ScribTex, an online LaTeX editor

Recently Google Docs came to support for LaTeX, And surely that has brought this venerable format many people who knew him or heard hablr him. For those who do know and love a good editor LaTeX online is presented to ScribTex.

This is a very complete editor and a good design interface, which allows us to work with the text as "raw" and then apply the desired format including from our documents into multiple files, or customize it through classes and styles in. cls and. sty respectively.

We may also include a bibliography in bibtex format and let the compile ScribTex the file automatically, and similarly we let the editor create indexes for us. I also find useful the possibility to access the editor from various devices like iPhone and iPad and in all cases (from PC or smartphone) every change we make to our work is saved and we can undo if needed.

With our work done we can download the file in LaTeX or PDF, which is always an interesting plus, and the good thing is that ScribTex offers a free option (which allows up to 3 projects with 1 employee in each, 50 MB storage) and other charges.

Web Site: ScribTex