Oak Trail's bet in Intel processors tablets

With the craze for tablets, Intel does not want to be left out as a manufacturer of processors, and ARM is that you have already gained too much ground to the manufacturer. Therefore, Intel has announced its own platform, Oak Trail, has begun mass production.

In fact, we'll see the first signed by Intel processors, the Oak Trail in early 2011. And his first appointment should be a combination of an Atom Z670 and the SM35 chipset. This will, to start, just power for all the tablets that incorporate it, so they will not need external graphics chips, which means significant energy savings.


While Intel does not anticipate the time, the fact is he has admitted that the tablets will incorporate its processors, Oak Trail, Or whatever it is, the operating system Windows 7 and Meegan, do not drop from the 420 euros.

However, between this information and nothing about Oak Trail Intel, all the same, since by far not known to most of the specifications of such tablets. So no, we will be playing probably wait until January next year, at which point insurance that Intel gives us more details.