Download iOS 4.3.1 for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Apple has just released iOS 4.3.1 update 4 iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPad 2, iPad, iPod Touch 4G/3G. This is just a small update to fix bugs, vulnerabilities and problems of battery life in all IOS devices.

To iOS upgrade to 4.3.1, All you have to do is connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with your computer via USB and start iTunes 10.2.1. You should now see a message as shown in the picture above, click "Download and Install"(Mac OS X) or Download and Update"(Windows) to download the new firmware.

Direct download links iOS 4.3.1 (Apple Official)


Free applications for iPad 2

If you just bought the new tablet iPad 2 you're in luck, because here we will show the best iPad 2 free applications.

You can use your iPad 2 reading books, listening to music, surf the Web, watch movies, Videos and images and, especially, run thousands of free applications. To download the app of your choice, simply click the name you wish to download and then this will be downloaded directly to your Apple iPad 2.

List of the best free apps for iPad 2


Blogilo, blogging client for Linux

Blogilo is the kind of programs that Linux users who have a blog with many forward looking. Usually is seen on the Internet the question: "Is there a program that is similar to Windows Live Writer?. " The answer is always the same .... NO.

What do exist are free programs for Linux that are useful for writing blogs. Including one of the most complete is called Blogilo.


At a time Blogilo was known mo Bilbo, But in recent versions has been updated a lot and has many more features. One of the functions that may be interested in is Blogilo that lets you check the spelling. If you have installed OpenOffice or LibreOffice in your Linux distribution, then Blogilo use these dictionaries to check spelling.

Blogilo also has ability to insert images and videos, add links, specify tags (labels), and many more will discover to your work. Download Blogilo


Pinnacle VideoSpin, Video and Photo Editor All in One

Pinnacle VideoSpin is an application that you use if you like to record video. With Pinnacle VideoSpin we can edit any kind of video format and also the images and photos.

With the multimedia power of mobile phones now take pictures with them is as normal and you capture videos and is a more. As a result we can now do video capture wherever we are. Pinnacle VideoSpin lets you give personal touch to these catches. suite


Among the functions that have Pinnacle VideoSpin one that most caught my attention is what allows you to mix images and photos in the middle of Video footage. That way you can have excellent works of videos to give away.

Pinnacle VideoSpin is a very intuitive software, within minutes you can make video productions that surprising. Download Pinnacle VideoSpin


gmusicbrowser, music player in Linux

gmusicbrowser Linux is a software that allows not only play music but also manage all the files audio.

There is no denying that the Internet gives us freedom to download music files, it is not uncommon that when we neglect to have many gigabytes of disk space occupied with audio files.

How can we know what we have and where on the disk? In Linux we have available gmusicbrowser, A free software that has the virtue of manage all of our music. The creators of gmusicbrowser say that with this program you can manage more than 17000 files without problems.


If you have a team of 1Ghz processor and 1 GB of RAM, it is clear that gmusicbrowser will yield very well.

gmusicbrowser has a set of tools to search for files by title, author, style of songs. Also gmusicbrowser allows you to tag your files to find them more easily. Download gmusicbrowser


Amaya, create web pages approved by the W3C

Amaya is web page editor W3C official. "And ... What is the W3C?" - You're wondering.

The W3C is saying how they have written web pages to meet an international standard accepted by the major Web browsers. What they say is "holy word."

Therefore it is very interesting to use Amaya for create web pages, Since Amaya is "the" W3C Official Publisher, We assume that this editor is what is attached to the best programming. Well, in theory at least.


Amaya can be used by programmers of different web languages, including Amaya can support native code in HTML, XHTML and MathML.

To work with the images we can use the native editor Amaya SVG, which all translates into numbers instead of an image pasted into the body of the text. Download Amaya


Anim8or, create 3D designs

Anim8or lets create interesting 3D designs very simple, quick and easy. No doubt the "King" of free software to create 3D worlds and characters is Blender. But there are other simple programs and have the ability to create very good 3D designs. One such program is Anim8or (That reading it in English would be "Animator").

Unfortunately Anim8or seems not updated since mid-2008, but their functions are ideally suited to work on Windows 7, Vista and XP. Ie that Anim8or have a very program to get started in 3D design.


Anim8or has dozens of tools and menus to complete your design. For example, you can begin designing a sketch of what will be the character or object. Then we can add "wires" or skeleton to take shape 3D.

Once we Anim8to prepared the skeleton, we can add body and texture. Download Anim8tor


Adobe Lightroom, professional photography studio

Adobe Lightroom is much more than a photo editor. When installing Adobe Lightroom we have a real digital photo studio.

If you are a professional photographer or if you do as a hobby, Adobe Lightroom is an appropriate program for you. Is that by working tools Adobe Lightroom You can get get high quality photos.

On the other hand if you're imaginative @, with Adobe Lightroom You can create original effects in your photos. Do you have pictures that are too dark or too light? Thanks to filters incorporating Adobe Lightroom will be possible to bring the image quality of the picture just right.


If you have some photos that notes that there are imperfections (such as pimples on the face of a couple), you can easily remove them with the tools of cloning and copying.

As an added Adobe Lightroom, Enables you manage all your photos throughout your hard no matter where they are.

Download Adobe Lightroom


Sopcast, watch live TV online

SopCast is a program with a great future potential. To the extent that Internet connections are becoming faster (and affordable), it is logical that many of us opt for watch live TV through the web.

But I think the problem is finding software that will allow us watch TV online without which the program turns out to be so heavy that consumes many computer resources. I'm testing a few days ago SopCast, Which gives the impression of being very light, and therefore does not interfere with the bandwidth of our connection.


With SopCast we have a very good viewer program online channels. Once you open it you have a comprehensive menu to view and choose the channels that interest you. Just have some patience to find programming in Spanish, but if you like English, SopCast has thousands channels. Download SopCast


PerfMonitor, Test CPU and Monitor Performance

PerfMonitor is a free software monitors the performance of two components vital to our team: the microprocessor and the monitor or screen.

When you have to check if your monitor has a problem or has stopped working for a component failure, as now it will be easier to PerfMonitor.

I have to recognize is that the ones who will get the greatest benefit PerfMonitor are electronic technicians, as there are many technical terms that we mere mortals are unknown.


One of the functions PerfMonitor is to perform a scan frequency of the monitor output. PerfMonitor presents a helpful visual diagrams that are much easier to read than just numbers. That's one of the features that make it very interesting to use a PerfMonitor.

To PerfMonitor microprocessor as a tester, you better have some knowledge.

Download PerfMonitor


TweakIE9, customize Internet Explorer 9

TweakIE9 is the application to add a personal touch to the new Internet Explorer 9.

A few days ago I spoke of the new Internet Explorer 9 Because there is already a special program for him. While the people at Microsoft wanted to give a new look at IE9Perhaps this is not your taste. So TweakIE9 is so special ... it gives you control over the appearance of Internet Explorer 9.

One option that gives you TweakIE9 is to change the appearance of the initial screen Internet Explorer 9 (IE9)For example you can tell by TweakIE9That IE9 start full screen mode, or you may prefer that the menu bar is visible from the start.


An interesting feature TweakIE9 is what allows you to set the navigation "InPrivate" as the default when you start IE9. TweakIE9 I love it allows you total control over the operation of Internet Explorer 9.

Download TweakIE9


Fusion, Create images with HDR effect

Fusion is a free software that lets you work with HDR photos. What are HDR photos or images? Without going into too much technicality could say that HDR photos are pictures that are formed by the union of 3 (or more) photos with different exposure times of day. You can see a sample of a job with photo editor Fusion in the image above.

What's interesting about this type of work is that the photos give another type of finish. Fusion used to connect 3 or more photos into one, but there's more.


Once we have aligned the 3 images (I recommend you use a tripod for your catch with the camera) Fusion has tools and options to go changing the values ​​of light and shade of each of the catches for a surreal effect in the final work.

Download Fusion


Fix the battery problems after upgrading to 4.3 iOS

A week ago, Apple released the version 4.3 of its successful mobile operating system IOS, which brought many exciting improvements for users but also brought a problem that has been affecting and disturbing more than one. This is the battery performance of the device, because after you update detected a shorter battery life But do not worry as far from being a technical problem that requires an update, users have discovered that it is Ping which was annexed to IOS and has enabled Push notifications by default and thus is a constant drain on battery and then tell you how to solve this little problem.

The problem is not technical or software, therefore we do not need some hack from Cydia or wait for Apple to update iOS, just enough to go to "Settings" followed this select "General" and finally "Restrictions"In the latter this will have to activate the restrictions so that afterwards we can disable the use of Ping. With this, performance of the iPhone's battery back to normal or at least as it was in version 4.2.1. We hope this little


3D Video Camera Panasonic AG-3DA1

The AG-3DA1, Panasonic is the first 3D camera in the world, capable of recording in high definition. twin lens has integrated that allow recording and storage medium used as memory cards SD / SDHC.

Likewise, it has HDMI output for connecting to a TV and view 3D content. More



Japan: Before and After Tsunami 2011 - Pictures

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and in the case of the Tsunami that hit the coast of Japan could not be more true.

Earth Satellite NASA planet orbiting at an altitude of 705 km was able to capture in detail the level of flooding from the entrance to the sea coast, specifically the region of Sendai where they would have generated the most damage.

In the second picture accompanying this note can be seen the same region but in a photograph taken on 26 February, to have a benchmark of the extent of damage caused.

japan tsunami japan 1



BlackBerry Dakota Specifications, features and prices

BlackBerry Dakota

BlackBerry Dakota will be the next RIM smartphone will be released. The same will be very similar to BlackBerry Bold and will come with a 2.8 inch screen with 640 × 480 pixels and a full QWERTY keyboard, housed in a 10.5mm thick body.

Among its main specifications include: a 5 megapixel camera with video recording HD, 768 MB of RAM and 4 GB of built-in storage. Be compatible with UMTS, Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi and will have a microUSB port and a proximity sensor, accelerometer and a magnetometer. As for your operating system, BB Dakota BlackBerry will run under 6.1.


Features and specifications of the BlackBerry Dakota

* BlackBerry OS 6.1
* Capacitive touch screen 2.8-inch VGA resolution (640 × 480 pixels)
* 5 megapixel camera with HD recording, LED flash and image stabilization
* 4GB Internal Memory
* Memory 768MB RAM
* Quad-band GSM / GPRS / EDGE
* Integration with Google Search, Google Maps and Gmail
* Support YouTube, Google Talk and Picasa
* Digital Compass
* Ambient light sensor
* Audio connector 3.5 mm stereo
* Magnómetro
* Triband UMTS
* WiFi b, g, n 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency
* 3G mobile hotspot
* MicroUSB
* Bluetooth
* Proximity sensor
Dimensions: 10.5mm


How to download music on the iPhone

You downloading music on the iPhone to take full advantage of the capabilities of the device. It accomplishes this with the application iTunes App Store integrated into the iPhone's operating system. This app allows you to search for music and view details such as duration and the score (rating) of a song or album. When downloads music through iTunes, the songs are stored in the folder Purchased" The iPhone's iPod application.

Steps to download music on the iPhone

Step 1. Click the icon iTunes Store". The application loads and displays new releases on iTunes.

Step 2. Click the tab Top Tens"On top of the page to find music selections in the top spot on iTunes. Press "Genres"(Genres) to search for music by genre.

Step 3. Click the iconSearch"(Search) on the toolbar at the bottom of the page to find a specific song or album.

Step 4. Click the icon to download the song you want. Be charged a screen displaying the details of the song or album. If you are viewing the information page of an album, the price of the album will appear at the top of the page under the artist name and album title.

Step 5. Press the price of the song or album you want to download. This will activate the button Buy Now". Press the button Buy Now"To execute the purchase.

Step 6. Place your registration information in the login box that appears on your screen. Then click on "Ok". Finally, the song or album download.


Adobe Wallaby, convert Flash to HTML5

Adobe Wallaby is a free application that just launched for convert files Format Flash (fla) format HTML5.

This is great news for all users of mobile devices including Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, could not play those formats on the websites. To deny it, we are also users who have disabled Flash playback in our browsers, because of speed and security.

Because Apple did add support for Flash on their devices, Adobe had to give up and find a way to avoid being left out of this important plaza. So he created Adobe Wallaby.

With this application called Adobe Wallaby, Designers can now move your files. fla (Flash) format HTML5, So no problems for mobile devices play the premium content.

Things to consider with Adobe Wallaby is that it converts flash game or complex files.

Wallaby to download Adobe Windows | Mac


WinVisible - Hide Windows applications

There are times when you want to quickly hide a window when someone enters your room, when someone wants to use a time your PC and want to immediately close an application that you want to see this person or when you're updating your profile Facebook at work and your boss goes behind you. Depends on the thing you're trying to hide, can you get in a bind very committed and there are ways to make this not happen, for example, with a tool called WinVisible A nd not have to get nervous closing the windows or off screen PC.

WinVisible Gives us the option to close applications you want using keyboard shortcuts, a very interesting idea, since for example, we can conclude Mozilla Firefox pressing Shift + Alt + H.


The program offers a fairly intuitive interface with a list of applications that have open. In addition, we can select the applications you want to close when you press the keyboard shortcut by checking the boxes for the tasks.

Once marked the applications that want to close with the shortcut by pressing Shift + Alt + H to hide applications and Shift + Alt + S to re-display.

Hidden WinVisible both applications on the computer screen and the taskbar, so you'll never have a hard time unless the person using your computer at that time, press the shortcut set.

You can download WinVisible from the author's page for Windows XP, Vista or 7.

(Via: gHacks)


Office Application for Android

Office Application for Android

One of the Applications essential for your device based on the platform Android Is one that allows you to view, edit and create documents compatible with Office.

The first application was released for this purpose is called "Documents to go" despite being of payment, and with a high price is one of the applications that have been most successful. It lets you edit Word documents and Excel from your phone Android.

Another application Office for Android payment is the familiar "QuickOffice, which is also paid, and that has a version just as a viewer to edit documents and other quick and easy.

Finally another alternative in which Google continues to work, and free for all surely be the end of its development, is to "Google Docs" for Android, Which promises to become the first choice in these circumstances.


ZXReader eBooks Reader for Symbian

The ZXReader is a apps to read eBooks on cell phones with Symbian S60 in its fifth edition.

Users Nokia trying to view eBooks on your phone, have the ZXReader a good tool with options similar to the popular Mobipocket change the color and text size and background color.

Other features of ZXReader is to allow the settings control the brightness of the screen to scroll with your fingers, visualization by areas of navigation and is capable of allowing the so-called "ant aliasing" to get the highest resolution possible.

The application has a progress bar shows the number of the page you are viewing, an indicator of the duration of the battery cell and reading the landscape mode, if your phone supports it.


Network protocol analyzer Wireshark 1.4.4

Something is wrong with your network and do not know why? Wireshark can help. This is a protocol analyzer network known by anyone who has made experiences with management and / or network analysis. With this tool, Whose version 1.4.4 was announced this week, we can obtain real-time, detailed information packet data of our network, can be displayed by various types (IPX, ICMP, TCP, UDP, etc), very useful especially when dealing with large Network terminal.

It also has an official website with enough information to help the uninitiated. Here you can find a video that shows the power of wireshark. Wireshark is in the repositories of many distributions. If it is not your case, you can proceed to download it here.


Windows 7 64-bit : advantages and disadvantages

64-bit architectures were created long ago for professional environments where performance and the need to increase hardware resources is essential to handle large flows of work and heavy duty applications.

The entrance to the domestic sector in this type of application (video editing, 3D modeling, database management to web servers, etc.) Has made almost half of users Windows 7, Has opted to install the 64 bits.


Advantages of installing Windows 7 64 bit

Basically and simplifying, Windows 7 64 bit install provides a higher performance data processing per clock cycle, better forwarding memory, ability to perform numeric calculations faster and the potential Hardware scalability Because as you know, the 32-bit Windows 7 only recognizes 3 GB of RAM maximum, Which in the 64-bit increases significantly.

Another advantage of installing Windows 7 64 bit software is compatible with 32-bit architecture, so many of the disadvantages of migrating to 64 bits are compensated.
On a practical level, install 64-bit version of Windows 7 will provide a better management of memory heavy applications and programs as video editors, 3D modelers, or any other program that requires a level of high hardware requirement.

As we have seen the benefits of installing Windows 7 64 bits are interesting, but not all that simple. Before deciding to migrate to 64-bit version of Windows 7 must take into account a number of very important things as the availability of compatible programs or what is even more important: your computer (processor, graphics card, sound card, network card, etc..) is prepared for this architecture and there are drivers or drivers to work on it.

Applications and programs: Not all programs and applications leverage the benefits of 64-bit architecture, that is, even operating system has a very powerful and effective, the software we use must be optimized to take advantage of these values, so otherwise get no improvement in these aspects.

To ensure that a particular program is a version compatible with Windows 64 bits, you can find on the official website or use the online tool Support Center in Windows 7.
Hardware Compatibility: More important than the software compatible with Windows 7 64 bits, hardware compatibility and availability of drivers or drivers for this. The first thing to check is that our processor is ready to work on 64 bit architectures. A good tool to know this point is the System menu of the Windows Control Panel. Note that 64 is present the processor specifications.

Hardware Drivers: As we prove that the components of our team are ready to run on Windows 7 64 bit, we need to update the drivers or drivers to adapt their understanding of the new operating system version.
To do this, you can visit the manufacturer's website and look for the package or 64-bit drivers also use the Windows Support Center 7. Remember that any time we make a choice of 64-bit Windows 7.

64-bit versions are, as we said at the beginning, ready to withstand heavy workloads and run faster than 32-bit versions. If your hobby your work requires more RAM or higher performance processes, install Windows 7 64 bit is a good idea. If instead you do not need much power, I recommend not to migrate for any problems or inconveniences that we have listed in this report,


MailStore, back up your webmail easily

As you know for some time many Hotmail users lost access to their mailboxes and therefore all of your email. Something like spent a few days ago with the powerful Google service, except this time it is not known whether they can retrieve e-mail.

MailStore, An application that helps us make a backup of our webmail service.

Although there are several ways to make a backup our webmail, depending of course on the provider that we have, MailStore simplifies it all for a couple of steps our email support if the POP3 or IMAP Used for mail access from external applications as transmission, mobile clients, or in this case tools.


To backup simply follow the onscreen instructions, taking the data at hand POP3 / IMAP email our service.

When you open MailStore will show up the following list of options:

  1. Microsoft Outlook
  2. Microsoft Exchange
  3. AVM KEN! Mailbox
  4. Mozilla Thunderbird
  5. Mozilla SeaMonkey
  6. Windows Mail
  7. Windows Live Mail
  8. Google Mail
  9. IMAP Mailbox
  10. POP3 Mailbox
  11. E-mail Files

As you can see MailStore not only allows access to any webmail with support for those protocols but we also easy access in certain cases such as Gmail and allows backing up customer already configured like Thunderbird or Outlook. Furthermore it is a completely free tool and can be downloaded from the Official Website.


The first card reader for your TV

Currently there are TVs that let us truly impressed with the large number of ports and connections we can find, but we needed something so that everything was "complete." This is a Card Reader for your LCD and LED.

Sony has sought to capitalize on this and thus created a line of compact card readers that can be used in TVs only Sony Bravia there are now on the market. But as yet can not make miracles, which have developed a small card is unable to read SD memory for use on any TV.

card reader for TV

Sony MRWF-F3 is lightweight and comes with support for 8-bit interface used for cards type Memory Stick Pro-HG. In his only slot you can put an incredible variety of reports; SD, MMC, SDC, and Memory Stick. "Price? $16 dollars.


Put a video as wallpaper in Windows XP

If you are looking for ways to put a video as wallpaper in Windows came to the right place, as I will discuss a tool called DreamScene XP, Which allows put a video as wallpaper in Windows XP.


Down too I leave a link to download funds for use with DreamScene XP.

Link: DreamScene XPDreamScene Backgrounds


AVG Anti-virus for Android

The more complex the operating systems of the simplest phones to be infected by viruses, so it is very important to use antivirus in mobile, in this case I will recommend AVG Anti-virus for Android.

avg for android

This Android antivirus helps protect from viruses, malware and all sorts of exploits in real time and always be sure that nothing is going to infect. Link: AVG Anti-virus for Android


How to Remove Bediddle

Removing Bediddle is one of many so-called malware infections hijacker search engines. The malware developed this label because hunters redirects users to Web site ads and fake search system.

Look for something using Google or other search mechanism will take the user immediately where this will be bombarded by ads and pop-ups. The hijackers of search engines are mostly a nuisance and are difficult to remove because it is almost impossible to get an anti-malware site. The hijacker usually must be manually removed.

Delete Bediddle

Step 1.

  • Press "Ctrl”, “Shift"And"Esc" At once to activate the Task Manager (Task Manager).
  • Click on the Processes tab "(Process) and locate "" In the list.
  • Click to shading and press "End Task". Press "Yes" In the warning box that appears.
  • Do not restart the computer before completing this guide.

Step 2.

  • Press the Windows key and "R" At the same time to activate the dialog box “Run". The Windows key is between "Ctrl" And "Alt".
  • Type "regedit" In the box "Run" And press Enter". This opens the Registry Editor (Registry Editor).
  • Press "Ctrl"And"F"At the same time to activate the dialog box"Find"(Find). Copy "" Without the quotes and paste it into the dialog box "Find".
  • Click "Find Next". Expected to stop the search.
  • Press "Delete"To delete the entry shaded.

Step 3.

  • Click "Computer" "Start" Menu And open the drive "C:" (May be a different letter if you have installed your OS on a separate drive).
  • Double-click the folder "Program Files". Locate the folder "" And select it. Press "Delete".
  • Confirm the deletion. Finally, restart your computer.

Apple iPad 2 Specifications, features and prices

Apple iPad 2

iPad 2 is the second generation of the famous Apple iPad tablet. It improves on its predecessor, both in design and hardware. The iconic tablet is now even thinner than the iPhone 4 and weighs just 1.35 pounds (613 grams). Major changes are on the inside with a dual-core processor 1GHz Apple A5, which has 6 times the performance of its predecessor. At the same time maintaining the same 10 hours of battery life.


iPad 2 includes two cameras, Which is still no resolution specification of them. This new tablet will include support for FaceTime and PhotoBooth. In addition, updates will come in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB, and black and white.

Features and specifications of the Apple iPad 2

* OS 4.3 iOS
* Dual-core processor 1 GHz Apple A5
* LED-backlit touch screen 9.7 inch IPS TFT with 1024 x 768 pixels
* 0.7 megapixel camera primacy of resolution of 960 x 720 pixels
* Secondary camera for video calls
* Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n
* Surface resistant to fingerprints and scratches
* Accelerometer for auto-rotate
* Gyroscope
* Audio playback: MP3, AAC and M4A
* Video playback: MPEG4, H.264, Motion JPG and MOV
* GPS with A-GPS support
Support for Office 2007, Office 2003 and PDF
* Support for HTML (Safari)
HSDPA at 14.4 Mbit / s
* HSUPA 2.0 Mbit / s
* Digital Compass
* TV Output
Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP
* USB 2.0
* Battery 2500 mAh
* Up to 10 hours of movie playback
* PDF reader iBooks
Dimensions: 241.2 x 185.7 x 8.8 mm
* Weight: 607 grams

iPad 2 does not include support for GSM voice communication, SMS and MMS.

It is expected that Apple iPad 2 be launched in March 2011. Its price starts from $ 499.00 U.S. dollars


Remove Malware Alarm

The Malware Alarm was created so that when your computer is infected generate pop-ups to try to buy several software programs. You can remove this malware with antivirus software, or you can do manually editing the Windows registry. You must have moderate experience with your computer if you choose to edit the registry, since a bad change in it can damage the operating system.

Instructions to remove Malware Alarm

1. From Windows click on the buttonStart"(Home) and open the application"Run”.

2. Type "regedit"In the Run window and press"Enter”.

3. Go to the log folder:

HKEY_CURRENT_USERSystemCurrentControlSetControlMediaPropertiesPrivatePropertiesDirectInputIRDEVICEV2 & COL01

4. Finally, right click the folder "IRDEVICEV2 & COL01"Click on"Delete"(Delete) and then"Yes"To complete the removal process.


How to remove System Security virus

How to remove virus System Security

System Security is a spyware program that masquerades as a legitimate antivirus program. Displays pop-ups and notifications showing virus and spyware present on your computer. Once you're scared, try to sell you a system Security to get rid of the threats found.

remove virus Security System

If you buy into the scam because you lost your money System Security is false. The messages generated are fake too. You can remove this dangerous immediately detect spyware by following these steps:

Complete system processes

1. Press the keys "Ctrl”, “Shift"And"Esc"At a time to start the Task Manager (Task Manager).

2. Click on the Processes tab (Process) and select "systemsecurity.exe”.

3. Click "End Process"(End Process) and close the Task Manager.

Remove check

1. Go to menuStart"And select"Run”.

2. Type "regedit"And click"Ok"To start the Registry Editor (Registry Editor).

3. Find and delete the following entry:
SystemSecurity HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEsoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversionrun

4. Close the Registry Editor.

Delete files and folders

1. Go to Start menu (Start), select "Search"(Search).

2. Checks the box "All Files and Folders"(All Files and Programs) and select the disk drive drop-down menu.

3. Type "ws"And click"Enter". Clears the results of the search.

4. Repeat step 3 for "security.lnk system"And"security system”.

5. Finally, restart your computer.


Megavideo (beta) available for Android

Megavideo has made available to all users application to be able to view or download the content this site in your terminal equipped with Android (version 1.6 or higher). You can download the program for free from Android Market. Is still under beta But is complete functional.

At this time, need to install a compatible video player the format FLV (Flash Video). VPlayer is an option. In short, the application will have its own built-in video player with support for HD quality standard.


The only drawback, which will surely be overcome in future versions, is that the application form is not available, So it is necessary to include the exact link to the video you have chosen, or ID, to access it. What we do included is the ability to obtain information about the content prior to viewing or downloading, you can stop and continue with it whenever you want.


VidSplitter for video cutting

When you have a large video, the most reasonable at the time to share it, is to turn and cut into several pieces easier to upload to the network. VidSplitter you working in fragmentation and conversion of videos Without deteriorations in the process.

There are few things you can do VidSplitter, But those shown are required to cut the video AVI, MPEG, WMV or ASF files into several parts to be processed can be converted into formats for Flash drive with 128 MB, 700 MB CD, DVD with 4.7 GB or custom parameters.


Downloading VidSplitter is free and only weighs 1.5 MB, so you lose nothing to prove, if you urge cut video and pass a lighter format. Source


Virtual drum electro, making drum demos

Playing drums on the computer, do demos with drums and increase your musical composition skills are the benefits of the program Virtual Drum Electro.

Conservative interface, a large panel of work and functions to play the demos via a midi board or even with the number keys on your computer.


Free version Virtual Drum Electro requires at least 512K of RAM, Windows operating system and its developer has set the record on the page to download the software and a bank of demos.

On the site, users can upload their demos or purchase the artists that have proven Virtual Drum Electro EQ and effects like granular synthesis, to mention some of those who have the program. Source


Backup for Mac OSX with PsyncX

Users of Mac OSX computers never easy to find free software for your computer and even more if it is one for backup of all important information.

PsyncX Download is free and does what you expect to perform in a couple of steps. This software gives you save backups of your hard and folders and if you need it, you can restore them.

The backup process is automatic, just a matter of configuring to do so at a certain time or times and frequently. User Whole backs of what is worth preserving from the first time you start the program and if it is kept constant backups of changes made to the same files. Using the program requires at least Mac OSX 10.2. Source