Easily boot an ISO image from GRUB2

Some time ago I've been reading about in a way that exists Boot an ISO image hosted on our hard drive from GRUB2. The truth is I never even try it, since I am terrible when dealing with GRUB. But I've read about a simple way to do so, using UNetbootin, And I decided to try and tell them that I was.

I'll start by saying that to me it worked the first try. However, they should be cautious when handling GRUB is your responsibility.

Well, the first thing to do is install UNetbootin, if you do not already have it installed. To do this, tipeamos in a terminal:

sudo apt-get install unetbootin

For those lost sheep who do not use Ubuntu, you can download the application from here.

Now, open UNetbootin to create GRUB2 entry corresponding to the ISO image is hosted on our hard drive. Select the option Disk image, Load path and Type selected Hard Drive.

Once we click the button OK

Complete, reboot the PC .

When the GRUB2 see UNetbootin option, select it and load the ISO image. (In Using Linux, Said that to bring up this option must be pressed ShiftIn my case appeared no more.)

If we restart UNetbootin, we see that we get the following dialog:

This does not mean you have to uninstall the application But simply that remove the menu GRUB2. We click on OK and we can UNetbootin use again.

It is worth noting that we make the whole process again if we replace the ISO image with a new (for example if you upgrade the OS version we are testing).

Finally, as personal advice, I suggest you to give all the personal touches that wish to use GRUB GRUB Customaizer application.

sudo apt-get install grub-customizer

I hope you find it useful!