is reinforced when companies like Apple represent a huge income with their online stores and other miscellaneous income, largely by how cheap it out applications.

Not only that, with the suite iWork in particular Apple can afford to lower prices for its software, it is not their main source of income and thus are able to sell more and make their equipment, or devices are sold by numbers, making consumers happier.

For that reason many people watch programs when more than 5 or $ 10 wonder: Why do I have to pay so much for this software?, Should not just be free?, Therefore, our friends Wildchocolate leave us 13 reasons why a program is not free:

01. Most programs are done by small software companies, usually less than a dozen people. They specialize in creating software and do not have billions of other income.

02. The software is not easy to create, especially software that people find easy to use and attractive in design. Is a collection of thousands of lines of code, is a lot of work indeed.

03. Good software takes time, months or even years. It is not something that is created in one night as shown in the movies.

04. The software is created by working people, who likes what he does. So it's like asking yourself: Do you get paid for your work?

05. People who make the software have more work to do once they buy their programs. Solve problems, fix bugs, teach clients to use, etc.

06. The team is constantly working to improve and update its software to keep pace with the evolution of the technologies. Is a continuous process.

07. Not all software developers seeking foreign investment to finance their projects. In fact, most do not.

08. It costs money to invest in software. Spend years since its creation, we must pay wages to programmers, office rent, equipment purchases, advertising, publicity, etc..

09. The software is an art and a science. You need people with talent, experts in computer science, engineering, design, and more to create a quality product.

10. Not everyone wants to show bad publicity to make money, instead of just selling the actual work. Some hate the annoying ads. The ads are not suitable for all software projects.

11. If you pay for clothes, gadgets, movie ticket, his food, airfare, etc, why not software?

12. Without software, the computer, the notebook, the iPad, or any device would be totally useless.

13. Those who come to sell a software have to do many things in between to achieve an affordable price that meets the needs of all involved. As an owner of a sandwich shop has to realize how much to charge for a sandwich based on the price that adequately covers the cost of ingredients, the rent of his shop, or pay their employees.

Hopefully after reading this, people finally understand that the software is not created alone, there are people behind, programmers, designers, experts who have studied and worked for years upon years to create something of value and be useful to the world.

The software is made by working people like you. They often work in small teams and put much of themselves, time, money and effort into creating it, everything for easy use by others, who almost never appreciate the value of their labor.

Nobody is perfect, and there is no perfect program, but it does everything. So next time you see a program that costs $ 10, and is very useful for you, remember this article and buy it. Via


OnBarcode, scan the QR codes from your desktop

QR codes an excellent system with which to make available a vast amount of information available on very immediate, but on condition that you have a special scanner so that we can extrapolate these data.

In this regard, when used on a smartphone, or line much more generally, any mobile device, you can tap into specific applications that can serve as a QR code scanner, however, in the case of computers this type of proceeding may be performed using one of the many special facilities and available online.

However, the transaction can be safely performed even by directly from their desktop ... how? Well, very simple ... using OnBarcode!

It is in fact a free little program Of nature Portable (Therefore usable without installing anything on your PC and therefore perfect to be carried on USB device) and used solely and exclusively on Widows operating systems at home that, simply and without too much trouble, you scan the QR codes and displays the information supplied.

To use the application should not have any special knowledge because, once started, simply click on the button Open QR Code Image place in plain view, select the image on the QR code and within a few moments OnBarcode automatically retrieve the information contained herein.


EA Sports NBA Jam Unlock hidden players

Here are some tips for EA Sports NBA Jam The basketball game developed by a Electronic Arts. These codes are valid only for the PS3 version of the game to enter these cheats are on the title screen, before pressing Start.

Unlock hidden players

Beastie Boys Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Circle, Cross

Cole & Wonder : Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, X, Circle

Democrats : Left x13 Cross

Republicans: X13 Right Cross


Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Cosmic Destruction Cheats

Here are some tips for Ben 10: Alien Ultimate Cosmic Destruction The action game developed by Papaya Studio. The codes are valid only for the PS3 version of the game and are to return to the cheat menu in the pause menu the game Attention turn codes disable trophies.

Millionaire : Cash
Damages enemy x2 / Damage character divided by 2 : Hard
Constant energy recovery : Energy
Constant recovery of health : Health
Unlock all levels : Levels
Unlock Fourarms : Classic
Unlock Rath : Primus
Improving Max : Upgrade


Tips DC Universe Online

Here are the first hints DC Universe Online The MMORPG Sony released January 19 on PC and PS3. This trick allows you to recover easily from XP to infinity. This trick is done during the mission "The blood of Trigon", a level 17 mission where you face a boss in a hospital. Zatanna after you have opened the gate, go down the elevator to reach the lower level filled with enemies to exterminate.

That is, many wheelchairs are in the rooms on this floor. Before progressing to the boss, destroy the chairs to recover 15 points of experience and then wait to recur to repeat the operation as many times as you wish.


Cheats Dance Central Xbox 360

Here are some tips for Dance Central The all-new game developed by a dance studio Harmonix, Released last November and especially compatible with the new technology of KINECTS Microsoft.

To unlock the character of Eliot, Robot, Get five stars in the Grand Final mode.

Perform the following tasks to unlock alternate costumes:

Angel costume : Collect 25 stars with the character of Angel.

Costume Dare : Collect 25 stars with the character of Dare.

Costume Eliot : Reach rank Living Legend.

Costume Emilia: Collect 25 stars with the character of Emilia.

Costume MacCoy : Collect 25 stars with the character of McCoy.

Costume Miss Aubrey : Collect 25 stars with the character of Miss Aubrey.

Costume MB : Collect 25 stars with the character of Mo.

Costume Oblio : Collect 25 stars with the character of Oblio.

Costume Taye : Collect 25 stars with the character of Taye.


Scooby-Doo! Panic in the Pot Cheats

Here are some tips for Scooby-Doo! Panic in the Pot The adventure game developed by Torus Games and released last October PS2, DS and Wii. To take advantage of their effects, the following codes to enter the cheat menu in game options:

Bighead : 2654
High pitched voice
: 3293
Damage x2 : 9991
Idle : 1954


Castlevania: Harmony of Despair extra

Here are some tips for Castlevania: Harmony of Despair Xbox 360.

Hard Mode

We must finish Chapter 6 in normal

New gamer picture

We must finish Chapter 6 solo and offline

Special small movement of Jonathan and Charlotte

During the game, wait about 7 seconds without moving his character


Tricks for Two Worlds II on Xbox 360

Here are some tips for Two Worlds II in its Xbox 360 iteration. These tips are really codes to enter during the game. For this, we need to pause the game and go "Enter Bonus Code". Here are the different codes but also their combined effect. In general, these codes give you new weapons.

6770-8976-1634-9490: Sword Anathros

1775-3623-3298-1928: Axe

4149-3083-9823-6545: Dragon Armor

3542-3274-8350-6064: Elexorie

6231-1890-4345-5988: Hammer

9122-5287-3591-0927: Sword Lucienda

6972-5760-7685-8477: Roller


Batman: The Alliance of Heroes Wii

Here's a little trick to Batman: The Alliance of Heroes - The Video Game in the Wii version. This little trick can actually unlock new content for Batman. For this, we must go to the Batordinateur and enter the following code: 5644863. After that, you can dress the Bat Man in a medieval costume. What class.


Tips Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded

Here are some tips for Kingdom Hearts RE: Coded is available on Nintendo DS. These tips tell you how to actually unlock the Theater Mode in the title. For this, they must finish the game on any difficulty. After that you can see all the cut scenes as many times as you want.


Tips and Tricks LittleBigPlanet 2

Here are some tips for LittleBigPlanet 2 which is available on PlayStation 3. These tricks will let you put your hands on the new stamps which are then available to the player. Here is the list of thumbnails and the means to obtain them.

Amy Birthday: July 29 play

Festive spirit: to put a suit on December 25 Christmas

Group Hug of 20 000: play online at the same time as 20,000 other players

Halloween: put the pumpkin head on Halloween

Mm Picked! : Having an object of Ms. Picks in a level set

Mm's Birthday : Play Thurs, January 4

Royalty: having a crown

Thanksgiving turkey: put the costume head of turkey on Thanksgiving Day

Who's Who: Watch the end credits


Tips and Cheats for TRON: Evolution

Game inspired by the movie TRON: Legacy, TRON: Evolution is honored with a few tricks that are related to version Nintendo DS of app. More specifically, these tips are codes that can unlock various elements of the game Take note!

Items to unlock

Island, Tank and the Map "Disc Battle" 25E0DE6B

Costume Quorra: c74f395f


Tips and Cheats Michael Jackson: The Experience

Title Music of Ubisoft which caused a sensation Michael Jackson: The Experience offers a few tips concerning its own version Nintendo DS. We explain here how to unlock the various tours of the game and their associated music. In fact, this requires accumulating a number of pieces that we specify below.

Tour 2 (Heal The World and Bad): Collect 6 pieces in the fashion tour

Tour 3 (The Way You Make Feel Me, Do not Stop 'Til You Get Enough and Black or White): collect 13 coins in the fashion tour

Tour 4 (Want to Be Startin 'Somethin', Streetwalker, Leave Me Alone and Smooth Criminal): Collect 25 pieces in the fashion tour

Tour 5 (Beat It): Collect 41 pieces in the fashion tour


Opera 1.11 final available

Just 11.01 Final version of the popular browser Opera. What they brought back?

With this release adds updates to the translation of the UI and inputs provider Hushmail email, MobileMe, and Mail-me.com.

Now you can also open the mail panel as tab when the feeds are only used, has changed the appearance of the signature editor and improved response format HTML emails.

Also corrected a number of errors and security vulnerabilities regarding JavaScript.



Customize the Home Page of your Web browser On Mac - Genieo

Genieo -extension is an application with which you can customize the home page of your Web browser. The homepage is the first thing you see every time you start a browser, either Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc. Experts say that this home page should be as light and complete as possible, because if it is too heavy to spend minutes waiting to finish loading, but it is incomplete shall be placed at different sites to perform the same actions over and over again, and lose more time.

So starting today, Genieo now available for Mac With a unique approach to managing information overload. Developers are interested in a service that is aware of his favorite topics, sources of trust and how to find and read information on the web. Genieo is presented without any script or filtering.

The installation process is simple. Visit Genieo.com and click on the download button. A popup window will guide you through the installation of the extension. A couple of options as they will establish Genieo homepage and Google (Genieo) as your default search engine. They can also choose to connect Genieo to Facebook and Twitter accounts. It is a good alternative to having everything in one window.


Sony wins a battle in the war against Geohot

The famous hacker George Hotz better known in the world as Geohot just been notified by the court followed the case against him that he was temporarily confiscated computers and storage units where "hacking" the star of Sony console .

The Japanese company, as we remember Geohot basically complained to publish the master keys with which you can have complete access to the PlayStation 3 and because of this can be done using "homebrew" games and run images and other things clearer for him, accusing him of Jailbreak to the PS3.

This "victory" Sony really little because they know all the material is online and can do little besides taking time to time firmware updates it does not take long and groups dedicated to this as Fail0verFlow and others began work on The following firmware thus making it available to users.

Let's wait how things turn against Geohot we do not see who has the upper hand this time and less in front of a giant such as Sony.


Volkswagen XL1 Prototype, 100 km per liter

Despite being entirely a prototype that will not be marketed as such, this is the third model that the German manufacturer Volkswagen launches its line called "car for pound" aimed at building a model that can be mass produced and has This high capacity performance, the 100 miles per gallon.

The "secret" lies in its monoblock construction and is also attached plastic parts reinforced with carbon fiber. This car being a hybrid model has a two-cylinder TDI engine 35 kW / 48 hp electric motor 20 kW / 27 hp, a 7-speed automatic 'DSG'. Its lithium-ion is able to reduce CO2 emissions to 0.9 liters per 100 km and 24 g / km CO2 respectively.


Reaches up to 35km in electric mode and can be recharged by any current contact as well as recharged as you go through the energy recovery system after braking by the same electric motor as a generator.

The use of resin transfer molding has advanced to use plastic parts reinforced with carbon fiber is much less expensive to be a technique that they own the patent.


PSP 2 was presented by Sony

Sony today unveiled its new PSP at an event in Tokyo, "New Generation Portable"Or NGP as it is called too.
The PSP2 features a high resolution OLED screen touch that is larger than the original PSP screen, the tilt-sensitive Sixaxis controller, two analog joysticks, cameras front and rear, rear panel and a sensitive nature.

Sony says that the new PSP is as powerful as a PlayStation 3. The NGP in turn has wireless connectivity and 3G coupled with this, use a new form of storage so we bid farewell to the UMDs characteristic, it is a flash storage card devoted exclusively to the NGP.
The technical specifications are:

  • CPU: ARM ® Cortex ™-A9 core
  • GPU: SGX543MP4 +
  • Dimensions: Approx. 182.0 x 18.6 x 83.5mm (width x height x depth)
  • Rear Panel Touch: Multitouch capacitive.
  • Camera: Camera Front, Rear Camera
  • Sound: Speakers and microphone
  • Sensors: SixAxis system for motion (three-axis gyro, three-axis accelerometer), three-axis electronic compass
  • Location: in GPS, WiFi support for localization

The games are expected to go to when the console hits the market later this year are:

  • Little Deviants
  • Reality Fighters
  • Gravity Daze
  • Uncharted
  • Killzone
  • WipeOut
  • Resistance
  • LittleBigPlanet
  • Hustle Kings
  • Hot Shots Golf

The new PSP which as stated has been named NGP games have support for the "old" PSP One and will support downloadable games like that are available for the few successful PSP Go.


New HP 425 notebook Spec and Features

Mark HP presents its new notebook, the HP 425. This interesting notebook has been launched into the consumer market has the following features which we will detail.

- AMD Athlon II P320
- 320GB Hard Drive
- LED Display 14 "
- Recordable CD / DVD

Image converted using ifftoany

The new notebook HP 425 has a 1.3 megapixel webcam, useful for video conferences fluid quality. It is sold with the latest Microsoft operating system, Windows 7 Home version. Furthermore, the notebook features the latest technologies such as Bluetooth, Wifi, Card Reader Integrated Reading-Unit CD / DVD and modem to connect to the internet. This is a good laptop that can replace a desktop PC in almost any household chore.

The notebook HP 425 about their connectivity has: 3 usb ports, 1 ethernet port, 1 port for memory cards (SD), 1-port connection for vga video port, 1 HDMI, 1 IEEE 1394 port and the classic outputs Audio / Microphone external. It also has quality speakers but not high definition, and a long-lasting battery that will give your users many hours of moderate use (wifi, music, office etc) without needing to be recharged at the mains.


NVIDIA Launches GeForce GTX 560 Ti Video Card

The chip designer Nvidia and has officially launched its third and most affordable desktop graphics card the GeForce 500, GeForce GTX 560 Ti based on the GF114 40nm GPU manufactured by TSMC.

Once again, she hunts the "sweet spot", which is the price $ 250. NVIDIA is offering a card counting with 384 CUDA cores, Each clocked at 1645 MHz, a clock 822 MHz GPU, 64 texture units, a 256-bit memory and 1 GB of VRAM to 4004 MHz GDDR5


The GTX 560 reference Ti is cooled by a solution dual-slot/single-fan, Additional energy is required through two 6-pin PCIe connectors It has two DVI and HDMI mini, has a TDP (thermal design power) of 170W, and supports DirectX 11 and OpenGL 4.1For 2-way SLI (dual-card configurations), as well as CUDA, PhysX, and 3D Vision.

"The GTX 560 GPU Ti has it all: DX11 amazing performance, excellent overclocking, and quiet operation - The attributes of the GPU perfect performance, "said Drew Henry, general manager of GeForce GPU business at Nvidia. "With the GTX 560 Ti under the hood, and an impressive collection of DX11 titles coming in a very short future, is really a great time to be a PC gamer!"

Many builders are offering cards GeForce GTX 560 TiEither in the frequency of reference or overclocked to 1000 MHz (GPU).


Remote Desktop for Android

If you are looking for even easier, Android remotely access your computer from yourWe have an excellent choice to help you manage the files on your phone, we are talking about Remote Desktop Developed by Damian Kalakowski, Which runs from your AndroidWill give you a URL and a password to access directly from your browser.

With Android Remote Desktop you can:

  • Access the call list
  • Manage your photos and files
  • Take your bookmarks on hand
  • Send SMS through our Android browser

Convert your files and photos without needing a cable connected to your smartphone to your computer, simply need an Internet connection so you can remotely access your phone from your computer screen.



LibreOffice 3.3 available for download

LibreOffice final 3.3 sees the light after they began to appear after betas fork OpenOffice project was then that this would become the property of Oracle (along with all Sun Microsystems), The Project Document is in charge of development resulting from this new suite.

LibreOffice then it is an office suite that includes the same applications such as OpenOffice Writer for word processing, Calc for spreadsheets, Impress for presentations, databases Base, Draw is a vector graphics editor and Math which is a mathematical formula editor. Is cross-platform so we can use it from Windows, Mac and Linux in its various distributions such as Ubuntu.


LibreOffice can import and export documents in different file formats. The default format for documents in OpenDocument text, adopted by ISO as standard, and to read and store information using the file formats of Microsoft Office. The suite has the ability to save documents in other formats such as RTF, TXT, XML and OpenOffice Microsoft Office XML. Additionally, you can export directly to PDF documents and presentations to Adobe Flash (SWF). LibreOffice also has the ability to import documents as "read only" in the format Unified Office Format, Data Interchange Format and the formats of Microsoft Works, WordPerfect, Lotus 1-2-3, and others.



MegaUpload DownloadHelper to automate your downloads

MegaUpload DownloadHelper is a browser extension for Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome and therefore functional on any platform such as Linux, Mac or Windows and which fulfills a very specific goal: to make us forget about waiting times to start a download.

How? For automating the timeout when downloading files from MegaUpload and initiating the downloads automatically without our (just click on "download", then) so many of us who are used to manage this service.

megaupload downloader

The countdown has recently automated service so that now only serves to start downloading automatically, after the expected completion is a little over 20 seconds, so it will remain a useful extension.

Link: MegaUpload Firefox DownloadHelper

Link: MegauploadDownloadHelper to Chrome


The world's most expensive Nokia

If you already seem expensive to pay 500 euros or more for a mobile phone, the list of 5 Most Expensive Nokia going to seem unreal. Of course, the "kits" of these phones range from 24K gold with diamonds and other precious stones.

The magnificent 5 are:

  1. Nokia 8800 Supreme - $ 156,000 (approx. EUR 124.800). Decorated with 1225 gems pink diamond accompanied by the 12.5 K and platinum coated. The work is of Stuart Hughes. Only 3 were prepared and were prepared manually.
  2. Nokia 8800 Arte with pink diamonds - $ 131.650 (Approx. EUR 105.000). Made of gold, but 18k white and adorned with 680 white diamonds and pink totaling 21.5 carats. This piece is the work of Austrian designer Peter Aloisson.
  3. Diamond Nokia N95 - $ 42.918 (Approx. EUR 34.300). Only 25 of these on the street. The housing additionally is 18K solid gold and there is that the 658 diamonds are embedded.
  4. Diamond Nokia E71 - $ 12.685 (Approx. EUR 10.150). Nokia E71 special version comes with white diamonds on its outer edge.
  5. Nokia 8800 Gold Edition - $ 2.700 (Approx. EUR 2.160). The cover is pure 24K gold. Not only is the team gold, but the charger too.

Binding Update for the Xbox 360

What many had hoped and others feared, today Microsoft issued a new mandatory update for the Xbox 360 console. This update is intended to introduce minor changes in the interface and the system. In addition it is very common now, it could also produce the banning of those consoles which have been "Pirated" or manipulated in any way.

Passing over the possibility that many of the consoles manipulated by hackers be put out, one of the innovations will recovery of function started disk directory which is in the console, or go directly to Xbox main menu. This option had been disabled before, but now will be configurable to suit the user.


Also be changes in Gamercards calls, although this modification has not yet become effective, will likely become effective on January 20, to change their appearance slightly, eliminating Gamerzone information. Will be reporting on any consequences brought by this mandatory update.


How to convert videos for iPad

No doubt the iPad here to stay as there are hundreds of thousands of devices have been sold worldwide. That is why we must be vigilant in regard to programs and tools we can use in your iPad If it is clear to us ...

iPad Video Converter is a free program which allows you to convert videos for the iPad simple and very effective. With iPad converter you can convert any type of video that plays on the iPad no matter the time or place in which you want to play, despite the redundancy.


The application will allow the conversion of video formats such as HD, TS, HD, HD AVI, WMV, MOV HD and others for iPad HD video, And additionally offers an alternative power convert videos batch and automatically.



Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Specs?

Although until next month when they conclude the MWC 2011, all we have are rumors and confirmations regarding the small Galaxy Tab 2, The new release tablets of Samsung, the fact is that we know we like.

And is that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 seems to come with a 3D display Super AMOLED 7 inch Tegra platform and ability to record video at 1080p. Not only that, as rumored to be talking about an 8-megapixel camera and basic skills of other tablets.

samsung galaxy tab 2

In terms of differentiation with other tablets, it appears that the Galaxy Tab 2 come with certain developments, as well as 3D technology, as are an accelerometer, a gyroscope, a compass and a barometer.

For that you can not wait until February, then we leave you a video of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, but all this will open officially or not, the next technology event next month.


Sony CLM-V55, a monitor for your Reflex

For users of SLR cameras, sometimes we find it particularly difficult to do certain photographs without having a monkey. That is the main motivation for this new gadget, the official name CLM-V55 Sony and whose function is to become an assistant monitor your camera.

The truth is that the CLM-V55 Sony can become a very useful dispositive one hand for people used to dealing with compact cameras, and secondly, for users who prefer the Reflex, but that sometimes feel the lack of the monitor

Sony CLM-V55

As the monkeys a characteristics CLM-V55 Sony can be defined basically as a 5-inch screen with a resolution of 800 x 400 pixels that will enhance the image we see from our display, allowing some improvement.


More Details about iPad 2 in a few days

Discussed in specialized media Apple and especially in his famous iPad device, which the company could reveal the official data on the launch of the second generation model on 7 February this year 2011.

It's just a rumor, But has been given great credibility by the literature and it would be odd not come to fruition. The only strange thing is it comes at a time when Steve Jobs, head honcho Apple Is absent due to health reasons.

ipad 2

The iPad 2, So it is said, will have higher resolution screen, memory card port microSD, And both front and rear camera, to use similar services Facetime and video chat.

Although the date is said to be officially announced, also said that the launch in U.S. stores the device could be carried out in April, to celebrate the year of the Apple product.

As analysts say, the iPad 2 will be one of the most important of the year 2011, so everyone is waiting for Apple to know what to offer.


The Sony PSP2 in 2011 with 3G and OLED touchscreen

Japanese newspapers comes from information related to the new handheld console PSP2One of the most important projects in the works Sony (besides the already confirmed PlayStation Phone). As the Nikkei said, one of Japan's most respected newspapers, the machine will have access 3G and AMOLED.

The newspaper published the first data so we could take as "almost confirmed" and that may be confirmed definitively by Sony before the end of the month of January 2011.

psp2-sonyAt least Japan, 3G service from the console will be provided by the telephone operator NTT DoCoMo, known as the great phone giant Nipponese land. In addition, the console will have access WLAN, and 3G support that will allow players to connect with each other anywhere. 

Besides the wireless functionality, the newspaper says Console OLED touch screen will, not to mention the use of a brand new processor.

Changing of the third, the Nikkei said that the PlayStation Phone is a smartphone designed for gaming. This mobile phone-Android operating system console will give access to many applications of all kinds, not just games.

Except surprise, Sony will announce everything related with PSP2 at a press event on the 27th of this month of January. PlayStation Phone data will also be published before the end of the month.


Surprising Line Mobile Phone Prototype

Speaking of mobile prototypes, it seems that almost nothing is invented, as more and more surprise us. Today we want to have one, called Phone Line and which have an exclusive video that will surprise you.

Besides the design of this particular mobile phone that lets us almost without words, it should be noted, at least as seen in the video, its functionality and ease of use than many of the existing terminals should take example.

The truth is that we just have information about this new mobile phone. More needs to know what you have. For now we only have the name, Phone Line, And the video that we present below. As we know more, I'll say as we find it very interesting the idea to develop and flourish.


Logitech M515, a mouse for all surfaces

Logitech M515 is the name of this mouse, Although at first glance may seem an accessory for any computer, it is not. Although it is not too interesting design it is true that this mouse has a very interesting feature, is able to move on different surfaces.

M515 Logitech Perhaps the solution to the problems of everyday life in which having a mouse that is unable to move beyond the mat, and sometimes just barely, we lose some time.


The Logitech mouse M515 can still be used on all surfaces and flat fabric, has an off button and automatic, so that just touching it on and after a time without contact, it turns itself off. Not the most innovative, but the features that are very interesting.


BurnAware Free, burn CD, DVD and Blu-Ray

BurnAware Free is a simple, practical and comprehensive free software burn CD, DVD and Blu-Ray.

Find programs to burn CDs compact is not news to anyone. There are thousands of applications are the same, so distinguished looking adding some extra features.

In the case of BurnAware Free, We find a very robust software that allows burn CD, DVD and Blu-Ray, With ease, in BurnAware Free should not be guessing what it does.


GUI BurnAware Free is very intuitive, with all features and options you need, all very easy to locate and instructions for use are needed.

BurnAware Free individual has options to record video, data, music. One of the things I like about BurnAware Free is its ability to maximize the speed of the drive recorder, providing security while recording.



MusicBee, iTunes clone

MusicBee is a program that was thought from the beginning as a free alternative to the iTunes.

One of the virtues that can be highlighted in MusicBee Is its speed, low consumption of CPU resources when compared with iTunes.

On the other hand MusicBee GUI we look very, very well known. MusicBee looks identical to iTunes, With some tweaks to not be an exact copy.


The central panel MusicBeeGives us a visual picture with all the playlist you have loaded.

A tool I like to use much MusicBee, And is what allows me to convert between file formats, so we spend a wma to mp3, mp3 or other formats (you can see for yourself when you install @ MusicBee).

If you like to personalize everything falls on your Windows ... MusicBee brings a number of "skins" or "skins" with which we can give the appearance that we like.



New PSP Firmware Update

Sony is to launch next firmware update PSP, VP Network Operations, Eric Lempel, Today announced the PLAYSTATION Blog.

PSP firmware 6.37, Is a minor update that will "improve stability of the system software while using some features." Firmware updates also tend to seal any possible intrusion system potential hackers, which in my opinion, is the most likely cause for this update, because the PSPIs very easy to chip.


We will keep you informed of future updates firmware for systems PlayStation as soon as we heard of them, probably very soon, because Sony has the war against hackers currently pending for more news.


Coming soon New Full HD monitors

In February the U.S. land on a new LCD monitor Full HD manufacturer of I-O Data. This model LCD-MF271XSBR, With 27-inch widescreen display that offers technology Super Resolution Image resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

In addition, this monitor I-O Data has a contrast ratio of 1000:1 (DCR 30,000:1), brightness of 330 cd/m2 and a response time of 5ms. Among other characteristics emphasizes connectivity through ports D-Sub, DVI and HDMI, not forgetting to add two speakers to 1.5. Its price is $ 423 (about 310 euros).


Another new monitor will arrive in February, this time to Europe, will E2473HDS-B1 iiyama the manufacturer. It has an LED-backlit 24-inch Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and 2W stereo speakers.

Its contrast ratio is 1000:1, brightness is 300 cd/m2, 2ms response time, and consumes little power during normal operation. As for ports, has D-Sub, DVI connectors HDMI.


MSI shows a tablet with built-in projector

During the past CES 2011 in Las Vegas were more than 40 tablets different, and it is obvious that some proceeds would go unnoticed at the time. Now that the boom of the event is over and that publications are doing look at everything they saw on the show, start to look at network products that until now had never heard.

For example, a new tablet maker MSI, Noted for having built-in projector. Not confirmed, but said it could be the first tablet in showing a projector to deliver their potential.


At the moment the tablet has no name or release date, as is visible only in prototype form, but MSI could have it completed within a very short time. Your operating system will Windows 7, And the screen will have a size of 10 inches, with processor Intel Atom.

Is a concept still very preliminary, so we have to wait a while to learn more about this project, which certainly looks very interesting. MSI seems to have realized that in the sector saturadísimo tablets, it is imperative to innovate to attract attention.


Protect your hard drive from any failure

The hard drive is the brain of a computer is stored in any information store daily, so having it in excellent condition and protect one of our main missions.

ActiveSmart is a tool whose sole purpose protect your hard drive for any failure or malfunction that may occur.

When you run the program in the main window we can see important data such as the health of your hard drive, performance, temperature, and finally, the space we have available. As regards the temperature we can see a graph which indicates any change to be having.


In the other tabs have information about the hard disk and a full report SMART and analyzer free space.

So if you want to protect your hard disk from damage in the future this is a necessary tool.



Video Online Cutter

Yes you want to share with someone a scene from the last movie you saw, or you need to remove a video clip to work with him SnipSnip is a tool that will be helpful.

Basically, we can define as SnipSnip web application easier for cutting videos. The service works only with YouTube videos, So we'll have to upload the first video question for one of our property.

snip snip

After that, we only go towards SnipSnip and place the code for the video with which we work. This done, the only thing missing will determine the length of time that interests us extract from, for it must indicate a minute and a second start and end.

As we can see, a really interesting tool, easy to use and totally free. Also, remember that it is not necessary to register or login with no data to use it.



View website in different browsers

One of the great and common conflicts with what we encounter web site developers every time we launched one more, is with the site compatibility with web browsers, that is, many times the web site that just looks perfect launch in Firefox, but if you open it with Opera things change and you no longer see the things we want where we want.

Be testing our website in different web browsers and even different operating systems would be the most common and most "fast" to us might happen, well at least the first thing that comes to mind, but it is not more optimal in terms of time invested.

To save time, there BrowserShots that helps us know how you see our website in different web browsers and different operating systems on the market.



Data Theft in the Android browser

I personally loyal follower Android, But like everything there are always problems and Android could not be the exception.

Has discovered a serious Android vulnerability, Versions 2.2 (Froy) and past, which could allow the theft of data, it would give access to files on the terminal and the data stored on the SD card.

The person who discovered this Android vulnerability Thomas Cannon is indicating that the attacker could act through a HTML web page specially designed.

The main problem is that the Web browser versions Android they do not mention reports that it has downloaded the HTML file that leads to attack. And thus leave open the way to go and steal data from both the browser as SD card, data that could be saved passwords, photos, videos, web history, cookies, session, etc, etc.

To prevent such attacks (so far) are encouraged to download and use another Android web browser as Opera Mini.


Toshiba new 3D dynabook Laptop Price and Spec

The mobile giant has announced that next month will be available in Japan, the new portable computer called "T551/D8B dynabook". How could it be otherwise, Toshiba offers a solid design and unsightly, but apparently, all we need is inside.

We are talking about a laptop ready to withstand the vagaries of the most demanding users, consisting of a microprocessor Core i7-2630QM (2GHz), 8GB of RAM and added to a video card NVIDIA GeForce 540M GT 1 GB, we could say that we will forget about the typical performance problems or 'crashes' casual accustomed to experiencing. Moreover, for all movie lovers, there is a detail that should not overlook: a 15.6-inch display with a resolution of 1,366 x 768 and a reader of Blu-ray (3D-compatible). Undoubtedly, this little monster will become the bane of all fans.

toshiba 3d dynabook

The T551/D8B dynabook has been designed for the new generation of gamers, can enjoy long hours of virtual entertainment, provided they have the known 3D glasses. On the other hand, for those who want to take advantage of the high quality of image will be available for a 750GB hard drive to store the amount of pictures they want, as well as enjoy classic chat conversations using webcam 0.3 MP integrated.

As additional data, the operating system that provides the laptop is the familiar Windows 7 Home Premium (64bit), but with an addition that benefits office users: Office Home and Business 2010. While many contemplate the idea of getting one of these teams, there is still no evidence to indicate an exact release date in Europe or USA, but have stated that the approximate cost is about $ 2,540.


WiFi Standards Types

When we hear the word WiFi the vast majority know what we're talking about a specific method used to connect to the Internet, but not many know the story behind this term and much less the details of the different standards that exist, knowing these different standards can help choose the one that best meets our needs.

WiFi Standards Types


All the standards were created by an organization known as the WiFi Alliance which is composed of several companies interested in promoting a common standard Internet connections.

IEEE 802.11 - Established in 1997, was the first and now he is dead, supported a maximum connection speed of 2 megabits per second, too slow for most applications, this standard not been used for over a decade and is not compatible with current devices.

IEEE 802.11a - Created in 1999, this version works on the frequency of 5 GHz hoping for less interference with devices such as cordless phones that use the 2.4 GHz maximum connection speed is 54 megabits per second. The scope is quite limited because objects can easily block the frequency of 5 GHz

IEEE 802.11b - It was also created in 1999, but using the 2.4 GHz frequency, the maximum connection speed is 11 megabits per second, this standard was responsible for the popularity of WiFi will increase.

IEEE 802.11g - It was created in 2003 using the 2.4 GHz band but with a maximum speed of 54 megabits per second, this standard was widely adopted and even still used to date because the speed is still adequate for most applications, not forgetting which is cheaper.

IEEE 802.11n - Is the latest standard, released in 2009, operates in both 2.4 and 5 GHz bands and a top speed of 600 megabits.

Incompatibility Issues

While two devices use the same standard obviously should not have problems connecting, problems occur when trying to connect two devices with different standards, something that happens very often.

The 802.11a standard is not compatible with 802.11b or 802.11g, both of which use only the 2.4GHz band and 802.11a uses the 5 GHz band, however, is fully compatible with 802.11n.

802.11b and 802.11g standards can communicate with each other without problems as with 802.11n, but are incompatible with 802.11a.

Finally 802.11n is wild because it can communicate with all previous standards, excluding the deceased 802.11.


LG G-Slate. The 3D comes to tablets

It seems that the new tablets out of the market will chronicle all the 2011 technology, but there are some that do not involve more of the same, who bet on different bases, those who do not have competition. That is the case LG G-Slate. Find out why.

The truth is that what distinguishes LG G-Slate of others is fundamentally tablets incorporating 3D technology, allowing us to see three-dimensional images without glasses.


In addition to the 3D technology, the tablet LG G-Slate intends to introduce the now famous U.S. 4G

On the other hand, speaking of the technical LG G-Slate are, among others, a 8.9-inch screen and probably a camera capable of capturing 3D images. Of course the OS would be Android.


ST6500, the new Samsung camera

From offices Samsung Electronics comes the introduction of a new camera, ST6500, Which follows in the footsteps of the already known ST5000. The design of this new camera is most remarkable, with a curved frame around lens and a style that is the most ergonomic.

The camera is equipped with a 16-megapixel sensor ensures crystal clear images. Its 5x zoom lenses have, and includes a user interface Smart Touch 3.0, Which works well with touch screen 3.0-inch LCD. In this way it will be easy access to all files you have stored in the memory of the camera.


In addition to its 5X optical zoom, camera lenses, ST6500 26 mm, ability to record HD video in 720p additional voice recording, and playback of HD video. On the other hand, it includes software to edit and customize pictures is easy and intuitive. This application will help Magic Frame, which includes 12 templates with a lot of funds that will allow us to create postcards and posters fun.

With all this seems a camera than recommended, which may soon begin to see in stores.


ST30, Samsung's new ultra-compact camera

In March 2011 he Samsung Electronics launch a new camera Ultra-compact The ST30. This is a new model of attractive design and small footprint, so that we can carry in your pocket or purse. To put it clearly and give you an idea, it compact camera is the size of a standard mobile phone.

System has Smart Auto Focus, 28 mm lens, 3x optical zoom, image stabilizer also allows us to get more accurate pictures. Its sensor, meanwhile, is 10.1 megapixels, ensuring crystal clear images and high quality.


The image stabilization system ensures both quality photos when we're dancing in the disco (the example set Samsung...), For example, when we're chasing our friends on the move. For better quality, include system detects faces and option to fix red-eye effect.

The camera has dimensions of 82.0 x 51.9 x 16.9 mm, and will hit stores at a price of $ 99.99, which will be about 75 euro changeover.


LG presents the E2370V, a new monitor for gaming

LG has many hidden surprises up its sleeve, and monitors industry will benefit from some of them. For example, the company has filed E2370V, A new 23-inch monitor features the most juicy.

This monitor uses technology UH-IPS LG, plus Thru Mode LED backlighting in order to eliminate the lag that occurs in the introduction of signal.


In addition, the E2370V has a user mode that automatically apply changes and customization aspect ratio, high-quality scaling and brightness level. Not so the image lacks resolution image 1920 x 1080 pixels, connection HDMI, D-sub and DVI-D.

Its makers from LG say that this is a monitor specifically designed for enjoying video games and gaming in general in high definition and high quality, having tested with PlayStation 3 that have proved more than satisfactory.

We do not know when it hits stores or at what price it will.


Flip, smartphone with three screen

Seems anything but what it is. Believe it or not, the gadget you see in the picture is a mobile phone or a Smartphone, but unlike everyone else, has a functional design with three screens. Is called Flip and certainly attracts attention.

Flip is the smartphone, designed by Ulrich Kristian Larsen, who has thought that "two are better than one" was not enough and has endowed this phone with three screens and a brand design that certainly never seen.


The components that perhaps the most striking Flip model are undoubtedly also of great design, screens, and not anyone talk about a display. In this case, the smartphone has been created with 3 SUPER AMOLED curves to reach the model you see in the picture.

But not only design and live displays Flip In fact the most original phone features QWERTY keyboard, just in case one is not like the touch screen.

For now, though we want, we can not buy this outfit, the Flip, Since it is still a prototype, but if they release it on the market, its creator has already warned it would take Android. It would be perfect.


NoteSlate, halfway between tablet and electronic reader for $ 99

he picture you see on the device is halfway between tablet and electronic reader. Is called NoteSlate And in addition to their characteristics, what we like is the price of only $ 99.


Although NoteSlate can lend itself to multiple uses, as it is as we said between what is a tablet and an electronic reader, the truth is that it is primarily intended to replace the traditional paper and pencil.

As for the technical characteristics of NoteSlate could be defined as follows:

Display: 13 "(750 × 1080), E-ink mate
ARM hardware (model not specified)
USB Mini
SD Slot
Weight: 280 g
Thickness: 6mm
Battery: up to 180 hours
SO: SP Firmware

Finally, I would emphasize the careful design of NoteSlate and that only comes with three simple buttons. One store, one for delete, and one for reverse. Its output could be scheduled for June, but is not guaranteed.


ASUS E600, exclusive video of the new Smartphone

The next event will be the MVC technology 2011 which begins next February, and is precisely at this event where the Smartphone from Asus, the ASUS E600 makes its appearance.

Although now less than more data at our disposal, we will move some technical details of the new terminal from Asus, the ASUS E600, and we present a video where we can see at least physically to the phone.

For now, on this Smartphone, A YOUR E600 we know that incorporates a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash and a screen probably 4 inches or slightly less.


In exclusives Topaz and Opal, the HP tablets

The late arrival of HP tablet is coming soon. We have the image of the tablet to be known as Topaz, and we know who will accompany his sister, named Opal.

Besides the names and the first images of the tablets of HP devices, we know some of the technical details of the gadgets that the brand intends to present in February.


We know that HP tablets, Topaz and Opal come with a 1.2 GHz CPU processor, a front camera and a USB port. The HP Palm Topaz will pamtalla 9 inches, while the smallest of the family, the HP Palm Opal will have 7 inch


Megatex with new features solar LED panel

The Bulgarian manufacturer Megatex just got an injection of popularity with the introduction of the first LED display -enhanced world solar energy. This is a new technological breakthrough in eco-line we have been seeing in other products when the most popular.

This screen LED is designed, as you can deduct, for outdoor use because it requires sunlight to function. Has a 5KW solar panel that ensures its use in all sorts of places if receives the sun's energy.


Thanks to this solar technology The panel allows you to enjoy an experience of more careful, especially recommended for stadiums, where concerts take place, and other places where this type of screens can exploit its potential.

Another benefit of using this technology is that it can be installed in places where no electricity, and roads and rural areas where it would be more difficult to use traditional displays of sufficient power.


Edit your photos with Rollip

For some time many of us have become "amateur photographers." Do not know if this is an achievement but surely is progress, As from our own Cell Phone and to console Notebook we can become a matter of seconds professional photographers respectively. The only bad thing is that most of the photos we is wrong and therefore fail to see the errors then in our computer.


Fortunately, there programs we facilitate image editing, Giving us plenty of tools to add incredible dynamic lighting effects to your pictures that is.

Rollip is the name of the program that helps newcomers digital photography like me to use over 40 different filters and thus give the touch that you want to any specific image.



How to unblock contacts on Facebook

What is very common is that after a fight or argument decide the kill another person, But not before lock to stop there with our friends. But the problem is that when we were friends many of us do not know how unlock these people blocked, why in this tutorial will teach you unblock people on Facebook respectively.

But people unlock Facebook is not difficult, in fact you only have to go to the option Privacy Settings. Once there, you will need to click the option found at the foot of the page and then in the center, Block List.

From there you can unlock people who have previously blocked.


Evolution of Computer Games

The Pc games have evolved over time, is not the same as 5 or even 10 years ago today the production of a game takes so much time and investment than a movie, talk about Call Of Duty Activision is to talk about games with incredible graphics level and a story in the style of Hollywood.

The costs often amount to more than 100 million dollars and take up to 1 year produced, the competition is tough and consistent are the same height as the console versions such as PS3 and Xbox 360 from Microsoft, Without neglecting to Nintendo's Wii.


Control your PC with the voice from Responding heads

Responding Heads is a program for PC control by voice already a lot, but more interesting is that acts in conjunction with talking heads, talking to front of the monitor.

With this method, you can start programs utill the system, place orders and actions, always run your voice from the microphone of the computer. The actions include the keyboard, typing RATE FOR pre-established and also converts text to speech.


The program uses an advanced physics engine Voice Recognition Easy to configure. When you decide to use Responding Heads you'll see a small animated head on your desktop that confirms such orders and an option, add some animation and effects processes.



Take and send screenshots with Potato Screen capture

Apart from his curious name, Potato Screen Capture also has the unique task of taking screenshots or screenshots and is suitable for emailing.

The screenshots are taken and stored in bmp, jpg, gif, png, tif and gray scale. Its interface features full screen modes, capture from a window or object, and an option to magnify color editor to improve the screenshots.

potato Screen capture

Potato Screen Capture is 100% free, with the technique of Drag & Drop, configurable email client to send images by email and it is also possible to upload the screenshot to imageshack server.

The requirements for the program to run without problems of incompatibility is to have a CPU with a minimum of 800 MHz, 32 MB and works on Windows 2000 platform, 2003, XP and Vista.



BlackBerry Bold 9780, the video scene

he phone we see in the picture, the model Blackberry Bold 9780 Gizmos have already spoken above. A few months ago that I discovered that the new commitment of Blackberry hit the market.

And the phone and its technical specifications and we have analyzed. Even for those of you have lost you, I summarize below the jump. However, the most important part of this post is the video that we bring you, in which the protagonist is precisely the Blackberry 9780 terminal.

In short, the Blackberry Bold 9780 includes:

, 512 MB RAM and 2GB internal memory

5-megapixel camera.

"Connections WiFi b / g, Bluetooth and GPS


Disney Smartphone, the revolution of the drawings come to your brand

Disney Smartphone become a reality. The well-known company specializing in cartoons or cartons, is preparing to launch what will be their first smartphone on the market. Telephony fever reaches to Disney!

And it's not going to believe that Disney will Smartphone plastic casing with Mickey as the star. No, no. The phone will be created by Sharp, based on the model of the company Sharp 003SH.


Some of the specifications Disney Smartphone may startle those who thought it would only be a toy. 1 GHz processor, Android 2.2 and Flash Froyo may surprise more than one.

Besides design Disney Smartphone would not be of course something to go unnoticed. If you do not see the next picture.


Moneual DSPC, screen computer tower

The one you see in the picture may be one of the gadgets that will revolutionize the world of desktops. Is called Moneual DSPC and is presented as the first computer that displays the screen in the tower itself.

The DSPC Moneual addition to presenting the screen in front of the computer tower lettores includes optical, multi-format card reader, USB ports and front-panel among others.


In terms of technical specifications Moneual DSPC There is little information. What we do know is that cost around 1500 euros, which basically invest in innovative design.


Green House launches wireless load monitor, USB only

Since land Japanese comes the introduction of a new monitor model created by Green House, Which is always looking for greener options possible for the world of technology. This monitor GH-USD16KWith 15.6-inch LCD screen and a power consumption of only 5W.

The main feature of this product is that no power cable to connect to a traditional outlet, but will connect via USB 2.0 connection port.


Other features include resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixels, contrast ratio of 400:1, brightness of 220cd/m2, and ability to connect six devices to a single machine. Her measurements are 377.7 x 141.8 x 287.8 mm and weighs only 1.2kg.

Green House GH-sell the monitor USD16K through its official website at a price close to 200 euros by the end of this January. It seems that this is the start of the screens USB, But it is not clear if users intend to support this new technology proposal.

Depending on whether you succeed or not Japan you may see it in the rest of the world.


WeSii, a projector for Wii

Wii console Nintendo Network continues to expand its market and starring in all kinds of accessories curious. On this occasion WeSii announces the release of a Projector specifically designed for this home console.

Its makers have created to connect the console with a projector screen and we can use the machine at any place without a television.


The projector has a set of 10 lumens ANSI and native VGA resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. Lamps used LED and LCoS display technology. Moreover, the good news is that there is a unique projector for console Nintendo, But is also compatible with other game consoles such as Xbox 360, Microsoft, and Sony's PlayStation 3. And the support does not end there, so we can use with the iPhone, iPod, DVD player, digital cameras and other mobile devices.

Although the console to work best with the WeSii is Wii, There's no doubt. This is because when you connect the projector to the console is not going to need the sensor bar that comes with the machine. The projector has an IR system that detects the position of the control console automatically.

Still no one knows when or at what price will launch.


Presented two new LED monitors BenQ

BenQ not one of those manufacturers to give us material to talk about daily, but lately is being undertaken to provide devices and most interesting products. After the presentation of the MX761 and projectors MW512The company displays to two monitors journalists LED known vertical alignment with the model names and EW2430V EW2340.

Both Monitors have a 24-inch display common characteristics with LED panel VA with a contrast ratio of 3,000:1, with minimalist cover design and color range of 8 bits.


They also have an improved viewing angle, 2W speakers, two ports HDMI connection for us to connect game consoles or Blu-ray format and four USB ports. In the case of the model EW2430V include custom features such as Smart Focus, Super Resolution, as well as 3D noise reduction.

It is not known exactly when we'll see in Europe and Asian stores, but rumors indicate that it launched at an undetermined point in this same month of January 2011. But we expect confirmation from BenQ to record the exact date on the calendar. In addition, it is not known what price will not.


How to install Office 2007 in Ubuntu

Now trying to install Microsoft Office 2007 in my Ubuntu Linux I had a pretty severe headache, and that it did not work. Luckily the footsteps of another tutorial and adding some personal knowledge, I could run both Office and Power Point in Linux without any problem.


1 - First you have to make sure you are running the latest WINE in linux To do this just to look out if the parameters are the same as the following command:

  • sudo apt-add-ppa repository: ubuntu-wine/ppa sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install wine1.3

2 - Go to Applications - Wine - Wine And set then click Applications Tab, There select the option "Windows Version Windows XP"And click Apply.

3 - Now we start the installation of Microsoft Office 2008, for it we just run the installer and begin installation of the Office generally.

4 - After that, we go to Applications - Wine and Wine Set, There must Books click "on writing a new Libo" and you must write "riched20.dll" and then click Add.

Thereafter both Office and PowerPoint should work without problems.