LG BD960, Blu-ray player with Wi-Fi certification

The sector format disc players Blu-ray continues to improve and evolve significantly. On this occasion is that LG has made the headlines of the future press release announcing the LG BD960, the first Blu-ray player with Wi-Fi certification Direct.

This means that users of the device's Bluetooth be forgotten and will have access to a new range of connection options. For example, P2P direct communication in our home theater installations with devices Wi-Fi no need to complicate our lives.


Not yet known what price will the player, although estimates suggest it will be quite expensive. As for other technical characteristics of the player, it is most likely to follow the line of his predecessor, LG-BD390. In this case, the player could play in both streaming Netflix and Vudu service and network access DLNA content.

You may also include video playback of DivX HD 1080p format, but official figures are expected to confirm all these technical features.