Queen’s Blade: Spiral Chaos

Queen's Blade

From picture books to fighting game, the sexy ladies from Queen’s blade have come a long way. The battles for the Queen’s throne showed no signs of stopping.

Pick your favourite girl, defeat all the opposing ladies and claim the throne. And enjoy the fanservice that crops up every minute or so.

New characters come join the fight, besides the whimsical Princess Cute, there are numerous evil sorcerresses and demons, come try out their skills sets and see what damage they can do to the other ladies’ outfits.source:here

PSP Wallpaper: Call of Duty

Call of Duty

Call of Duty PSP Wallpaper

To download PSP Wallpaper Call of Duty from a PC, right-click (or control-click on a Mac) the image you want and choose “Save Target As.” Then connect your PSP with a USB cable and move the image to the PSPPHOTO folder on your PSP Memory Stick.more:here

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

Kingdom Hearts-Birth by Sleep

Not exactly new as the version without CERO rating has been around for quite some time but this is final box art for Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (click for ultra large version). Note that the PlayStation Network logo (like the one on Phantasy Star Portable 2’s box art) is no where to be seen, which means we can’t save on shipping and download it off the Japanese PSN. Really unfortunate and something that result in the really poor sales of PSP go. Those who can read Japanese (or if you don’t mind playing the game with guides) can check out Play-Asia ($59.90) or YesAsia ($67.99) for pre-orders. The release date again is January 9th in Japan. source:here