3D iPhone with a combination of mirrors

The 3D is the technology that is revolutionizing the market today. TVs, laptops, phones that promise to make 3-D images make us enter a new world. But what about older devices that do not incorporate this technology? Recycling, with systems that make it work, as the case of 3D iPhone through a combination of mirrors.

For iPhone 3D technology we had mentioned as a player Gizmos shown in 3D on the Apple device with goggles Hasbro My3DBut what we showed today, they have nothing to do with glasses. Ohn is a simple combination of mirrors that transform 2-D 3 in your iPhone.

The new invention, seems to come under the name of i3DG and allows through this external element composed of several mirrors can view images on it, with this device, 3D iPhone.

However, the fundamental problem with this gadget i3DG, Chinese seal, is that can only be used for images that have been previously touched up, because the device is able to transform 3D to those that have previously been separated into 3 layers by which they are formed. However, it is a way to enjoy a more 3D iPhone.