Hello Kitty becomes speaker for iPod and iPhone

Now that the cat Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty has extended its popularity in stores around the world, becoming one of the most recognized brands, its products are multiplying. There are few technological devices that take the image of the kitten to sell more units between the female audience or among the fans of the Sanrio character.

On this occasion, and from Japan, Of course, presents a dock line speakers iDevice of the most likeable. This is a Hello Kitty head in three different colors with two 31 mm speakers in their ears, and a 88mm subwoofer on the bottom.


These Speakers provide sound quality 2.1 from the Apple dock connector placed on the top, where we can enter playback devices as well known as iPod or iPhone (depending on the model we have purchased the product.) In the back, to accompany the main dock, features a headphone jack 2.5 mm.

For convenience, it offers tactile controls on the back of the speakers, what will we do as if we were scratching the ear of the cat. In this way we can raise or lower the volume with ease.

The head measurements are Hello Kitty 186 x 145 x 157 mm. Of time is available Japan the version iPod (White and pink), and the last day of November come the iPhone and iPod (black). Yes, for now only sold in Japan.