BridgeURL, create tours of several sites in the order you choose

Today we share information in many ways, and the original email has been adding more as the ubiquitous Facebook, Twitter, Delicious and others. But sometimes we share more than a website, and also in doing so we want to respect a certain order.

BridgeURL is then what we need is a service that will allow us to enter multiple URLs in the order they wish to be seen, and then we create a kind of tour through them. With exciting possibilities as it is not pictures but the cover of the sites, and click on the links we will be brought to them.

The result is that we see in the picture above, with the site that leads the tour and then arrows to navigate forward and backward in our journey. And as an extra, say we get a full URL and a shortened URL, if we want to share our tours on Twitter.

We can quickly check the operation of BridgeURL using the tour I created for testing: