Create, edit and fix subtitles for videos easily with Subtitle Workshop

Now you can record videos easily, because until we can get the phone catches on what you want, and that makes users from basic to advanced handling videos. When it comes time to work with them to improve, fix or add extras such as subtitles The theme of this article, not very advanced users may seem very difficult to do this, but today I bring you a program that allows us to easily add subtitles to our videos.


Subtitle Workshop is a small program Free that allows us to create, edit and convert subtitle files, In a very simple and fast, thanks to its friendly and intuitive interface, with which we need quick access to frequently used functions, and can configure it to use beginner or advanced mode.

The main features of Subtitle Workshop are:

  1. Has a preview window to see how they are leaving our subtitles
  2. You can change the background color of subtitles, font, add borders and shadows and more
  3. You can repair subtitles fully customizable with a motor
  4. You can check spelling of our subtitles
  5. Supports more than 56 types of subtitles
  6. Supports time-based subtitles and pictures
  7. And much more

Remember that Subtitle Workshop is completely free and runs on Windows XP, Vista and 7, And weighs just 1 MB. You can download the following link: